Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Shaulsaa says:

    still awaiting for this LG phone to get my hands on it

  2. Abd Gan says:

    However, this support has Snapdragon-version of in Galaxy Note 4 - is the addition of an intermediate resolution

  3. Amir Fesal Dawoud says:

    i love to take selfies and for me this is so great phone only made yet by HTC greatest phone

  4. Mohamed says:

    If it's available can u call me am looking for a new one or used ? 0551032102 or 0503634444

  5. Fazil says:

    when it will introduce in sharja ? / dubai ?

  6. Zarif says:

    very expensive but .. i see this on my friend hands and i want this 2 buy now as soon as possible. because phone design is very impressive

  7. Ahmed Saber Mido says:

    Great front-facing camera with flash and all the quality features packed inside this phone.. The model has nice new look and pretty camera

  8. Hossam Salm says:

    i talk about Power And Efficiency of the iphone6. burden off the A8 chipset and CPU and GPU both are working fast enough that no one other phone can compare with its performance. advanced A8 chip is the most fastest yet chip

  9. Ashaq Anjum says:

    Of the minuses that caught my eye - as opposed to Note 4, the back cover is difficult to close near the USB-connector is required to push it and make an effort.

  10. Monirul says:

    i need nokia 1202

  11. Kasem Faloje says:

    not like this huge keyboard it looks bad just look at blackberry QWERTY keyboard it is much good with lot more

  12. SUNIL says:

    Hello sir,i want to know the price of this device and where can i order it please let me know. thanks & regards Sunil.B.

  13. Waddah Hasson says:

    So Apple has responded to complaints that have previously been received from some iPhone buyers 6 Plus, slanting body accidentally.

  14. Mih Shoikot Emon says:

    yes the Samsung has lot of options now.;.. Also there is small size Galaxy S6 with lot more good resolutions, camera, and the ram is more than this expensive phone

  15. Junaid Iqbal says:

    Oh!! Apple iPhone 6 is coming after success of Apple iPad air ... Hope it removes all the previous problems and issues and comes with unique design as always...

  16. Hameed Al Kashesh says:

    Well, on this display on the web a lot written about it very average or even bad as saying that in the Sony Xperia displays have always been a fountain and even they managed to put such a flagship display that compared with the Super AMOLED and some do not lies

  17. Ali Alsaad says:

    this is my small cctv camera as well able to record things around easily... anyone please advice me that is this glasses are ok for yes or not

  18. Hashem Dghj says:

    What about the application like ms office and powerpoint can I also use following application freely on the iOS platform.. and what about the new bugs found with the iOS all are fix now?

  19. Hatim El Hatim says:

    and the wider 5.1in 138gram Korean Galaxy S6 model and the 138gram well the Xperia Z5 Compact is just similar in specs but z5 premium is more high end.

  20. Hamad Nasser says:

    Unluckily, the sleek plastic look and experience is quite cheap I say. It pull towards you fingerprints and scrape extremely comfortabily. We would propose using a case alongside this Smartphone - if possible