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  1. Faisal Alinaizi says:

    To make enhancement on the usability of the Smartphone for the first time they include rich gesture I think

  2. Hussain Ali Khan says:

    I got inspired with the note at once when I buy note 3 phone after using apple and the phone is so perfect and also the design is premium one.. Do not sure why people dislike the big phones either now apple constructed the big phablets

  3. Ghulam Mohammad Bhat says:

    The best and giant with the high end of the year-end Samsung. There are not so long ago, it was a UFO :D. Today, it is still called "Phablet" finally became ... a smartphone with a wider screen.

  4. Francheska Manuel says:

    not the phone is so nice in dimension bit bulky and look ugly with the edges but still they offering the most advanced features on such rates

  5. Gned Kuti says:

    special if the prices are low than 500$ will be the nice package ever

  6. Al-shammari Yazan says:

    i want this

  7. Narcisse Eglantine says:

    Those who speak of programmed obsolescence phone with no battery change ... Id please a mobile repair shop and tell the guy that the battery is not going well.

  8. MUSTAFA says:


  9. Chitrang Vaniyawala says:

    This saves energy! Swipe up from the main screen you will get access to the application, swipe to the side you choose a program that (louder, quieter, rewind).

  10. Ahmad Abdullah says:

    simultaneous 4K video and 9MP image recording which is the best way to record more natural views with the camera of the samsung s7 phone. comparing with the other phone with 4k their is much more better results i saw in the new galaxy phones

  11. Abd El Krim Karim says:

    There is no earlier, additional proficient and piece ironic devices on the marketplace for nowadays. It is countless for now to see Korean mix metallic and corning glass into its built quality

  12. Dlshan Omar says:

    the phone looks ok to me.. but why not much slim like z3 and t series of phone... i like graphics of sony and now 5MP front camera that sony include in it is good for video calling

  13. Engr Amjad says:

    Not this phone is the worst in design the peoples that saying that not know that what is Smartphone..with no other phone you can write instantly as with this Blackberry Passport, three-row keyboard is whole new and good

  14. Abdul Aziz says:

    It is a bit nice alike the ipad actually and people has no issue with the bendgate actually just some of them has issues

  15. Hossam Abdullah says:

    The screen glass is good and strong this time and as well as compare to htc m8 it is more strong and capable to be survive more and higher falls than htc m8 which is before the strongest smartphone

  16. Tayoub Khan says:

    Nice piece

  17. Mohammed Saleem says:

    obviously with the new software update your apple phone will perform incredible and looks great really it is. camera behind may be has dual lens camera than

  18. Muhammad Ghozlan says:

    In practice, however, to keep the device a some days in the pocket, containing my home keys, no hint of such a "flaw" has not been noticed.

  19. Robert Nassif says:

    Hi Is the Blackberry Priv English key pad ? or is it English - Arabic ?

  20. Amami says:

    Although many consumers are willing to accept the iphone 5s because it is stylish but battery lags also does not mean it has done nothing missing.