Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Youssef El Asri says:

    irst look comparison to its nexus 6p is obviously give you difference among both devices. its low end portfolio is actually for those who looking for marhsmallow best device in market with such nice handling

  2. Hicham Al Mimouni says:

    i think yes it is a lot bigger than usual iphones but bit less sharper than. Everything just fits but not much comfortable.

  3. Al Sharif says:

    Panorama Photographs are really amazing and i like the new videography features with the Slow Motion 240fps in iphone

  4. Umer Rasheed says:

    The design is fine but it is not a new one my dear instead you can say that is a rebuilt design but in a new way and if you think that it is good for you its what you think.

  5. Monaem Da Ana says:

    Screen of the phone is only as lively as the S6 well the some features produce once again and remain same in the galaxy s6 alike the fingerprint scanner, but the S6 produces domestic, more usual bright.

  6. Mohaned Messi Leo says:

    Every of which can be tolerate, but all together they make the feeling of incompleteness and can irritate users.

  7. Kasun Pramod says:

    I have found some heating problem in it. This is not a good smartphone and If you think you can have the one as you found it good so you are mistaken and you are not doing something good except wasting money

  8. Abdel Khalek says:

    will be fine but battery backup should required to got more improvements. Might get poor depending on your usage because if you are playing games and use it for multimedia all the time there is not so well management with battery

  9. Itz Lucky Jaan says:

    The 5S is a wonderful smartphone and the camera result is just amazing and according to me it is the best for a persone like me who tale many images

  10. Maheen Kashif says:

    Apple will be providing some advance stuff in the OS upgradation and thatís the main reason that people are upgrading the smartphone and enjoying the new features

  11. Ashref Algriane says:

    Is at present rolling out the Android update to their fans and the device is more even better than there own kies and windows OS

  12. Mahesar Xulfi says:

    Is anyone using this phone yet, please kindly tell me that this iPhone 6 Plus is good for gaming?

  13. Rachida Sghaier says:

    I guess if the prices are cheap it will be the best selling phone of this year then :)

  14. Seraj Almajdoby says:

    the price should be like the last edition because as 2015 come every one is busy with the next Samsung phone and HTC M9 so as LG G4 is coming... they should set a best price tag and marketing strategy

  15. Machkor Lahssn says:

    At the moment, difficulties with the availability of the console has more or less settled. Not that the console is sold on every corner, but you find it is not difficult.

  16. Hammad says:

    htc is still the traditional circular corner design, engineering plastics material or the same years like before... just now more smooth and beautiful

  17. Sarfraz says:

    hp elite x3 how mach pric sudi arab

  18. Abdul Mubdee says:

    it is mind blowing and good looking and simply awesome i ever seen .. i want it badly

  19. Anwar Sheriff says:

    where can to buy

  20. Shvan Mhmd says:

    I wonder if now the owners of iPhone owners laugh at, for example, Samsung. Who shovel more work?