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  1. Arraoui Jalal says:

    I appreciate a big problem in camera Nexus 5x in low light, and is none other than the extreme noise reduction applies, ending all fine detail of the photo

  2. Kapil says:

    speed of this pad hope will good in cheap price if available in reasonable rates

  3. Bilal Dark says:

    Like it or not, in some applications, this display looks quite objectively better than, for example, display Galaxy S 4.

  4. Omar Tarek says:

    is there is also model come in dual sim please tell me I am not found it anywhere

  5. Shiraz Abbas says:

    the new options to save battery will be updated on mobile phones with the iOS 9; tell me about the watch os is the battery saving mode option is updated?

  6. Madeeha Ali says:

    The front camera of 4 megapixels is not just good but I think it the best smartphone for a user who like to have some really very good stuff.

  7. Sohail says:

    Plz contect me for sony xperia z6 Thank you


    i NEED TO BUY THIS. PLEASE CALL ME IN +971-551976529

  9. Deepak Kumar says:

    Someone better screen, somewhere has a better camera or moisture protection, the performance is also not the maximum performance; and best part is its ram which is 6 gb

  10. Mhamd Dahhan says:

    such as a variety of surveys on hover the stylus on messaging, calendars or image gallery.

  11. Mamta Dharmwani says:

    the phone will have the maximum hardware and yest at the the other side good performing ability.

  12. Awad Obied says:

    scan over and done with at when on the smaller screen. 326ppi density is rarely amazing than plus a nice rival for newcomers

  13. Yassine Laabissi says:

    This, then, is the the best Phablet in support of all the major premium technology and talented features, not just that Note 4 got stylish look and feel luxurious.

  14. Walid Salah says:

    Shatter-proof screen a latest low–light sensor plus the good amount of ram in iphone 6 apple phone; with faster, more precise on it.

  15. Ehsan Gaznavi says:

    LG G4 is providing the 3Ghz Processor but the thing is, they are using the common technolgy but samsung is using the advance techonolgy for their smartphones.. what if LG has 3 GHz, samsung 2.7 can beat it easily...

  16. Shaymaa Elsawy says:

    HiSilicon Kirin 925 what is the difference between this one and Apple A8 chipset is the performance of the both devices are same

  17. Hafiz M Moeen says:

    the phone got extra space still there is a gap that means there is more density should be coming soon with nexus Google

  18. Mohamed Fathi says:

    removable battery and expandable memory that is something i look forward and expected in the successor models of iphone 6 family. where as for me a lot of things remain same in the apple iphone 6 also processing speed and ram has the same value as before with the same branding

  19. Kheira Samed says:

    if your battery that extra boost than your phone is the best phone.. and moto g battery is not much good and not too bad

  20. Haneen Jawabreh says:

    Apple’s latest low down Power Mode complete small considerable dissimilarity in actual-world make use of.