Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ali Kerhani says:

    when they will launch this mobile phone in the market., i recently see the list of new xperia x family, xperia x performance and more series of phone they launch

  2. Edi Abu Faresi says:

    The best and useful device has durable followed a cycle of constant new updates of features and technology: one year we have a brand new project and the next update an internal hardware with lot more new things arrived.

  3. Nooruddin says:

    Is this phone is DUAL SIM??? and LTE-A is 4G??? or something else

  4. Mohamed Ghareeb says:

    at&t phone has some issues that i am facing with the lollipop 5.0 please suggest me that how can i connect 3G and switch it to lte

  5. Elias says:

    at all they covered in a latest level of strength. little grey version look more elegant in hands

  6. Saimir Xhumri says:

    `Note 5 Active With Rugged Waterproof may be come soon and available with just more value than the based model

  7. Yasir says:

    Comment(Required)Hi .my mame is yasir and i want to buy this phon pleas guide me how i can get it fast ...pleas

  8. Hema Chandra says:

    The design is really very unique and people are loving to have one because it suits my style and my attitude.

  9. Mohammed Saleh says:

    The difference among the both iphone 6s and plus of s family phablet besides the size, is, in fact, in the camera has the similarities and has OIS. To function uses the new chipset for processing, gyroscope and M8 co-processor to move the lens and compensate for hand shake.

  10. Mahnoor Gul says:

    according to my experience with the Apple and Samsung. and also using many premium phones the most lightest weight of the device make it feel little cheap in hands

  11. Zahedul Islam says:

    waiting for price

  12. Rasheed says:

    my phone was lock its showing private password but I'm forgot my password, how to open it can you please reset

  13. Selina Sofia El says:

    I need that phone tell me the price

  14. Ahmad Abduladheem says:

    nexus 6P is also a good option but not they able to make it look stunning as note 5 is, other than that the phone camera and cpu looks not the same

  15. Mik says:

    where can i find it in Qatar with the price displayed

  16. Mansura says:

    Hi..interested in this samsung galaxy mega 7 inc to get it ..plz inform

  17. Rasha says:

    f70 prices??

  18. Mohmad Wrdat says:

    helpful addition however the phones are great and fastest in performance overall. Great camera helped by optical image stabilization but the note 5 and new lg g5 on the other hand will be greatfull within affordable price point

  19. Elbasha says:

    this is a best didicated phone for the gamin purpose actually because of the big size and the perfect x future of the note phone is bright if they modified their edge version more

  20. Gewan Hebso says:

    Based model storage should be 64GB but now I think they are expanding the storage to upto 128gb storage as the cardslot is included in next models after xperia sony z5 premium