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  1. Yousef Alhussiny says:

    equipped with various features that are required but is also included in the iphone se phone meaning the phone which has much low cost

  2. Kheira Beghdadi says:

    this is slim, this is big, Size is Everything, Quality is by default so apple this time keep this things in there mind.. phone is made because of high demand in biggy phones. i say this phone is really huge, enormously fast

  3. Agila Agzim says:

    for myself, it is particularly the stability technology that I discover huge, especially if you have an Apple iPhone 5w or iPhone 6 Plus next big.

  4. Sulman Shah says:

    Sony has not done some great amount of work in it just a camera they has introduced and now they are just getting sales only for the camera not the smartphone

  5. Aseeri says:

    When I first time see the bb passport just 3 rows of keys, I really think this is doomed to failure. BB one more time gives me the error of my initial impression

  6. Ayman Alsulaihi says:

    Other builders are including latest addons contains infra-red blaster in the Smartphone to increase the usage of your devices than before

  7. Mohammed Yousuf says:

    This extremely still be like Xperia Z3, but might be more possible only now that during a call a second card will be active.

  8. R Kelly Mathew says:

    well the phone got water resistance but not know user can make videos and capture under water

  9. Baha Noore says:

    Welcome all the similar Koreanís capability to hold phablets size measurements in all thing identical to those of which gives us a screen that occupies 75% of the product surface.

  10. Entisar Ahmed says:

    it be able to focus 4K video recording and features that included; but in news I found that there is three chipsets coming for the phone so the three variant models

  11. Mostafa Shosha says:

    Where visibility was not so s, carried out smoothly, the nexus phone new easily to obey commands, to give more than one finger at a time

  12. Ahmed Jaliawala says:

    A new Smartphone with some amazing features and finctions so that world can see LG in a new way.

  13. Ziad Dandoush says:

    However due to it is the major feature of the Smartphones like edge that is remarkable with its curved screen on this kind of phone

  14. Raman Mohamad says:

    suppose to be the next most high end 2015 smartphone by HTC with the same best design with no gap extra large screen diagonal that is required but also need to be make this phone even more slim and smooth

  15. Mousa Jubari says:

    but have some issue while playing some games because battery suffers instantyl phone get little hot

  16. Amina Musa says:

    Features and look of the Smartphone is very well off course why not because this phone is made by Apple.

  17. Mohammed American says:

    truly they step in the future now because people complains that the models has some ugly feeling in hands but now changes much established and is the best yet device galaxy s6

  18. Mhanna Haddad says:

    You can use the smartphone with one hand without problems and solid grip prevents accidental slippage of the device.

  19. Tariq says:

    I need its touch screen part

  20. Omer Alser says:

    And it offers that just running calendar yes browser. In general, due to of this work smartpeda on note not idea