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  1. Mostafa Omar says:

    the size is excessive nexus 5x is also a nice value and not such larger in size... but in some factors conveys a good feeling to touch until you take device on single hand

  2. Saleh Taher says:

    Is it really justified against an LG G3 or Galaxy S5 whose ease of use has already much to envy "phablettes"?

  3. Angie Montallana says:

    When it will be avaible f1 plus

  4. Veeru says:

    this phone s3 slim video recordin 720p?

  5. Ashfak Khan says:

    iphone does not have much impressive photography phones but quite better generally with its 13MP lens

  6. Dost Sbl says:

    The camera is upgraded to 13-megapixels. Some analysts claim that the iPhone 6 will have better image stabilization. The iPhone 6 will be having iOS 8 pre installed, consisting of 11ac Wi-Fi for Mac computers.

  7. Asghar Dadoa says:

    high quality of 1080p at 60fps that is not a bad thing... iphone 6 is right now capable to give you that kind of things

  8. Mt Maiyama says:

    Just familiar utmost Samsung screens, the S6 Edge plus display is a Super AMOLED as compare the display with the note 5 the same display,

  9. Ameen Alsamarrai says:

    As compare to Samsung watch with the different Androdi platform which one you prefer me with the Android phone is this watch is compatible?

  10. Abd Alrazak Alawad says:

    with Android 5.1, 21MP rear cameras so the most high end camera phone is ready to break all other phones

  11. Ahmad Shamari says:

    The technology of the phone and features is just like the Samsung phones not they?

  12. Abo Khaled says:

    Their job has been done now, but South Korean’s would not be charming just audio quality honors from the external perfect speaker and has no such noise as we seen before in lg phones the same kind of lg g4 speakers or the headphone jack on this phone.

  13. Mourad Rifai says:

    The resolution is increased from 1136x640 to 1334x750 pixels, while maintaining the same density of 326ppi.

  14. Malik Iftikhar says:

    There is even "Lava Grey" and “Natural Aluminum" color arrangements and a cover that aspects questionably alike to Apple’s Smart Case.

  15. Abdullah says:

    stellar screen display and i advised 6s instead of the plus sized models at all iphone with higher power mode give actually a day easily

  16. Abdul Raoof says:

    prefer all of you to buy Lenovo P780... it is much good

  17. Wazni Kahla says:

    new-fangled and better features comprise the aptitude to get notes lacking unlock the device, and an updated Air Command attribute that demonstrate a hovering icon for rapid right to use to stylus tools features.

  18. Milad Alghadban says:

    excellent device but battery issue on the phone as they are using high resolution and pixels density ratio is higher but with the combination of the display battery drain very faster

  19. Abdalh Dres says:

    Touch Id, Apple Wallet and the best A8 with support of M8 co procesor this phone is the best phone.. also quick in connectivity

  20. Santhu says:

    Sir I need this beautiful phone plz contact me my ph no 0503851390