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  1. Adnan Sheikh says:

    there are some more features that i like more to be include in this grand series.. like samsung make it dust and water resistance..

  2. Ahmed Alaed says:

    Swiss watch deals and the great sales drop 2-3x faster than forecast for this September and November as Apple Watch expands its range

  3. Shekh Luqman says:

    they going to rule the market after that; best looking screens but not just that many more good reasones behind that

  4. Amir Ahmed says:

    much RAM is been included on the new arrival but the package must be more than 2GB

  5. Nadiah Ghlioon says:

    moreover, the flagship supports face detection AF plus 4K video capture

  6. Ibrahim Fathi says:

    It is surprising, but it is a huge size and powerfully curved steel main disadvantage G Flex. The feeling was that LG Display just needs to show the option of making large displays.

  7. Umm Saleh says:

    provide me information to where can buy this stuff????

  8. Musaddiq says:

    Then again, now one, the Galaxy alpha s are all that stand still essentially grown in size forward to the detriment of the usefulness of his Sony .

  9. Girija Naidu says:

    32GB Galaxy S6 AED 2567 huge amount let it go down and then i'll buy it...

  10. SouqMobi Admin says:

    This product will be available soon.

  11. Ahmed Abas says:

    screen size and graphics are cool but want much better camera in samsung

  12. Shahoor says:

    5.5 inches big and have nothing too far from the ideal breast perching that holds the device , as well as a small anything You may not be bothered

  13. Mohamad Orton says:

    There is as well the activated double touch home button and otherwise the size of the button is little increase.

  14. Aliramzan says:

    The Smartphone will come alongside with pre-installed Android 5.1, which enables, for e.g, transmitting information in excess of the app see-through text with no worrying work in them.

  15. Engr Amjad says:

    Not this phone is the worst in design the peoples that saying that not know that what is Smartphone..with no other phone you can write instantly as with this Blackberry Passport, three-row keyboard is whole new and good

  16. Lakshu Usman says:

    iCloud Keychain is also include inside box however the space gray is best color

  17. Nana Hakmi says:

    so this is the first ever huge iOS phone in size and dimension totally changed because there is a whole fresh look of the phone.

  18. Syed Aziz says:

    bit different design, planned upgrade to v5.0 (Lollipop) and has same as note edge has 3GB of RAM

  19. Ali As says:

    Well on this Note the TouchWiz interface adapted to the Stylus Penat about the equal time as the Nexus 6 Android 5.0 Lollipop but Samsung Smartphone might have to resolve, at least at first, Android Kitkat in edtition 4.4.4.

  20. Somia Elfakeer says:

    replica specs of iphone; this is international level copyright