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  1. Sabuji says:

    Iphone 5 s Silver and same with Grey color

  2. Mohsin Ali says:

    Fingerprint reader is awesome one more innovation for Galaxy Note, which had before been presented in Smartphone Alpha like design and more good.

  3. Abood Shraideh says:

    Well there might be a first report issued about the iPhone storage is from the Korea (may be Samsung); however with the latest software update all this bugs been resolved not to worry about that

  4. Mohmad Alzouabey says:

    the cost of the Smartphone has been recognized and are still very high

  5. Akif Rahim says:

    i become fan of Samsung as i see Samsung galaxy series and now Express 2 looks more brilliant

  6. Hosam Abo Shmmala says:

    The real problem was that the Nexus was a group of users who cared more round to find a product that integrates this experience with a sheet of shiny components

  7. Andallah Muayad says:

    Fully charging the battery lasts less than two hours. this is compelete a best long life phone

  8. Alshtr Mohammed says:

    to have USB-C and 256GB the usb is not normal one actually this specifc model has flash storage that is more faster and good in performance

  9. Saood says:

    so this phone is capable to charge instantly.. no it needs 3 hrs.. that is bad thing as compare to note 4.. it is best yet come this month

  10. Tahir Ashour says:

    without any doubt this is colorful device fully assembled and coming in September when Korean going to launch their Samsung Pay :) Apple pay is the solution for this

  11. Abo Gasr says:

    but very very big phone either need to be more thinner in dimension to give nice feel in hands

  12. Sonia Cite says:

    must be 2 GB RAM. but overall there is so nice camera and battery is durable.

  13. Hussein Ali says:

    volume sound is not that good well however upgrade is too include just at right place its speaker grills than.

  14. Saleem says:

    Thanks Ramiz for Updating Price of BlackBerry Porsche Design P 9982.

  15. Sepal Selal says:

    In this case, no major changes in design or components for the company was not able to do, and it is faced with a difficult choice

  16. Hannu says:

    I am going to buy this at Jarir Bookstore!! So exited

  17. Mohamed Masmoudi says:

    if they include in this model phone exapndable storage it will be awesome for us and easy to transfer data from iphone 6 to iphone 6s plus without any need of time

  18. Sachin Shukla says:

    Really blackberry Z10 is very nice looking with attractive features in affordable price....

  19. Ahmed Zargar says:

    Holding the iPhone with his left index finger comes easily to press (see the three images above), while gripping it

  20. Jullanar Noah says:

    5MP camera with the flash and the video recording at 2592 х 1944 well that has so nice results because of that