Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohammed Moaz says:

    Few investor consider that LG might show at CES 2015 Smartphone among unbreakable OLED-screen TV. The declaration did not take place, but there is no cause for dissatisfaction.

  2. Abu Wadha says:

    a very nice visual effect which is further enhanced by a dark matte finish around the screen and on the back of the smartphone. Also they use smoothing glass.

  3. Sani says:

    although Apple has arrive on the market much earlier (the first version of apple watch came back in 2012),

  4. Ziad Da Esmy says:

    June 26th is the possible date when all the editions hits the stores

  5. Aya Elnozahy says:

    everything happens ultrafast now in the slimmest phone

  6. Qutub Uyghur says:

    the abilities of this phone camera and cpu performance really amaze me; even my laptop is not such faster with somethings that this phone is

  7. Mai Kan says:

    it's beautiful. I'm waiting for more updation on this phones. its best phone camera of this year but not most advance features.. same like galaxy s5

  8. Jiwan Chikhou says:

    Minimum level of brightness may not be enough even in the dark, but at the maximum image are not terrible, and direct sunlight.

  9. Taha Elmarg says:

    There is a extra screen that create this phone just more less than 4mm in dimension and around 2mm shorter because of curved edges from one side as compare to note 4.

  10. Mhamad Khoshnaw says:

    There are many more mobile phone accessories are now unveilied by Apple also wireless, new haeadsets and the casins.. and now the best one watch

  11. Abdul Ghafur says:

    People are writing the HD screen but i want to tell them that this is not just the HD Screen it is the FHD screen and they should now this before writing a comment.

  12. Bezhan Sediqi says:

    can you export to afghanistan

  13. Ahmad Sattar says:

    droid turbo 2 has same kind of features but at the other side note5 and lg v10 has same features as well. RAM of the LG V10 4GB of RAM which will be so nice update to their phones.

  14. Anis Bvb Ziane says:

    the values of ISO, you can even experiment with shutter speeds and manual focus.

  15. Qader Shsmsh says:

    hdr functionality is always good and reliable in samsung galaxyline up phones.. that helps in giving clear imageu and videos as well...with natural light

  16. Ali Jadili says:

    much tactile path that make the smart phones that little more substantial than a no of other different high end phones

  17. Itz Lucky Jaan says:

    The 5S is a wonderful smartphone and the camera result is just amazing and according to me it is the best for a persone like me who tale many images

  18. Ari Khasraw says:

    not just for aluminum and glass, but as well for the location completely assemble and totally with no edges.

  19. Hassan Adil says:

    that is an innovation... just replace whenever u want ur surface tablet to laptop.. and surface laptop to tablet.. really microsoft is a master of making this kind of machines

  20. Mmerani says:

    when nokia X+ price Dubai are available ?