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  1. Farouk Brinsi says:

    same phone not know what is the big difference between this nokia x 2 version of android phone

  2. Ghozzi Ghaith says:

    The hardware platform has a capacity, which is enough for a couple of years ahead.

  3. Saijd Ali says:

    I want Q z4 plz connect me at 0525736221

  4. Evangelyn says:

    How much the price of Asus Zenfon6 pls...

  5. Omr Mohmed says:

    so many things I think there is required in this phone .. People complains about the low battery capacity and not a good phone and they knew that

  6. Tushar Auga says:

    yes I love apple but as I seen note edge new phone after note 4 it is amazing and something very different . I also like this one

  7. Anees Sheikh says:

    The smartphone that are big in size are laggy but really the performance is much unique as compare to tablets of today times

  8. Cioar Hammou says:

    Make a good impact and a lot of great things I find out; updates and trimming many things. Annoyingly user of the phone cannot arrange or customise which stats are revealed so you might have to swipe your way concluded the screens either you need more than one stat.

  9. Dahmoud Merzoug says:

    is not a that like pricey as others in the market with the great things attach with this phone; do not carry a much load of plastic this time and big screens

  10. Hani Lotfi says:

    but what about the other features with the battery that is not so high enough and give us more time while playing games and watching videos. also the ram of the iphone 6s is low

  11. Mslm Arage says:

    If you use this monitor and the adapter output is a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels at 60 frames / sec

  12. Gelgamish Alsoury says:

    the dimensions are nice not too bulky as i see the other phone with the 10.1mm side dimension with the same kind of smooth edges

  13. Q Mobile Noir A10 says:

    very nice...

  14. Ninit Atmalian says:

    a pure android phone and now that the display of this phone is factually measures up to its rival phones include Samsung galaxy 5 unveil before

  15. Chaaban Zargo says:

    Following are the things are bi miniature. The outcome is, the better and also superior pixel, the brighter it can gather, and the additional graceful it can gather, the healthier image quality you must be clever to produce such kind of things

  16. Suhad Nofal says:

    Uniformity - a strategy that should be Google with its latest update of the operating system - Android 5.0 Lollipop.

  17. Soch Secular says:

    Please Motorola increase the pixels of front facing camera, there is some features that are really good included but some are v.low

  18. Aashif says:

    First impressions are positive Noticeably lighter and thinner phablet is this.. but one unique thing that attract peoples to take a look on this note is its curved display.. and also specs are very very high... i know that is the main reason why prices are expensive of this Smartphone then note 4

  19. Omar Hamad says:

    Smartphone is much stronger, faster and has instantly chargeable than the iPhone 5s. Also there is some enhancement with the internal hardware and the phone got shinier outlook.

  20. Jwan Mahmood says:

    if they think that this phone is even best and tizen works fine than why the limited edition of tizen Smartphone