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  1. Manish says:

    To much slow and sftwire hanging and camera no good

  2. Ali Nahas says:

    Nokia XL is only available with Dual SIM or a Single SIM variant is also come???

  3. Ravi says:


  4. Abdul Khaliq says:

    iOS8 is good and better then the previous one but I think their hqas to be many other changes are needed in this OS which would might be change in the latest OS.

  5. Tharani says:

    0553357176- need 1 mobile

  6. Qaiyoum says:

    vibration at high volume all time i found this problem in htc phones.. but not in desire 816 phone

  7. Asomi Moad says:

    The screen resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels with its 4.7 inch is really good and i like the SIRI option and thats really garb my attention to this mobile.

  8. Alex Puneet says:

    a costly phones is coming

  9. Israr Ahmad says:

    I have q mobile noir quarto z4 I want to sale contact me 0557292092

  10. Anas E Alshraa says:

    After a long time they unveil their new gadgets but when they will it is amazing all the time. Even many limitations are now exceeded and make a whole new age for the future devices.

  11. Al Mulk says:

    Fortunately, as usual, Qatar like places is not one of the world's nine starting regions, and the price is the lowest in the world except the United States i think so ,

  12. Sara Alqaise says:

    except the phone built that is really awesome; there is need to give phone more battery and removable options to huawei phones that are required. Also they are not making water proof phones

  13. Alkrmo says:

    really a best phone for those who love capturing photos. thousand words for this phone

  14. Hassan says:

    Aaliyah, The 2.3Ghz comes with 4G capabilities, the latter does not, also the bench marks(processor speed etc.)is faster with the 2.3Ghz processor, ya3nee min el 2a7'er don't bother with the twin processor one:).

  15. Sadiq says:

    hi smith, i have been using HTC mobile for last 2 years now its working f9 and i can enjoy my HTC.

  16. Mahmoud Elnady says:

    in certain things they have well ability to maintain a good sale with the small one because mega size phones are not that unique with the hardware at all and small one is good to handle

  17. Abu Ahmed says:

    Why can't I send a MMS on my HTC Velocity 4G

  18. Hassan Has says:

    the best yet phone that run android.. enhance ur experience now with samsung glaxy new note

  19. Zunaeid Hasan says:

    Is HP Slate 6 voice tab available in White colour in Qatar?

  20. Harisha Anandhan says:

    Hi dear I want CAT S60 , let me know the price & delivery details Regards Harisha Anandhan 0509790594