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  1. Ahmad AlJallad says:

    it exemplify that among the layers of the screen there is a little air gap as like the brother edition. Due to the lesser no of limits

  2. Mamosh Meer says:

    For clarity, let photographs which are off the screen plate surface reflects white (Nexus 9- on the left, then it from the test plate can be distinguished by the size of the screen as it is smaller.

  3. Tymon Grochocki says:

    ooks like if I need to replace my s4 I will be going with the s5 edge active or see what comes out next spring for the galaxy series because I am not an apple fan for alot of the reasons people are commenting on.

  4. Mohammed Mamon says:

    has long adopted by other manufacturers that have passed the first threshold of 4 ", is comfortable and natural.

  5.  Akram Insafian says:

    Rumors are really getting a wonderful market this time and they are also predicting so much new stuff about this phone.

  6. Ghada Aldahdooh says:

    yeas good with the designs also with the rapid charging and wireless charging things changes alot, of course the new marshmallow update give alot options, to look at more than the premium segment.

  7. Samah Abdelmouz says:

    One of the best thing in this mobile phone is the performance not comparable to any other device of the flash storage that is so fast… well there is some issues reported firs with the two storages include 64, 128gb phones… but 12gb is even bater and not crash

  8. Mohmmed ALmaki Gaaelnasr Abusam says:

    No major changes in design well there is no need but required to change the internal features more

  9. Shehzad Khan says:

    when this phone goes on sale..!!

  10. Asma Lynda says:

    look on the latest rumors iSight cameras that is improved and not like same as iphone 6 plus; for all carriers phone performance with the camera should be same as before

  11. Asif says:

    Sir please confirm that it is not Furbished mobile.

  12. Muftah Aborawe says:

    iPhone 6 become the eighth in its series and stand for the 5th generation smartphone design by Apple.

  13. Hisham Hameed says:

    Is there is front face camera ???

  14. Mohamad Kasim says:

    Reception and call quality that is same as previous but i found the new phone series has many updates with that

  15. Elkashf Salmah says:

    IS Moto 360 watch is coming with motorola nexus phone? and what is the launch date for this google watch

  16. Ranoon Tahhan says:

    I found the huawei mate s is also got the same force touch panel and capabilities well the design of the mate s is also good looking and alike the HTC Smartphones which as well look alike Apple phones with the finishing and similar colors phone is available; might be best substitute of Apple iPhone

  17. Mohamd Yous says:

    ok with Touch ID and more good Front camera and fit friendly in hands that is good

  18. Tarek Alnaji says:

    laptop in a lightweight and having all advanced features inside it. have to say that finally Microsoft make something better than a tablet

  19. Eid Hassam says:

    It looks even not as good as - cheap plastic, diverse colors and totally mangled the original design of the phone.

  20. Yasser says:

    the price of i pad air 3 is not shown