Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohammad Shouehne says:

    Home sales of the amazing new phones this phone still not applicable in Middle East region and also not found any pre order news however planned to have at the end of this month well the other different kind of phones also keep coming now in 2015.

  2. Kazanova Colin Ferell says:

    5.7 inches with the slimmest dimension so that is perfect for handling with single hand device and unit is available in 32GB and 64GB

  3. Khaled OmAr says:

    This just demonstrates the dissimilarity in the speed of information processing.

  4. Arshiya Ravi says:

    Android 5.0 is still damp, although it will be launched November 3, 2014. So Galaxy Note 4 got a firmware with Android 4.4.4. But Android 5.0 smartphone will receive one of the first - is almost clear as day

  5. Mohamed Naser says:

    the best quality device is just made by Apple

  6. Abdul Karim Ladhani says:

    The screen size is just amazing and if you really want to see some good and quality of work you can see all in this smartphone.

  7. Moha King says:

    The idea is that they can even be sold if there is a low prices set for this phone

  8. Mahmud Jamal says:

    Quick charging battery and another good thing is that this time there is more good crisp display with the high resolution screen .

  9. El Omda says:

    not the new note 6 is coming? Well that is a big surprise as they going to skip its series phones. fully functional or a totally change we see may be

  10. Hassan Khalil says:

    no new design it is same and not the slimmest one still thick but look so good in such new colors and look to premium

  11. Mohamed Elbatal says:

    they are now much easy to use and other than that this is just a begining by them. New foldable Smartphone is also coming with an innovations

  12. Samm Corp says:

    and while the first results were astonishing, then there were overheating to which the Taiwanese brand has solved with a software update.

  13. Mido Lion says:

    phone got some special attention in CES 2015 is given stabilization system, which allows the camera to use a slow shutter speed without sacrificing image.

  14. Dileep says:

    i want asus zenfone 2laser ze 550kl immediately plz help me

  15. Mubarak Musa says:

    they now jump to the new iOS but the camera remain similar why not they are improving the pixels.

  16. Wafa Murad says:

    . And home is not only in line nokia, but also among all windows phone and now this kind of phone smartphone in general, given the dominant position of the company

  17. Hassan Naseer says:

    4.5 really reasonable phone 1.3 GHz CPU processor that is not dual core.. a quad core built in quality

  18. Abdullah Ahmaed says:

    Superior phone in the market sits along the bottom right side the s pen is and offering same ui to their users as in note4. I think they have to give their users more options of using S Pen

  19. Rabiya says:

    so in how many options note edge is available in markets.. also tell me the colors..

  20. Mishu Angel says:

    In general, this one lateral edge is displayed completely, when you're on the desktop,