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  1. Salem Fawwaz Aljribea says:

    The Galaxy and Motorola are another story (although they are not more than a first step, but they are more polished my understanding).

  2. Roohan says:

    I want to buy new cell phone, please suggest about both mobile phone, Apple iPhone 5s-Gold-32GB or Samsung galaxy note 3?

  3. Ahmed Hamid says:

    yes many features are low in this phone while the new 6s has many things changes as the 4K video capturing with the 12MP camera and available in app store

  4. Mahmoud Hemdan says:

    when its prices announced??

  5. Ahmed Hanafi says:

    hope South Korean would discourse the single speaker system it sited on the S6 Samsung, but unluckily it has not. It is reserved the solo speaker on the dishonorable of the Galaxy S7 and both edge s7 galaxy, rather than electing for dual front-facing helps like HTC and Sony.

  6. Cheruine Hamza says:

    I have a question that how can use the multi windows on the Note 4 I am not a keen user of Smartphone just recently bought this phone and switch to the new Lollipop

  7. Myo Myo Htike says:

    I want to buy lenovo z2 pro now

  8. Mashadi says:

    confiuration of the lg g2 phone is identical.. difficult to compare with the Android-smartphone based solely on performance

  9. Mujtaba says:

    it does not matter for this kind of cheap phone that how big is the screen size and display is hd or not... is good for normal usage than it is a good option

  10. Alia Magnis says:

    issue is that the phone icons is not much clear looking in the menu option is company not notice that or this is something fix with the new updates?

  11. Mushtaq says:

    design of the phone is very different looking may be this time samsung make a seperate model series

  12. Zaid Ammareen says:

    seems to be a very useful features on it like always on screen to show multiple things

  13. LiveandletXin Omar says:

    I like the pen device. This is unique combination or you can say a new idea in the field of samrtphones. Now the drawin or the art work and other work become simple for me to do with it.

  14. Fouad Osama Fouad says:

    say that the N1 tablet dramatically thinner and lighter than its competitors, it is impossible.

  15. Tahseen Tahseen says:

    Whole the headphones cannot be altered to their preferred since they, first of all, much more dependable, and after that, offer out enough bass and the speakers of the phone is overall good

  16. Thelma Samson says:

    Google is new in the market..first it has to judge the market and then it would open itself and show you who is it...)

  17. Yazan Rose says:

    as i saw space gray looks more elegant and casual style with the stainless steel as well as professional looks. a simple leather buckle is more low range and great as well

  18. Suman Mohammad says:

    exceptional prices for the excellent phone

  19. Mohamed Salah says:

    Android OS, v4.4.4 (KitKat) is upgradable to lollipop when this phone got released?

  20. Wafaa Ata says:

    Latest iPhone screen with the geometry of 3: 2 was the iPhone 4s, 5-tuples geometry was as well has 16: 9 aspect ratio on screen