Find ThL Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ali Jadili says:

    much tactile path that make the smart phones that little more substantial than a no of other different high end phones

  2. Mahmoud Ahmed says:

    what about the phone dimension there focus is not to make the slim phone because everone is making approx 4.9mm and that kind of phones

  3. Noushad says:

    I want note 4 n910s

  4. King says:

    Which Processor they are selling in KSA? can anyone confirm?

  5. Raif Alsheikhi says:

    space black color is new included color; me want one kind of same color in the previous phone

  6. Mohamed Fares says:

    arround year ago i have galaxy s3 and when i get my hands on this device i love htc.. because phone packed with amazing new features that is still usfeul to me

  7. Leena A Darwish says:

    State of the 4-inch phone gets what we all want. to make the best phone it is need alot but they also capable to give cheap phones with plastic premium housing why not?

  8. Hasan Taha says:

    Apple is actually taking very nicely in all aspects as they before launch kingsize iphones plus models and than the small version. phone is color-matched stainless steel and new chipset to manage operations easily

  9. Wessam Abd Alrhman says:

    The Sony love to arrived up among marketing terms for skill that barely a breakthrough or unique - just a box with a number written in Z2

  10. Hafiz Awais says:

    I need g6 4g my num 0508595694 urgently plz in dubae uae

  11. Khaled Al-Najim says:

    Generally, public prospect were necessary, Smartphone computer actually correspond to the internal hardware ability and satisfying the flagship devices of 2014

  12. Boualem Zakarie says:

    its full HD display and by pressing lightly or pressing harder the phone has nice shortcuts afterall. it is a useful and interesting feature available

  13. Sahil says:

    but people tend invisible has proven its durability over many generations now blakberry design of the phones not pretty just dark...

  14. Ayman Al Zebdeh says:

    also there is home screen command and search bar is more colorful and App drawer is now appear in the final version with vertical scrolling which is not same in lollipop, kitkat and now no scroll according to alphabets actually in default setting and it is more rapid way to search now

  15. Sahibzada Hamza says:

    I like the HTC M8 because it is solid and not too bulky phones, also the xperia devices got the Mirror Link connectivity, but now in this range the top leader is Samsung Note edge

  16. Sadeka Halim says:

    coming in october this month and the prices seems to be low. different from other devices but give same handling as nexus 6 featuring

  17. Ale Alale says:

    it looks so elegant and more big than its predecessor

  18. Haydar Ibrahim says:

    Watch Operating System by Apple itself and has even more nice features to integrate their users and 2GB amount of ram which non removable alike the battery

  19. Darvan Khaled says:

    a super man and i must say the other one Edge model is alternative of their own phones right now which people asking about the battery durability lack

  20. Osama Halak says:

    No, not only the image of the smartphone, but also the transfer of its characteristics.