Find V5+ Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Cheb Zawech says:

    It is unclear which After all, if you give developers As for the ROM, then Apple has withdrawn from the set of available options Models with Flash-memory 32 GB and 128 GB added.

  2. Muhammed Sameer says:

    there is need to improve the display and the processor

  3. Aruba says:

    Thanks to the highest level of water resistance now... all sony users can capture and record as well videos in hd under water.. ultra-thin aluminum frame gives Xperia Z3 refinement and sophistication.

  4. Azraqi says:

    Up to 80 hours... i see the video review for this phone and they indicate that phone has really a long life battery.. and phone capable to play games and best for multimedia.. not instantly heat up.. quite high features and indirectly i like this one over xperia z3 and note 4

  5. Osama Ghannam says:

    there small phone comes with the 4.7inches screen size where as i am expecting they gona exclude additional home screen button which is unnecessary and also there is not free bezel display on the phone

  6. Yaser Murad says:

    how the shout can they make consider it`s water protected at what time one and all says it create presentation the within mechanism following a pair of weeks ?

  7. Tarak Khlifi says:

    is this pone name is also glaxy f crystal or this one is another variant of s5

  8. Amir says:

    hi admin, when will update price of Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 in your website.

  9. Kameel says:

    good features that are useful in every day life.. apple knows what people want.. it appears the future is just come with apple

  10. Fadi Abbood says:

    they are not using like Samsung unique curved display but at all nice smooth edges and body to give nice grip indeed

  11. Ahmed Nabil says:

    September 19 when phone is launch and is available for ship in uae in october well there is more exectation with the display

  12. Moukib says:

    i lost now the durability of my zenfone.. it is very quickly get heatup while playing games... and now the phone turn off automatically... wht can i do.. re update my os??

  13. Khaleel says:

    with or without a plus in fact note 6 will be a key player in 2016 which we all knew

  14. Omar Alkaff says:

    Yeah they be supposed to be work up HTC and be say "split them an innovative one! " haha if apple might obtain away by means of it over HTC must have no difficulty either

  15. Fazeel says:

    You can only choose one of the corners , keep it for long periods of time without fatigue , but 5s phone intangible threshold crossing it requires a compromise larger screen size is more ergonomic .

  16. Moufid Bouktib says:

    The newest reveal suggests we will see the Note 5 display measuring up at 5.67-inches or might be more than 5.8 from side-to-side, keep the Note-series decisively in phablet land.

  17. Afaf says:

    HTC One V is a pretty new phone, some reviews complain about it lacks of compass, which is pretty common nowadays.

  18. Abdul Hayy says:

    5s won't be forget in the history of the Apple because this is a phone which has given new skies to the apple.

  19. Haider Ali says:

    well looks pretty small size phone with useful features and all specs are just what people needed in smartphone

  20. Haslina Mohd says:

    facts about the small size smartphone is that as compare to large size phones they not look that attractive because of low specs list and the display ofcourse not seems to be much attractive to the eye of the user