Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Aldabbagh Hassan says:

    with the Apple Slow Mo feature the battery is very instantly heat up in the previous Apple 5s, i hope that not same with the new iPhone6

  2. Hamid says:

    i want to by s7 mobile where i can get in dubai

  3. Admin says:

    Thanks for your suggestion, currently HTC One Dual Sim will be launch soon... Thanks :)

  4. Youssif Ibraheem Ali says:

    Tell me either it is necessary to be branded as Korean Samsung and not Apple? just supposed it that samsung owns more RAM but why people looking always for things with maximum feature also it is necessary to keep in mind about the quality of each feature

  5. Gohar says:

    l80 looks another similar phone ... with same specs...

  6. Abdulla Al Mamun says:

    it is water proof watch because when wearing it on rain how much is that durable

  7. Mohammad Alkam says:

    On the other hand, it adds to your smartphone to another button Button This usually will return you back.

  8. Shmsuddin says:

    still prices of this phone is not come to low... me waiting to buy this phone for a long time but its prices are 2 much 4 me :(

  9. Mahmoud Sarmd says:

    this is actually better than the moto x at the use in outdoor conditions.

  10. Azizah says:

    simple is the New Smart.. for me best is g3.. the finest and better visibility with best quad display that is now using by many but in this best prices never go for galaxy s5 like phones... g3 is the best

  11. Rania Sadiq says:

    I like the battert timings which is so good and I think that the main reason that people like M9 a lot and the whole series has done some amazing kind of a work.

  12. Azeiem says:

    the rates are so high for s6 edge device,it must be 2500 or 2600 or s6 must be 2400 or 2200 well i dont like iphone bcoz we cannot change sim easily we need a needle thats so annoying,while travelling in planes u need a needle to open sim slot,so now both same, and the other big thing camera is same 16 same as s5(expected 20mp). same size screen 5.1 must have to increase as 5.2 or 5.3 so a little bigger more impressive i expected more so no impressive, memory card slot is not there not a big issue 32gb is enough,non removable battery its ok for me,no need water proof,dats ok no need. i like the design dats beautiful,slim wid glass a litle weighy ,feel more in hand dats awesome. overall for me its same a mixture of galaxy s5 and iphone 6,not good not bad,dats y i cant pay more for this device,coz not too much impressive to pay more.

  13. Saly Elsaba says:

    I prefer the look of the other nexus, Samsung note and Huawei mate. Motorola phones as well look kind of bulky but they are awesome in performance. The lack of Bezels is awesome even tough.

  14. Ziad Adrees says:

    is there is note 3 active available

  15. Rasol Samah says:

    The air 2 arrive in the markets with all the powerful and efficient techs. Also there is great apps with this high end ipad like surfing the web check now all your emails instantly and notification system

  16. Kawa Ahmoo says:

    Since the Touch ID is now a distinctive feature of the iPhone, the home button is left in place, as well as all the space it requires.

  17. Nazeer says:

    pretty and one of the brilliant for 1080p video recording as well.. Quad-core processor make it capable to run various application and multi tak is very smoothly applicable with this

  18. Abo Asad says:

    This is the first Nexus full metal housing and latest Google smartphone with the newest version of OS 6.0 Marshmallow.

  19. Ayman Al Zebdeh says:

    also there is home screen command and search bar is more colorful and App drawer is now appear in the final version with vertical scrolling which is not same in lollipop, kitkat and now no scroll according to alphabets actually in default setting and it is more rapid way to search now

  20. Sohail Ahmed says:

    Samsung is really an amazing company but i dont understand that why they did a big mistake when is the curves. The concept belongs to the LG and now samsung is working on it.