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  1. MO El Mansouri says:

    According to the manufacturer, the camera captures 85 degrees around itself and thus can make cool pictures of their company.

  2. Abdul Saleh says:

    they try the same approach as Apple previously offering in their design but some of the decisions on the galaxy s6 remain same as Samsung using in Galaxy S devices

  3. Haitham says:

    what about iphone 6 camera??? is it contains 20 MP camera???

  4. Dv says:

    Highly awaiting for galaxy note 4....

  5. Hassan Ali says:

    Premium design, phone is Waterproof and dust proof but too big to hold comfortably with single hand.. But because of light weight note 4 might be a comfortable one

  6. Abdalraof says:

    Seriously, I know that you have self-esteem problems, or someone you angry with Apple products tell you the things that have and those that do not. Fans of Apple, Samsung and Nokia are already a religion, with all your obvious and contradictory lies.

  7. Samaher says:

    Should be cheaper as compare to xperia z2 compact ... if it is than i will definately buy this phone

  8. Turky Sabre says:

    They are now make its come back but creates entire successful sounds and even receives all the pleasure from their consumers

  9. Shaikh Ayesha says:

    display density is well set and not just that also remarkable performance with support of the 4GB of RAM

  10. Toni Inot says:

    iOs 8 is quite good os and I like it just because of its new style and amazing features. Apple is one of the best smartphone company with so many new things to see in it.

  11. Noor Mustafa says:

    designs looks similar to the nexus devices right now and also lg g5 out with the same kind of colors combinations and the smooth edges

  12. Ahmed Hamid says:

    yes many features are low in this phone while the new 6s has many things changes as the 4K video capturing with the 12MP camera and available in app store

  13. Nabil K Khalil says:

    I am waiting for this phone and waiting to use htc re camera as well with that phone

  14. Ahmed Mahdi says:

    looks cheap phone.... but what....it is displaying the menu of Windows Phone... looks interesting phone

  15. Muhammad Waqas says:

    try this phone it is nice looking high end device available in nice rates

  16. Suha Yar says:

    sensitivity display but offering more features not any other phone; for the first time use of force technology in any mobile phone also announced the same technology before in macbook and iwatch

  17. Nour Aldeen says:

    For S5 you had not need your finger to unlock your smartphone, and more and hold it at a right angle.

  18. Ahmed says:

    what a great phone is this..look pretty nice and familiar to use ... well lg include all new features on this phone which make this phone one of the best smart phones of 2014

  19. Shuzzein Ali says:

    Very nice specification. for best brand Apple.. tell me iphone 6 has dual sim capability??? and can anybody confirm that is battery is removable on this phone??

  20. Saurav says:

    when z3 is coming to market i'am waiting for