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  1. Sophia Rose says:

    incase the graphics with the screen size got brilliant updates but with the ios 9 I think the phone will be work more great new updates for motion wallpapers and more like this

  2. Mohsen says:

    have previous model of the phone and this one is more than mine expectations with lg phone.,... now this one two come and i will upgrade my model soon

  3. Hussein Al-Hilali says:

    each time the phone better and better, he became less screen more battery longer, etc.

  4. Jaffer Joqy says:

    Well the grand prime, where the amount of RAM is good enough but not is not allowed to implement many chip that have turn out to be standard for Smartphone from Samsung.

  5. Sami Morris says:

    Apparently the problem is that certain functionalists related to the relationship processor-camera stop working

  6. Muhammed Bebe says:

    iphone is iphone and you can find difference in this and previous phone that is very clear, check out the low light camera results

  7. Seraj Almajdoby says:

    there is the superb identical display that is offering a fantastic true colors entire time you can best...

  8. Mohamed Samir says:

    most strongly affected by the heating 3D-calculations. However, even with the forced frequency regulation play most titles can comfortably

  9. Sana Mohamad says:

    very good say bro because also the sony with xperia device is also good with the ultra series

  10. Zia Ul Mustafa says:

    perfect design, features and also performance of ascend series phone is good. u can run all new applications that support os and aslo upgrade to latest kitkat version..

  11. Mohamed Mido says:

    this is become my favorite phone in all dual sim androdi devices because it is slim, high end camera features and durable phone

  12. Mohammed Anwar says:

    i like Android

  13. Al Fattah says:

    note 3 wins in excellent shape workmanship, brushed metal texture design to make it look more than S5 grade

  14. Azaldeen Shragawi says:

    fingerprints very easily too but carry the same thing as samsung is offering

  15. Elmarde Algaili says:

    genuinely good to keep the phone in hands with some more e variation models pack little different things on each

  16. Umme Hadiya says:

    the perfect voice recorder and the features of the apps perform so well on iphone… but there is need to improve the graphics of the phone

  17. Abbas Abdullah says:

    micro-USB-port on your smartphone instead of Type-C is not a good option at all as every one notice that this is one of the best feature right now and required one

  18. Yousef says:

    Samsung GALAXY S5 adds a support level IP67 dust and water features, six represent the highest level of dust can completely prevent dust from entering.

  19. Najjar says:

    Just list the typical messages in both the haters and those who love Apple, all typical without originality, excellent commentary, I'm using iPhone 6s but you people are absolutely right about the battery of the previous phones and heatup issues in iphone 5s

  20. Malik Awad says:

    I dont now that why they are not concenrating on the selfie camera. people are so much social and they put even the blur images in social media.