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  1. Bryan Adams Brahma says:

    I was wondering that if I could got a smartphone having a S Pen stylus. I love to use this kinds of smarphone I donít know that why but I like it.

  2. Clementina Vicinanza† says:

    It is not just a normal might have not use it... it is one of the best Smartphone form the Apple..

  3. Ahmad Fantry says:

    the apple tablet is more personal now with the same iphone like glassy body and the finishing is good with good colors comparison.

  4. Mistefa Eli says:

    chipset 805 snapdragon while the graphics and the performance of many phones just increasis with the 64bit chipset

  5. Mohamed Al-Damluji says:

    large memory but more prices for the HD display with 3D touch phone just because this is 2nd phone with such technology

  6. Saadni Sofien says:

    so much have to find about this watch because all features are just not tested by any one

  7. Hussain says:

    Do you have lumia 950 dual sim, may I know how much and from which show room I can buy?

  8. Sanaa El Hossary says:

    As well as being rather iPhone impressed everybody in its dimensions, the Ascend P7ís appearance is alike that phone.The sides are textured aluminum, the rear side has a smooth glass.

  9. Aminul Islam says:

    From the flow of rays from the subject are separated portions extending through opposite portions of the lens, and sent to two separate sensor.

  10. Sawsan Hamad says:

    Is this phone has same features with cameras as the M8 has.

  11. Mehmet Tosun says:

    Hello I am Mehmet, I live in Turkey and I want to buy samsung Galaxy S4, Do you send products to another country? Can you send the smartphone to the Turkey when I pay for it? If you can send the telephone to the Turkey will the price be the same and will be any shipping costs? Have a nice day Mehmet TOSUN

  12. Ahmed Sami says:

    want to get ipad air tell me more about its specs and features

  13. Abdo Bnasser says:

    is even faster in the performance but the same difference among both iphone 6s and the plus phablet phones than. Smaller palms and will be giving the more sleek dimensions.

  14. Ahmed Karam says:

    5Mega Pixels selfie camera all alongside with the Selfie light and nice Gestures on the Lg phones always and the Knock Code has different things

  15. Mohamad Saeed says:

    I am allegedly all time prepared for something special because its being long time ago they made something different, after the collapse in sales caused by the low impact of the Galaxy S5

  16. Rajput says:

    HTC One M8 CDMA price??? and what is the difference in CDMA version???

  17. Ritaj Algerai says:

    all i need is the phone like this well the 11 hr battery life time with the full use of internet with Wifi and with 3G and 4G is looking just fine as before

  18. Abrar Alshorman says:

    the graphics are not to good; 10 out of 6 because of low resolution and not so much clarity I found on this phone than others

  19. Amira says:

    itune Radio and might be come with good accessories that enhance your experience with it, new isight camera features and also 8mp camera with more improvement, but what about iphone 6 speed