Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Radia Noura says:

    besides design experience, regarding poor, everything depends on you want and need, that android with 8 cores, and you told me who the opponent; Beware that, since much has criticized Apple for their hardware, but if what they sell is status. Create

  2. Kamal Safal says:

    Thanks to the powerful processor of the G Flex 2 should expect a very fast operation.

  3. Sahar Qashou says:

    because of low end many peopels not going to buy this phone but due to low prices I think it is become popular

  4. Hessam Chwaytar says:

    is clearly excessive, but swear it does not give that elegant display as the nexus 6p phone which is more brilliant in this way with the crisp display

  5. Waseem Hassn says:

    is it looks like Apple devices or not well on the bottom side yes it is but they combination of color, glass and the front panel is totally different and give you feel like Samsugn Galaxy family as always

  6. Omar El Mdghri says:

    The Note 4 as well had a important top begin, release more than a month ago and now priority for to the Edge attachment with all the latest line up as the next Edge is Galaxy Edge.

  7. Nana Hakmi says:

    so this is the first ever huge iOS phone in size and dimension totally changed because there is a whole fresh look of the phone.

  8. Rabelle says:

    13 MP camera as compare to iPhone 5s has some benefits but because of Android platform you can not enjoy so much with the vide recording… lack of features and apps..

  9. Jjuuko Abdal says:

    mine nolonger powers on after a week that it spenr off

  10. Mardene Bendada says:

    But thanks to a good optimization software phone can be used even longer than previous models. In addition, 10 minutes is enough for charging the 4-hour normal use or for a 2-hour video.

  11. Abdul Mubdee says:

    it is mind blowing and good looking and simply awesome i ever seen .. i want it badly

  12. Ahmed Salah says:

    Galaxy Core 2 is a nice phone i have core 1 and it is perfect to me... hope core 2 is also something cool and perfect

  13. Khizzer says:

    while I appreciate all that you do to make a better YouTube experience within sasmung... this new thing include just a curved edges or something more inside

  14. Hamido Mokni says:

    i impressed by Samsung because the 4.5 inches size of the device is not too small and not too big

  15. Mashadi says:

    confiuration of the lg g2 phone is identical.. difficult to compare with the Android-smartphone based solely on performance

  16. Shreen Al-Muhtaseb says:

    the iphone must be really awesome and be the best one yet to come... with beautful display and screen is really awesome and looks pretty in hands

  17. Shreif Abid says:

    Requiring drag your finger along the center button, it imposes a two-handed use, and its error rate is not negligible.

  18. Sohaib Ali says:

    Now you will feel in the shoes of user Apple, but should pay tribute to Samsung: the minimum amount of memory

  19. Mahboob Alam says:

    Please order contact number one plus two Jeddah. Saudi

  20. Guermane Mokdad says:

    Front camera is ok in manner of sharpness and shoot modes are easy and has nice quality features