Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ghilas Karim says:

    as compare the design of the s7 edge to the iphone 6 series and even s series I find samsugn this time more good looking and brilliant dimensions

  2. Shadi Qandil says:

    usually appear in 2nd month of 2015

  3. Mohamad Arivan says:

    at first i mention, the battery is a bit less than, exactly 3000mAh that i find, however of the 3220 is not the side and from above, from the fact that the screen is curved.

  4. Mustufa Shmsh says:

    best thing i found in my galaxy note 3 is that it able to run useful applications i running yet SWIFTKEY 4.3 and MYSCRIPT CALCULATOR like applications and phone is best for businness work and browsing as well

  5. Maher Hossein says:

    they assembled the necessary tools to show you what it looks like your panel.

  6. Wissam Mohamed says:

    they start selling this phone now?

  7. Ali Sanusi says:

    Why has Apple determined to not link the lots by means of a actually high-res screen? Why is the iPhone still the the majority luxurious on the market?

  8. Mohamed Salameh says:

    2160p video recording at all fps rates. Exynos 5433 variant is more advanced

  9. Rekar Ali says:

    As the phone is most suitable to carry Sony Xperia Z Ultra? To take start with it. Very impressive unique dimensions set by Sony.

  10. Md Latif says:

    hlw sir I need this mobile pls call me 0553934871 uae

  11. Asif Iqbal says:

    Hi Is this mobile support 4G internet? What is the price in uae or oman?

  12. Stuart Gardner says:

    The last one was so hard to love because not a good feeling in hands, but it is success in markets not compete with the Apple as compare to other brands like HTC, LG and Sony it is anice phone.

  13. Mahdy Bin says:

    just one black color?

  14. Khan Afzal says:

    The screen size is also very big you can call it a small brother of tablet rather than the Smartphone.

  15. Sahar Zaki says:

    if this gear 3 release date is more extend now.??? because note 4 is nearly coming and not found any detail about gear 3 launching

  16. OmAr says:

    It seems like that majority of peoples now like the big size phones called so Phablets. In my opinion it is so hard to keep all the time with you big size phone specially inside your pockets.

  17. Farhan Khan says:

    easy to carry around because of 4.7 inches size and ultimate entertainment. Anytime, Anywhere with iphone 5s

  18. Zakariya Alhaidi says:

    this is a good selection by blackberry to make this phone screen size 5 inches.. with qHD display...

  19. Nida Z DarTaha says:

    this amazing new phone is bit covered with the glass plate among a mirror with more smooth surface and judging by the reflection in the more better level of brightness

  20. Abdallah Askat says:

    The phone is a wonderful product by the samsung till this time and this phone has grown up the market of Samsung. This is one of the nest Smartphone samsung has produced yet.