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PS4 is a gamer console which was launched by Sony in early 2013 after the number of successful models of PS4 in Dubai and all around the world. If we go around the specification of PS4 it has AMD x86-64 processor with the powerful 4 GPU along with 1.843 teraflops. Playstation 4 is considered one of the most powerful gaming console by its performance and game quality. Here you can find out the
PS4 is a gamer console which was launched by Sony in early 2013 after the number of successful models of PS4 in Dubai and all around the world. If we go around the specification of PS4 it has AMD x86-64 processor with the powerful 4 GPU along with 1.843 teraflops. Playstation 4 is considered one of the most powerful gaming console by its performance and game quality. Here you can find out the best cheap price of ps4 Dubai with the latest playstation 4 comparison in Dubai UAE. PS4 is now a cloud based gaming system as well. Find out PS4 price in UAE Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The one thing about PS4 is technical specifications which is the best according to memory bandwidth which is 176 GB/s, and has 16 times faster RAM as compare to PS3.

Find PS4 Price in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and compare all updated price of Playstation 4 Games and more. The best Playstation 4 Price in UAE that is available in various stores. Playstation 4 is all packed with many features and one of the best Gaming Consoles. PS4 Body is made of titanium and is not even made of aluminum with glass, but the plastic that is used to give a pleasant experience to each gamer. Also Sony releases many of its accessories that are compatible with Playstation 4 such as Video Games, Headsets of Playstation 4, Chargers, Controllers and more. So you can find get all console accessories as well. Sony PS4 Dubai UAE Price is available and is the most cheaply available price of PS4 in Dubai.

Sony gives their users a new generation gaming console that is best for latest games- Plasytation 4 features CPU: 8-core AMD, Hard Drive 500 GB and expandable, 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI Inputs, Wireless Controller Dual Shock 4 and packed with obelisk" of black plastic. However Sony PS4 Price in Dubai is economical and console is in term of design all quite subjective, while in terms of housing and layout of internal mechanism Sony set up a great example. At the moment, the difficulty of the availability of the PS4 Console is more or less settled. Not that Console are sold on every corner, but if you want to find it is not difficult to get price and available stores for PS4 UAE.

PS4 runs the OS called Orbic OS which is the latest OS develop and launched by Sony, It also requires internet connection for further update, and also allow users to play online and other online services. PS4 user inference is known and considering the best userinferace which has also custom home featured personlization from online friend content. PS4 also includes web browser Webkit.

Now days social media is very famous and people love to share their online scores and thought on social media websites, PS4 come up with social media sharing features which help player to share button and also create and share a video clip of the game.

At the starting of PS4 launch Sony placement more than million preorders for PS4. PS4 also wildly famous in Dubai, the best thing of PS4 in Dubai is less price and great performance as compared to Xbox and other consoles. Find out the best PS4 price in UAE Dubai.

Update: The PlayStation 4 system unlocks the door to an unbelievable voyage through immersive innovative gaming worlds and an intensely attached gaming community. PS4™ sets gamers leading with an astonishing introduction listing and more than 180 games in development. Play wonderful top-tier chartbusters and ground-breaking indie hits on PS4™. Developer Encouraged, Gamer Emphasis.

The Ps4 focuses on the gamer, guaranteeing that the total best games and the most immersive on the stage. The PS4 system empowers the highest game developers all over the world to reveal their inspiration and push the limitations of play over a system that is transformed precisely to their requirements.

The PS4 system is focused around an influential custom chip that comprises a modern 1.84 TFLOPS processor with, eight x86-64 cores and 8 GBGDDR5 combined system memorial, assistance game creation and growing the lushness of relaxed attainable on the platform. The conclusion consequence is novel games with amusing, high-fidelity graphics and extremely immersive proficiencies. If you are cheering for Sony to tweak through current tough times, it is stagnant a cliffhanger, according to its newest remunerations report.

