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  1. Najwa Saleh says:

    a good looking phone and also has now silver, gold, white and black colors not blue why?

  2. Mohamed Eisawy says:

    The M9 would be a kind of a smartphon which is to be wonderful and amazing at any cost. becasue HTC has to give something Good today.

  3. Hassan Ali says:

    they got a possitive feedback on this mobile phpone A7.. but also the desire 816G smartphone is on its way containing the same like features and camera... but yes the A7 is not come with Dual SIM support

  4. Subir Das says:

    I like the front camera it is very nice and my selfies re like wooo when I capture it.

  5. Hasan Beshkar says:

    a microSD card slot for iphone 6 plus is required for those look forward to upgrade from normall size devices to the advanced version more easily. Why not they use such features?

  6. FaRjad Shameen says:

    A frame will please those who do not have enough metal

  7. Safdar Ali says:

    this phone has no HDMI port and the I think also no OTG support

  8. Alshoubaki says:

    No expandable storage, USB Type C standard still very young that is why may be apple not included such options in the iphone 6s. but indeed some phones required to use such things so far

  9. Eslam Elmughrbi says:

    It is not obvious however to contribute in the BB phones cut and blow or Blackberry parties concerned designers to raise the thrill with the Passport phone.

  10. Mohamed Paul says:

    It is far more comfortable in hands whereas s5 due to some of the issues we can seen in battery, durability and graphics more economical and budgeted now

  11. Nadia Bortalof says:

    The new technology on this mobile that does not work so well. ‘Always-on Display’ is Koreans front-page invention this year at all where as the same we will see in lg phones, but for me it is a little disappointment and note a big deal.

  12. Thaer Alchebli says:

    LG G5 already has a touch-enabled Quick Cover that mean there is soemthing different can be seen in the new lg g5 display.

  13. Ilyas Farashe says:

    In addition, two white broad band antenna from which to get rid of their Apple flagship sixth series iPhone SE located on the rear panel.

  14. Yacine says:

    Above the screen is located selfie camera surrounded by light sensor and proximity sensor. backlit touch controls are the same like galaxy models

  15. Majd Alashery says:

    2560x1440 with quad hd displacy and also has support of more ram ever used in any phone before with this screen size and shape.. galaxy s6 makes its way to give us the best expwerience of using any smartphone

  16. Katerina Andreis says:

    but in return received built-in wireless charging in the future iphone 7 in 2016 and a dramatically better looking and feeling device I am expecting from it. iPhone 6 is rather comes with good resolution but not that eye catching

  17. Ahmad Saeed says:

    continuous autofocus, fast shooting (up to 100 frames) and more features the camera is great

  18. Anu says:

    your last price

  19. Hamedi says:

    i am waiting for long time for that mobile

  20. Nidhal Abualshaeer says:

    This Pad is really porviding the best Result and according to me this pad is good for a small family.