Find Xtouch Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Rasol Salim says:

    so all the versions are available in market cellular and wifi and single version of both with all storage options what about 128GB silver cellular and wifi

  2. Siddiqui Mohammad says:

    still no news of the this that when phone is coming

  3. Danish says:

    I need this mobile Nokia 603 white 32 GB 3G.phone. ?

  4. Raja Anjum Chohan says:

    Both phone features S6 and s6 Edge may featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon new processor with 3GB of RAM and there is need of a durable battery.

  5. Anwar Ali says:

    Yes there are few of some awesome features but the main is the keyboard shortcuts that create this time a much useful and effectiveness to find and search and quickly open all the other application by manually crating the shortcuts with shortcut keys options.

  6. Kobani Boughanmi says:

    In terms of design, if we do not essentially care about that, the Nokia N1 Tab is much like the iPad Air in the absolute is not?

  7. Khaled Ahmed Altalaa says:

    as comparison of this phone to the huawei phone and Apple phones there is no of issues.. battery issue, performance and quality issue

  8. Nor Nor Mohmmad says:

    may be the great choice for playing high graphic games without draining the battery life of the device

  9. Mohamed Alarabe Alarabe says:

    tell me about the avaialble fabrics of the product you mention how many fabrics they are manufacturing lawn.

  10. Ahmed Ronaldo says:

    the P6 come into view to be next Apple's direct more than several of the abovementioned Android giants like Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC

  11. Mert Ozortak says:

    I feel like LG and Google has now give more brilliant watches to us as g watch urband and moto 360 with the sport edition is bit strong rival to those watches within the same build and different shapes..

  12. Muhammad Abu Ahmad says:

    Apple's iPencil just work like similar to the stylus; but well balance and built is good as compare to the stylus actually

  13. Pravin Baria says:

    Samsung always use the best quality products for its smartphones and this could be seen whenu you hold up your smartphone in your hand. The first touch you will be seeing is the corning goilla glass 3 that has crytal clear view and give a high defination results.

  14. Waseem Alani says:

    much better one is Sony Xperia M

  15. Nimra Sheikh says:

    display of the phone much be better... because 5.5 inches screen size is a big screen and if not include hd resolution the phone have nothing to do with front camera

  16. Hoda Samir says:

    From the latest gadget - a Nexus 6 offering multiplayer mode well ya there is so nice features.

  17. Wael Ahmed Alharazy says:

    There is as well a bit of settings like Panorama and (HDR) working so well and yes the mode is comparable to the iPhone as well as the option to record HD video and best frame

  18. Ambrose says:

    Best phone with all good features in this price.

  19. Mohamed Nasr Alden says:

    Yet there are three variations of this mobile phone include two colors are available silver and red color.. what about the white and black?

  20. Umeir says:

    like its body design this time samsung phone looks pretty ... but why only dark colors on this phon?