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  1. Ali Hassan says:

    Nice company mobile

  2. Fkhry Mohamd says:

    i suggest them to use few things like e ink buttons in galaxy s7 will be greatfull to reduce the sizes and actually dimensions.. also it is more comfortable to handle those phones and new gen entertains us with this .

  3. Qutub Uyghur says:

    the abilities of this phone camera and cpu performance really amaze me; even my laptop is not such faster with somethings that this phone is

  4. Shahab says:

    have to say .. Nokia make now something new ...

  5. Harry Ghangs says:

    This smartphone has written histroy and just because of this smartphone Apple is getting sale at this time else Apple would be facing decliane.

  6. Azeem Malik says:

    however according to Jessica Dolcourts hands-on experiment, this phone textures pretty weighty for its dimension. The 4G permitted phone dimensions 150x77.4x8.5mm with a weight of 156grams.

  7. Abdelsalam says:

    3D Touch adds some of the amazzing new dimension and things for us with the absolute fine look and feels

  8. Mina Sobhi says:

    when its prices was available in Dubai???

  9. Mohammed Alshimrey says:

    many bright feature that i am expecting from the air2 new also premium price

  10. Rishikesh Gupta says:

    balance configuration found in this new coming fagship... expected not very very high prices want a cheap phone also like iphone 5c.. some irrational ingredients inside! i know

  11. Amany Abd El-fatah says:

    and I am waiting for the release of next round shape smart watch by apple will be more premium to us

  12. Sardar Nasir says:

    i want to purchase new mobile , please advice which mobile phone should i buy, Lumia 1020 or Lumia 925.

  13. AhmEr Khan says:

    Surface Pro , it does seem very powerful and attractive.

  14. Repou Menaceur says:

    3 Important Changes they gonna make in the new phone well this time lense upgrade, low light features will be improved and the better part is the first used of 4k recording with the new iOS9

  15. Omdh Alabaidy says:

    The big screen smartphone for the big screen lovers and i only like this smartphone just because of its big screen and battery timings.

  16. Abo Yousef says:

    it has been priced too much nice as compare to other devices and the lg g4 prices are also same as the galaxy s6 with the 32GB model variant

  17. Shaila Khimani says:

    I like the design and the curves on the side. I prefer only those smartphones which have some great kind of design so that it looks like I have an expensive smartphone.

  18. Javeria Khalid says:

    sir which do you prefer me the 6splus or the simple galaxy s6 model or lg g4. i now that the camera is the plus point in galaxy phone but what about the other things like battery, CPU, Graphics and style

  19. Muhammad AL says:

    The Koreans when official the S5 Smartphone I like all the things except the plastic body because it looks so cheap in hands

  20. Mohammad Rizwan Nizami says:

    I donít like the view of this smartphone because it is so simple and I want a stylish smartphone that could provide a breathtaking design so that I would enjoy being with my smartphone.