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  1. Mahmud Qesar says:

    i really appreciate the way company make this phone all good features as well track your fitness level at perfect accurate measures... nexus is something bigger and better

  2. Farhan says:

    I love its Xperia ZL2 camera? Please tell me whats the game?

  3. Youssef Youssef Morghi says:

    20-megapixel but still there is lack of more mAh ...2840mAh battery is not much durable for that kind of high end phablet

  4. Nabel Abudaiya says:

    Sharp, for the first time decided to go beyond Japan with one of its new smartphone Aquos Crystal

  5. Altaher says:

    without a doubt prices are good as like we expected but too huge size of the nexus 6p and the bulky kind of thing over the other phones

  6. Souad Joueidi says:

    edges are all time best make it to look more elegant... however BSI Front Camera that is 8mega pixel is the best feature include in p7

  7. Ayaz Latif Dayo says:

    It is really much better than the rivals and other high end slim tablets, compare all specs with the xperia z1 and z2 tablet instead of the water resistance

  8. Hamza says:

    Wow I love to work on it ? From where I can find out this?

  9. Kraht Lebna says:

    8 mp camera on phone like apple in 2014 is really a bad thing. Actually i am expecting something really advance and unique from the Top Brand of Mobile

  10. Hussam Kochar says:

    sunlight display of the phone is totally alike the previous phone infact no changes with the display a lot. Real-time contrast adjustments will be same like iphone 5s in the iphone se

  11. Mahmoud says:

    Lumia Icon is one of the best Nokia phones i bet you...

  12. Malak Mohamed Sayed says:

    I am here to talk about the OtterBok that contains pretty battery charger alternative and sufficient juice to maintain this Smartphone leaving for approximately 2 days without plug in .. there is no issue then with this phone battery

  13. Asmmr Abo Hajar says:

    magical apple invention touchpad and the new ipencil can i used it on the iphone 6s mobile phone?

  14. Ahmad AlJallad says:

    adjust the color on your lg g4 smartphone have preloaded with which the application can be adjusted to almost perfect result.

  15. Ankita Rajnish says:

    seamlessly share pictures, videos and now even more fast surf web

  16. Shahzad Ansari says:

    A wonderful smartphone that has so much to explore and so much to get. This smartphone has a wonderful camera and a wonderful screen virew so that you can see movies play games and do many other things.

  17. Kasim Cagabey says:

    I worry about your outer beauty of the galaxy s6 plus but bit bulkier body i think it is, but all I want is to take advantage of it as a tool.

  18. Hamza Saraj says:

    they adopted the design of the galaxy a series but still a series is not much premium as this phone is

  19. NASIMUDEEN says:


  20. Asim Yaseen says:

    Happy to test 1.1 amazing version for new smartphone users.