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  1. Hmber Meymo says:

    with this Smartphone you experience astounding level of clarity and the 5MP best camera front side

  2. Mhamad Nassor says:

    but i really not a big fans of them and use iphone 5 not the 5s however typically an elegant phone iphone 6s is looking as well as the iphone 6 is thinner and lighter

  3. Suhel Akhtar says:

    so the batteries, the one in the Alpha by Samsung is just like this user-replaceable, while the other two are sealed. i need the options like this in iphone

  4. Michael Rogelio says:

    this is much better as compare to last edition pof scend P series.. Because it has feature that include top technology

  5. Mustaf Abd says:

    so the first time there is an android tablet that is look like Apple iPad.. :)

  6. Gorav says:

    simply i say all of you to not yet invest ur money at least you can utilize how much good or bad is this phone really is what do you think.. i am saying not this for those who say always it is apple so it is perfect... anyways i like this phone camera

  7. Mustafa Abbas says:

    I did not test the camera for long while with the huawei mate s but Apple looks different and more fast

  8. Ahmed Sallam says:

    metal design and equivalently sized to the compact sizes smartphone is brilliant thing apple do but pricing of the iphone 6 put the phone to an expensive category

  9. James John says:

    This is a cheap quality smartphone and have a heating problem. I do not like its camera as well.. Bad Smartphone.

  10. Rasha Shibi says:

    It's weird at first, and eventually everything just feels too small, though. however i like te size and graphics

  11. Ahmed Sayed says:

    might look like as before phone; a dual-lens camera module is something will be the first one in the range than

  12. Mohammad Akmal says:

    Need Nokia 1020 black or gray price

  13. Abushaldi says:

    still seems to be a strong rival with revolutionary hardware right now this phone got. Dual-core processor must be quad core that more extend the performances

  14. Faheem says:

    I am facing recording problem into this issue very hard in my new star ? Help me out

  15. Norhan Ali says:

    Can I switch off and on my phone through this watch?

  16. Layal Mahmoud says:

    In behind the soft we as well misplaced the aptitude to take out the Smartphone long lasting battery and increase its storage by SD card in the galaxy s7 but why not we see such technology in the galaxy s6?

  17. Hany Abdella says:

    absolutely camera in dim light is not capable to give you same crisp snaps because of low pixels but still some how they make its way to give same as some high end phones with just 12MP unit

  18. Anwar Baig says:

    celiron chip means a lower quality phone that can not provide you a fast processing speed and a superb function so those who wants to do some great amount of work should not buy this smartphone.

  19. Shubham Saini says:

    nice phone

  20. Faiyaz Ansari says:

    but Note 5 gives me the usual work opportunities, particularly with a stylus pens. communication quality is slightly better.