Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Parvez says:

    is this phone run applications like whats app and other aplication like viber.. because of no camera on this phone i think this feature not supported

  2. Aariz says:

    i want no camera windows phone... as it is also applicable here?? tell me the best prices so can i plan to buy it... like lumia like phones

  3. Layla Basm says:

    just buy this phone before month and still using it .. it is good phone and display of this phone is very very good.. and different features

  4. Ahmed Moharram says:

    nice smartphone but it has no audio beats???

  5. Abbas says:

    what is the price of samsung galaxy ace 3 in qtar.

  6. Afnan Alkurdi says:

    the last edition of the s family has 4.0 inches design but the same kind of ram and display as well as the performance with the battery and the 1560 mAh battery as iphone 6 so i think there is no way out for us to try the next phone in more prices

  7. Haval Sabah says:

    Let me ring a bell for you that the value is now knock out of the line of Samsung Galaxy A with A5 and A3 and is reasonable, as the majority of models sold in sell at the old prices, the change will take place in early January

  8. Abdo Syr says:

    Apple Watch smart watch are still to satisfy our still unknown demands. But they are a great first attempt, though

  9. Mourad Shahm says:

    improved in many of the configurations as result of that many of us prefer the big iphone 6s plus model are already prepared to get juice to 4K

  10. Evangelyn says:

    How much the price of Asus Zenfon6 pls...

  11. Abdul Mozid says:

    plz tell much betery power for Samsung galaxy K zoom C111m mobail.

  12. Shahad AlNaimy says:

    powerful performance on this kind of so luxurious phones are required and yes the best graphics with the awesome design

  13. Hamidullah says:

    competitor of Galaxy Round let see how much it is in cost....

  14. Medo Elkazzaz says:

    So you do not know what was with the iPhone 7C upcoming, but I hope they really do not dare to go back to such design which is thick as iphone 5s

  15. Alan Jamil says:

    Yes and at the begining of the iphone 5s that ranks as the lightest model they have actually at that time

  16. Arif Mohammad Younis says:

    This particular Smartphone could be attached to your Appel watch and that is the beat part in the description i read in the Apple watch.

  17. Nazer Fathe says:

    From simple to complex operations, no one with which to Nexus 6 failed, Google Nexus 6 is in the elite club of the coolest smartphones with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 805.

  18. Duhooki Ahmad says:

    ot just what is in fact quicker, but above all, it would look like that A8X be a genuine monster performance and predictable that developers can develop it fully, which is not the case at the moment.

  19. Warvin Saed says:

    A force sensitive screen on the galaxy s7? Not a doubt it is not possible because they are just ahead to unveil new phones and there is no official news about that

  20. Waled Mosa says:

    exlusively all new renders like s6 is high end in performance and all ways but not anyone going to make such kind of design