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  1. Ali Mhamad says:

    They include more things inside the phone and improve the finger print scanner and make it to perform more accurate with the first attempt user can easily get the access to their Smartphone

  2. Dres Abdalh says:

    This is lovely phone just check out the technology that is far better than other phones. You can now Hearing aid compatibility and there are no of unique accessories in the markets available now like Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic and other adapter.

  3. Usama says:

    I want to buy Z3 in a store (not from a website). What are the main stores in abudhabi or dubai?

  4. Myasar Omary says:

    3GB RAM and more ram on the next variation as expected… which is really nice thing

  5. Christian Jazer Cerbito says:

    the phone trackpad, and other major function keys bottom the screen and extraordinary battery that is durable.

  6. Edrees Mohamed says:

    really there devices are beneficial for the heavy usage and you can charge device very quickly so no worry about the life of the phone after include wirless charging abilities

  7. Khaled Saeed says:

    128 GB iPhone 6 Plus more expensive than this mobile phone .. i preffer always Samsng if you want a device packed with innovative features and love Android.. but Apple has its own class with the iOS

  8. Shabeeb says:

    iphone gold

  9. Bazed Mohamad says:

    when this phone is available in 16 gb internal storage in black color.. or there is no 16gb storage option for this phone only 32GB??

  10. Simo Pigeon says:

    The phone got nice huge screen with the bit small in size as compare to 2014 Note, but it has more pleasant display with perfect screen resolution the main screen and the other curved screen on the right side of the Phablet.

  11. Daniel says:

    the best of this year is just coming ... but i am just thinking that this phone is quite expensive for me to buy

  12. Sozan Ismail says:

    with personalized features this note edge in note family become the best and most high end phone

  13. Musaed Jalwari says:

    Samsung I8520 Galaxy Beam is very old version of Samsung released in July 2010.

  14. Mahmoud Ashour says:

    And the next one is the 4 inches just iPhone as I found some of the leaked pictures of that phone in red color from the back side.

  15. Sankian Ali says:

    Hello Dear We Need 20pcs Dorid Turbo Please Give Us Your Offer Price. Best Wishes Sankian Ali 00989127335479

  16. Maria Dabees says:

    There are a lot of the diff when the phone arrive to hardware all among the just handful of many of the features and tech as matching to internal storage and ram

  17. Mohammad Chbib says:

    its compelte potential until developers to do lot of things with the new devices even to make applications and games. As 3D Touch is something new but will be fully explained after time by time

  18. Alnd Amedi says:

    1080 x 1920 pixels is as all are offering but the G3 has stunning more high 1440 x 2560 display resolution with perfectr view angle and the 2GB of RAM give it more power

  19. Soad Hammoda says:

    everybody like the apple iphones because it is good famous brand in making phones but there is some limitations with the apple.

  20. Soufien says:

    Best phone coming soon in the markets now, tell exp. Oppo Find 7 price Dubai??