Find ThL Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Kamal says:

    what is the exact rate of s4 in qatar right now?

  2. Saeed El-ziat says:

    the far more better than the gear.. you use both of the watches and just say that Samsung has many things bad. first of all the design that is nor premium feel on wrist and the features is more enhanced and new included in watch by Apple

  3. Faris Aldhalam says:

    Although the most stunning contrast of the screen among self-illuminating pixels of OLEDs that looks rich and also sharp, deep and legible in entire lighting conditions

  4. Maste Mastava says:

    but even sharper display is required in the big size model; may be in future they use more handwriting features as well as the update keyboard setting

  5. Adil says:

    i want asus zenfone ze 550kl white color howmuch and howmany days u delever

  6. Arif Hossain says:

    Now i use Qmobile Nior Quatro Z4 (White). Yes is a good smart phone in Qmobile.....

  7. Radia Noura says:

    besides design experience, regarding poor, everything depends on you want and need, that android with 8 cores, and you told me who the opponent; Beware that, since much has criticized Apple for their hardware, but if what they sell is status. Create

  8. Hassae Almesmari says:

    a whole new experience of using S6 device with a perfect 4K shooting capabilities and nice mobile camera ever

  9. Sara Omar says:

    email, sur?ng the web, sending texts this all is just awesome on the xperia z3tablet which is yes so slim tablet i have and now wait for the next big

  10. Caesar Jmmo says:

    the most high end in the list is the new note but battery capacity is low

  11. Aachar Saand says:

    There are totally latest sensors and best focus pixels features on the camera of the iPhone 6.

  12. Ashraf El Harrak says:

    4th generation Intel Core processor family core i3, i5, i7 all prices i want

  13. Habibu Ahmed says:

    Why do I need two mics? Not difficult to guess that to improve the recording quality. But is this for?

  14. Layth Al-Asadi says:

    not the design is much unique but camera is far better other wise Resolution is more than note

  15. Sharif Jamaddar says:

    The only thing that make it famous in the market is the water resistance and the dust proff technolongy. Sony is the poineer in introducing this technology in the market.

  16. Yasser Abo Amar says:

    It take totally 3 days — 3 durable, often puzzling and trying time — for me to drop for the Apple SmartWatch. But on one occasion I cut down, I fell hard.

  17. Ravi Khaled says:

    or this phone is also known as htc m9 or the new line up with the more big screen size?? and different body

  18. Jamal Khan says:

    wht is the price in doha and pakistan now a days

  19. Mahmoud Tawfeeq says:

    i m unable to start my torch 9860... it is just hang at start up screen any solution??

  20. Abdallah Ali says:

    native Android and the s7 galaxy battery life is enough to give you a day I play many games on a day and have no heatup problems