Find verykool Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Bindusar says:

    Silver Vision is looking low price..

  2. Yaseen Khan says:

    Apple won again, first they launch home computer then iPod, iPhone and iPad now Apple Watch.. Wow simple the best. No company has that much awesome history in its human race and categories. I just interested want to buy Apple iWatch. When it will available in Dubai UAE?

  3. Ahmed Alshawesh says:

    In general, the new iPhone markedly larger than last smartphone and wider, Not at all, almost all manufacturers now seek

  4. Mansoor Wazir says:

    Sales Nexus 6 is available in various colors colors, and painted each of them in a certain color cover it, and I have mentioned above the strip below the screen.

  5. Noor Hadad says:

    12MP camaera featuring 2160p resolution for video recording as compare to last one there is low resolution for recording. Who is saying the new one has no new features

  6. Ramzan says:

    is this souq or Appe store coz price is same bothe the place

  7. Ambassdorof Theach says:

    As already mentioned, the appearance of iPad mini 3 is no different from its predecessor, except for the appearance of a golden color options

  8. ArafAt says:

    display screen set in Full HD resolution (1,920x1, 080 pixels) and is quick and bright. comes with packing 4G support for both TD and FDD LTE bands.

  9. Adel Fares says:

    i do not want a phone like this one but as I saw a demo of the galaxy s7 in the market it might be more impressive for me with a compelete package of things what I want in phone right now

  10. Khosani Nagy says:

    The new Nexus 6 is powered by the Snapdragon 805 Qualcomm’s 32-bit processor.

  11. Mohammed Al Sarkhi says:

    actually they working on their design for a long time as the last iPhone 5s comes they after unveling s5 make ALPHA and now this all keep coming

  12. Krishnaprasad Sivaraman says:

    Sir i am looking Nokia 1200: 1no And Nokia 1101 :1no Other one Nokia 1100 1:no Pls inform me 3 models price without delivery charge This is my contact 0505814729

  13. Agha Salman says:

    design of the phone is really not impressive and thick ... you can just say that in this cheap prices phone is ok.. screen of the phone is not good as compare to 5 inches asus zenfone

  14. Ali Yousef says:

    the prices of the stores before a week come to low but now there is again high prices due to demand of iphone. See the difference between both big and small smartphones

  15. Hashem Alyosof says:

    design and built of this phone is just similar to the iphone and premium glass metallic housing required more nice finishing and smooth edges. galaxy s6 is bit slippery phone

  16. Ahlam Singer says:

    Why not their map is still successful; the new map by them is still not have any option to sync offline maps whereas this is one of the most required things their developers need

  17. Abdul Qadir says:

    is this phone have dual sim configuration?? And capable to run all applications of google play store??

  18. Alwafi Karo says:

    another time apple not come first and are the first who makes all this kind of phone. others LG, Samsung make this kin of phones at the end of year 2013. and still i don't know how this miracle happens that Apple become a best selling brand dramatically

  19. Bryan says:

    This phone power by intel atom quadcore & 4gb ram, i cant wait

  20. Moustafa Mohamed says:

    some things that are ideal for note 3 phone is the 5.7 inches with 13 MP camera but the phone is just bigger in size not the hardware is prettier