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  1. Gazaly says:


  2. Majid says:

    after seen and comparing all the features of the phone with other phones now i realize that why htc is a good brand.. perfect for me but the price should be not high

  3. Tahir Iqbal says:

    where is the best price of Apple iPhone 5c 16 GB, which store or market?

  4. Mym Alzewey says:

    i want mechanical apple watch clone where can i buy this in dubai markets.

  5. Mayada RijabAgha says:

    there is some of the good and some band things on this phone as some frustrating Smartphones issues found on this one "No SIM card error" what is that?

  6. Mohanad Ahmed says:

    The major up-date for iOS is the new siri which become more smarter and yes the features that reduce power consumption of the device. I am waiting for the availability of the device

  7. Sahil says:

    you are right, I think they design the OS according to the Harware thats wahy all the smartphone execpt apple is launching the same hardware with few changes but almost same things they have in

  8. Rayhan Abbas says:

    good and fast enough browsing with many sony mobile phones.. also nokia is good in this with sim 3g and 2g

  9. Asmar Ali says:

    apple give new life to their phones by include retina. however contrast with the display according to some of the test of the display density is 326ppi

  10. Akpan Charles says:

    Thanks there is nothing special abt it with long time hanging ang unavailability of the part if is faulty......

  11. Mohamd Alhussiny says:

    well the watch with sports band is not that good looking to wear as a jewellery on your hands that not looks too great at all;

  12. Beirouthy Ghina says:

    The design is really very good and it is taking my attention and i think that if i buy this amazing watch it would be increasing my looks.

  13. Ahmed Seddek says:

    anybody using Intex Aqua Octa phone??? i want to buy this one

  14. Moufid Bouktib says:

    Capable to take even the most fantastic brighter images as they do the same with the edge model but dim light surroundings need to improve more

  15. Mohamed S Abkitra says:

    over Wi-Fi or Cellular both phones have expensive value right now meaning we will not see an economical device

  16. Haneen Alsafi says:

    Contain Korean constant the curved plan of the front facing on the back side the Samsung S6 Edge will be seated a major enhanced in the hand over.

  17. Fateh Ali says:

    while iPhone 6 also supports the iPad's cross-screen display, and keyboard adds Cut Copy and Paste buttons. that is really a cool tech use for smartphone. really a latest gen phone is this

  18. Hassen Mami says:

    because of small size may be there is low resution and graphics of the phone but possibly be more cirsp display than the iphone 5s

  19. Shahmeer Tanha says:

    The good news is that even in an inexpensive apparatus retains all proprietary services, known and WP8, including applications built in client V-Kontakte, LitRes, Lumia Selfi and much more that is best

  20. Jalal Taher says:

    there is a big difference in between both g flex models the new one got little more smaller design and offering the impressive display