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  1. Aomar says:

    It'll still fill your hand either they need to make the edges little bit more round to give pal in hands

  2. Gdeer Khatib says:

    not the internal hardware is unique but phone feels good in hands

  3. Hassan says:

    new highlight features by them include the always light on.. it is something they are marketing with the lg g5. but in the picture of the lg g5 also it can be seen this phone has different now edges and round edges afterall

  4. Saeed Abozina says:

    many of their series are not gonnay make such sale and does not a good revnue afterall in the htc desire family. just stand alone with the htc one family

  5. Azhar says:

    it seems to be a nice and economical smartphone coming this year; may be lot more new

  6. Gaby Ferreira says:

    i notice that battery is working great with tyhe normal usage of course with the decent load it give you a day... but phone always get heat up when at 15%

  7. Arakan Alarkani says:

    One idea that Samsung attempted to explore what people need; and give suitable option for the shortcuts and offer additional screen just another thing repeated by lg with additional screen in lg v10

  8. Kamal says:

    any new application that is coming with this watch?? latest applications make watch performance more reliable and useful to its users

  9. Hatim Alhaneeti says:

    svelte and sleek but that is not the only thing is say must required on this 4 inches phone; also their is need to give more larger screen size than

  10. Zubair Bin Naeem says:

    I like its battery as it is not just a large battery but those who are saying that it is not a large one all fake it is good and provide a large time back up.

  11. Taher Titoo says:

    Yes, the surprise was unsuccessful, but the new iPhone will still get good.

  12. Abdo Azzawi says:

    this phone is a totally sperate form factor to a mobile phone but why not 4G LTE on this

  13. Nida Younus Wahid says:

    24 hours of talk time means it will be providing 20 hours or because during your talk there are many factors which charge your battery and if we count it 2 to 3 percent then I think constant 20 hours is enough for this battery.

  14. Waheeb Mehboob says:

    The huge sizes now, Google-powered advancements is one of the most huge size devices around; other rival Phablets

  15. Kashan Khan says:

    If you click on the shortcut, it opens on the main screen, but if a folder, it is also revealed in the main screen.

  16. Jidesh Kurudath says:

    I like to buy micromax x 40.i hope u will give a good price.(in saudi riyal) Thank u.

  17. Fatima Zohra says:

    The camera is of 13 megapixel and works according to what i want. I love the camera result. The front camera is also very fine and good to take selfies.

  18. Samer Hama says:

    Being an Android 5.0 Lollipop OS device, the Desire 820 will similarly be 64-bit empowered out of the gate, whereas the Desire 820 had to function in 32-bit mode due to a 64-bit version of Android being unobtainable.

  19. Khalid Farooq says:

    The camera is really very enormaous. The way it take pictures is elegant and superb. This high defination camera is really iPhone 6 is containing.

  20. Dhurgham Mohammed says:

    As making comparison to nearly everyone other flagship in such prices but the screen appears and is crisper but low desnity