Find Yezz Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Salma Raza says:

    you know one thing apple screen is of 1334 x 750 resolution display on 4.7-inch screen size looks really attractive and elegant....

  2. Saravanan Balasubramanian says:

    I want this one how I get it

  3. Soubhe Hamdi says:

    siri is good indeed but need much more work right now to perform accurate as it can.. Iphone Se have might be OLED technology or a sapphire display on it

  4. Hamido Hason says:

    I am shocked to after reading this amazing line that is "the most higher power efficient graphics Adreno 430 that enable now 3D gaming on the 4K display for the first time". this is wonderful. Thank God that samsung is providing some thing good than the Apple.

  5. Ismail Eissa says:

    does not deny it, but in our use, we still had the feeling of a battery that goes a little faster than its predecessor.

  6. Umair says:

    thanks for nice information.

  7. Yaseen says:

    What is the right time price of this mobile in Dubai ??

  8. Belsan Helab says:

    I do a little work before buying the phone and come here to find the prices of the nexus 6p. It is budgeted to me and also looks prettier than nexus 6 standard phone launch under the tag name of motorola

  9. Kaiser Ali says:

    This is expensive but according to me it has to be expensive as it belongs to a qulaity that worth it

  10. Katija Hassan says:

    Great camera set up which we all the time seen in the xperia devices which is why we all think that there focus is only on the same way as before

  11. Rayan Awadat says:

    To loyal to all of you, I really like the dimensions of my past iPhones and now either there is so thin body than before and smooth edges but after increase in the size it is bit hard to handle

  12. Santhoshpaulose says:

    I like this mobile watch

  13. Hussen Almazruai says:

    5.2 inches screen size with the 554 ppi pixel density is the advance and far more better than the apple phone, as well phone has Fingerprint sensor and it is (PayPal certified)

  14. Malik Waqar says:

    Things you would like the most is the lolliopop and the camera result that is incredible and you would be loving it a lot.

  15. Bassmal Fadeel says:

    The reception of the iPhone 6 seemed to me completely aligned with that of the 5s.

  16. Dhafer Alnajar says:

    regard the price point for this which is very high; while 3G model is still a good option for me but going to buy s6 edge it looks more brilliant with the camera actually

  17. Mero HaMdy says:

    in deed I like the backside as well that the camera lense is just place as before and also the flash is on the left side of it

  18. Dawod Khalil Alsmoqi says:

    high-capacity battery technology to support fast charging Turbo Charger and wireless charging Qi, modules LTE, NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  19. Abdullah Alasadi says:

    Ok, I have not said anything new, and that is what we have found. Are these new components and think the new screen interaction is a good example will be set in next iphone model iphone 7.

  20. Zienb El Amranni says:

    they are going so well with the ascend line up; every phone has something unique