On the desirable side, PS4 sales have been lunar, up 83 percent over previous year at 310 billion yen ($2.8 billion). The good news falls off abruptly from there, though, particularly with mobile. Nevertheless sales in that separation remained up marginally from previous year, it achieved to lose 172 billion yen ($1.5 billion). Subsequently best of Sony’s extra divisions proceeded okay, which means its 86 billion yen ($770 million) functioning loss, can be right scribbled up to its mobile division. Though it cautioned stock holders that Smartphone sales would be gloomy, Sony decided yet decided to enthusiasm its mobile phone division’s CEO, Kunimasa Suzuki, and substitute him with VP Hiroki Totoki.

Additional facts from Sony have revealed us just how thriving the PlayStation 4 is performing. The company states it’s vended 3.3 million over the past quarter. Sony is raising the operating system on the PlayStation 4 currently, but numerous gamers are writing issues with the reinforcement. The PS4 2.0 update is accessible to download now, but you might want to embrace off on downloading it. Gamers on forums like NeoGAF have run into glitches with the newest version of the OS. Some individuals are having problems connecting to apps like YouTube or Netflix.

Store Price
PS4 Pro with 1 Controller
AED 1499 (Update 05.23.17) Go to Store
Sony PlayStation 4 1TB PS4 Camera Headset (1TB, Black, Headset and PS4 Camera)
AED 1575 (Update 05.23.17) Go to Store
Sony Playstation Ps4 500gb Pal Fifa 16 Black
AED 1594 (Update 05.23.17) Go to Store
Logitech G29 Racing Wheel Driving Force - PC/PS3/PS4
AED 1649 (Update 05.23.17) Go to Store
SONY PS4 Console 500 GB and Bloodborne Bundle Call of Duty Ghost Shadow of Warriors
AED 1799 (Update 05.23.17) Go to Store
Sony Ps4 1tb Bundle With 10 Games 2 Controllers Psn 3 Month And Carry Case
AED 2899 (Update 05.23.17) Go to Store

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  • Cheapest price for PS4 in Dubai, UAE is AED 1499 sold at Yallashop

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  1. Malek Mryan says:

    uncharted game is now available for consoles but the prices are too high; if the black Friday sale has the following sale price is slightly down than

  2. Mohamed Elaban says:

    Lego Jurassic World available now in stores please give me the prices of the new game Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PC also will be come out in future

  3. Ayser Alganabi says:

    And Nintedo Wii U and ps4 are selling very well especially last 3years, outsider-selling consoles 8th gen became Xbox One well it is more nice experience to play games on xbox and playstation

  4. Sabrina Ahmad says:

    a huge selection of exclusive games in genres that are underrepresented on the console competitors. In particular, party-game,

  5. Rabia Asim says:

    That is why we recommend necessarily look to the end of this article, where we will briefly go over the some games.

  6. Amna Adnan says:

    Here you can connect USB-stick to transfer saves games, as well as gamepads and headsets – charging.

  7. Esma Karaman says:

    How much do you need from the console at home that is enough and really great value? (the first of its versions), design PlayStation 4 seems closest to the ideal.

  8. Uno Shaaban says:

    Rear air vents are placed (which is why put this new playstation 4 in the quiet of night table under the TV is not optional – will roast)

  9. Zika says:

    which at the same PS3 was firstly very small, and secondly, their quality is greatly inferior games from Nintendo.

  10. Jawad Jawad says:

    because PS3 processor is clearly more powerful than her own video card (which turned out to be even weaker than that of the Xbox 360)because PS3 processor is clearly more powerful than her own video card (which turned out to be even weaker than that of the Xbox 360)

  11. Mona Alkazzaz says:

    Furthermore, and PS4 and Xbox One use than separate CPU and GPU, and a “system on a chip» (System On Chip) from AMD

  12. Adelona Homs says:

    HDMI, connect the wired network and corporate AUX connector for connecting peripherals (cameras , eg).

