Find XIAOMI Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ben Hassen says:

    after all few updates with the new ios for this one because of different display and use of camera

  2. Suliza Hamid says:

    insanely good with some good changes on the note 3 over the redmi note 2 so i recommend you to go and take a look on the new one

  3. Mosaab Kaka says:

    On this apple phone no time limit to record video in 4K but the game goes on with such high resolution with excellent aspects as well possibilities to give more than 30frames each second

  4. Naser El Enazy says:

    is there is a good way to connect or share data to my pc from note 5 without using any 3rd party applications?? Is there is builtin software for such

  5. Abdullah Alasadi says:

    Was not without its smartphone and cons, but against the overall balance of features and interface they just did not want to notice, and is not too severe they seem.

  6. Retal Retal says:

    Rumors were so right and all the things have happened the same they spoke when this phone was being launched. I would be considering rumors for truth next time.

  7. Sadam Alale says:

    at some points the phone is not so thin either the bigger batteries make galxay s6 more thicker compare to the iphone. iphone is more less bezel and thinner because they are not updating their phone battery mAh

  8. Mayar Sy says:

    It is as well worth noting that the LG G Flex 2 fairly "thin" but is looking so much elegant and packs nice features also good camera

  9. Kpila Kiyoshi Subba says:

    different color choices but will be more in the "S" model with the increase in ram and camera primary and front

  10. Azeez Baith says:

    Appearance htc desire 816 - is that discussed after the official announcement in uae the most.

  11. Alaa Harb says:

    Nice functions also work fine with the watch and use of Apple payment going to change the user thinking about Apple because it is another secure and easy way to make payments

  12. Naser Abozaed says:

    from Android, where they can be in memory and run quickly, show the same place where you were stopped.

  13. Raneem Mohamed says:

    expected soon to be launch in the uae markets but 2GB + 16GB or the 3GB + 32GB model which xiaomi redmi note 3 prices are shown above?

  14. ALI says:


  15. PumaRachel says:

    Thanks for the useful information. Need to add your blog to bookmarks

  16. Haider says:

    like 225 ... good to use with one hand

  17. Omahmad Alasmar says:

    iPhone 6 has the great dime and also size for iPhone, fast performance and is fit for most users.

  18. Hassan says:

    i find that there is a voice prob that company not yet released it in markets due to that problem

  19. Abdus Sabur says:

    This smart geat pushes the boundaries of the possible and will be a good assistant for those who used to live in full. Due to the high performance i will definately buy this watch

  20. Mshal Hasn says:

    Just moving the phone to the car and then hitting the hammer housing authors have permanently disable BlackBerry Passport.