Find ZTE Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Haitham says:

    when available for sale in the markets of uae... i am extremely waiting for this

  2. Qaasim Abdul says:

    how is the battery performance of nexus 6 ? i want up to 3000mAh

  3. Saleha Anuar says:

    hit next year the markets and may be they totally change the design because now amazingly the galaxy devices got a new look.. Look at the galaxy s8

  4. Sara Sid says:

    I can not say any worng comments for this smartphone as it is best for me and I have one and it is working the way I want it to work.

  5. Amina Ismail says:

    not seems to be a good one just like the previous one

  6. Hamidullah Janzeb says:

    can i use pen for touch like with samsung note.. in apple iphone 6 ... i want to know that how i works or it is possible?

  7. Ak Zaki says:

    Entry-level but i recommend motorola moto family which is far more better than their phones. and also their rates are little bit more inexpensive to others

  8. Abo Alee says:

    feel so special in hands and is the attractive one and the quality of camera is very nice... not Apple make bulky phones

  9. Said Ahmad says:

    All angles are now smoothed and even front glass panel is curved at the edges are expected as same in the S5 last one

  10. Hammad says:

    not like beam 2 in grey color more better look in black

  11. Alkattan says:

    The style is similar but the material use to make this phone is more feel smooth in hands.

  12. Ahmed Abdullhameed says:

    I just like the round edges they are offering but it is too much in weight as well the thicker body. the bottom has slightly got the sharp edge

  13. Munira Ali says:

    Since the release of Surface Pro 3 on the market, Microsoft is positioning the device as an alternative to the hyperfine notebook MacBook Air.

  14. Sevan Salam says:

    it looked to me, for many years will be damned to at slightest effort to catch up with Samsung, is ahead in drive, or Sony with HTC, equally successful at the time.

  15. Fathi Mansour says:

    OS will bring a lot of great things than; No MicroSD; Battery Is No Longer but compare to the iphone 6

  16. Dante Pangilinan says:

    At this point of time i would like to say that, samsung now should focus on making its own OS....we are using their new ideas like s6 and s6 edge now we want to see some os that has to be unique and raliable like samsungs smartphones

  17. Aboudy Sh says:

    Twice the memory of ram and also the more improved chipset included which has to be include in 2014 edition

  18. Muhsin SHerwany says:

    facing those problems.. Do not upgrade the phone use it and if you got any problem so reset it.

  19. Al Umar says:

    the positioning of its main opportunity is an upgraded version of Apple's Nike +, the core of this product is additional precise to human health, including exercise, sleep, and other deeper health tracking techs.

  20. Ataliqe Ahmad says:

    battery is fantastic on this one with the new ios software. i have 64gb version and my carrier of the iphone 6s plus is the verizon works great