Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ali Rabia says:

    New bands and model combinations all with the new watch os 2 platform and previos editions specially sport models prices are less now

  2. Z Islam Nadwi says:

    the 2nd gen mobile phones are now coming but if they include high end tech on the moto series as well like the droid so it is the best thing

  3. Zeeshan Khadam says:

    Its new varient and the latest model is really very good and i like it the most just because of its Specs and it amazing performnace which it has given to me and which is best and better than the samsung.

  4. Saima Syed says:

    I just love this phone and its price is alot affordable.

  5. Yaseen says:

    wht about camera feature of LG Nexus 5?

  6. Shahid Ali says:

    It is the Apple application store that creates iOS platform a huge stage. As a Smartphone gamer the deepness and width of title is unbelievable

  7. Chokri Seghair says:

    the entire top of the screen down to the middle display, allowing us to more easily reach the buttons on top.

  8. Mahmoud Fawzy says:

    Greater volume allowed to keep more programs in Suspended mode without the need to rediscover long unused applications,

  9. Abdul-Hakeem says:

    not sure why people saying that the phone sound and battery is not good... if u normal use it is very durable phone... and sound is very clear

  10. Hasan Abdulhadi Salih says:

    The reason that this note 5 grab so much attention of the consumers is due to to its best performance of the Note family with a small distinctive detail, the curved edge on the phone screen

  11. Omar Fariz says:

    note 4 is 5.7 inches in screen while the iphoen 6 is 5.5 inches with also low ppi... note 4 has really a high end specs. 16MP camera is another more better feature with 4k display

  12. Rizlan Ouahman says:

    Apple is planning to launch production of the tablet in December, but this means that the company will miss all holiday sales.

  13. Muctafa Omar says:

    I impressed with the maximum color options and different buckles but is there is just different outer look what about the features?

  14. Umaima says:

    i am in love with iPhone series cameras, my iPhone 6 still has the better camera than any other smartphone in the market today, and now i am going to buy Apple iPhone 7, hoping it will be the more better experience than previous.

  15. Afzal Ahmad says:

    iPhone 6 is still used 8MP camera why, iPhone 5s consistent, and has a faster focusing speed. Note that the iPhone 6 Plus supports optical image stabilization, whiel the original phone iphone 6 just capable to support digital image stabilization.

  16. Nuzhat Abbas says:

    m8 is good phone and the design is veryy preety and really minor gap with the scren and edges of the phone is really good

  17. Rody Mahmoud says:

    So designer believes that the Smartphone must be equipped with a removable lithium-ion battery capacity of 3500mAh or not according to rivals the battery will have a capacity of 4000mAh now see some Motorola phones.

  18. Abdul Rabb says:

    personaly I not think that due to high usage phone heat up quickly… if phone capable to run normal games.. Than why this phone just instantly heatup…

  19. Iyad Dabbagh says:

    nice suggestion because i am looking to buy basic model of iphone 6s .. thanks for your comment really :)

  20. Najem Hassan says:

    Siri to voice and send messages as well but can I do the same with the arabic version iphone 6s?