Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Danish Khan says:

    Hi crazy deal, Its mobile phone prize 45 dirham or anything else ?

  2. Goher Shosha says:

    Launch the application menu, launch manager open programs, search

  3. Shahbaz says:

    whatever else i want on phone... is there in Xperia z2... what a fabulous phone is this ...!!!

  4. Mhbob Deeb says:

    if you are in searching of a Smartphone that will provide guarantees in regards with battery life, fast performance, camera and luxurious look. htc one m9 is here the best model they launch in 2015 whereas some of the variants are also available

  5. Hammad says:

    Great phone with awesome features. nice one ...

  6. Maryam Al-Mashhdani says:

    A wider-screened iPad be supposed to absolutely respire a few life keen on the group. But the rates may be a obstacle for a lot of people.

  7. Gehad Ablk says:

    OnePlus One went to the world in the amount of about 1.5 million units, which, in fact, 15 times more than expected at the start of the company itself." Shaw is and how it - science is not very clear, moreover, that will send invites only on this (next?) Week. If you missed all this nonsense in the past year, I introduce you to the course of this

  8. Hani Samak says:

    the 4G Black i have of the P7 and 2 GB RAM with support of the Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A9 and all is high end

  9. Tagalden Mustafa says:

    better camera and battery life but the most strongest part is the internal memory. usage experience with the Oneplus phones is really impressive and great

  10. Hamadam says:

    The best and the only way to find out some real price in Sony is to buy z3

  11. Marwa says:

    I want note 4 Gold

  12. Zaid Alairaqe says:

    Apple need new plans and now they have it.. options and colors currently in stock are good and also 12GB model is good but yes costly also

  13. Mohamed Fathe says:

    to join in on the fun their is the new iOS update also for te iphone 5s; still a good phone with nice handling i am using it

  14. Iqrazz Std says:

    this phone change the market

  15. Ghaith Jassem says:

    As well the new s6 comes with the new arc reactor charger and wow the iron man look is too fantastic

  16. Mmoohamad Haj Zed says:

    a device which spawned and changes a lot and modified phablets with all new high end capabilities inside their phone. But one thing remain same is the button on the front side bottom of the phone

  17. Siddiqui Adees says:

    So the camera features are alike note4? Sports Shot, Sound & Shot and all the modes are same or some features change?

  18. Selman says:

    yes now Samsung is going on a perfect path

  19. Khaled Mahmoud Shabarek says:

    a little bit more amount is required to have this phone because it is one of the costly phones

  20. Moayad Sadek says:

    nice mobile features