Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohamed Tanger says:

    in all types iphone is far more better than android because they are fast, fresh looks and also not many alike each other in markets so you dont have to puzzle with which one you should select.

  2. Seraj Almajdoby says:

    the price should be like the last edition because as 2015 come every one is busy with the next Samsung phone and HTC M9 so as LG G4 is coming... they should set a best price tag and marketing strategy

  3. Gokul Pradeep says:

    A larger screen having a wonderful resolution and providing a fastest speed this is Nexus and I like nexus only for these reasons.

  4. Sadeka Halim says:

    coming in october this month and the prices seems to be low. different from other devices but give same handling as nexus 6 featuring

  5. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir Like to know how to purchase a mobile in Saudi arabia model and details below 1. DUPAD STORY CAPTAIN S109480 QTY-1 EA

  6. Rania Idk says:

    2 GB RAM still a best option in such prices...

  7. Haneen Altobasi says:

    I want their phones to always has a sd slot other than that there is not a big reason to upgrade phones to the new note. I give down grade to note 6 in this opinion of mine if they still not gona use such things

  8. Saood says:

    A piece of plastic yet stylish finish applied, but nevertheless, I think this time than refined our presentation, but more importantly,

  9. Karo Karo says:

    z3 is good but not screen resolution of this smartphone is high enough

  10. Ahmad Sharkwy says:

    connectivity possibilities of G Seires phone comprise GPRS, latest 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, EDGE, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G (in particular market) as well as USB connectivity.

  11. Suni says:

    Sony xperia C4 my Number 0525369063

  12. Marielle Medina says:

    so it is possible to easily activate noise cancellation all through by dedicated mic on the next xperia

  13. Aaysh Maak says:

    esle the give iris scanner or something with different name for the eye scanner security. the mobile payment security features are also looking to be improve in new phones as lg announned in the g5

  14. Ajesh says:

    How I buy this

  15. Tarek Sayed says:

    a really good phone in such prices.. It is good that Samsung now make a reasonable smartphone all packed inside hardware and sepc are enhanced and bit nearer with the features of the Samsung s5 phone . Also the phone style and body is good

  16. Lorena Jain Kuhutan says:

    Noted by websites that, this is not the first forecaster who imaginessales of Apples Christmas iPhone to go flat.

  17. SouqMobi Admin says:

    Thanks for updating Preetha :)

  18. Ahmed Ali says:

    in manner of design yes apple always good but not this is good enough to perform fast

  19. Mourad Karmon says:

    Of course, Apple Watch did not integrate into their expectations are so many advanced health monitoring technology, but the application of a relatively normal heart rate, sleep,

  20. Ayse Tektas Avci says:

    available now? the new moto x as well the variations of style and play moto x