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  1. Sultan Almamari says:

    This is a product not from the samsung but from the rumors because things which they were saying about this particular phone was absolutly right and correct.

  2. Hassan Fareed says:

    Their is more to come and thats why i didnt buy this particular wrist watch. Thw watch is not just wonderful but it is amazing and like the way it is working.

  3. Saadni Teilahi says:

    the bad thing is that the phone is not water proof . why not Apple make Smartphones that has water and dust resistance

  4. Franklin Molina S says:

    there is so good seamless metallic body well the quality material is for the first time used by them, Exynos 14nm 64-bit Octa Core i recommend to you

  5. Hayder Akrawee says:

    color crystals super luxurious fashion style and terminal that is supposed is the most productive and professional iPhone range of changing battery and insert microSD cards for memory expansion

  6. Pongkong Wangpha says:

    It is a large screen Smartphone and the best resolution is providing some good quality of stuff so that you can see things not just in an amazing way but in an owesome way.

  7. †Rohan Pattnaik says:

    Apple pads are really providing some qualty results. This is one of teh best Pad i have ever seen in my life.

  8. Ammar ALwageih says:

    I am in searching for some for some of the accessories for this want for charging. I found this watch has capability to cahrge through magnetic cable so how can I do this

  9. Saif Allymoun says:

    afterall lg g5 as like its brother phones and previous g series not got water resistance certification whereas samsung galaxy s7 is water proof phone. The amount of ram, chipset and many things are similar whereas lg g5 got 16MP camera on it

  10. Yasser Khairy says:

    those powering extremely well as compare to before generation absolutely identical between the 6s Plus and the 6 Plus but i like more the advance small size version not the plus models

  11. Sameer Bareja says:

    I like the design as a well but the camera is also very good here and thatís the main reason that this smartphone is getting famous in the market.

  12. Hany Yehia Zalat says:

    Sony make their phone scratch less and wonderful. This is the only reason why iam stick with this phone so long.

  13. Abdullah Bin Afif says:

    iOS 8 was not a drastic change, but made a number of openings that were missing for some time in this ecosystem.

  14. Ahmed Shaheen says:

    and now introduced the pink phones specially made for girls :)

  15. Sandeep Kumar says:

    yes I knew that this phone is not have the reasonable price tag

  16. Shaheer Khan Abbasi says:

    Glass and metal! Be packed in a great way than, will become thicker strips (1 cm) is the same, and I think the camera should stick out twice more that style would be traced in the iphone 7 pro version than

  17. Abdaal says:

    looking much expensive as per its specification but having great windows features

  18. Khaleel Asghar says:

    4 x Zoom that captures best pics in low light as well. all features in this normal screen size phone is good. Extraordinary Phone now available at an Unbelievable Price

  19. Shaikh Waqa says:

    Apple phones always great as always.

  20. Younus says:

    tell me the best price for this sony smartphone... i think moto g also a good as compare to this ... but i like sony smooth and HD graphics