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  1. Abu Ahmed says:

    There are a lot of major things that arrived on the based operating system but the iOS 9 has so much new things to do with the het siri and live photos like features

  2. Shehryar Karkoutli says:

    durability with beauty.and you can play these games with controllers

  3. Ali Mouhamad says:

    How I order??

  4. Mostafa Al Robaey says:

    The indicator light in the G3 can be twisted on or off for different other kind of things: incoming calls, missed calls and messages, charging, latest downloaded Apps.

  5. Ferhat Cakmak says:

    I regret that there is still no implementing whatsapp to answer messages, send pictures, etc. because it is one of the most occupied in the iphone

  6. Hidayath says:


  7. Maher Chelky says:

    Bluetooth 4.0 good screen size, WiFi lte, and battery is long lasting offering also wirless charging

  8. Farhad says:

    I want buy Nokia 6700 is it exisisting ? How I can booking ? Please If you can call me the number 0567309657

  9. Mahmoud Yosry says:

    lollipop is coming so soon with the Noki device now. I love Nokia for making a tablet look alike ipad and have Andorid platform now that make good sell

  10. Awe Esom says:

    the huge phones is now liked by many peoples and yes there is need of a powerful durable battery that is include in this phone

  11. Asem Al Sager says:

    The S pen is really working very fine in this phone and good for those who are a S pen user or want to use this technoloy.

  12. Madi says:

    perfect innovation of this year well done google,,

  13. Zahoor Ahmad says:

    Include that the situation of the power/lock input on the right side of the Smartphone and user easily find out that smooth for a more huge Smartphone the key are yet simple and trouble free reach

  14. Mohammad Zohrab Abbasi says:

    not both of the phone has same dimension the small iPhone has 6.9 mm dimension and the other side 6 Plus got 7.1 mm which is not so slim. and also the weight of the phone is so much

  15. Masluld says:

    what about its maximum resolution and is there is radio ???

  16. Moha Ben says:

    usb type c included on all their new phones but not in the edge screen models. while adoption of any new standard they first have to use it on some low end phones as i prefer rather than in new samsung note 6 model

  17. Loai Kattan says:

    With automatic brightness control can be seen that it is not always the maximum, often it can seem dull.

  18. Dibyendu says:

    Motox1052 I want

  19. Osama Alwah says:

    became an integral part of the birth of a new device from major manufacturers.

  20. Mussab says:

    it is the best smartphone with high price but really perfect for use and for videos calls, messaging, filming a this is good