Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Bissani says:

    this phone screen size is really excellent with full hd resolution and when i checkout its review i amaze when i find 50MP camera feature on this phone

  2. Iqbal Nisar says:

    more than the physical size but totally change the technology and characteristics; clearly a bonus model it is :)

  3. BoSy K-MoHamed says:

    The phone has wow factors yes because has full alumimium uni-body and the much elegant I personally feel the most beautiful grip in hands

  4. Mohamed Zain says:

    They stand for an full redefined body direction this time, with the perfect use of the glass and watchfully machined aluminum material on the device where there was on one occasion bumped plastic that seem to be a beautiful

  5. Sharthas Mohammed says:

    When will lounge Apple iPhone 6 in Saudi Arabia & what will be the aprox. Price? More over where can i find this at the time of lounge (dealer)???

  6. Omar says:

    this is on the list of the top Android Latest OS phones of the last year 2014..!! Touch ID is a real step low as compare to iphone 6

  7. Lolo Rafiyah says:

    this one is good if the prices re more low down and comes to 399 aed ... i know that is much low but also new mobiles are come

  8. Hassan says:

    new highlight features by them include the always light on.. it is something they are marketing with the lg g5. but in the picture of the lg g5 also it can be seen this phone has different now edges and round edges afterall

  9. Eng-thaer Alhomran says:

    Base model only has 16GB of storage but or their is micro sd cardslot option on iphone?

  10. Abo Riyad says:

    not the budgeted and great value where as alpha phone is more greater even with the design. build and feel is slightly changed than

  11. Hassan Geni says:

    Among frames swap irregularly, in one case, part of the frame is skip if as the xperia z , and 1080p files with 50 or 60 frames / sec is not actually played this is issue in my phone.

  12. Mohammed Qennawy says:

    enhancment in some features with the iOS 8 to ios 9 and as well enables the capture of time-lapses in iphone 6s

  13. Lohsemwan Meen says:

    flat touch surface like the previous apple iphone 5s phone but now with same kind of aspects as they are using they same locations of their volume keys and powerbutton as well as fingerpint scanner is at the same place

  14. Abo Ammar Msallam says:

    In spit of that the newest update for the phone which is a beta version for iOS 9. I read that the new safari view on the home of Safari pops up now and also work as a 3rd pary extension which allow user to behave like an applications

  15. Ch Mehroz says:

    Samsung has created an additional SDK, allows you to develop your own profiles

  16. Mohmad Mohmad says:

    I like this kind of slim phones but why not available in uae still..

  17. Sadam Al-Zoubi says:

    indeed it is the first gen of 3d touch smartphones as they called it meaning we can see many new phones with the same technology but enhancements time after time

  18. Sajid Yosof says:

    Just include your favorite applications, watch and notice what you put there yourself.

  19. Haytham Ibrahim says:

    in base variant the prices are same to the iphone 6s middle storage whereas Touch ID is too fast! which is some time difficult to access

  20. Esraa Ramadan says:

    Phone is relay on an eight (4 + 4) processor Exynos 5 support of a maximum level of clock frequency of 1.8 GHz that is good