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  1. Ali Dimashk says:

    dual curved screen model is not good I prefer you all to buy just this phone it is so nice in design, display and everything no issue found

  2. Sonu Mekrani says:

    after the announcments of the new iOS might be many things not been available for iphone 5s because of absence of force touch panel

  3. Hafeez says:

    People dont have really idea that which phone is the best and which is not really good, they just see looks and other appearances and styles, but i go with the Samsung galaxy a5 which is perfect.

  4. Afia Mubasshira says:

    many things are looks similar to the lg g4 phone infact the design are similar. they must have to use round edges and make more sleeker devices on their oneplus models.

  5. Ahmad Hasan Owis says:

    12MP camera of the edge model is working same but even more options should be included via software because of additional screens where we can clearly used many options even brightness set and zoom in and out

  6. Onur Seyhan says:

    yes there is promising design seems to give the same ui as offering in the galaxy s6 model where as some issues fixed so far and consumption of some application is low

  7. Fadi Victor Abbood says:

    Samsung is claiming that they have sold out all the S6 stock in the first week after the launch of this particular smartphone. I think next time they wont be having that same amount of traffic.

  8. Mohamed Shohood says:

    it is not looking boring and really Gorilla Glass 4 it is really cool eye catching design they are offering right now

  9. Akram Parpash says:

    now korean really enhance touch and improve feel like a pen with the s pen now this time. handwriting is perfect

  10. Naser Hmide says:

    Additionally, the wrap makes by now quite long widget even more heavy and weighty.

  11. Abdul Hanan says:

    power button has also been moved from the top of the fuselage to the right side of the fuselage body section of the iphone 6 plus. same with other one. As a result of the larger screen, iPhone 6 will support split-screen operation

  12. Younes says:

    i do not believe it is a monter device coming because they are just making it more advanced and more modifications to its software without giving much amount of ram to iphone 7

  13. Sayed. says:

    top phone yet.... i love this kind of phone offering superb camera ... anroid kitkat 4.4 makes it more and more phone is also much slimmest and thickkest and easily hand held ... camera phone... keep it up samsung

  14. Jalal Taher says:

    I think when they launch iphone 5s; with the comparable sizes phone they features are different and also far more greater in performance. Now with more big sizes they make comeback but not such taste

  15. Abdalmola Maneta says:

    live photo work fine and now you can do lot more than sharing because live photo converting your images and you can share it with Apple users and with others messenger is required

  16. Divyanshi Sachdeva says:

    announced but still not available ?? Any news

  17. Ahmed Salh says:

    As for the 3D-toy, the just issue that had to face - is heating device goes for maximum graphics settings

  18. Mohammed Rifky says:

    In terms of placement controls the main difference between iPad Air 2 from the first iPad Air - is the lack of lock lever (in the iPad Air, he was placed on the volume keys).

  19. Sultan says:

    High price

  20. Basharat Hussain says:

    This marvelous phone sites on a top side of the floor because it is luxurious, it is well built and durable battery also. As I found the last edge model is not too user friendly because it’s battery is not durable