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  1. Sami Cool says:

    IT is expected that this smartphone would be in the market in next two months as we can see that there is a huge event is line up in next two months

  2. Halgurd Jaff says:

    the battery the xeria z3 is much more than 3000 mah that is not yet

  3. Baddi Islam says:

    The jailbreak procedure take away software limitations of iphone 6 phone allocating users to run all customize applications, also now users easily tweaks and gear that are not allowable on the App Store.

  4. Waqas Khan says:

    Finally the wait is over.We now know most of the details of the new iPhones.I still don't know what CPU&GPU will 5s use. I'm still using the iPhone 4 but i can't wait to upgrade it to IOS7.I know that all the new features are all gimmicks.Fingerprint scanner and the dual flash camera. I will probably buy a new phone that is no larger than 4.3''. I don't think I'll buy another iPhone in the near future. I think the Nexus 5 will be a better deal then this although I've never used an android phone and the change from IOS to android will take some time.Cheers!!!

  5. Al Madni says:

    not a powerful camera and display but i think battery of the phone is good

  6. Sherihan Mohamed says:

    round is very well nice as compare to other with rectangular as i compare moto 360 design to apple watch which is more nice and smooth looking however big difference in feature and the prices of both

  7. Sonu Aulakh says:

    Oppo r9 plus price and Mara keo chaia mobile

  8. Omar Rasheed says:

    the big issue is that this phone is hang out

  9. Ahmed Abbas says:

    with the new marshmallow update i think it is a bit more than an ordinary phones with same prices available in markets. nexus 5x is specially and battery give more durability with high use as i compare the performance with lg nexus 5 and lg g2 phone

  10. Enayat Entably says:

    Media support is just ok not you can play a full high definition with much smoothness

  11. Hrakee Hour says:

    amazingly advanced phone with the stylus that is offering a whole new experience with the mobile

  12. Hasham Shsmh says:

    support max video and mp3 formats.. Also having great ability to record hd 1080 pixels videos..cool list of features included on this phone

  13. Karo Kurdistani says:

    4K video recording and playback, full smooth operations wit the lg g3 not minor changes as compare to its predecessor there are many good changes on lg g3 new phone. Stylus phone is also good

  14. Yahya Amro says:

    Sony IMX377 12MP will be same technology on the galaxy s7 because it has same 12MP camera now

  15. Suleyman says:

    desire mobile phones when 1st come in the markets includevery high prices.. Now because of too much competition prices are low and this phone is good

  16. Roberto Carlos says:

    dure to its specific luxurious body and features the phone is expensive

  17. Mohamed Shamash says:

    if there is 16MP or might be 13MP camera than it will be the best selling mobile phone of the year even in uae

  18. Samir says:

    situation kept getting better , but slowly .ignoring of course the heart of Sony's favorite radio standards , NFC. namely, basic spec sheet does not improve this year

  19. Potci Queen says:

    although excellent Bluetooth and GPS and no problem with Wi-Fi and wireless in general.

  20. Hamode Ali says:

    because although the size of your screen is continuously increasing on the note family.And after the note 4 new note 5 is still compact which is not alike predecessor