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  1. Mohammad Soboh says:

    not this watch comein ces 2015 so when will it come or there is more days to be wait for it

  2. Moussa Lamin says:

    That is truly a game changer when we see a more amazing camera with a lot of better battery. According to their professional users requirements give new methods of security.

  3. Ahmad Akrad says:

    has digital zoom even it is really good with the good batteries even the combinations of their performance with the software. beneath the display and the built with an aluminum unibody and Ion-X 2.5D glass that is something great with such thickness in apple iphone 6s

  4. Ismail says:

    I am waiting to see a new-gen iPhone with the extra edge screen or else want removable batteries, I am sure not too much huge updates possible regarding how this phone look alike or else? (Traditionally, Apple give new looks to their phone after two years so same design as expected on the iphone 7

  5. Afzaal Malik says:

    This is not so dangerous, if you are not familiar to using a smart phone that is on the table.

  6. Osama ALtayab says:

    " This is a good step finally to make now new looking Smartphones also there is need to make a new alumunium body Tablet after it"

  7. Haji Mohamed says:

    with a modest development environment there is really a need of all the same features as its rivals are using.

  8. Haider says:

    change in a short time called the Tablet PC is called, after all, it is a flat and detachable keyboard composition notebook

  9. Mervat Sherif says:

    there are many more in markets the camera phones also you can attach other camera phone supported lens

  10. Sima Ripa Shamim says:

    Lightning to USB Cable is in the box but thell me is apple has feature like OTG USB ?

  11. Nadia Almhdawy says:

    human eye catching revolution design of the phone that is as well the great visuals with support of best speakers

  12. Li Uzma says:

    Sharp display and design is now come with the price tag that is low because motorola is come with low cost

  13. Sunil Kumar says:

    This one is 4G supported

  14. Monther Al-Araji says:

    The chip is quite risky, as the gadget buying for the sake of quality sefli it does not seem wise decision.

  15. Raneem Mohamed says:

    expected soon to be launch in the uae markets but 2GB + 16GB or the 3GB + 32GB model which xiaomi redmi note 3 prices are shown above?

  16. Abdo Hakim says:

    well there is many things when you switch from samsung to apple you will never buy again Apple.

  17. Danyal says:

    i want nokia n 70 phone 0559708859

  18. KaZa Mezaa says:

    galaxy gear I recommend with this one but not the new launch gear s2 because of different os have some issues

  19. Lawand Sy says:

    Do not listen to the acceptance inspector, claiming in the case of other damage, "it is 100% failure

  20. Hussain says:

    xperia Z1 compact is a wonderful phone, small screen with too much capabilities