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  1. Al Sameerie says:

    The size, battery, camera and new thing is touch id that no one is offering in 2013

  2. Alperen Saglam says:

    upping the battery size is required on the upcoming iphone models also there is need of the more efficient processor and OS because right now while calling and doing some multi taks make iPhones bit slow

  3. Khalidsekani Kabir says:

    Please apple put the calling option next time in you watch se that i would only buy the Wrist watch not the Smartphone. I dont want to spend so much of my money on different stuff

  4. Usman Khan says:

    vibrant screen always grab the attention of the consumers whereas such good models always comes with expensive price tag.

  5. Faraj Alaujali says:

    on March 21 we will see what is the big things on this mini version. Of course with the iphone 6s such phone is not comparable

  6. Farman Sheikh says:

    Price please?

  7. Walla AlQablan says:

    577 ppi offers truly impressive numbers that result in bright, vivid colors. In terms of responsiveness, the S6 Edge responds instantly to tap and swipe.

  8. Cioar Hammou says:

    Make a good impact and a lot of great things I find out; updates and trimming many things. Annoyingly user of the phone cannot arrange or customise which stats are revealed so you might have to swipe your way concluded the screens either you need more than one stat.

  9. Omosaid Omalhen says:

    material design got a nice standard but other than this fresh design there is nice features allow you heavy gaming

  10. Ali Duhoky says:

    i need more battery life and fingerprint scanner working more nice in that phone as like Apple

  11. Hamzeh Hesso says:

    you can do lot more with the stylus but there is some of the cons.. No there is a number of cons with the s pen.. First there is not genuine writing with the pen

  12.  Haroon Mahmood says:

    Those who are saying that the 2600mAh battery is good they all dont know that what is going on and what it can and can not do.

  13. Sara Abed says:

    i think Galaxy grand 2 is a good phone as we take a look on its 8MP camera and strong spec, Galaxy Grand 2 has best price

  14. Madkour Danish says:

    Touch ID and Apple Pay this thing is just similar as previous ipad

  15. Zinoush Pretty says:

    it is worth noting the build quality, practicality and sensibleness of all basics of the case and a number of interesting design-engineering solutions.

  16. Abdul Al says:

    Nice features and look of the phone is bit different with the edgest and more slim now with the same screen size. Good HD retina Display but not as much capable to give true colors as note 4

  17. Taki Khaled says:

    in white this ipad looks great and also Apple give a touch of gold yellow metal from the edges. and even thinner more

  18. Ali Anwar says:

    I wish that its GUI is also changeable similar as Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  19. Amine Nejmaoui says:

    with the previous model one thing is the only thing that i not like and it is its battery... big phone and battery is very quickly low down... hope not same with note 4 samsung

  20. Mohnad Agha says:

    there is some of the dissapointments with the iphone 5s phone in some manners. as the processor is not just more faster as i know the application few working fine but now there is many available in apple store applications which are useful and low down the performance of the phone very far