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  1. Dhananjay Kumar says:

    I need nokia 2300 in any color, I am living in dubai Is it available here if yes then explain where and how much price in UAE AED.

  2. Ouided says:

    cost of neo gear 3 samsung will be not much expensive... really waiting for this smart gear and note 4

  3. Hesham Samir says:

    xperia z2 price???

  4. Carwan Barwari says:

    without plugging it in also edge phone has ability to charge and it charge really fast I expecting because the last edition has such abilities also

  5. Muna Khayri says:

    everything is good except the similar like battery as before on this phone

  6. Mazin Muhsin says:

    wait is over here is the everything... now the great ipad air series next model. i am waiting for ari 2 UAE release of pricing.

  7. Saood says:

    it is a good phone packed with all good things... and available now...!!!

  8. Ramdan Chinoui says:

    This phone comes rather out of stage with Koreanís normal at intervals of six months refresh cycle, drumming European goods suppliers some 9-months afterward the basic model of the previous laucnh Z3.

  9. Reem Fetiny says:

    differences in specifications between terminals do not know how the Galaxy note 5, note 3 and edge family, just be explained by purely aesthetic concepts? If large, small, curved screen, etc.

  10. Ehsan Elahi says:

    Is Samsung has gone too far and sold to marketers as long as its sirens piece bear qHD ? The answer is not easy to make.

  11. Jabbaar Karem says:

    another perfect things is this phone accurate and fast enough auto focus system, capable to take with fast with good resolutiin all images that might be breeze with the iphone 5s

  12. Alish Ghaffar says:

    next year flagship or they going to launch this phone this year

  13. Zezoo Karem says:

    i see the large phone i say now apple is copying Samsung and now i not thing that there is a far away difference in both iphone 6 and 6 plus just Apple increase the size of the phone

  14. Veerababu Mallireddy says:

    revolutionary Touch ID on the revolutionary model that is really good and not much bulky

  15. Nabil K Khalil says:

    I am waiting for this phone and waiting to use htc re camera as well with that phone

  16. Jwtyar Maulud says:

    phablets all in the market right now have the more high resolutions even the pixels of their phones are got improved time after time than. But in term of built there is not much modifications we seen before 3 year.s Now the new note 5 has all metallic frame but not the phone is too bulky alike before

  17. Sankian Ali says:

    Hello Dear We Need 20pcs Dorid Turbo Please Give Us Your Offer Price. Best Wishes Sankian Ali 00989127335479

  18. Ali Assad says:

    there is no plenty of available apps like Android open source on this phone

  19. Moaz S Hussien says:

    a brilliant step after the launch of last year iphone 6 which we expected to be launch with the similar screen and diagonal sizes with the good dimensions actually

  20. Omer Ali says:

    if they exclude the home button key from the bottom side of the iphone 7 than phone may be look alike the lg phones in this manner because they as well has not such thing which means in lg phone user have to swipe from downside to upside to get home key and else