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  1. Auranzeb Ansari says:

    Dear sir Please said me it is real Price in Dubai AED 39 Price in Saudi SAR 36 Price in Qatar QAR 31 samsung galaxy j

  2. Usman says:

    any one has 1000 riyals plz send me in saudi arabia in jeddah azizia

  3. Mostafa Alian says:

    any rival model of this giant device?

  4. Javvad says:

    something what i m looking for long while... when prices are available.. looks beautiful

  5. Juan Hasen says:

    what about mini version of the phone is my budget is out for this phone.. i will try g2 mini or there is big difference on both phones... anyobne give me suggesstion so can i buy

  6. Masr Awalan says:

    Superfast Execution with more smooth edges- it is a best update in the iphone family and significantly more battery life with the same capacity and mAh

  7. Rona Mahde says:

    For instance I want to talk about the iphone 6 batter life as with the 90min video high resultion with the full brightness and ofcourse some notifications keep coming time after time with the connectivity to social media apps phone drop one and half cells; that is impressive for me.

  8. Ramzan Ali Sony says:

    this is actually a special launch edition of the Oneplus one with good feature working nice with JBL E1 + earphones

  9. Alberto Lara Gaspar says:

    for the iphones always Spigen has special made prettier protection support and looks really cool even make your phone look more beutiful and less thicker to others. i reccommend these mobile covers

  10. Karam Tanya says:

    Stay interpretation to grasp up on every one the newest rumors and come again? we would love to see reach your destination with it.

  11. Nody Nabil says:

    in out door shootout result the phone results are similar to its family and even I say the most nice option is the premium phone

  12. Ravi Kumar says:

    Where in uae it available

  13. Mahmoud El Masre says:

    Phone necessary to maintain the positive trend as well as the price tags for these phones are so nice

  14. Soad Fadhil says:

    nice mini sized phone/... if xperia make down its prices of z2 compact and z1 compact i think than i buy these phones except moto e

  15. Yasska Kaan says:

    exactly the most high end ever used technology with the display and give more pixels density to their phone… will be nice if they reduce thickness

  16. Mohsin Ali says:

    the Samsung Alpha try to fasten a number of of the fault of the Galaxy S5 - plus the A3, A5 and A7 alternative lately announced

  17. Dina Amir says:

    Smartphone is well made to perform at best with good gaming

  18. Anwer Ferrari says:

    We want to understand what Apple offers in this iteration of the phone, and if worth the changes from what was presented almost a year ago.

  19. Abdalrhman Alzyoud says:

    they are now thinking to expand their memory of RAM on next iPhone but just 1GB more why? It must be 4GB

  20. Jaffar Hayyat says:

    not too much good as i expected it to be in performance.. still have T620 instead of T628