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  1. Cesar Clavero says:

    Analyst said that Smartphone Apple "show the most excellent results of entire device among LCD display that we have all time known and praised his screen for color is much accurate, high peak brightness level and low-end vulnerability to glare.

  2. Bilal says:

    any iphone 6 plus 32 GB available

  3. Amer Hadzic says:

    but the S6s curve are something new and are softer and the earpiece itself fewer extensive.

  4. Sara Umair says:

    I just dont like the front camera as it is not providing the quality stuff. It is showing only the stuff which is very bad to have in a smartphone.

  5. Sitti DHang Bint Adam says:

    as compare the latest iOS 8 with the same Android they are actually offering with the note 4 which is good and performing better with the Camera functions

  6. Imran Alam says:

    So the question is, how do still like Samsung models? Today I purchase a Samsung's modest mid-range edition of Samsung GALAXY A5, see if suits your hunger.

  7. Fadi Lord Fadi says:

    Another thing is that often when working on the primary side of the screen shows a black background that does not consume energy in the case of AMOLED, and it is possible to create such a decision.

  8. Sharkah Baig-Chohan says:

    switch recently to this phone and now feel really great with it .. As I saw many new update features

  9. Matias Rozalez says:

    there is a nice landscape mode and is split window perfectly because of huge size and is more good because of RAM

  10. Mahmoud Emhmed Essid says:

    option here might well arrived and the prices may be down in future, to paying more for the new innovation and the extra ordinary looking goode with stunning cutting-edge shape, or put that additional money towards step-up S6 models

  11. Hamzah says:

    i using htc x plus and it is a good phone,, now i want this one on my hands.. when HTC m8 mini comes in markets???

  12. Mohammed Albatat says:

    The Smartphone is a bundle of different Apps and functions that is design only to provide the best and the best results to the user. Which would enhance the User experience.

  13. Mohamed Aldeeb says:

    You can charge your phone at Starbucks, McDonalds and many other places so use it as much as you can and dont worry about the charger because it would find you so where.

  14. Andrew says:

    I want to know the price of nokia n82 .. Thanks

  15. Moha Mimed says:

    isplay and it produces excellent giving natural colors and also camera is good for normal snaps in daylight

  16. Yousef Seif says:

    the Edge S6 offering us approximately 13 hours with the normal usage and of battery runtime 2hours over the ahead the s6.

  17. Sharafat says:

    We do not know if HTC One Aero has force technology and even more slim body design they used

  18. Ajeet Pratik says:

    this phone is best

  19. Shahed Nawaz says:

    where I get this lenovo vibe z2 phone? and price AED 130.... it's true

  20. Mohamed Fars says:

    tell me is there is free shipping for qatar as well if not suggest me seller any with free shipping