Find Xtouch Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Sreekumar says:

    i need moto g 4g but saudi arabia were available? please replay........

  2. Hemo Aoso says:

    spectacular camera but still not alike the galaxy s6 and note 5; even xperia z5 has more pixels

  3. Janjhi Yassein says:

    the best tablet series is surface, you can do all of your task now in tablet like laptop or laptop like tablet.. this have it all capabilities to perform now even more faster

  4. Abdullah Syr says:

    there is always vibrant screen of the iphones but not the same what they are giving to the new phones against its rivals which has good display screen and also some now packs 2k screen

  5. Mounir Mimou says:

    LG G Flex 2 is running an operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop and has in its arsenal a proprietary user interface LG Launcher.

  6. Nour Eldawody says:

    I do not expect a lot of changes and mofifications in their phones right now.. Mainly in this year we cannot see a big changes because they change after 2 years

  7. Mujahd Sahar says:

    screen curves and exceptionally premium feel of the phone in hands. also previously htc one m8 give you a feel like that but what now apple make something like that that is more enhanced and best

  8. Raiya Al Sinaidi says:

    and may the iphone 7c have characteristics but not by the housing of material which is may be plastic this time

  9. Med mn Jb says:

    another phablet Huawei P8 is such kind of great looking device; well ofcourse other than design there is high end features but not they going to grab the attention of the consumers

  10. Imran Sajid Khokhar says:

    Home button to scroll up and down, so that is just a thing that is further more different than the moto 360 include the different body design

  11. Saakim Pathan says:

    I thing s3 is best mobile in galaxy phones I used it

  12. Bouthaina Drissi says:

    Apple may be mistaken if they wont put someting new in their next ipads. we raelly want to see so much new in these ipad because our kids love them a lot.

  13. Rami Monther Alboriny says:

    familiar with my buying guides to know the best comparison here thanks 786

  14. Maybelle says:

    if u make a price make sure its true

  15. Rana Sameer says:

    a unique device that was built with productivity... lg make big screen phones not just that that all are packed with high performing abilities plus better graphics as well

  16. Badaruddin Badar says:

    The other issue is the plastic imitation leather on the backside of the devices both new. Samsung looks persuaded that we totally want the Note give the feeling of holding a slimmest device and smoothest one in hand, and we can at least take pleasure in the loss of false seams.

  17. Asif Osman says:

    Smart Clock Watch are based on a square shape metal casing, whereas the metal watch strap has a magnetic fixing traditional fastener instead. The display is covered with sapphire crystal. On the back side of the strap are sensors that remove basic health indicators.

  18. Suleiman Elbeera says:

    might be phone have manufacturing fault with the sound quality or something else because the phone audio quality that is is specs and hardware is same as my previous phone and not this phone is capable to give me same sound

  19. Ahmed EbraHim says:

    For few cause Korean s stylus all features never creats an appearance, even tough it might be at leaset certainly ship among the alleged Edge phones.

  20. Mohammad Mutarji says:

    when this available in the markets I want this phone and find it a cheapest one but not find uae prices