Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Muneer Munni says:

    when it will come in Abu Dhabi ???

  2. Somia Saad Eddin says:

    I like the apple a9 chipsets otherwise the lg g5 has also good cpu and performance is promosing looking. Furthermore carry a lot of new things with it; possible to make more grateful smartphones in future

  3. Quagliariello Olimpia says:

    This particular Smartphone is capable to measure pulse, but as well able to calculate the level of oxygen, stress and ultraviolet radiation this means that sooner we won't need doctors..hahahahah

  4. Reza Ahmid says:

    if it is low quality battery is in this phone... then there is no need for 4g connectivity...

  5. Nagwa Kareem says:

    The phone not able to give much life with continuously calls sms, internet surfing this all make impact on the battery life instantly.

  6. Faheem says:

    the time to study or take a look at the content material or web pages we have linked to beneath the

  7. Hussein Ali says:

    red one is in stock? and what about the featueres of this newest BlackBerry 10.3 OS it is good and perfect

  8. Hassn Ibrahem says:

    Samsung has really done a good job, and the device fits nicely in the palm of your hand, just as they possess an iPhone or Sony Xperia Z3 .

  9. Nadeem says:

    But the reverse side of the small-capacity battery - quick charge. but yes OLED-displays are simply unbeatable.

  10. Asmr says:

    too low specs list as compare to others lenovo tablets are far more better just not thinnest but has nice characteristics

  11. Asom Naeem says:

    other things of the phone remain same the same Photo geotagging, timer mode and other camera features and also 1080p HD video recording (30 fps or 60 fps)

  12. Ballouza Bandrouve says:

    The is one of my favorite one but just a battery problem is you know making me to say something like from favorite one to good one.

  13. Faizzy Siddiqui says:

    As for you fans of selfie, you may be obtainable among a 1.2MP front face snapper and the resolution is so well. As, the lenses is not too wider but capable to produced 720pixels (Perfoect Quality) with best continuous shot mode and HDR facial appearance I also use Apple selfie application made by professionals CamMe - Best App for Taking Selfies on the App

  14. Fahad Wali says:

    5.2 inches screen size will be great but they are not making it more less bezel in this way. In my opinion they must have to change things specially their built

  15. Fajer Jamal says:

    wow iphone 5s is the best one.. now after sometime you can also update ios new version of 5s

  16. Sihad Hassan says:

    ram is 3gb of samsung note 4 that is just ok not I say wow because other brand offerint the same in quite different and cheap prices.

  17. Q says:

    Microsoft SurfacePro3 is very popular recently a 12-inch portable notebook computer products. Surface series since the first generation release, it has been the focus of controversy and topics

  18. Masmoudi says:

    spend a little more money on the plus model of the apple iphone 6 and now thinking that why not i wait of the s series

  19. Makka El Mokarma says:

    If the option is among S6 and S6 Edge curved screen edges are more eye-grabber but S6 feels much nicer and smooth in single hand Small batteries differences aside What do you like the look better

  20. Aminul Islam says:

    From the flow of rays from the subject are separated portions extending through opposite portions of the lens, and sent to two separate sensor.