Find XIAOMI Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Saad Alfranti says:

    The razor-sharp edges are moved out and have been put back by smooth and curved edges also.

  2. Xulfi Ali says:

    So, LG is most probably to come with battery 3,500mAh.

  3. Shamsi says:

    galaxy s5 is waterproof???

  4. Muhammet Yahya says:

    The lead frame is finished with stainless steel instead of polished aluminum as in normal Z5.

  5. Izhar Ali says:

    the style of the phone is so goot from the backside it is totally different

  6. Haji Bahadur Ali says:

    Let me hope that this occasion they will do with no purpose dishonest prices and inferior manufacture volumes by previous agreement with the rival firms

  7. Hussein Ilya Wiseman says:

    They make I thin and Phablet is now got the really compact size and nice handling just need to make it removable

  8. Raj Kumar says:

    i want a smart phone named sony xperia c5ultra dual what is the actual price in dubai

  9. Mahdi Hasan says:

    The rear lid opens with ease, can be seen in a vertically-elongated battery and connector for microSD-cards and microSIM.

  10. Mutaz Saraireh says:

    so the top level of the premium but not the all performance is lacking people think that it is but you can find this all high tech

  11. Khloud Nasser says:

    is i use GSM SIM cards in Dual SIM variant of HTC one....????

  12. Alaa Edris says:

    and the phone is now more than ever tries to jump out of the hands due to smooth shape

  13. Touseef says:

    Hey somebody tell where shall I buy qmobile z4 in dubai...

  14. Cihan Emre says:

    this is great as they give finally after long time cardslot options to their new series. The color combination of the samsung phone is bit similar to the apple with bright colors.. But different dark colors and glossy back which looks great in samsung galaxy s7

  15. Rami Mahmod says:

    The Quad High Definition resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 quiet appearances as better as all the thingsI have understood on a Phablet note 5 but equipped in this small size phone. In spite of existence strained a slight from previous years

  16. Ibn E Khattab says:

    in hands compare to the galaxy phone their smartphone and iphone 6s looks and feels great. All-around than the 5.1-inch is good size they gabe ton iphone 6

  17. Hakim Albadrany says:

    at the nexus of the fifth is not a bad brutal or something))) is not big and not small, everything is compact and practical black thing then. One of the best ergonomics, performance and stability.

  18. J Royce Gengler says:

    So there final plan is to make now the wireless new called Fi, well it think the biggest rival of the new Project Fi versus is the version and also AT&T carrier.

  19. Dil Jale says:

    Does this phone have the mouth to do battle among the S6 new, the apple phone coming in 2014 end and g4 also is coming now and Xperia is also on its way

  20. Boudissa Mohamed Amine says:

    quietly a best device for those who think to enjoy all the benefits of apple ipad air in the mini size device with the same specs as the galaxy tab 2