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  1. Abod Hadad says:

    G4 as well in some manners not the normal Smartphone because it is huge but in a market where now the performance is stunning in all age and you love it, the difference is in the details and aesthetic options that might be also risky for some people.

  2. Jaspreet BrAr says:

    To buy or not to buy? The plus phablet because it is bigger in size and there is huge difference among the rates as well of the phone

  3. Arwan says:

    full hd camera on the front of this phone . with a good enhanced life of the battery that capable to give you more than 8hrs easily

  4. Bebo Ab says:

    so the announcement on 2015 CES and it is a perfect splash and surprises many with the flex body

  5. Nour El Dinne says:

    their daylight are really awesome and galaxy s6 has bit dark results but looks more clear and sharp

  6. Ahmed Glal says:

    please tell me anybody what i have to do now if i accidently lock my phone trough lock screen application which i forgot what i use to lock pattern. please suggest me how can i reset now my galaxy s6 to factory default without getting access

  7. Omer Mustafa says:

    it is big and slim and user not have to worry about the solidarity anymore. I'm fairly with the last s5 disappointing but not now because this phone galaxy s7 is amazing

  8. SouqMobi Admin says:

    Follow this URL: http://souqmobi.com/mobiles/htc-one-e9-plus/

  9. Abdurahiman says:

    please inform me when release iphone6s Dubai I wanted to by thanku

  10. Talha says:

    almost all the hardware for alpha new series phone or phablet are perfect.. Now many expectations is with Samsung. Look is acutally quite more sharp and comfortable looking.. Might be prices of alpha samsung are high

  11. Abu Ali says:

    you can watch in more high defination now videos. play games more and more smoothly than ever . because not phone yet include this kind of features..

  12. Soufiane Benaji says:

    why not they include another button for the camera capturing actually it is hard to take snaps throught the watches

  13. Mhamd Dahhan says:

    such as a variety of surveys on hover the stylus on messaging, calendars or image gallery.

  14. Yasir Ali says:

    The Galaxy Alpha replace the silvery plastic edge with a correct aluminum frame. It does not wrap just about as much surface as the iPhone and the plastic on the backside is not the most excellent even by Samsung values.

  15. Musfrah Shahid Rana says:

    Other than while the iPHones official might be the main in terms of the physical size not I am saying the dimension and thickness of the phone that is so perfect and is solid phone but so huge for me.. actually they increase the height of the phone more not the width.

  16. Rashid says:

    This is a not support moisture protection...This also should include the speaker, it is quieter and less quality in comparison with the asus and lenovo phones(not to mention the HTC desire).

  17. Shiraj says:

    I live in India u can deliver in India

  18. Khaldoun Zeino says:

    Many of us knew that the phone has so much nice things for consumers and such natural colors, image is sharp now and you can se details things with the pictures taken with the 12MP camera sensor.

  19. Ahmed Awad says:

    Impression of the smartphone begins with the packaging.

  20. Faiza Akhtar says:

    From the top side and front the phone is looks to be a copy of iPhone 6 as they are waiting of this device to be come and then they make their next step :) so obviously there is good camera s the iphone not has