Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Smail Bavaria says:

    welcome new sony phone I will b waiting for it

  2. Ameer Nerwan says:

    Apple has the patent for the electronic devices with sidewalls.

  3. Nabi Jehad says:

    slightly taller and possibly wider than the processor model note 3. build quality and specs all are best and prices are set according to all the high techs

  4. Zeeshan Ahmed Qureshi says:

    difference of the LTE band because of the carriers

  5. Abdul Tarek says:

    backside of thie moto phones are very pretty quite similar in look as compare to htc family phones..but prices are really low. and specs are rich,.. i love to buy this kind of phone not a big thing but good for normal usage

  6. Yazan Malkawi says:

    this Smartphone is change it all with the same kind of design as the iphone has and with more economicaal than other cheap brands … this phone has premium specs and design

  7. Maham Khan says:

    4th generation devices are not good I have one and it is not working good. I used to have a device of 2nd generation and that device was working so fine.

  8. Zeina Maghout says:

    If you look exactly, it works very fast, and sometimes do not even have time to notice how to turn the scanner. But in general - a cool feature, is unlikely to be a very popular way to unlock, as well as face unlock in android.

  9. Mohamed Apo Mean says:

    The main thing to look for when assessing the technical characteristics of PlayStation 4, its processor (like the Xbox One) now has the architecture x86-64 - that is, the game console has become even more similar to your home PC.

  10. Amir Omar says:

    strength, good sliding screen , clicks buttons francs, almost perfect assembly of different parts

  11. Shahbaz says:

    it is one of the owesome mobile phone, but HTC did not do great marketing to HTC one.

  12. Khaled Mazed says:

    is this phone is water proof like the iphone latest generation?

  13.  Mukter Hossain Sajid Sajid says:

    I love the design of the Straps and this is really very good, That an electronics company is making products like this.

  14. Faizan says:

    what are the best features actually ?

  15. Al Ayham says:

    his prices for Dual SIM version is not so good because this phone is very old and not have good camera as well

  16. Muhammad Furqan Chaudhry says:

    Also LG G3 mode has two windows, when one program is displayed at the top of the screen, and the other - at the bottom.

  17. Almistarehi Mohammad says:

    the screen is both are among the best devices and it seems the iPhone 6 is the best LCD that have proven

  18. Mian Haseeb Ul Hassan says:

    externally it is just same as the iphone s series were. good enough for personal use but for multimedia recommend the 5s phone that is more good in performance

  19. Ikbel Ikbel says:

    For the nearly everyone part Koreans popular brand has let these pattern and all the material as well improvements as like the iPhone 5s kind of material but the iPhone 6 is different.

  20. Maicaella Johns says:

    its being too late when I heard about this phone and still no news