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  1. Omar Toumi says:

    after a long time now they step in to give use something innovative in all manners.. More amount of ram, nice battery, nice camera, nice design overall the phone is great except one thing. As lg g5 is bit thicker phone compare to rivals

  2. Akram says:

    expensive phone is this... but some how i will get it soon as possible

  3. Asmer says:

    7.6mm thickness and 7.1mm dimension of the iphone se and really it is a good mobile phone looks pretty, and in hands a good option

  4. Mahmoud Aboomar says:

    anti-glare properties are not so exceptional - but he screen in the sun "go blind" and is not view more easily.

  5. Sami Ahmed says:

    dual sim is really a smart action... to make seperate both personal and business with dual standby... and 3G data netwrking is really fast as well

  6. Mingjun says:

    Look at the front and rear panels Galaxy S7. Glass which is rounded on the edges. The screen is absolutely flat under glass.

  7. Hashim Mahmood says:

    edition looks elegant and more stunning, 1.65inches screen size will be more nice if used round screen

  8. Ergezer says:

    such are some of the additional features actually when you play more and just want it you can use such things to expand the experience of SOUND WITH 32BIT

  9. Mohanab Mohanab says:

    metal bodyactually make it easier to hold in palm but overall still there is big phone and hard to hold for a long time. Despite all phablet are same in manner of design as iphone 6s plus, lg g4 and others like nexus 6p and nexus 6 is big

  10. Eddie Goodbrand says:

    The phone comes up with the perfect superior material, more sophisticated stylish body and enhance camera features, the series of new coming phones with the edge also I impressed

  11. Ririhush Kaur says:

    Built and design has its own quality that always (prettier than iPads because nice config and features). Clear Sound Quality and best faster performance of the processor make it easier for me to surfing web and do multi tasking for the first time with apple in landscape mode

  12. Mhanna Haddad says:

    You can use the smartphone with one hand without problems and solid grip prevents accidental slippage of the device.

  13. Hassan says:

    i check all the specs of this tablet.. and many features like the same as previous tab.. but sound and water resistance is good features in this.

  14. Mohammad Bozan says:

    The popularity of iPhone has played a significant role in how the ecosystem of specialized applications and devices as well as most mobile photography.

  15. Didar Sheikh says:

    so this phone meets the next gen technology also the new Chipset A9

  16. Tarek Bouzaabia says:

    Lots of rationalization options on the smartwatch however no issue with the touch and watch is fast and nice notifications alert as I wanted.. Thanks apple for this one

  17. Leila Sbouri says:

    Color options are the same as in last year's model iPhone 5S - silver, gold and dark gray.

  18. Yousef Alajrad says:

    just as we can assess the quality of color, uniformity, viewing angle (aspects, these other, where Apple sure is outstanding).

  19. DriSs El says:

    5.1 quad HD display is one of the best ever smartphone equipped with PIN sharp vivid and deep blacks and wide viewing angles 5.1 full HD screen Galaxy S5 was good This is significantly better

  20. Ahmad Zaki says:

    the phone look premium and the colors really is elegant that bump up the quality of galaxy s6 as compare to all previous phones. I really like the galaxy s6 phones.