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  1. Mohammad Alghool says:

    an impressive design after a long while but Variants will offer an 8- or 5-megapixel rear camera also the battery capacity is not so much high

  2. Masry El says:

    with a perfect played specs list used in galaxy s6 model and substantially improved compared to galaxy s turn

  3. Salwa Shaban says:

    quality of phone is good and really play hd videos and music files instantly.. so what nokia now need more is to make menu setting customize like android phone...

  4. Jaber says:

    good and take its part on the world best High-end design phones. Big-brand rivals is actually comes with some really top notch hardware these days

  5. Marzak Soud says:

    Of course working with such a display (5.96 ", 1440 x 2560 Quad HD, AMOLED, 492 ppi) is a pleasure, but because of the physical size of the fingers have to strain to reach the corners..

  6. Mostafa Dhaybi says:

    marshmallow is actually roll out for this mobile phone and after all spotted in some of the regions. 6.0 is nice and google new feature with usb type c all work with the new one

  7. Muhammad Umar Shafiq says:

    I need IPhone 6 . what's price of this mobile . I like this mobile. Muhammad Umar Shafiq

  8. Dunia Baban says:

    i need a dot view case of the M8 please give me details

  9. Faiza Akhtar says:

    They have 130 x 65.6 x 9 mm body resolution and it is very light in weight

  10. Mansour Mohammed says:

    the phone is announced in nov 2013 and i think yet asus and lenovo is offering some kind of features like that... but the one thing that is more good on these phone is the big screen size.. so why not motorola make big phones and light in weight they are good

  11. Mostafa Zahgar says:

    As already mentioned is the density of 326ppi, the same that we find in the previous iPhone with Retina display

  12. Shaleish Dhawle says:

    why not 3200 mah battery on this phone... however design and screen size all is best just not what i like is its battery

  13. Begad Azzelden says:

    without a doubt there is slim and more lighter in weight phones coming. well it is hard to get update about the microsd housing on the galaxy s7

  14. Alfaroq says:

    Does xperia t2 ultra DUAL have corning gorilla glass ? from its backside the phone seems to be that it has glass too shining and bright.....

  15. Saud AL-Shammari says:

    the greatness of this phone is still have its own stage

  16. Houssem Est says:

    a true auto focus with the laser mode and QHD 4x display on LG G3

  17. Hussein Ilya says:

    This media starts the Peek and clues to a performance on mailing, open rapid choices on well-matched applications and offers you selections when you get a connection on iMessage.

  18. Haris says:

    Htc one e8 gud.....but the duel sim ?

  19. Mahesh says:

    I tried.. but they say they dont have it..

  20. Salah Al-qoubi says:

    so nice and great camera but why the low light result is not alike high end other phones like HTC M8 and G3.. Which is also good