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  1. Slman Maeroa says:

    i saw a stainless steel watch with Link Bracelet that has multiple colors from the front and rear side of the apple watch; rose gold and grey/silver combination for apple watch

  2. Sana Rizwan says:

    I personally like this company because I have used many of their products and it really work. I just want to add one thing here and that is this is a wonderful smartphone.

  3. Noor Mustafa says:

    some of the new features of iOS 9 found hard and after a long time with actually the pp pop up at the proper time and do alot more in the iphone 6 the notifications is also change and siri can do alot more than before

  4. Rahma Mighri says:

    may be there is more than 20MP camera lense and more than 8MP front facing camera

  5. Saran Elashara says:

    video recording on the iphone 6 plus will be 60 fps and a resolution of 2 MP. Well, are not going anywhere delayed video shooting (slo-mo) with a frame rate of 240 fps and express video shooting.

  6. Selwa Ameen says:

    i thing iphone 5s definately defeated by this phone

  7. Aishath Eashal Mohammed says:

    4 GB RAM where the predecessor model packs 3GB of ram; a true innovation is it or not? each and every thing got improvments as well as the front facing camera

  8. Syed Naseeful Haque says:

    well if they exclude there home button on the bottom side of the device than there is more room available for screen which makes it look more pretty than all the smartphones..

  9. Irfan Khan says:

    This Particular Smartphone has made a wonderful market of Apple and Apple next series that is a flope was only brought by the people having a specific state of mind that it would work according to the 5S but thinks never happens as we think.

  10. Osman Ibo says:

    pretty stronger with the similar alloy usage but different dimensions and weight so there is no bendgate issues anymore

  11. Abdul Rob says:

    I need 1pcs coll me 0528165512

  12. Abo Fares says:

    oneplus two has some tactical same classy body as the new lg phones has but several changes on the models as they are improving some optimize features to give more durable life to their batteries

  13. Roy says:

    5 inches screen size is not comfortable

  14. Mohammed Gamal says:

    they are making really amazing looking phones. but their is some big cons now with the unusual UI this time

  15. Bassam Assad says:

    is cool really and something what i want in an iphone. big size, more huge screen offering great display. OLED screen on the apple phones make it more better updating some of the background applications also with the OS

  16. Samee Amer says:

    in the battle of the wider size phone speciall 6 inches size this one is really nice looking in shape

  17. Lamia says:

    I want nokia e5, i live in uae do you have it?

  18. Faizan Khan says:

    I think it happens just because it has a metal, frame body.... The Metal frame body always you find with alow battery

  19. Abdul Majeed Tanwar says:

    it is very beautiful ... i wish to wear this

  20. Ahmad Yaser says:

    can you ship the phone in india or just to dubai. Is there is any shipment seperates charges to ship tell me I want to buy