Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Zuairi says:

    want nokia xl.. just waiting for its prices

  2. ASIM KHAN says:


  3. Abdo Alarby says:

    many things so far supposed to be included in this one as the new display 8K ultra high will be the most best option after z5 premium.

  4. Islam Hamed says:

    when best Google Nexus 6 price are available???? i am waiting for this mobile long time... have nexus 5 and it is a beautiful phone

  5. Fayza Homs says:

    also owner of the phone can easily now unlock the nexus 6 via a swipe just, a best pattern unlock way, a pin code is included and you can unlock your phone via Password

  6. Khurram says:

    perfect look of this kind of phone... i hate curved edges on windows phone

  7. Mohmmad Anwar says:

    The likely specifications of HTC's One 2014 comprise a 5 inch Full HD touch display screen.

  8. Sibghatullah says:

    waiting for this phone, great one

  9. Shmsh says:

    again samsung makes a better new variant with lot more improvmnets

  10. Banan Shater says:

    the first impression for the user is the glassy body which is really eye grabber for me to first time seen such device by Samsung

  11. Ammar Elbasha says:

    for both image quality and ease of use in my opinion Samsung actually using the same options as Apple with the wirless charging methods and quick functions

  12. Ashraf Mahrous says:

    the phone offering the not of new things as the modest way to recognize the level of force touch you are make on display, and instantly capable to respond in a different way relay on how much force the user of the phone is applying to display.

  13. Joli Gibreel says:

    not this phone is the best entertainer because it is just made to perform even more faster than the previous gen phones.. with the QWERTY. high resolution display from the all phones by BB

  14. Faraz Saeed says:

    When will available Nokia Asha 500 in Doha?

  15. Jano Kanbar says:

    anyone using this phone yet please tell me is there is any issue

  16. Faizi says:

    what is the price of samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0 in india?

  17. Mohammed Kasim says:

    Timeless design. Slimmer than ever but still not include such camera like galaxy s6 phone and prices looks expensive

  18. Kemal Axad says:

    need prices of moto maxx phone please send me price on my email when it is available.

  19. Rebar Armany says:

    A similar ability predecessor G Flex becomes about 180 seconds.

  20. Kiran Munir says:

    Metal body desgin is so good and I like to have a metal body smartphone and there are only few available in the market and A7 is among those few.