Find Yezz Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abu Ahmad says:

    New features in the OS 5. 0, lollipops it is called the display environment to be effective.

  2. Rageh says:

    i want to buy Xiaomi Mi 4 phone

  3. Hlal AL Shrabe says:

    as compare this phone to the asus zenfone it looks much nice in such prices well there is more nice dimensions and i love lenovo

  4. AL Musaafir says:

    see full specs of the phone... and it is good device to use for normal use.. normal camera, normal sound quality and display

  5. Siddiqui Adees says:

    So the camera features are alike note4? Sports Shot, Sound & Shot and all the modes are same or some features change?

  6. Hssen Hendawi says:

    superior handset but there is no need of the s pen at all now

  7. 786 says:

    The importance of design in the Apple Watch and its commitment to be more than just an electronic device is more than clear when you look at the different options for the user to choose.

  8. Maioi Alsaid says:

    just a Myth well forecast about the price point not yet is even possible to expect. May be the same model htc a9 has same snapdragon chipset and camera as well with different design and unibody

  9. Amaal Shanableh says:

    Product Description allowable just in superlatives, the full presentation talked about what happened to the revolution with the release of Z3 Smartphone

  10. Samer Almosawi says:

    well about the maps there is so much to first find out

  11. Anas Mrad says:

    and 13, is in exactly the Huawei Mate S all. See original images Mate S, and then compare them with the camera say OnePlus One.

  12. Shaaban Ahsan says:

    pocketable and really it is a different one with the built than others; but some less performances with the display results and outdoor visibility is not that clear

  13. Habib says:

    prices mention above are very cheap .... hope mobile performance is also good and durable

  14. Shimaa Hassan says:

    suggest me that xperia m2 dual sim smart phone is good one or moto e... i knw xperia m2 good in look as well but moto e is very cheap and if it has powerful features so why i buy expensive phone

  15. Salah Khaled says:

    it is no longer the best deal for you i think air 2 is more good

  16. Chehnaz Edoo says:

    the major fact i notic is that the 4-inch and also now the 4.7 and then 5 inches screen with such sensors can easily wield a finger of the hand in which you hold the smartphone.

  17. Maaen Ra says:

    Since it basically call or send messages and take pictures, and the camera is really cool. . When there is no or tablet or laptop with internet access, then quietly go out to the Internet from your iphone 5s.. waiting for next 6 iphone

  18. Mohamad Alhasan says:

    this is well placed camera lens. A snap shot taken in the landscape orientation while the each phone of the xperia z5 got same capabilities

  19. Aida Balloot says:

    you can recieve the I messages and can send the Measage too. The Apple watch is one of the best Wrist watch and their is so much to see in the Future by the Apple.

  20. Hunaina Sohail says:

    It would appear Samsung Mobile has not done its research .... Battery not removable - no micro SD slot - not water resistant - no stereo speakers....