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  1. Amir Hamza says:

    So the helpful trick for me is that user easily now go to the top of the screen while browsing the simple trcik with one hand is that you have to just double touch the phone screen home button to go to screen down nearby to your thumb, and as that no other hand is need

  2. Faraz Sarwar says:

    Apple keep itself in a limit and thats why a large nmber of people love them a lot. The phone is not so big and not so small but the thing is you'd going to love it while you keep it in your hand.

  3. Samira Khalfaoui says:

    AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile are the carriers this is available while the pixels resolution of this one is too low and the prices are high. noticable difference in this phone is just the size

  4. Hsaan Zoabe says:

    single-LED flash rear, 5MP front as same as in all Samsung devices. Why not they increase the pixels and quality of their front camera either it is required also

  5. Depp Rayen says:

    please do not buy this phone if u are user of t2 ultra just keep it with you it is much better than this phone

  6. Ali Hassan says:

    Given the current price of this device, as well as the presence of a large number of competitors in this niche, count on his success and high sales, I would not.

  7. Alasad says:

    comfortably with one hand... that is what i want.. but xl has good features but big size phone and width is very much big and not easy to use this phone with one hand

  8. Mervat Sherif says:

    there are many more in markets the camera phones also you can attach other camera phone supported lens

  9. Hasho Dk says:

    now devices hits the verizon markets and I found the black versions available in large stock in markets. Also if there is green color it looks more unique and elegant than all others because such kind of colors also Brown are very different and Sony also using this kind of colors

  10. Md Kadir says:

    Maps are downloaded twice as fast as in the 5S.

  11.  Jawad Rasool says:

    Amoled Display is really very good and i think people who are writing comments on it are so right that this particular smartphone is able to provide the wonderful image.

  12. Emad Almahde says:

    and it is the most expensive device for this year and if they make any device contain extra edge scren than there is no else wanna compete

  13. Nasr Ayad says:

    this is my next phone

  14. Saeed says:

    now apple goes up by giving all of their users the best with the current phones.. the price are bit high but no complains from the users all are happy

  15. Sandheep Wayanad says:

    A new kind of a smartphone is now avaiable in the market and People are appricating Samsung efforts as they has bought some new and amazing features in it.

  16. Ali Hasan Siddiqui says:

    The 13 megepixels of camera is really amazing and capture the breataking pictures that looks so realistic.

  17. Asom Asom says:

    The phone is totally amazing it does not show you a single scratch after 3 months of use. i have one and i am happy of keeping it.

  18. Mohammed Alsayed says:

    If Google Nexus 5 is a Toyota Fortuner afterwords Apple iPhone 5 and iPhoine 5S might be for Audi Q-5

  19. Souqmobi says:

    Hi Nidhish, Thanks for contacting Yet the Prices of Motorola Moto MAXX is N/A as it is applicable we will update the prices.

  20. Kapil says:

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