Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Noor Omair says:

    the best of best and the greatest of all time is here.. note 4 i love this phone

  2. M.uns says:

    Hello dear friend I want that you buy this phone How much the price after reduction and private During km day of arrival me With a thousand thanks and appreciation

  3. Brahim Yassine says:

    the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge and they are bounded by question. Be able to they reinstate Korean to its previous magnificence?

  4. Hamada Aljaff says:

    here is an innovation by LG but once again they not capable to make the perfect slim phone as others

  5. Hosni Afghan says:

    performance and heating these are the major facts people love the iphones because it is been a leader in this way. should not be confused just get your hands on the iphone 6s plus and you will find out how better it is

  6. Md Shamim says:

    i need e52 please contect 0528732414 in dubai

  7. Shiju says:

    Hai u number please

  8. Dennis D says:

    the edge is so nice and beautiful device, there is packed now the single speaker working so fine and a astonishingly amount of clear sound without any kind of noice, generally nice camera also

  9. Abdelrazik Alrefabl says:

    there is nice external keys to controle volume and power on off also with that you can go to sleep and there is nice Touch ID sensor

  10. Rizwan Ahmad says:


  11. Ata Alhamed says:

    And of course, the Galaxy Note is a device to cut the game, with its large screen and immersive swift graphics chip.

  12. Sunny Hossain says:

    How much or which market i get this? I live in dubai

  13. Hema Kaul says:

    what experts saying about iphone 6?? small screen buy equipped with more power and new application with new ios... to many new tricks for iphone now have to found in this phone

  14. Hazhar Biko says:

    yes the specs and all the hardware is enhanced.. Also the powerful camera and the resistance with the water capabilities make this one unique

  15. Qb Butt says:

    In addition, the LG G3 has a handy system unlock screen - double tap of the surface of the display.

  16. Farah Ikhalaq says:

    Wow this is some thing great from Apple. I love to buy this cheap phone. I am always thinking to buy phone of iPhone but always it's quite expensive and not affordable for me.. Thanks Apple :D

  17. Ali Hussen says:

    the LG G Flex screen was more - 6 inches, but the resolution, contrast, smaller - 1280 720 pixels.

  18. Vaishak says:

    Need to know the price of N6 Black 64gb

  19. Hyunkoo Lee says:

    such a clever technology