Find Sony Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Doaa Ahmed says:

    nobody want this kind of bad phone... galaxy beam is much better in look, features and prices

  2. Moh Ayhm says:

    Good phone boast with remarkable screen display with 5.9 inches size and 493ppi is quite low than note 4.

  3. Paxshan Kakl Hamad says:

    I would repeat the words written above that this phone is really has a Good Camera and totally robust build. You would enjoy the camera result and want to keep this phone for long.

  4. Bakri Omar says:

    Enjoy the 6 or 6 plus but hang on! for those who are saying bad to those smartphone. Be ready becasuse the iphone 7 will going to show you soo much whch you have only think of.

  5. M.nasim says:

    Hi.I want to know about Vega r3 I'm a850L.may I know how much is it ?so please let me know .use price...thanks

  6. Ravi says:

    lulu price is 2685.

  7. Martinez says:

    question for you do you have office in uae because i need buy phone dupad story f 1 4 G if you have office tell me and also give me a number phone

  8. Jasraj says:

    It may be available start of next month.

  9. Mustafa La says:

    gear vr like feature on the high end devices may be a whole new thing for consumers; virtual reaility technology should be used by Apple in future

  10. Simao Rifla says:

    I use Smartphones, iphone 6 plus and Samsung Note 4.... I favor all of those who like to take benefit of surfing web, playing games, taking pictures and lot more note 4 since it has the excellect camera second to s6.. crystal clear display give you a whole new experience.. best for gaming

  11. Divyarajsinh Rana says:

    AMOLED 1080p screen jamming in 423 pixels that is what I am expecting and with the white color this phone looks very pretty

  12. Hajar Qader says:

    In terms of control, everything is standard. Is that the buttons become elongated, resembling similar to the iPod Touch or iPad Air.

  13. Sada Khan says:

    Feature packed best of all time front face secondary camera....but why Bezel heavy design... i want this phone to be like xperia t3

  14. Abdul Qahaar says:

    The reverse side of the outer simplicity of xperia c3 phone as compare to other phones are pretty different and not much smooth.. Sony , like its predecessor, well balanced.

  15. Belal says:

    nice design. I like this one... love htc phones always. :p

  16. Salman Shah says:

    5.2″ Capacitive touchscreen and packed the 13MP camera but still the prices i say is not so high and pretty

  17. Faitori Hussien says:

    this looks fake photos that leaked recently not they again make another bulky phone…

  18. Mustafa says:

    the cases and the covers are available suggest me any case offering resistance with water

  19. Asaad Abdullah says:

    coming in the same way as their trend is after the launch of iphone 7.

  20. Ahmed Magdy says:

    aluminum construction is just like the apple phones but they dimensions is still the same. Identical look camera upgrades make a difference bit difference among apple and samsung all the times