Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ora Bem says:

    well the phone is far more bigger compare to the other rivals not in the diagonal size actually i am talking about the features and performance on the galaxy s6 model well further new updates continously come after the launch with the marshmallow

  2. Asi Souria says:

    nexus 5 has much fast sharpest design with the true colors but little bulky phone

  3. Abdaal says:

    great phone for chat

  4. Faisal Rajputrtupja says:

    Battery back up is sufficent and long hours could be given to the user so that he she can spend a gigantic time with this amzing smartphone.

  5. Mohammed F Najjar says:

    now on the market the great phone is superb; great pixels, winning design, bezel look

  6. Sushant432 says:

    No one called or send any msg regarding my order

  7. Nana Bhai says:

    i like therescren and the phone has gread design and all stuff is nice except two things; non removable battery and still not in all colors phone is available

  8. Aflah says:

    an easy and elegant smartphone. It is made of Advanced Sony technology fit in the slim smartphone with a screen diagonal of 5.1 inches

  9. Mohammad Abozaid says:

    While several have questioned the common sense of the edge screen (e.g., “difficult to hold with one hand”) it’s yet a big going away from the normal flat screen we use before

  10. Mahmoud Hamdy Eltoukhy says:

    I want to know about the sound result of the phone while calling

  11. Ahmed Abo Khalifa says:

    this time apple not deliver the best eye catching design as they capable to give before also many of the new phones are now available with slimmest and stunning features

  12. Ishani Kodikara says:

    The camera is really very owesome it provide the best result and an HD quality which is increadbly amazing.

  13. Munir Usam says:

    Can you please tell me one it is launching in dubai LG G ?

  14. Hamoude Mosa says:

    The new phone has 16MP camera sensor, among the elegant OIS for the low light performance, with support of the f 2.0 aperture that is well. and the front facing camera is not 5MP but still look alike to give 3.7MP front camera

  15. Hafez2 Hassan says:

    And finally the best camera in the Samsung Note 5, where I won again thanks to its good results that allow you to take pictures in almost any light condition.

  16. Dlvin Abde says:

    Selfie excellent, as well as video calls on Skype or Hangouts. Among the options available, there is also the stabilizer for video and other functions dedicated to the front camera.

  17. Oubla Rafid says:

    what about the camera can i also take pictures with this watch.

  18. Masry says:

    processor facilitates blazing quick and give best response. also the good sound of the nexus 5 that is built in good quality

  19. Bilal Amani says:

    available in India when?

  20. Machkor Lahssn says:

    At the moment, difficulties with the availability of the console has more or less settled. Not that the console is sold on every corner, but you find it is not difficult.