Find Vivo Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ati Yassine says:

    3,949 Dirham and now the effective prices for the new Apple phone is 3099

  2. Azaldeen Shragawi says:

    fingerprints very easily too but carry the same thing as samsung is offering

  3. Moussa Souf says:

    without a doubt bit different feel in hands but other than that the whole new world inside the phone.

  4. Zafar Ali says:

    this Smartphone set up perfect value and has demand as like iphone now because after note 3 in 2013

  5. Tauseef Usmani says:

    The camera is not according to my need. I need a big camera which can provide me the wonderful output when i capture the image. but i was so disappointed when i saw the result.

  6. Minhas Khimani says:

    Style in your hand and a perfect brand with some amaizng kind of features.

  7. Sabin Shrestha says:

    new version of slate 6 tab is very nice with kitkat operating system n 8 megapixel camera

  8. Mustafa Absi says:

    isn't a little hit better actually this phone as compare to previous phablet perform similar but either offering more nice display and fast performance

  9. Nike Free Run Womens says:

    When I saw this web site Blackberry Bold 9790 White Price in Dubai, Qatar & Saudi Arabia having remarkable featured YouTube video clips, I decided to watch out these all video lessons.

  10. Sammar says:

    The top edge of the fuselage are set infrared sensor and microphone... i tested this phone it is good but not big in width just large with height.

  11. Amira Elgaly says:

    Completely Redesigned Look that make this amazing phone look even more prettier and the bigger screen is just make it more unique

  12. Ubed Rehan says:

    battery is able to give you up to 10 hours so so it can be say that the best battery life ever use by Apple

  13. Meme Muftah says:

    all these smart new featues including in 6 plus to give you the best experience of using big apple phone

  14. Saed Mohammed says:

    what about the C editions is there is no iphone 6c this time? rumors talk about march 15 launch so it is ahead now no news about the apple iphone 6c

  15. Safaa Mahdy says:

    top notch specifications as I knew that battery life is really nice and the fantastic visuals of this handset

  16. Abumaher Halil says:

    so 38mm fit on wrist; how there straps work if it is from 3rd party and what about there loop band

  17. Mohamed Zawy says:

    the outer look of the mobile phone is nice and smooth well not it is so bulky in hands

  18. Mani Sahota says:

    Again a very lower quality of smartphone. I dont know that why samsung is producing such a lower quality of smartphone.

  19. Taha Mahfouz says:

    the 2mp front face camera is ok to make hd video calls from secondary camera but tell me is the Exnos Octa core processor is good and fast in performance

  20. Abrar Alshorman says:

    the graphics are not to good; 10 out of 6 because of low resolution and not so much clarity I found on this phone than others