Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ammar Firas says:

    high hopes from their side but after testing their resistance with water it really impressed with samsung phones actually

  2.  Akram Insafian says:

    Rumors are really getting a wonderful market this time and they are also predicting so much new stuff about this phone.

  3. Hamza Nasir says:

    Both phones big and small one at top of the screen is similar to the distribution of sensors and cameras, also internet connectivity and other features are all same except resolution and size??

  4. Alazzawi Waleed says:

    More new rumors mentioned by CMLive, have away as far as to say that future iPhones will use solar panels to enhance their customary batteries

  5. Abdul Moed says:

    this is good android phone with high specs.. good for gaming as sony make its battery more durable

  6. Sameer Alnahdi says:

    when it is available ???

  7. Aziza Alatrash Alhosaini says:

    still the small screen size and the high end classifications. Amongs many a great option I say even with the motorola you can compare the specs and remember about the new Android 6.0

  8. Katamoto Katamoto says:

    The main or rear camera has a 13 Mp rear camera sensor that is capable to image stabilize the processed image with optics and OIS.

  9. Suber says:

    Vivid screen quality and also the more good features with the perfect viewing angles that lg is offering in nex

  10. Jameel says:

    i want to talk here about ibook new feature include on iphone 6... it looks pleasant to my eye something good and instant for browser text

  11. Criss Aminou Michel says:

    2K screen + OIS great camera BNM LG G3 complete estimation and so good battery life as well.

  12. Abdullah Malim says:

    Wonderful phone with an amazing camera result.

  13. Naeem Seraj says:

    Thanks souqmobi for price updating of Lumia 1020.

  14. Anna Cristiano says:

    They are new in the market i know but they have a big image in the market dua to there other products they won't produce a smartphone with low quality...if they do so, then people will not but there other products.

  15. Wahhab says:

    there have been overall redness problem. Battery life was also dragged down the results of the two high with hardware.

  16. Mohammad Ali says:

    S6 is a high defination smartphone and providing some good kind of a stuff to the customers and customer enjoy to have this smartphone.

  17. Sumit Alrazj says:

    13 MP camera still good aas compare to the new iphones but yes there is some issues with the low light

  18. Azad Saleh says:

    1st me using xperia z2 ... but i like more htc m8i because in peformance and graphics and also in gaming its performance is smooth

  19. Emad Tadros says:

    fashionable yes definitely it is but expensive also :)

  20. Maha Qasqas says:

    yes edge is good but not I say the note edges phones because they are too big in size and hard to handle things. A lot more nice is the new galaxy s7 edge model that is really awesome