Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Eisa Anees says:

    so the phone is up for sale now in all over the world.. find all the sites and also find this web price.. shown are the best it is good gathered information that you are providing..

  2. Kurdstan Kocher says:

    has the perfect 30hrs battery life and i am here to indicate that there is also fast charging capability on the blackberry phone this time. 128GB MICROSD is allow you to do lot more

  3. Badreddin Smai says:

    it is always a well balance device either the manufacturers by Apple

  4. Emad Mostafa says:

    Zeiss plans to give now apple iphone 6 and other brothers phones a lens also contains zoom lens which can moves

  5. Khalil Haji says:

    Economic Daily News stated that Apple is supposed to be emerging "naked-eye" 3D technology to enlarge upon their top-tier mobile displays.

  6. Mohammad Al Zoubi says:

    big red monster is very looking nice I definitely try this phone as I found it economical phone for me

  7. Kamal Mohamed says:

    Edgs ear has started and samsung is the poineer of it and they are doing every best step to become the laeders of the market like Apple at the moment.

  8. Ashar Lateef says:

    available in only 2 colors... why not samsung make devices with different bright colors like nokia lumia devices...

  9. Rahma Salah says:

    t zips along like a supercar right now and flagship that is superb fast not hang little bit I am using it for 4 months and now want to buy iphone 6s rose gold edition with 128gb storage capacity in qatar

  10. Salah El Waheshi says:

    powerful car things and no battery suspects found on the battery of the Ultra version of the Xperia Z yes there is need to improve the graphics more

  11. Ali Al-mahajer says:

    Get my hands on it , and the back I have 64GB, while made of alloy and metal which give a great shine as well with glassy body

  12. Husni Alsood says:

    so also the mini version of this phone is going to come soon or just this phone is unique and own of its kind,..when prices are available for oman

  13. Mokhtar Saleh says:

    pressure sensitive will be more great then; 7000-series alloy frame give it more elegant looks and best color performances with the outdoor

  14. Ahmed Almisri says:

    also with crocodile leather very nice smartphone..but all blackberry phones cost are too high :(

  15. Mohamed Adel says:

    I like its varient that is the LG G3. This model is also very good and provide the quality output but i thing its new model is better.

  16. Nahyan says:

    Full aluminum body is super! Everything works fast and smooth. Music and FullHD screen are awesome! Best phone on the market

  17. Aashif says:

    First impressions are positive Noticeably lighter and thinner phablet is this.. but one unique thing that attract peoples to take a look on this note is its curved display.. and also specs are very very high... i know that is the main reason why prices are expensive of this Smartphone then note 4

  18. Anoer Teer says:

    yes the s pen stylus is the best thing in note 4 that i like more than its camera, processor and display.. because s pen is work like pencil with paper.. and draw very good

  19. Mouhammad Mansour says:

    for the t-mobile deal is all ok. Tell me the price of the phone with the t carrier so I can purchase the 16GB model LTE in any color available. I like black color more

  20. Mohammed Gamal says:

    they are making really amazing looking phones. but their is some big cons now with the unusual UI this time