Find ThL Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Zagros Amanus says:

    display, screen, speed i give 10 out of 10 to samsung by making this phone capable of all the things. great phablet should strive to be and no one compete it with similar price

  2. Abdulwasaa Mogahed says:

    The users of these phones are excited what the new ROM and OS got and what will offer improved UI than Apple actually

  3. Ahmad Mokdad says:

    there is some reasons that is why many of us need this phone. The main thing is the user of the small size compact phone really feel not comfortable with the big size iphone 6.. Iphone Se will be the best choice for them

  4. Karim Alshikh says:

    In general,... because of what a nexus biggy one gives the impression of an empty sleaze. And I love the display of the phone which has perfect ppi

  5. Ahmed Pramod says:

    need the prices information. and the further detail include the release date and available colors options

  6. Ahmad Saed Kalil says:

    all the charging capabilities with the wireless and others are same so no worry with that

  7. Ahmed Emad says:

    this phone also get now new OS v5.0 lollipop. performance and improved features and also the phone become more fast specially for surfing on web

  8. Alani Waleed says:

    how can I able to play smoothly facebook videos through my xperia z2… is it is possible?? The option is enable on my phoen and also I install facebook video call application… but still not working

  9. Salah Siraji says:

    the popular apps have some more options with the iPhone 6S force touch panel. Even the iPhone 6 plus got just bigger size not more new things on it

  10. Nidal Abdullah says:

    stunning design but not use it easier because need to make a new way to do lot of things

  11. Mefa Yousef says:

    available in 16GB and 32GB capacities the same we saw before and may be cardslot included on the m10 series of phones which i knew that they gonna use such things on it

  12. Mohamad Shakweer says:

    While Sony has a lot ride on its 2015 flagship, as new xperia z5, c5 ultra and m4 phone is coming that is looking even more superb phones with pair of stunning camera

  13. Hammad says:

    Sup..... tablet

  14. Naim Toufic Charaf says:

    The snapdragon 805 is wonderful but i just dont understand that Sony is one of the stable company why it is not launching its phone with the 810 snapdragon.

  15. Abo Eman says:

    graphics ocf samsung are more brighter with the sunlight more nice visibility. They all the time deal with the hardware first and this time looks like the priority is built

  16. Faheem says:

    Nokia Lumia 1020 price still not updateany website?

  17. Ahmed Yassin says:

    Even that this the most amazing note design ever, that phone is for every kind of people either the use phone aggressively or professionally or roughly; in all kinds it is always ready to perform even best.

  18. Melad says:

    Also the new iOS 8 and 8.1 is updateable for more devices of Apple but it is required up to 4GB of space to update it that I think so

  19. Hussam Hussam says:

    we hope that the updates arrive early to enjoy the best of this large screen. 4.7 inches are not many, but they are already a whole new look compared to 4inches

  20. Cagatay Ergezer says:

    Style Moto X and Nexus, waiting to be said about them, I keep a flame of hope.