Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Aboshahd Zizo says:

    available for verizon wireless per month 24$ plan is available so any dowpayment required if I want to pay through UAE

  2. Ioma Alhilali says:

    Amoled display is good and i want samsung to put it in its other devices as well so that we would have a wonderful view in those devies as well.

  3. Anas Melhem says:

    landscape mode of the apple smartphone is not something alik the galaxy devices wheras they iphone 6 is good for multi tasking finally

  4. Bigbaag Baag says:

    this phone arrived in international markets as well as in UAE and Dubai with having several of upgrades over to its mighty predecessor the Galaxy Note 2,

  5. Windy Rae DiGiacinto says:

    Love or hate them is a big thing, because yet they actually itself not suggest any release date and shipments dates for this watch… exclusively there is a a lot of options by them to select different models; bands, bracelet

  6. Montazar Diyaa says:

    It looks much firm grip, since it hush-up contentedly, and at the level of ergonomics I discover it far better to iPhone 5 / 5s.

  7. Nuha Fidda says:

    I like previous the mechanism of the s as it looks to be useful for many times but now after seen other PHABLET phones it think it is not much required thing they are offering for years.

  8. Al-Musawi says:

    what actually be the screen size of this device??

  9. Yasser Khairy says:

    those powering extremely well as compare to before generation absolutely identical between the 6s Plus and the 6 Plus but i like more the advance small size version not the plus models

  10. Nader Aljaradi says:

    The 6 plus power button and the volume key and more keys are just palced alike the original phone and got the similar standard that is so best

  11. Hamza says:

    where i can buy samsung edge in dubai?

  12. Kossay Kh says:

    The Smartphone and a actual step onward for iPHone and a Smartphone that is actual delight to use, grasp and experience.

  13. Ayman Mhdawi says:

    yes there is 1.2mm glass panel and the whole new and different mirror on front side and rear ..

  14. Lasanthi says:

    Can i know price? And need to buy.

  15. Hussein Ali says:

    actually want to use this one but to much hard to use such phone with single hand because there is need to use extra screen you have to use your 2nd hand

  16. Ahmed Hassan says:

    what is the prices of at and t model note edge and note 4 both in dubai

  17. Nahlaa Bendhari says:

    I am using this phone and now I want to sell this phone.. How much should be the price tag set

  18. Interiesta Ayoub says:

    That is the most stunning Smartphone yet on this planet with such display quality. Not even comparable to any tablet with such technology just see the dimension, size and display quality

  19. Ashraf EGeneral says:

    So big phone has more bending issue?? Tell me phone is available now in all 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB but which color is the most prettiest color

  20. Qayyooom says:

    Home key and two touch keys, but because it is a flat design, so the body is not very significant large, generally male users will be able to touch the one hand all the screen.