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  1. Nour Omer says:

    but it gives me that gig of RAM will stay right in the medium term with the other specs list iphone 6 plus is just medium level phablet with expensive prices

  2. Hammad Shaikh says:

    The is very expensive and it has so many problems as so many negative comments i have read for it. i would'nt be buying this.

  3. MattPatterson says:

    Thickness and the dimensions of an iphone may not be refined but infact higher number of pixels, more amount of ram and dual lens camera on it may make it bit more thicker in future

  4. Abdullah Alabdali says:

    wrap up with a great dsign agains andoid even more better with useful features combination of the peek and popul and action shortcuts included on iphone 6s plus

  5. Sara Essa says:

    excellent high display retina and additional features are good

  6. Ana Ahlawy says:

    iOS 7 actaully work good with this phone; a growing emphasis we will see in the new updates iOS.

  7. Faisal says:

    Sir I need this phone kindly contact with me

  8. Ahmadwali Monhaj says:

    The pixels are improved but selfies taken in low light has also a better quality than other phones

  9. ValoBasha Mujahid says:

    double sales in 2015 because they are top players in this field and also expand their availability

  10. Aly Sayed says:

    inexpensive device Google Nexus 5, but we see that under the hood Nexus 6 are the best at the moment components: Quad HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 805

  11. Miansherin Khan Swat says:

    Taiwani make quality product and HTC is one of their product thats why it is reliable and good in performance.

  12. Farouq Abdan says:

    Xiaomi's MIUI is quite well optimized, and I didnot meet any sluggishness with the handset like I did with the Honor 3X.

  13. Ayoub says:

    this phone is absolutely bad as compare to previous htc one .. only it is water resistant phone ...

  14. Aleem Prince says:

    i love the water resistance and ust proof technolgy, now i feel relax while in a rain or in outside. this is amazing that smartphones are gaining more technolgy in them and thats what make their sale improve.

  15. Ririhush Kaur says:

    Built and design has its own quality that always (prettier than iPads because nice config and features). Clear Sound Quality and best faster performance of the processor make it easier for me to surfing web and do multi tasking for the first time with apple in landscape mode

  16. Dilmi Mizo says:

    smart switch is available to transfer your data easily; just download Smart Switch and you can transfer now your data in 3 ways, via pc, via sd card and wifi as well which is the most reliable way to transfer data from note 4 to note 5 actually

  17. Umair Khan says:

    Qualcomm's middle leading chipset has the similar processor setup, 4x A53 plus 4x A57, but is complete on a 20nm process.

  18. Fouziss Saker says:

    light in weight, perfect body design hope prices are not too high.... as always this kind of flagship has

  19. Mohammed Yoosuf says:

    Dear, Why you planned to sell the one very soon ? Actually I need used one with less price.

  20. Jotyar Mmosa says:

    With the entire modest interface by the way, on the keyboard, and new good to use buttons.