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  1. Musawi Hanan says:

    NFC, Fingerprint sensor and curved display that all are at its best. but 3000mAh battery is not something that i am expecting from this all are above note 4 except battery

  2. Waleed Ahmed Al-Jaudi says:

    Apple iphone6 Black 128 GB LTE price in KSA 445 SR Confirm

  3. Sayeedpalanivel says:

    hi this reeyali???lenovo k3 note, 203.00 only.this reyal call me 0556327767

  4. Kentz G. Saturnino says:

    Their are a Number of people out there who are out of budget to buy this smartphone..Samsung has done a magic on us their smartphones are so much amazing that i could'nt hold my slef to buy one.

  5. Emreolface says:

    3 MB

  6. Ismael says:


  7. Ahmed Ali says:

    the look of the Smartphone is really awesome and totally give awesome feel in hands

  8. Rok Asoufi says:

    so that is the period Korean’s gone one step additional,including an entire metallic band to a well-built glass case and actually creating a device that might not be even a great deal after S5 phone

  9. Shahid Saeedwattoo says:

    Camera of 8 meagpixels is owesome and and I love 3264 x 2448 pixels is also very good and I think this the first time I have seen any apple canera having this much resolution with so many other stuff.

  10. Om Maen Tawfeeq says:

    The opening of a fingerprint reader offering a lot of add-ons connected to Security.

  11. Alkahzali Alaa says:

    The iPhone 6 Plus claims numerous exclusive lens qualities such as optical image stabilization, that remain noticeably absent from the regular iPhone 6.

  12. Zaika Kpila says:

    and the samsung is all set to compete that all phones with the new Samsung s7; may be this time note 5 and samsung s6 family is enough for them.

  13. Mahmoud Khalaf says:

    Samsung has given its users the freedom to uninstall or disable many of the app pre-installed (except the app needed to the system itself).

  14. Edwin Mugerezi says:

    I live in Tanzania Africa and I want a good supply of Samsung S7710 Galaxy Xcover 2. Please contact me to discuss the business

  15. Ahmed Moustafa says:

    battery life should have to be more better than this on this kind of advance popular phone very disappointing battery

  16. Ahmad Jadetawi says:

    I change the gender of my siri applications; voice gender of male is also recognizable.

  17. Shade Jameel says:

    To speed OnePlus One two weeks of using a smartphone I did not have a single criticism

  18. Moon Khan says:

    the phone will live longer than similar devices with the same screen size.

  19. Hevi Alahmad says:

    it is a so awesome phone offering perfect display and the pixels density is also not very bad need to improve the camera and front face shooter

  20. Mohammad Dewaly says:

    what about multi tasking in this phone... is it makes phone slow.. or not