  13. Mohamed Apo Mean says:

    The main thing to look for when assessing the technical characteristics of PlayStation 4, its processor (like the Xbox One) now has the architecture x86-64 – that is, the game console has become even more similar to your home PC.

  14. Nour Eldein El Ebiary says:

    Console imported very small quantities, and therefore quickly sold out, and, rarely themselves gamers – mostly speculators who then resold at exorbitant prices PS4.

  15. Sobhan Alaah says:

    in particular, is used to render graphics in games such as Uncharted 3. That is, it is the CPU PS3 is a “locomotive” of the performance.

  16. Hashim says:

    i welcome the new console which is just one way to come … as it is slim and looks nice

  17. Jawad Abo Hassan says:

    fantastic console. the best feature is that there is 8 octa core processor.

  18. Eyaz Yusef says:

    amazing video game for me is the new watch dog.. That is working so amazing on my console.. While th trend of gaming of this kind of innovative game is reduce

  19. Moh Nad says:

    Excellent graphics and not other has got such skills.. but in the next console after it they need to make some improvments with the applications, multimedia features should be enhanced and make console little slim as well

  20. Ahmed Boughanmi says:

    like this console packed with powerful engine that work well with the high graphics and speed is too fast and as the gamer want it is.

  21. Omar Alqaisi says:

    sony is the leader in making gaming consoles.. Still the prices not much high and fantastic looking console.. But available in just two colors white and black.. Need to enhanced the design and the options..

  22. Sarita El Aidos says:

    my favorite games of this console is Devil May Cry 4, Batman Arkham Knight, The Withcer 3, Bloodborne.. i want you all to play these awesome games

  23. Emad Salama says:

    tell me about the new batman arkham knight what about that one.. the graphic of the game is so perfect and sharp enough.. but it is really hard to play game while fighting i am not able to hit

  24. Tamaam Aboalaeth says:

    E3 2015 Trailer I see yet and I glad to play this game on my playstation when the game is releasing and is the game is available in store this month?

  25. Essam Moustafa says:

    Final Fantasy VII remake now annoucned for the playstation 4… please tell me the game prices in aed i am looking for

  26. Abbas Awad says:

    want bit user guide while installing the new CE-32937-4 and SU-30709-9 Error .. Kindly give me step by step solution of that so I can resolve this error

  27. Sameh Mosabeh says:

    the prices is for the 500 GB playstation?? and tell me that the shipment available for all regions? include Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai Ras al Khaima…

  28. Aram Karkuki says:

    it might be interesting for me to see whether gamers determination to pay best prices for gaming experience; absolutely it is expensive than dedicated consoles.

  29. Minsar Thunderblue says:

    Consoles are very expensive but this is a console which is not just expensive but it is so much expensive and it worth it as it has some good kind of stuff inside.

  30. Shaheryaar Shiraz says:

    I have played some amazing games on it and it is best for the gamers and being a gamer I just want to add one thing here that gamers go a head and buy one for your slef.

  31. Areeba Rupani says:

    Expensive but you will enjoy to have one. This is the best console I have and I love to play games on it as it is so much amazing and provide some cool stuff on the screen.

  32. Aleena Khan says:

    This is not just expensiveinstead it is heavly expensive. This is a console that is best for the game lover.

  33. Aman Maibangsa says:

    This particular console is best for playing any game and you would be feeling like yo are in that place and facing anc doing all those things.

  34. Sanju Ramgariya says:

    The other consoles are cheaper but they are also not good in quality. This monster machine is providing some good amount of work.

  35. Adeel Tamana says:

    This is not just expensive but you can say that it is heavily expensive my dear I can not buy one for my self.

  36. Jahanxaib Khan says:

    Having higher price but not that much response which I was expecting

  37. Gogi Singh says:

    I love to play games and I think that this is somethink I really buy because it has all those stuff that can provide me entertainment.

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