Find Wiko Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Zohaib Ali says:

    well by taking a look at the huawei new coming devices which is the most outstanding and actual beauty; I really appreciate the designers and is all phone looking so premium actually by getting uni body desigs. I recommend Samsung to actually modify there designs alike Huawei Mate devices

  2. Ehmed Dawud says:

    the lone ranger one of the best right now a slim, nice smooth handing, camera is so perfect i test it with other camera with the same features. totally a nice package for all of aus but one thing i not like very much in the google nexus 6p is the UHD 4K camera performance with the battery

  3. Moh Essa says:

    but it should be remembered that they can not be compared with similar results on Android -

  4. Nezam Aldeen says:

    it's specification list is just matching most of the smartphones but their still a gap among the battery performances. very good in term of durability

  5. Bechir Est says:

    inside the box there is battery, charger, headset, USB Cable, Adapter

  6. Kitty Alen says:

    The phone is really great and looks pretty in hand with smoothness and you can handle it comfortably.

  7. Vashi Haran Blackorbullz says:

    When ever I play games this smartphone start getting heated and I reallu donít like this.

  8. Bai Saguira Ayao says:

    Samsung S and Note line-up is certainly high-end now, but maybe not everybody can have enough money it are not the same low price

  9. Affaf says:

    i found this phone battery in give maH quite powerful and higher in capacity and capable to work for a long while... i phone 5s battery compare to other iphones are quite differ

  10. Foad Milani says:

    I dont know why HTC is also providing the 1.5GHz of processor along with the wide screen. I just want to say that HTC is a very good smartphone producing company and they dont have to do this.

  11. Naji Almusaoe says:

    interest in the nterest in the Moto 360 has been high that has been high tech device coming soon

  12. Shorab Khan says:

    Vivo number on Phone I like Price plz

  13. Waheed says:

    I want pure 1 one pice

  14. Aqib says:

    when will be available Nokia Lumia 1020 in Dubai and what would be price of Nokia Lumia 1020.

  15. ABRAR AHMED says:

    Hello Admin, can you confirm me the latest price of Galaxy j7 in Abu Dhabi? and can u also assist me that how long its battery will work?

  16. Rizwan Ahmad says:

    Doing things for the welfare of the name is wonderful, I want google to do some really extra ordinary work in the Smartphone fields so that a variety could be seen in the Smartphones. Google is a company who can do all these things I donít know why they are not doing.

  17. Maher Hossein says:

    Up to 22 h (3G) is i think possible with the phone even after the marshmallow update which google claim capable to optimize the consumption and more boast performance with the new chipset on nexus 6p expected

  18. Hasham Sayed says:

    Much better than before nexus 5 screen to see with the pixel-rich, 6 inches QHD display with nice view angle that is ideal for receiving effort done, playing HD games and movies watching in the company of eye-catching clarity and display with Nexus 6.

  19. Qari Noorzaman says:

    so just like the other devices i found the same issue with the iphone 6s as people claim it never hand out for a while.. just take a test of performance while calling and making video calls in the smartphone it still not much fast enough to do multi task while calling

  20. M Amine El Houari says:

    is this watch got water resistance or it is waterproof as well