Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hicham Balbino says:

    glass aluminium compare to the previous phones used materials is obviously something they give new. aluminum frames and glass protection is not on the whole body but on the rear side actually

  2. Noor Noorulamin Pti Ulamin says:

    The Apple is the thickest but its camera is blush by means of the rear and has an important benefit in battery capacity (to which will approach up later).

  3. Mohammad Shouehne says:

    is this is cheapest one? not i say it has the same prices as samsung phones

  4. Abu Nour says:

    So which edge model is even more better the Note and the S6?

  5. Mishkat Ahmed says:

    I just want to have one but this is so much expensive I waish that if Apple could produce some great stuff but with the lower price so that we the people who love it so much could buy them and can have one..

  6. Mohammed Jafa says:

    Still Americans unveiled the iPhone 6 but has same pixels camera also in the Phablet that has a wider screen for the first time

  7. MiDo Misbah says:

    The watch can make you pay your resturant just need an iaccount and enjoy with your watch without any wallet or credit card.

  8. Anzor Adiga says:

    not provide best performance in selective things as others are because this phone is able to handle all the operations and is really a great one

  9. Mourad Aljabiri says:

    Even there is a durable battery and now has all features capable to give us instantly response to each queries. To enable more powerful OIS to capture with the dim light and offers clear, crisp saturation.

  10. Amena Amer says:

    the frame rate is too nice and speed is perfect. Colors and saturations of the images taken from this and the note 4 and s5 is really different

  11. Mouhammed Bouaichi says:

    as opposed to the apple iphone 5 which has older microUSB input is not included and give more bezel sorround and nice edges round bit with pal handing to the iphone 6s plus

  12. Fyyad Ahmed says:

    The 3D force touch yes it is and the new sensor may be come with lot more

  13. Pep Guardiola says:

    the new model is the pro version of the g4 well looks pretty same like the normal

  14. Ali Lalah says:

    i am just thinking that how slim this iPad pro... the iPad Air hands on looks is very beautiful and iPad pro is the most high end and big one

  15. Alhaji Hazem says:

    yes I accept it that it is the best camera phone but what about the performance of battery with the 4k recording and is there is options like slow motion apple on this devices

  16. Amer says:

    In addition, change IP GPU on GX6450 might be more reduce power consumption SoC idle and at low load, since the GPU is able to individually disable blocks USC

  17. Ahmed Neuer says:

    The display is really very good. I have one and it is camera is also very good. Must buy one so that you'd be saying what i have said.

  18. Aqsa Saeed says:

    Nice design and better performance. It has a fastest processor and it will let you have the best time so that you can enjoy more with your smartphone.

  19. Alaa Aftar says:

    1.5GHZ and the other one is for the 2.0GHz. The combination is not so much good and i just want to add one thing which that if the combination is not good the phone would produce heat.

  20. Rebels Libya says:

    The 85 dgree wide area for selfie....Good for those who likes to takle selfies.. I think Females would be taking interest in it.