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  1. Ahmed Ahly says:

    Also the ultra editions is now been coming soon but what is the size of these now 7 inches…?? Or they are 4.7mm thinner

  2. Faisal Hafar says:

    not this phone is comparable with the other new brands not there is any Android phone offering such kind of quality features as Google

  3. Al Amin says:

    I m dreaming this phn. Don't know when it will b on my Hand?

  4. Asad Noonari says:

    it supports wirless charging or not??

  5. Hilal Hoti says:

    what about the front camera of the phone what is the pixels??

  6. Osama Sabeeh says:

    actually Sony Z1 is a fantastic phone, so i think Sony do not improve much in Sony Xperia Z2, but yes Xperia Z2 price should be the big difference

  7. Zebda Baker says:

    it seems now company is really happy making some of the high end devices after successful launch of the mate series and now the new big phablet coming with more maximize size, high resolution and amount of ram obviously increases

  8. M Rami Tawakol says:

    1440 x 2560 pixels with support of the highest 577ppi density on just 5.1 inches size what more you are expecting wiht the Smartphone

  9. Wasim Amjad says:

    well i think there is lot more to come in future as the more premium OCR scan me feature

  10. Yasser Hassan says:

    not before there is any issue and same I think with the next one… I use long time m7 htc and it is best phone of its time… this is nice

  11. Sanjah says:

    water proof???

  12. Pardesi Khan says:

    Yield room to this phone other rivals models by LG, Samsung, Huawei and Motorola, which should be able to battle for 3rd place actually with other brands such asLenovo, Xiaomi, ASUS or more.

  13. Raza Aqeel says:

    but not i like the design of this phone, it is not much comfortable and as well not feel good in hands as xperia and other Samsung phones are

  14. Ashraf Mohamed says:

    edge or may be the plus size model is coming witht he same sensors and iris scanner is something new for the samsung users.

  15. Al Taqe says:

    899 aed is good prices set for this 5 inches smartphone packed with good features.. noot feeling good with its battery capacity but phone is good looking

  16. Mohammad.Ashfaq says:

    i realize that the price point of this phone is very high.. but it is good to take selfies now with 13mp camera… htc desrie eye is a good phone

  17. MSCCAG says:

    Attached a Oreo lens cover / cap to the case for lumia 1020, effect protect the important lens parts.looks funny and useful to users, search from gadget2us

  18. Nadia says:

    when will it come please share release date of this phone?

  19. Abedalrahman AL Hassouni says:

    There is so much in this phone and i think their is so much to come in iphone 7 and thats why it is taking so much time in launching.

  20. Abdellatif Almarzooqi says:

    And if we take a look one the improve sides the first thing is the resolution and than I say the colors contrast; however the new thing is curved and little flex from a single size.