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  1. Gurkirat Saini says:

    5MP iSight camera; so with the next one there is bit same 8MP camera as iphone has ?\

  2. Hamoda Hamoda Bardan says:

    I think they now following the trend of the phablet and as we take alook on the name they give to the phone is borrow by Apple

  3. Qasim says:

    when will be available in Doha market?

  4. Suad Salem says:

    Though, to use it might have to get the device in both hands: single hand and grasp and drag your finger on the scanner is not just even more rough, other than total unsafe there is too much danger of dropping this

  5. Shadya Ahmad says:

    some tricks on your mobile phone give your mobile phone more life and boast up the performance also after root your galaxy s6 you can check applications draining graphic of your phone which is responsible to consume battery on device

  6. Hemu Pawar says:

    But the memory of many will be disappointed: in the smartphone 32GB (25.44 GB user available) without the possibility of extension.

  7. Jamous says:

    Ridiculous Design this Samsung phone is totally looking ugly

  8. Bashir Ahmad Zahiri says:

    to be an awesome one there is always need of a promising price tag. The color scheme of their phones is just an awesome and not an ordinary one I guaranteed

  9. Sahar Qashou says:

    because of low end many peopels not going to buy this phone but due to low prices I think it is become popular

  10. Mahmoud Ashour says:

    again they comes up with the same front panel as they are offering after galaxy s3. the fascinating back this time but more elegant with the galaxy note 4 curved edges

  11. Fareed Shawky Algendy says:

    despite the reach ability mark set up by Apple to assist among the big phone issues; they just make it large in height.

  12. Kameel Kenehr says:

    a good one to buy is the iphone 6s plus phone which is bit expensive to the iphone 6 plus and more good built quality of camera, display is improved...

  13. Adham Elkholy says:

    the top notification on the marshmallow and in the galaxy s6 edge screen you will see all notifications and commonly used applications and favorite which you personalized

  14. Rajdeep says:

    As the two Korean Designed in the shape LG G3 inherited the previous generation flagship G2 rear button design,

  15. Zaref Adel says:

    one thing and the best thing to say for a smartphone is its display and its design which is wonderful and amazing. The camera is also showing some good stuff.

  16. Murtaza Alfihd Aldrige says:

    By the way, for faster charging your phone, you can use a 12-watt AC adapter from the iPad.

  17. Sundus Muna says:

    4-inch screen too small for few peoples but not for me it is great

  18. NISHAD says:

    when it will arrive?

  19. Faraj Al Mastiri says:

    Sound quality is not good of the iphones but with the high quality headset the performance is better than rivals

  20. Pir Umar Farooque Sarhandi says:

    it is not special phone just a lag of money. Battery is to low