Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Younes Sat Mo says:

    March 11 2016 is the date when this phone available with the shipment free option in uae or may be preorder of samsung s7 starts on march 11

  2. Hashim says:

    4k display on it?

  3. Fawy says:

    Auto Focus phase detection is more instantly do the task and efficiently AF required; Panoramas now with a more best megapixel, cool.

  4. Amr Ahmed says:

    all the time the main advantage of using samsung smartphone is with their nice display and other than that their is more capacity right now with the same dimensions of the battery.. but why not they give us removable options on galaxy s7

  5. Adel Alhmed says:

    The iPhone supports A8 chipset and the processor is the most advanced one in every kind of condition it has capabilities to perform even more and more faster than ever

  6. Ayaad Mohammad says:

    The camera LG Nexus 5 felt a significant step forward compared with the camera of S5 Samsung, which was also very good.

  7. Abubakar says:

    lenovo A606 current price in Qatar 549 Riyal

  8. Almazoug says:

    after 2 years we may see alot of changes on this mobile phone regarding the display, performance of phone with the battery and camera changes alot possible

  9. Enas Alamaireh says:

    this time the Phone looks alike LG G3

  10. Belal says:

    i like ipad 4 it is a good tab

  11. Maro Helmy says:

    But the stylus pen is not work alike the apple pencil there is need of work with that still

  12. Veron Bugatt says:

    a master piece that is not much bulky and as well has all the high end features indeed packed

  13. Mahde Beghdadi says:

    not good phone for multitasks as you can do with note 3 like phones and xperia z phone is more good

  14. Ahmed Sambo says:

    The 6th smartphone by Apple and there is a actual sense this time that this phone is in fact quite different and so unique.

  15. Mustafa Ibrahim says:

    But in its place of create a stability by means of the border metallic, the panel is frame by the sharp edges of it: the feeling at the finger scan is a small piece that puzzling, even unlikable by many because of design.

  16. Lakshman Bandara Weerarathna says:

    5.5 inches of large screen is really very good. It is best for watching movies and the game lover would like it so much as it has a wonderful screen resolution.

  17. Asad Noonari says:

    it supports wirless charging or not??

  18. Mohamad Mahmood says:

    An advanced camera with no of good featuees. this time say bye to blury phots and also zoom to get the more details

  19. Mohammed Saleh says:

    same as huawei p6.. but its Quad Core processor make it something more better ... but i like it more when Huawei Ascend G6 contains 1080p... still 720 p recording not full HD

  20. Haris Ahmed says:

    Such a lower battery 1440 mAh which can not even survive for a 15 hours or more. The features are amazing but the battery has made some bad impact on this series.