Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohamad Kheer says:

    Fast battery charging: 60% in 30 min that is quick and just same as apple iphone 6 and galaxy note 5 is offering where as they has to include 4GB of ram in the sony xperia z5 premium

  2. Gohar says:

    all the times this kind of phones by nokia has a best ever battery... love nokia

  3. Yasser Khairy says:

    those powering extremely well as compare to before generation absolutely identical between the 6s Plus and the 6 Plus but i like more the advance small size version not the plus models

  4. Sidi Mustafa says:

    how can I use apple pay on my Smart watch how can I select my card via watch there is no option of camera scan??

  5. Hend Ramadan says:

    I not in need of a extra room to view because already note 3 is very big phone

  6. Yaser Armanazi says:

    s pen is working so much fine on the note 5 mobile phone and is really familiar work as apple is offering in ipad pro with the ipencil.. i am not saying that there is same light weight and design of the s pen but is great features they you need in the smartphone

  7. Nathan says:

    can i import iPhone 6 from dubai to qatar will i hv problem wid customs in qatar

  8. Mostafa Albhlawi says:

    as compare to the samsung s5 and other xperia z2 but I say that the Ascend p6 is beautiful than these

  9. Gazenfer Alam says:

    A normal Handset with selected functions.. Good for those who are a normal user not a multi-user.

  10. Suzan Requieron says:

    since the iphone 5 last year model theit become my favorite brand but after seen the plus model of iPhone i really dis like the new gen which has low end features but still manage the quality

  11. Ismael says:

    infinix hote 2 white

  12. Abid Zaheer says:

    when will be available Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in market?

  13. Tareq says:

    5S to occupy the whole new features with the display and sensor of their phone screen gonna change. Might be in iphone Se 3d touch or more amount of ram included on it.

  14. Venkatesh says:

    I am from India. How much total it costs

  15. Najwa Alaani says:

    but i like its battery life... hope come with a cheap prices

  16. Samiullah Khan says:

    gets fingerprint scanner and 23Mp camera what more is needed to be in any Smartphones?

  17. Husyn Ubeyd says:

    the basics specs include the support the 6s with the apple pay and yes the new phones with the force technology make it more amazing

  18. Hussam Hussain says:

    a 3D- and virtual reality-infused but it drain the battery capacity may be user interface and tight integration with support of the Apple Watch and other.

  19. Roaa Alomar says:

    a challenging one for the rivals models but other than that you can handle phone with one hand. More ram expected in future

  20. Tahseen Ali says:

    I do not like blackberry photo viewer it is not much quick I also do not like nokia windows phone viewer