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  1. Maqsood Urrahman says:

    its Samsung turn to grab the attention of consumers now after iPhone

  2. Alsam Riaz says:

    is this smartphone is good>>>??? what about the removable battery..

  3. Kasem Aboras says:

    Ultra complete, creative, he will send the angels worshipers drawing stylus.

  4. Korn Litho says:

    the next Water proof monster is on its way.. But need the slimmest and smooth phone that is not the company is offering from a long while..

  5. Abdul Hakam says:

    The biggest hit of 2015 and the samsungs biggest product who has given then a big profit in the starting of this year.

  6. Anmar Farhan says:

    the one of the best designer fabrics and well design prints of each dress made by them

  7. Yahya Amro says:

    i think galaxy s7 stay need attention instead of this phone as well after the launch s6 there is many clue what is coming in the note 5 just like that we will find same expectations for note 6

  8. Ahmed Ezz says:

    The iPhone has a better display? better processor? better camera?

  9. Hadar Hamed says:

    the fresh piece meaning we will see many other compact phones time after time even with the iphone 6s and more modifications we will see than

  10. Tanveer Khushbo says:

    13 MP and 5 mp front shooter is good

  11. Saim Sherry says:

    Metallic fram and amazing functionality is making market for this particular Smartphone. The phone is good for doing the different stuff and best for those who wants a smartphone in a small amount of money.

  12. Omar Anwarzadah says:

    We believe that is improbable, and the detail that the rumor arrives from Chinese periodical, Economic Daily News, it does not make it all that believable for us.

  13. Ejaz Manzoor says:

    you can easily trace anyone who has this watch so my dear fellow readers do not buy two apple watches one for you and one for your girlfriend because she would be tracing you all the time.

  14. Aditya Gurung says:

    As a result the Samrtphone that all got a plastic rear side covering, people say they look good but in hands feel not good like the other phones as the HTC, Apple is capable of. Feels fresh their phonmes and the quest for style is needed

  15. Syed Khizar Abbas Naqvi says:

    This phone got more Snapdragon 805 that point to the attendance of the most latest LTE fastest tech and has packed quad-core Cortex-A57 (Exynos)

  16. Ramdan Chinoui says:

    This phone comes rather out of stage with Koreanís normal at intervals of six months refresh cycle, drumming European goods suppliers some 9-months afterward the basic model of the previous laucnh Z3.

  17. Tushar Auga says:

    yes I love apple but as I seen note edge new phone after note 4 it is amazing and something very different . I also like this one

  18. Nasim Savik says:

    About lollipops and relationships, contact notifications and other contains the lock screen ShopRite Classic.

  19. Odai Hlak says:

    seamlessly alot better from your previous xperia phone. A good replacement to the samsung s4 phone actually with alot better improvements with the camera

  20. Fadi Msallam says:

    isn't a great phone.. Iphone 6s and 6s plus habsolutely is :) as compare to its ipphone 6 basic model there is a lot of things pakcs in the new version they launch earlier