Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Sohail Khan says:

    this phone get the more boast operating system next iOS 9

  2. Nasir Rock says:

    There is no delievery charges in Dubai and 24 to 48 hours they will be taking in delievery the product at your home and if you think that the delievery boy has done some great stuff you can give a tip by thinking the delievery charges.

  3. Ahmed Salim says:

    After reading that I really say it is best with all iOS and Android, you can find out where entire undertook this device and what prospect this had in the first hours I use it.

  4. Hany Mohamed says:

    But is that the processor are added other outstanding components such as UFS 2.0 standard that takes very good advantage of those 4 GB of RAM memory as use in note 5 where as performance look same with the galaxy s6 bit low specs list in my eye

  5. Mohamed Aejaz says:

    The A-8 processor is really very good and the screen is really very wonderful.

  6. Anaya Alwani says:

    I believe that its processor would be showing some extra stuff and it will be performing faster than the other smartphones in the market and it has to perform faster as it belongs to LG.

  7. Ibrahem Hawary says:

    the decent specs of this tab this partly explains the price are expensive

  8. Yammine says:

    wow galaxy s5 is ready to hit markets now

  9. Melo Mohamed says:

    Nevertheless, the Note 3 we seemed exceed usually 24 hours.

  10. Osama Ghannam says:

    there small phone comes with the 4.7inches screen size where as i am expecting they gona exclude additional home screen button which is unnecessary and also there is not free bezel display on the phone

  11. Talat Ogli says:

    The world around is accelerating, increasing and increasing. Best quality video takes more space game with beautiful graphics take up with more room

  12. Raif Alsheikhi says:

    space black color is new included color; me want one kind of same color in the previous phone

  13. Hasan Rashed says:

    like this one and much more excellent display which is crisp and sharp with boast battery durability; elegant designs are like htc phones and just like previous

  14. Eslam Khedr says:

    New items are shown in Middle, where the product will be on sale soon at a very modest price.

  15. Gammal Abozaed says:

    any special offer for this mobile phone i am in searching of it

  16. Shiyas M Asbdulla says:

    pls send to me to me leEeco max 2 price details

  17. Sayed says:

    step beyond than others once again; home button entirely skipped and within the same diagonal size they are going to extend their screenw with more less bezel screen

  18. Yuseff Samah says:

    Still puzzle by means of gimmicky, innovation, ineffective UI fundamentals inside. Come on, Samsung; now provide us a clean Android OS among your area of expertise apps as options.

  19. Berzan Bashir says:

    with all the recent developments in the tablets as we take a look on ipads, lenovo yogas and even at acer devices it will be a worst tablet ever

  20. Mohamad Alsado says:

    Smooth arc glass design finally after a long time by lg and from the front it looks more good as compare to iphone 5s really amazzing