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  1. Abdul Aziz says:

    So many Hope and excitement has been done for this particular smartphone and i think people are switching from the other smartphone companies to this particular company.

  2. Al Sairafi says:

    5S seems to be one of the greatest phones offering nice handling and somewhat inspiring even though, coming with the low, lighter weight of 112g and dimensions is bit thicker.

  3. Max says:

    When is it going to be available in dubai?

  4. Boudissa Mohamed Amine says:

    with apple pencil or they called it smart pencil all is same as surface pro so I think smart keyboard just another thing that is stole from Microsoft actually

  5. Abu-Alrokab says:

    this looks good phone but the prices are bit expensive. s7 has better camera and performance is increased as like always we seen in their new phones time after time

  6. Ahmed Seddek says:

    anybody using Intex Aqua Octa phone??? i want to buy this one

  7. Radia Azzi says:

    there is a beautiful stylish body and has 3 different colors finishing

  8. Yasser Mohamed says:

    not found any minor build issues in the latest a series by Samsung

  9. Sufyan Anjum says:

    Phone is good but CPU power is low i think. It should be more powerful than 5s as the application are getting big day by day.

  10. Sumbul Shoaib says:

    Photo eiditor and video editors plays an important role in making a picture beautiful and realistic. There are many smartphone and many photoeditor but I like iphone 6 photo editor as it is best off all

  11. Gak Jak says:

    Next is stunning design with the upgrade iOS and display

  12. Kheer Alkasem says:

    Force Touch and they will enhanced the touch id performance as well as the display and battery life need to improve

  13. Mohamed Hassany says:

    Now the fight begins of the both Smartphone Giants. HD voice calling feature of both apple and Samsung is so nice

  14. Mahmoud Nagah says:

    best filter camera of the g flex 2 but the battery life is not ok and in hands the phone feels really big

  15. Abdullah Beh Lotfy says:

    mid range screen size of the device is just 8 inches that is such friendly

  16. Asif Shaikh says:

    this phone is expected to be available in the markets next year in CES 2015. i think some of the new accessories are coming also soon

  17. Salima Kazani says:

    It has a battery that is suitable for a normal user but if you are a power user so you would need an other smartphone or another battery.

  18. Adnan Alboshi says:

    The most significant development of the current leader stand alone, and all models in 2016 from South Korean, is enlarged throughout operation. And now Koreans has done huge work and now give us Samsung S7, and this should be noted. On average, they will work in the 1.5-2 times longer than previous devices of the same segment.

  19. Tugba Yilmz says:

    all-too-crucial smartphone segment and the nexus is might also been more affordable as more phones come in 2016

  20. Abdallah says:

    3d is fine but the same display resolutions not the revolutionary one after the 5s.334x750 pixel display with more density slightly but also the screen size is big