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  1. Mohammed Farah Abdi says:

    s6 edge plus is on the way may be they going to unveil this month with the note 5 new model.. May be the phone got more camera pixels and screen display will be 4K

  2. Mohammad Abdelaal says:

    ios 10 update plus this phone has 2GB of ram and no worry with the camera this time because 12MP lens is even better as compare to iphone 6. in specs iphone se is far more better than iphone 6 phone and 6 plus even

  3. Bengazi Cite says:

    iSight Camera Replacement on the next model so far that means they are fail last time in making the phone best in camera unit

  4. Xet hmd says:

    This phone is good for my Husband. He would love it as a birthday surprise. The shape and the curves are really very good and it will help him out in doing the office work on it.

  5. Hosam Almasri says:

    Pretty good review than i must say about it :) it is a huge apple victory

  6. Ramsey Badran says:

    Costs less than the other rivals but still i say there is lot more things in this phone that you love to do

  7. Max Zain says:

    yes this is so great phone the good colors and the display but the cpu and anroid lollipop not received yet for UAE?

  8. Alkateeb says:

    Although, in good turn of OnePlus One like phone that play two factors, all together at very cheap prices but with excellent performance. Hence the name "killer phone of 2014". All this is true really

  9. Nada Nadouch says:

    using this phone but it is really hard for me to change the theme of my phone with the help of jailbreak cydria so hard to do so

  10. Eisa Anees says:

    so the phone is up for sale now in all over the world.. find all the sites and also find this web price.. shown are the best it is good gathered information that you are providing..

  11. Aashk Elmonkbat says:

    Huawei Mulan price in uae are when available ,.... any news about its pre order

  12. Mohammed Sobhi says:

    5.7 inhes of big phone with a huge display is really very amazing and i want to say something to LG that you are going good and keep up this speed. you will become the market king.

  13. Rehman says:

    radical improvement in graphics and smooth frame specially adapted games.

  14. Zainab Ashraf says:

    The A7 is a smartphone which get heated when you make long calls. I have tried it many times and the results are same.

  15. Rakib Raone says:

    - a waterproof htc smartphone and is is equipped with a high-definition display view from any angle, perfect for entertainment on the go

  16. Hunain Butt says:

    However in the both of new Smartphone official at the same date has same design, same payment system and same A8 chipset.. One got A8x

  17. Fadi Albazy says:

    the biggest problem is with the battery life and the heating issue

  18. Abdul Akhir says:

    looking for this kind of stuff looks great wanna buy soon

  19. Moiezmo says:

    no radio! rejected.

  20. Yara Chimy says:

    Korean have to give up sure physical attribute now and offering so much new things than its last year additional over note 4, neither of the both new editionshas non removable battery and cardslot.