Find XIAOMI Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. B V S RAO says:


  2. Rasan Gardi says:

    The most visible change actually comes from the design that finally eliminates the most "cheap" aspects of previous models.

  3. Sharaf Aljayosi says:

    the screeny height if more than that so it is called a note totally?

  4. Mohamed Gareb says:

    most expensive but has good volume of sound and speakers works fine than before

  5. Dina Amir says:

    dual sim support is needed in desire family

  6. Emano Sydney says:

    It has long been known that the company is able to feel the wind changed direction long before the real storm begins.

  7. Debs Saood says:

    yeah that is why i just love the samsung. but still prefer my iPhone 5s that is best of its time and still comparable to the new samsung s5 that arrive in 2014

  8. Hevi Ahmed says:

    Expensive but is one of the smoothest phones and compact size Fantastic display

  9. Mohamed Khalid says:

    this is phone is so amazing tell me when the phone hit the markets and is there is also another version coming with the WP 8.1?

  10. Mustafa M Kaml Shweliyya says:

    need to make the price tag similar as lenovo and motorola phones

  11. Moed says:

    4GB RAM is good and now in note 6 their plan is to give more 6 gb ram

  12. Faisal Addaher says:

    I dont believe that iphone 6s plus is a such better option for me right now, and it is easily the one Id pick over the 6s because of the size.

  13. Fawzi Kamal says:

    the phone is really solid as making comparison of this phone solidity with iphone, galaxy s5, and xperia phone.... also htc m8 water resistance ability is perfect and phone is good in performance

  14. Walied Shomen says:

    what is the prices

  15. Mahmod Bahre says:

    I like one thing in this particular phone and that is the Screen and its design which is so much unique and classic. Specs are so much heavy and i think it is in my budget.

  16. Javed Kisana Gujjar says:

    The battery got even more good than and the final year as the iphone 5 with the 5s variation and even got more larger in size and screen display is good looking.

  17. Musaddiq says:

    g3 will be a master phone as compare to all xpera and galaxy series....

  18. Yosf Amara says:

    they always using all brilliant new technology for improvements to their screens and give it more brightness, sharpness, crisp display even the same with the mid size phones and large size phablets. that is why same is with the note 5 and new galaxy s6

  19. Bilelouche Bibou says:

    proved to everyone that is able to surprise even in terms of design and with this smartphone has opened up unexplored horizons and pulled out a different way of seeing and design smartphones.

  20. Mohamedsoker says:

    iOS 8 is t well and is looking for an important gain in independence, that might be create in the Apple Smartphone and first Phablet iPhone 6 Plus, with its battery capacity of 2915mAh.