Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ahmad Al Abade says:

    All manufacturers try to use larger sensors and lenses brighter and anyone with basic knowledge in photography knows that this translates into higher dimensions.

  2. Mohammad Katanasho says:

    i need this phone

  3. Gagan Sharma says:

    so have autofocus camera yes; has same 8MP rear side camera and ram is 2GB it is the most high I found

  4. Saci Hanchi says:

    Two words was mentioned 4 iPad mini and iPad Air, as expected, this year has not been updated

  5. Qanza says:

    ace style price for dubai markets???

  6. Hussein Al-Husseini says:

    is not sure I am but they seems to be reduced many of the things on the next phones as well as they gonna give us modify connecitvity features on the iphone 7..

  7. Bahaa Hassablla says:

    the device appearances premium, and is on similarities with the HTCs and American manufacturers of the world renown iPhone. Same 7000-series alloy use

  8. Arfaan Alboozo says:

    The system has conversation of the issues of yellow screens in few chosen model Smartphone at the same time as some yellowness seen clearly on the oneplus.

  9. Baker says:

    thanks Jasraj......

  10. Mohammad Shamim Akhtar says:

    I wanted to buy xiaomi mi4 64 GB LTE in Qatar but I don't know it possible to find location or I have to buy from UAE.

  11. Sohail Mukhtar says:

    camera of the phone packed with many features .. such as face detection, hd video recording

  12. Mohamed Soker says:

    it pretty well, until you can not put this phone in water.. I also notice that there is some application that very far heat up your iPhone for example Asphalt 7?

  13. Ahmad Hassan says:

    This still has some practical significance in everyday life, when traveling in the rain and go to some special climate area not too concerned about the phone's use of the environment. so i think it is good to include water resistance like features

  14. Ramadan M. Ibrahem says:

    Probably better screen than the Galaxy Note 4, Fall 2014 never win. 5.7-inch Super AMOLED matrix maintained its diagonal compared to the Galaxy Note 3

  15. El Sayed Abd El says:

    But the main sensation is not the point: she hits the high price at which the Korean company has to sell their new smartphones

  16. Marium says:

    Huawei P9 is the best amount chinese brands. Its unique and beautiful design attracts the consumer to buy it. Its efficiency is also very good. It can work good on full load.

  17. Usman says:

    i want to sale g3812

  18. Aslam Khan says:

    The buttons are of good style and now let see would it remain the same or the Apple has some other plans for that.

  19. Moftah Alariby says:

    the best 5.5inches smartphone i know by the other brand after Samsung and HTC.

  20. SouqMobi Admin says:

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