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  1. Ahmad Abu Zahra says:

    when apple unveils apple iphone 6 in markets??? i am waiting for it

  2. Simon Paul says:

    Korean’s left brave on the aim of the Samsung S6, attractive absent the common plastic cover that decorated preceding models and lastly step keen on the earth of the metallic for its flagships.

  3. Sadiq Musa says:

    in this price Sony Xperia ZR is great phone

  4. Habib Alrsoul says:

    uninspiring design... however in performance and other capbilities and new features samsung make an impressive smartphone now available in all markets with good prices

  5. Riyadh Fadhil says:

    sim free means your smartphone does not capable to ship with a carrier version so you have to select according to region or other wise it is unlock phone so you have to first find the best carrier according to region

  6. Admin2 says:

    Hi Ayesha, It go on sale in Q4 of 2014 or might be next year. Regards SouqMobi

  7. Mfachrurrazy says:

    But it is impressive that they include all the new features like quick chargin and others with the 3rd party backup options

  8. Arslan Manzoor says:

    720p resolution is a v.low need to improve the res

  9. Alhya says:

    tell me the one thing that is not improved in iphone 6 just one thing.

  10. Raed B Babawi says:

    5s in many terms is a great phone truly; great pixels density, design new features introduce as touch id

  11. Khalid Tosif says:

    China on January 7 this phone is coming but what about the united arab applicability of this tablet

  12. Khaled Rabbeya says:

    Samsung users are right now not to worry about the life of their phones as the phone battery is charge more fast than before and with the new OS update Marshmallow it save a lot of more battery in galxy s6 and edge phones has some other features with the curve screens

  13. Sepps says:

    Please i would like to know when vibe x3 arrives in qatar.

  14. Ali Dimashk says:

    dual curved screen model is not good I prefer you all to buy just this phone it is so nice in design, display and everything no issue found

  15. Mahdi Boudi says:

    A uni-body expedient, there is non-removable forming the back of something or durable battery and you would not find out an stretchy storing cardslot wherever.

  16. Rathore says:

    apple change those minds who say larger and more powerful phones include wide pixels and good display just take a look of this iphone 5s

  17. Mohmmed ALmaki Gaaelnasr Abusam says:

    they are offering 2.5X speed with the new Bluetooth connectivity perfect way to improve alongside 10X data capacity boost.

  18. Abo Omar Hamza says:

    i think with this kind of high end features the design in not much ok but performance will be best enough now

  19. Nasir Hasan Fahim says:

    Now fault found with the phone brightness and also contrast levels nice 5.96 inches screen diagonal..

  20. Abhay Kumar says:

    I believe that Note Edge has a large battery and it is according to what I want. Need a smartphone having larger battery so that I can do work not wasting my time in charging it again and again