Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mahmoud Copeh says:

    the sleekest and one of the most gorgeous Smartphones of the years even in the gold color looks stunning. All right with the prices if there is huge battery life, RAM and best camera qualities

  2. Yosif Shmdin says:

    nearly as much as the galaxy note 5 but after having a look on the design it looks light it is not such thin?

  3. Walked Ahmed Al-Jaudi says:

    Apple iphone6 Black 128 GB LTE price in KSA 445 SR

  4. Aamir Shahzad says:

    i buy e7

  5. Kamal Farih says:

    audio, notes, events and many thing you can do it with S finder like features in Sony tell me please

  6. Hira Agha says:

    This is a water proof smartphone… I droped it in a pool and it was around 10 meter in dept. I search for it for about 10 mins then I realized that I have droped it I quickly went in the pool and when I put it out it was working as if it was not droped. Brave smartphone

  7. Umer Rasheed says:

    Gamers just love it as they have found a smartphone that can bear the heavy load of their game and best to take pictures and many other stuff.

  8. Javed Kisana Gujjar says:

    The battery got even more good than and the final year as the iphone 5 with the 5s variation and even got more larger in size and screen display is good looking.

  9. Sitti DHang Bint Adam says:

    as compare the latest iOS 8 with the same Android they are actually offering with the note 4 which is good and performing better with the Camera functions

  10. Mohamedfawzy Hagag says:

    is the new z3 plus is z4?? Because every thing is enhanced and this phone available after long while .. Also not the phone is too much big in size

  11. Zahid Imran says:

    A great Smartphone with a perfect keyboard, if you still in need of this kind of phone so the another after the G Flex here it is..

  12. Mohamed Paul says:

    Isight camera features may be more enhanced with the new OS

  13. Asad Sarfraz says:

    Proximity sensor is set on the right and another right - front camera; expected to have a more higher than galaxy s6 resolution and also a new-fangled fresh feature panoramic picture of a loved one.

  14. Bushey Abdullah says:

    the only perfect yet tab is Samsung galaxy tab s... just an awesome flagship

  15. Mansha Chaduhary says:

    Lumia 435 is powered by the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1 with add-ons Lumia Denim, which has brought a lot of significant improvements, the most important of which is called the notification center, separate volume control and the emergence of wallpaper.

  16. Mokhtar Saleh says:

    definitely belongs to the rumors era because right now their is all news about the note 7 phone which will coming in august,, no news about the 3d technology they gonna use on the galaxy s8 phone or not

  17. Mussab says:

    it is the best smartphone with high price but really perfect for use and for videos calls, messaging, filming a this is good

  18. Abu Abban says:

    After 3 months of use began to depart the screen in the upper right corner: play is almost not noticeable visually ..but during the conversation, and the pressure-sensitive ear could hear the distinctive sound of a creaking

  19. Ahmed Awad says:

    epic phone

  20. Osama Rafi Hammo says:

    feels still bit like a different as there is still plastic material on galaxy s7 at all; normal just to reach everything there is some compromises they have to made