Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Omar Alrasheed says:

    life is impressive on the phone specially I am considering non removable battery with more thinner design on lg g5 but they give a whole new thing to us right now.

  2. Rakesh Pawar says:

    A battery of my choice is here and that’s the best part I think it has. It would be alive for a long time and would show you amazing stuff and never ask you for a charger.

  3. Eman Mustafai says:

    Beautiful design with high definition camera but still it needs some more improvements.

  4. Bhawan Rai says:

    Really best phone with high end features as never before with the latest touch keyboards and Battery power to keep up with you all the time

  5. Zaid Abu Saleem says:

    In many ways it can be say that this phone is too good… Good amount of RAM and also insert memory cards microSD is possible with this Smartphone

  6. Ahmed Alshawesh says:

    In general, the new iPhone markedly larger than last smartphone and wider, Not at all, almost all manufacturers now seek

  7. Nitin Khare says:

    no fault found with the oneplus one phone and I am using it for 4 months it is a good phone with perfect display and ppi is nice

  8. Rdwan Alhosaoi says:

    a number of of the be obvious design facial appearance of the Watch containing the heaviness of the case, which is considerable sufficient to please a usual watch-wearer such as for myself with no emotion troublesome.

  9. Aiman Yahya Al-hajj says:

    and what about the variation with the edge model are they going to unveil the curve phone as well

  10. Muhammad Arshad says:

    very nice

  11. Sara Sara says:

    The LED light is very much good than the new M9. This phone push the HTC more far and it is the big sucess of HTC. The phone is really very good and amazing.

  12. Muzammil Amin says:

    Larger battery means you can spend more time with your smartphone and If you love to have some amazing kind of photos so this is the nest smartphone according to me for you.

  13. Maykel Khalfalah says:

    here is the best deal I found the best price; thanks but need to ship this one in qatar

  14. Mumen Ali Bdoor says:

    but with the stylus the are continuously upgrading and include some fresh features

  15. Yamni Shaikh says:

    Prices of the phone have drop a little after release of iphone 6s but not expected to be the same as iphone . but such premium features upgraded I am really glad to see specially.

  16. Ashar Rizvi says:

    The price is so far which is might be thinking of samsnug or HTC to provide such quality and when they offer such price you'd happlily pay but you are not sure about the LG (a very good company) thats what make your mind think that the price is so much high.

  17. Bakri Omar says:

    This watch is not just a simple watch but it is my wife and my mom who are very much consious about my health and my fitness.

  18. Yazan Rose says:

    as i saw space gray looks more elegant and casual style with the stainless steel as well as professional looks. a simple leather buckle is more low range and great as well

  19. Md Tabraiz says:


  20. Rageshckandi says:

    Dear sir:I would like to buy a nokia xl mobile phone.actually this phone available in qatar market???,which shop available...much more.please post your valuable details