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  1. Maheer says:

    in the support of wifi 802... 4g lte is good.. A8 dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.39 GHz is quite a good indicator.

  2. Mustafa Absi says:

    isn't a little hit better actually this phone as compare to previous phablet perform similar but either offering more nice display and fast performance

  3. Nooral Diar says:

    According to the technology gurus, iPhone 6 is expected to come in a new design.

  4. Ali Alsultan says:

    Camera Resolution rear and the front is good and phone got OIS that is nice...

  5. Wassim Hassoun says:

    the minimum camera of this ipad must be greater than 5MP please

  6. Yasser Farghle says:

    yes definitely a premium but luxurious one; i see many images of phone in hands as the silver, white and gold color combination really eye catching

  7. Seff Eleslam says:

    but in fact their battery score is bit durable plus some of the noticable upgrades we seen in the apple iphone se like phones.

  8. Shimaa Hassan says:

    suggest me that xperia m2 dual sim smart phone is good one or moto e... i knw xperia m2 good in look as well but moto e is very cheap and if it has powerful features so why i buy expensive phone

  9. Mh Wali says:

    desire eye is official and i check this phone specification .. design of the phone is same as new htc phones but quite difference with color. i love the new look

  10. Saber says:

    it is not a successful device... many problems found inside this one.. Random freezing, and many times cursor appears

  11. Hicham Roumani says:

    the v plus mobile phone available?

  12. Helm Omry says:

    better cameras but is their is bigger batteries we seen in htc m10?? is really a big question because they are looking forward to give more slimmer devices and no waterproofing for htc one phones in 2016?

  13. Mhuks Ahmad says:

    Apple has little resistance with the water, dust and scratches infact it is also good phone but not full water proof

  14. Aziz Apas says:

    so niow nexus 6 is also come but there is nothing too much more advance looking as samsung s5 is already have.. so i am not going to go anywhere except galaxy s5

  15. Annabi Holigenz says:

    exceptional clarity and sharpness but the screen is too small that is why it is little harder to manage controls by touching the screen of the apple watch

  16. Hamid Ullah says:

    greats i love iphone6

  17. Ravikumar says:

    how much in Omani rials?

  18. SouqMobi Admin says:

    Farhan Nokia Lumia 1020 is in HD quality, currently it is expected release in Last of Sep or in starting of October.

  19. Mohammed Karimove says:

    A 4in display, A9 processor and 8MP camera. well camera seems to be similar as before also the front face camera got not improvement

  20. Zahra Kareem says:

    the result of the phone pixels is really great as i know.. v10 is amazin and great phone comes with strong beauty.