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  1. MUKHTAR says:

    Assalamwaliukum.sir i want purchase this mobile NOKIA E73 Mode that please give me full detail and feature of mobile and with price thanks...mukhtar ahmed 0504848366

  2. Hamode Ali says:

    because although the size of your screen is continuously increasing on the note family.And after the note 4 new note 5 is still compact which is not alike predecessor

  3. Suleiman Altaf says:

    what is the launch date of the note new series call edge series. I have the LG G3 Smartphone and it is also so good but note edge as i see the company make it to perform with each query on a whole new way. battery charges very quickly on both of the new Notes

  4. Muddassir says:

    Dual sim is the best option of this phone.

  5. Rehan Rajput says:

    I was wondering that after removing the microSD the phone would of speed as we are using the Previous versions but i was wrong. It is working very fine and amazing.

  6. Tamer Al Yassen says:

    Battery life could be more better in the new model as in droid phones

  7. Sami Halaweh says:

    want this kind of look on samsung phones now... waiting for this one to be come in markets of uae.. will buy it

  8. Himanshu Rangpara says:

    the weight of the phone is bit heavy as I take this one in my hands than the galaxy s5 phone, but 8MP camera and other feature also 2600 mAh battery is OK

  9. Fadl Kamel Ahmed says:

    well a series of similar Smartphones look like that they are puzzle to manage there selling ratio with one device

  10. Abdul Mueed says:

    powerful slab of a smart phone ... what a nice innovation with great hd camera on front and rear side 20.7 MP, autofocus capable to snap with many options... best for mini photographer... who want iphone 5s and galaxy s5 phone when this kind of phone is available.

  11. Idrees says:

    i think samsung and sony both are going on a similar way.... E and E Dual SIM smartphone are available in markets and now they unveils its E! series with quite similar design ....and spec... what is new in this one???

  12. Shaikh Zaid says:

    This is available here ?

  13. Hussein Ali says:

    The back cover under the skin may not be the most elegant solution, but from the hands of the phone does not slip.

  14. Baker says:

    thanks Jasraj......

  15. Arousha Shehzad says:

    Edge has some gentle features and the elegent design is lovely. Android and the updated version is also very delightful. Samsung S series is going on the top.

  16. Oshomapto ValoBasha Mujahid says:

    is not actual matter of whether 3D Touch picked by the plus size model and upgrade the battery, CPU and some of the display features

  17. Rashid says:

    can i know what is the price of galaxy note 3 in dubai dutyfree please?

  18. Mo Tilburg says:

    That one is look amazing but twhe prices are too high than apple actually; design is also very similar to its brother

  19. Faisal Muniz says:

    glass is not such big milestone this phone design as compare to last one.. but fast charging is really a good and cool advantage i know

  20. Mohammed Kasim says:

    Timeless design. Slimmer than ever but still not include such camera like galaxy s6 phone and prices looks expensive