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  1. Irene Grace says:

    I am using the phone with battery case that multiple my batteru life the case is good but iphone 4s battery performance is not well

  2. Silence Blather says:

    may be in future they look forward making the round clocks as well

  3. Ahmed says:

    I want to buy Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 64GB in black . is it available ? what is the price ?

  4. Tareq says:

    5S to occupy the whole new features with the display and sensor of their phone screen gonna change. Might be in iphone Se 3d touch or more amount of ram included on it.

  5. Aboud Aboud says:

    I expected a net improvement in almost all circumstances, however I must admit that in bright sunlight you do not notice a big change from the iPhone 5s.

  6. Ibrahim Osman says:

    possibly faster USB Type C port on the m10 htc smartphone because right now the usb connectivity and performance of phones with previous type B is too much slow.

  7. Mohamed Salah Azab says:

    Still made of plastic and battery life of these phones are less than average which i expected. they must give it more life and some quality features like galaxy s4 which is more better

  8. Prince says:

    my yu yuphoria phone display is broken where can i change my display if anyone know plz tel me

  9. Ishtiar says:

    lumia 635 is not such a crap model still a best one in such prices... hope for the best always with nokia... bright colors.. and phone looks a good value for your money as well.. love Nokia phones

  10. Wahhab Maher says:

    very similar some of the premium phones will be available in future. like moto x2 and nexus 6 .. yet it is the best phone

  11. Mhamad Abdalla says:

    increase the strength of Gorilla Glass by about 20%. LG calls it «Dura-Guard Glass» and notes that this technology is more effective at the edges, where ordinary glass Gorilla Glass may crack.

  12. Kesuma A.Bakar says:

    interative perfection indeed for the samsung gear s2 watches. Compeletely different looking and indeed the hardware slightly modify compare to the predecessor versions

  13. Hassan Arafa says:

    2750mAh and phone will on till day ofcourse.. But what about heavy duty as we play game for long while on the iphone 6s?

  14. Secular Ahmed says:

    that is the best phone of the year 2015 that i know.. because of its amazing loving stylish body and features are awesome.

  15. Inamullah Khattak says:

    all new devices of samsung are look alike to each other also specifications are similar?? describe me any big different between express 2 and previous one

  16. Rakesh Ahirwal says:

    A large screen phone with a powerful specs inside and for those who loves to have a smartphone but want a style there you are.

  17. Eslam Elesawy says:

    Still Apple says the A8 is 50% faster than the the previous chipset we seen on the iphone 5s,. I still think that we are reaching a level of speed on iPhones that such increases will not be meaningful to end users.

  18. Abdul Muhsi says:

    its camera is great all pitcures i take through it are nice

  19. Kawa Ahmoo says:

    Since the Touch ID is now a distinctive feature of the iPhone, the home button is left in place, as well as all the space it requires.

  20. Nile Rose says:

    though Samsung is implement somewhat in a different way with the next Edge