Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Muslim Aqeel says:

    as my expectation is the 12MP camera enough for photographic capabilities but according to some rumors they gonna jump to 16MP

  2. Hamdi Alasha says:

    not 4 is also similar looking but the location of speakers is also changed and the back glass make it look prettier and still it is nonremovable

  3. Dldar Zaxo says:

    speed test make it simple to know that who leads in manner of the performance and quickness in each thing

  4. Ahmad Msh says:

    particularly innovative and a different update over previous but not looks cheap as before. It first came out with some extra ordinary things on it that looks exciting to me really

  5. Khushboo Uras says:

    there are number of features, but i say that it still fit perfectly in hands because of mid size

  6. Majid Almohsine says:

    i have yet the 16GB model wiht 3G plus WIFI and white color is so pretty for this phone.. tell me is this product is yet in stock?

  7. Javeed says:

    Yes want to buy

  8. Huma Sundas says:

    I want a display which have to 2,560 x 1,440, QHD and i have found this amazing combination in this smartphone.

  9. Intoxicated Soniya says:

    need this phone

  10. Mahmoud Ali says:

    remain a good handset as compare to many phone.. i know that this phone is not have powerful hardware but good phone for normal use

  11. Esam Esam says:

    The Df is intended for photographers who wish to deliberate individually on the photographic art.

  12. Waddah Maher says:

    3 rows of the keyboard is something new and different that completely change the way of your browsing support of touch screen

  13. Zaheer says:

    How much 6310i please inform me

  14. Feras Kilani says:

    actually there is not alike before noise with the sound and speakers are placed at the right place but has speaker lower quality i think on the note 5

  15. Saeed Ali says:

    but how do you put this phone in your pockets

  16. Jayoung Kim says:

    This entire leads to a massive handset that still has few great areas of enhancement. The primary camera of the device does not live up to its assure, and the HTC handset durable battery life is ahead of others and is surprising

  17. Hisham Alawar says:

    Smartphone Display OLED finally got rid of the roughness and deservedly won a high place in our ranking.

  18. Ziko Arabi says:

    yet seemingly everyone has this phone :) so I am also go with the trend

  19. Farah says:

    WOW,i have an iphone 5s....hold on,i'm stil having an iphone 5 with double flash -.- apple's going down without Steve

  20. Nadeem says:

    Nice phone