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  1. Mohammad Ali Ahmadi says:

    bu i found a little issue with this phone gap between the screen?

  2. Mera Mohamed says:

    got some new updates for the iOS9 that there is UI and animation on the operating system which is running on the new coming iphone series on this september well it means the new iphone has animations on the home screen features need little battery

  3. Jamha Nahsoo says:

    when will these phones came out in the market and is this one is really a jack-free iPhone?

  4. Rabab El Sherbiny says:

    The fact that Samsung decided to paint the side cover unit in body color, do not leave them entirely metal so the grand prime is not like this

  5. Farzad says:


  6. Faheem Saeed says:

    Classic versions are really old... and i think this phone look similar to nokia phones and asha series... so what blackberry is doing

  7. Dastan Bairam Baker says:

    The phone has 5.5 inches with 1920x1080 pixels resolution which is as equal as the samsung grand has...One plus one good job...

  8. Munawwar says:

    A great phone, but no longer a game changer.. because camera and many other features are not too high.. very good phones are coming in future...

  9. Amir Nawas says:

    high quality audio is not in this asus who is saying that this phone is built in quality just the body design is ok

  10. Yousef Ameen says:

    because they not change the design and style of the Smartphone people say that there is no new thing updated for this phone

  11. Lolo Faltas says:

    AS like its small version of Moto sibling, the new Google phone comes with a best piece and hardware look all ok for me. The full aluminum frame on body and back cover is totally different as compare to last predecessor.

  12. Abu Muhannad says:

    I like the slim design and the front camera because it is providing the best selfie which is of my choise.

  13. Sandra Jedawy says:

    many people like lenovo phones because of low cost.. i see just performance and also body design... so zenfones and motorola are more good... aslo huawei is good as compare to lenovo ...

  14. Hmmadwa says:

    I love this phone.. best speed

  15. Rana Zaghamsajjad says:

    not this phone is like iPhone it is like Samsung's own Galaxy Alpha which is actually a copy of iPhone :D

  16. Bouchra Allaoui says:

    oneplus one phone has arabic language?

  17. Timan Oswaisi says:

    Only the best of HTC brings you closer to the real experience.. m8 the best phone with all useful features on, sound, display all is perfect

  18. Shahzad Ansari says:

    A wonderful smartphone that has so much to explore and so much to get. This smartphone has a wonderful camera and a wonderful screen virew so that you can see movies play games and do many other things.

  19. Ma Makram says:

    Depending on how you push the display, you can activate actions similar to receiving a peep at the inside of an emailing, chatting or receiving a look at a website ahead of you leave there.

  20. Tatyana Abiqa says:

    Brilliant performance but the display is not more improved just enhance pixels and camera is little good now