Find ZTE Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Asif Ghuman says:

    With the gaining of the signal from GALAXY Alpha no troubles have been reported. SIM-card is new format - the first time the Samsung Smartphone with Nano-SIM (probably to iPhone users and HTC have been easier to move, plus the physical limits of a compact body).

  2. Suhad Nofal says:

    The item is totally transparent and impression fingerprints is done on the fly, when I push the home button, so Smartphone does not compel some extra time to use his phone.

  3. Teilahi Batieh says:

    loves a fast phone and here is the world best looking and slim phone that give you fastest speed.. this is time to note

  4. Lamia Samy says:

    I found that the phone is available in light bluecolor but not I found it here please suggest me where do I buy I sky blue

  5. Zain Raza says:

    Quick Type with the latest impressive keyboard predictive text, also as few of App Store, too useless – well the Arabic version is available

  6. Kamlesh Patel says:

    I think its good technology in smart phone its good I love it

  7. Sulaeman Najeeb says:

    love this amazing smart phones... it come with lot more accessories as well.. like new ipod so apple is the best brand 4 me

  8. Yasser Hassan says:

    not before there is any issue and same I think with the next one… I use long time m7 htc and it is best phone of its time… this is nice

  9. Axad Shaikh says:

    mini version is not good and not has long lasting battery.

  10. Nahlaa Bendhari says:

    I am using this phone and now I want to sell this phone.. How much should be the price tag set

  11. Ranjit says:

    Nokia c5 5mp

  12. Mustafa Seghir says:

    The rest is already Apple Watch are comfortable and have an extensive functionality. In fact, the only complaint which can be presented to the first smart watch from Apple, is that they are not independent: the watch does not have access to the Internet and cellular networks without the participation of iPhone, period.

  13. Sadat says:

    Is Iphone 6 water resistant or proof? or there is case available to make this phone water proof..

  14. Kyaw Kyaw says:

    they give life to this handset by including 20MP highend camera and more capacity well they are using a boom sound that is good also

  15. Rayed says:

    any upcoming model of this moto e sereis? Have this phone and it needs many improvement s.. Not a good phone as u want to browse through internet..not able to send emails

  16. Khaled Alheyshi says:

    On 2015 they launch a post and claims that the both new come phones owners complains on internet specially web portals like facebook, twitter sites that the iPhone rip off their hair when the Smartphone is bit near to their ears… while making valls or something else like that…

  17. Alaa Mahmoud says:

    there are previously numerous Smartphones with Super Amoled HD screen, but this device might be prepared with 5.5-inch Smartphone the display with a resolution of 4k display which we seen the same in the xperia z5 new series.

  18. Maha Alkhaled says:

    simply it is fast with the support of the A9 Application Processor that works amazing in all of the devices of apple. 6s series is so fine with the speed and handle all kind of the multi tasking so easily that is really great thing on it

  19. Shade Alkhder says:

    the features of motorola moto x style are more than this mobile phone but not the phone is comparable to luxurious models like this

  20. Arch HeBa HaNi says:

    what about then availiblity and the shipment of the lg k7 smartphone in how much prices it is avilable in dubai markets and what are the colors they are offering