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  1. Salim Elhosiny says:

    runs very smoothly, looks nice - lovers of "pure» Android should manufacturers required to look forward to produce some good power consuming os support low mah battery like apple phones

  2. Mostafa Waleed says:

    all-new Taptic Engine well at first you have to simply lear how to use their new 3d touch by just watching some of the tutorial you know what actually it is and you will feel it definately.

  3. Sohail Omar says:

    yes the sleek and stylish, rystal clear images beyond the eye limits really it is gift for me

  4. Hadi Bezdi Sani says:

    The greater than before thickness might be due to the new alloy that was just previous cover the 6S family featuring Force Touch taptic engine

  5. Shreen Al-Muhtaseb says:

    the iphone must be really awesome and be the best one yet to come... with beautful display and screen is really awesome and looks pretty in hands

  6. Ali Khan Gopang says:

    3GB RAM is actually enough for that kind of phone not need to improve but need to optimize the performance of applications and consumption

  7. Haroon Qureshi says:

    The sharp edges, beautiful colors and metallic shell is very smooth the phone unveils in good time when everybody expecting something best coming at the end of the year.

  8. Ahmed Mansour says:

    after seen first time the edge technology I some how make up my mind to buy the note edge which is not that good need much more work and now with the design and in housing of brilliant feature new samsung galaxy s7 edge has it all

  9. Nasan Nasan says:

    yes phone has splash resistance and the features looking nice. 10 MP, 4320 x 2432 pixels primary camera is perform well i am sure

  10. Sesual says:

    The question is will this come to saudi?

  11. Hassan Taufor says:

    Home, you can also ask for the clock to simulate a route and indicate how long it will take you on foot, by car or public transport.

  12. Naymer says:

    essential elements inside this gadget. i am going to buy the core i5 with 64GB version of this tablet

  13. Gozoli Abdo says:

    TouchWiz allows you to customize your device in every respect, providing new themes and offering again Download Booster.

  14. Ras Biju says:

    price around 3000 AED

  15. Islam Baddi says:

    1920 X 1080 in the large one and this one is more low.. look sharp and enormously different phone

  16. Hisham Khider says:

    either the big one iphone’s memory is not expandable and the speaker is able to adjust noise but not the stereo speaker on the iphones?

  17. Mustafa Faris Ibrahim says:

    important part is their screen features which they are really neglecting for a long time; now bigger-than-phone-sized meaning there is some improvements

  18. Hammad says:

    What is the actual price of Black berry z10?

  19. Muhammad Nissay says:

    the fastest SoC when released three weeks had to offer Qualcomm, is provided by the most rapid market. And this latest feature is available on new note 2014 smartphones

  20. Mousa says:

    I think many phones of xperia series are much better than Nokia phones... it is not good phone with 512 RAM ....