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  1. Tanveer says:

    Samsung galaxy a7 has fabulous display with the hd video quality, i watch movies for hours on this smartphone, never gets heat up or hanged.

  2. Wahiba Hamoda says:

    this one is always better and much better than laptops and tablets.. actually i totally dislike tablets because they not include useful features... but surface pro are v. usefull and best

  3. Altaeb says:

    i think there is might more chances to come down the prices of this alpha phone.. in line with the many of other phone like this are arriving in future in markets .

  4. Hamido Hason says:

    I am shocked to after reading this amazing line that is "the most higher power efficient graphics Adreno 430 that enable now 3D gaming on the 4K display for the first time". this is wonderful. Thank God that samsung is providing some thing good than the Apple.

  5. Halcyon Meditation Orbit says:

    Apple is also working in the gold market as we can see that a large number of Glod plated Smartphone and watch it has introduced in the market.

  6. Hamdan Al Nahyan says:

    when this Galaxy note released in UAE, Dubai i cant wait to buy

  7. Khaled Elzahar says:

    bit a different thing by them in manner of design which is unsual design totally refreshed

  8. Ali Haider says:

    The Smartphone look a premium business class phone with the 6.9mm thin body and yest it is very nice to hold the big phone than ever just a bulky phones by other.

  9. Alnaser says:

    elimination of features such as memory expansion and change the battery is possible on the note edge?

  10. Hatim Kadam says:

    that does not surprise me what you say about the camera pixels 16MP and aperture to be included in next device

  11. Md Inam Uddin says:

    we could see a demo-between where the iPad Air 2 rode smoothly videos 4K, that let you imagine the power behind.

  12. Engr Umair Mumtaz says:

    The qulaity is really amazing and I think this much amount which they are asking is really good and bearable

  13. Kamran says:

    Samsung is still the traditional circular corner design, engineering plastics material or the same years, but the curvature of the fuselage on a lot more than LG G3 This is also reflected in the superior grip handle than the latter.

  14. Tounsi Twansa says:

    speed begins to be felt in intensive processes like video games or applications where the processing is intensive as Google Maps and Google Earth where the rendering is immediate in the iphone 6s plus

  15. Waqas Viki says:

    the phone look neet and clever with the following chipset and RAM is not too much low as the screen resolution are acceptable in such prices

  16. Haris says:

    Htc one e8 gud.....but the duel sim ?

  17. Yahya Ayhm says:

    look incredible from both sides bakc and the front also edges are really good. improved sensor and panorama mode slow motion mode all in the ipad air 2

  18. Mymo Mymo says:

    not this is a mystery that who use this kind of phone 2nd another screen has some interesting feature and is required.. You can make your phone more durable and do your all daily task with it without give too much impact to battery.

  19. Richard Barrett says:

    The most obvious reschedule is the use of contrasting with the metal textures little bit and is practical to the plastic rear side, and back side also covered nicely the buttons include colors and volume keys as well.

  20. Rafik Gaby says:

    he model 6s and 6s plus alongside a suitable video comparison, for the moment we can only give a very positive vote to the iPhone 6.