Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ayatullah says:


  2. Sherin Abd ElMoneim says:

    To do this in the iPhone 6, there was a separate receiver Qualcomm in addition to the transceiver despite the fact that the chip supports all standard WFR1620 frequency iPhone 6 configuration

  3. Mustafa Hijazi says:

    any expected prices for this phone... and what abou its prices for 16gb memory overall style of the phone looks familiar but where is the buttons in navigation???

  4. Hussein says:

    a few straight lines in different inclinations and with different colors when viewed on mobile as with the native resolution there is no smoothing

  5. Faouzi Moudian says:

    To some extent, Samsung Galaxy S6 nicer iPhone 6. Glass on both sides makes me nostalgic for the glorious days when the market reigns iPhone 4.

  6. Heidi Alamawi says:

    This 4K Screen theory is providing additional credibility by the fact that the future Google Operating System

  7. Mani Sahota says:

    Again a very lower quality of smartphone. I dont know that why samsung is producing such a lower quality of smartphone.

  8. Shihab K Ismail says:

    Brightness at an angle both screens noticeably decreased (to avoid strong dimming, shutter speed is rise by 2.

  9. Nithar says:

    Instead of a metal mesh polyphonic speaker in Grand 2... the same with grand duos model new launch in 2014.while squeezing or twisting crunch is not audible.

  10. Khalid Abdulfattah says:

    and enjoy all the advantages of the higher screen resolution but why not use 4K still when all other phablet have it

  11. Zafar Ali Thari says:

    As compare this phone to other big one it is best. This phone is capable to deliver you all that you desire from phone.

  12. Adnan Albalushi says:

    certainly, the dimensions are 92.2 x 179.4 x 6.5 mm, weight - 212 grams. In the front side pocket of jeans you can be dressed in, but to sit down it become so hard to carry it.

  13. Nishad Hassan says:

    This while, a superior screen, a more faster processor, additional customization landscapes of iOS 8, and enlarged capacity assistance nearby the mouth gap by way of leadign Android Smartphones.

  14. Raymond Tsang says:

    Further than the slighter, enhanced the display, the device several other specs are now more enhanced, lot of them acquired from its brother device they previously launch “G3”; the design, camera features and specially the visuals

  15. Baseer says:

    overall sleeker and slimmer as expected the phone will be but biggest part is how they going to manage among their battery power consumption. Or there is more updates with the software

  16. Hassan Alrabi says:

    this is my favorite phone due to best capabilities and options nexus phone always provide best technology to their each user and nexus phone includes all good technology that is built in high quality

  17. Vicky Jatt says:

    there is need to make the edges more smooth

  18. Mouhamed Alhamoud says:

    Phone decent, a cut above the iPhone 5s; much more convenient to have all through the keep using their devices with one hand just

  19. Mohamad Bilal says:

    Have seen the battery...? if not then check it in the specs portion and then samsung or the Apple smartphone. you won't find the same battery in this amount of money.

  20. Abdul Jawwad says:

    this time not sony give peoples just slim and compact design of the phone.. easy to hold in one hand phone is this ... best android os inside which which simultaneously embodies strength and beauty.