Find Vivo Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Arndt says:

    Top-end hardware, a variety of latest software review, and flagship admirable price tag take serious prospect and the outlook.

  2. Ammar Dalki says:

    So the few of the latest features more upgrade by upgrade new OS and application either some remove as well and modified and included.

  3. Fahad Mimed says:

    Actually this thing is just possible either you put your stylus backwards instead of the way stylus needs you to put inside your Samsung note 5.

  4. Tariq says:

    Is it available in qatar? If available pls tell me from where can I purchase it.

  5. Fatima Lahninia says:

    Due to the small, at first glance, the difference iPhone 6 felt much thinner, and in spite of the large size is negligible gained weight

  6. Samer Yazidi says:

    On both sides of the camera lens symmetrically spread the similar square shape LED flash and chrome speaker grille.

  7. Rachel Hawley says:

    there is a great success with that Smartphone.. and i like the phone becasue the new design and alumunium experience with Samsung is nice+E19047

  8. Munaf Alamliy says:

    The both new Mobiles phones iPhone 6S and 6S Plus goint to official somewhere in 2015 so I also waiting for that phone

  9. Saif Albayati says:

    Video was the first of a series of popular dismantling the device contains a number of important points that need to be addressed. To assemble the phone company used the minimum amount of glue and staple most of the details bolts and standard trains

  10. Shamoon says:

    5c 16 gb price is AED 2100.

  11. Hamadi says:

    When z5 premium 32 gb will arrive?

  12. Zaher Kassar says:

    Choices to provide diversity , but in terms of pure industrial design , the smartphone is the best so far is htc m8

  13. Rani Abbas says:

    just 1 day ago and they gonna unveil something amazing in the galaxy category..

  14. Mo An says:

    not this phone all the specs and hardwares are similar to the z1 and z2 compact xperia models yes there is different design just

  15. Badee Sdik says:

    From time to time I will call a Smartphone for short - OPPO (OnePlus One). Let's go.

  16. Sarbast Sarbast says:

    It looks like that they actually is going away from such easy as before UI; now the progress is stopped and no new more addons included on the device just the borrowed things from Android software

  17. Vinodkumar says:

    when will this phone launches in dubai,any idea ?

  18. Hassan Hammeedi says:

    impressively slim and light boyd of this mobile.. just like previous xperia z2 .. tell me is this phone capable to record full high definition 1080 pixels videos?

  19. Omta Barwary says:

    There is an automatic brightness control on the light sensor as used in some of the other Android phones and now with Oneplus

  20. Daniel says:

    edge additional screen has extra boost for its competitors also they aim to make now some fashionable best looking devices.