Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ali Mouhamad says:

    How I order??

  2. Ivy says:

    Is that true huawei P9 is only 55 dirhams and oppo also 54 dirhams? Is that brand new?

  3. Kamiran Rashid says:

    You will motionless be lucky to see additional than a daytime of serious use and the majority of us have to accuse our glossy plans at slightest each 2 days.

  4. Zaki says:

    Today got my Galaxy S2 screen broken in my from Pocket where all other phones have survived since 1998,Damn this is cheating from samsung and its also not covered in Warranty I hate it when you put so many expectations and get lemon for your money :(

  5. Ahmed Oveid says:

    this phone become my fav. as it go on sale i am there to buy it. i check out many reviews of this phone and i found nexus 6 a powerful, big, premium phone

  6. Mohsin Ali says:

    Fingerprint reader is awesome one more innovation for Galaxy Note, which had before been presented in Smartphone Alpha like design and more good.

  7. Wafaa Islamia says:

    ppi screen was bit low I am not expecting this from apple these days

  8. Arsalan Shah says:

    incredibly impressive mid range device with the good quality display, performance and a lot more given to it.

  9. M.K.Kutty says:

    What's price Philips s 337.this 4G ?

  10. Ahmad Galool says:

    The rear camera of Note 2014 model perhaps not even weak as compare to nexus… with such display has as well good camera with the 16MP sensor.

  11. Ali Khyber says:

    If talk about the Apple and Samsung so we would got to now that these two Smartphones are of same time but they boht have so many difference which is making them unique in the market…Samsung is cheaper and wonderful but Apple is Expensive and have nothing..

  12. Kiran Allahrakhia says:

    The phone is totally fine and i am hearing good remarks from the rumors on different websites. HTC is geeting down by the new models and techology use by the Apple and Samsung, so they would consider it in mind and produce a wonderful product.

  13. Shumaila Azeem says:

    Large screen and high resolution but I want some thing new. This is a kind of a samrtphone that suits me but I am in a search of the best..

  14. Abu Ata says:

    very very well design of the phone with high quality material that is used to built asus phones.. bu why not phone is water proof

  15. Uday Vai says:

    I want purchase this mobile now My number 0567591849

  16. Vishal Vyas says:

    Amazing smartphone and the amount what they are asking for this is worth it.

  17. Kareem Dawy says:

    this is very personal - are one of the best screens on the market but prices of the iphone 5s is still high

  18. Suraiya Patel Ali says:

    I think it has an amazing battery and if you play games sonstantly it can bear that as well. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge is a smartphone with multiple feature and amazing functions.

  19. Ahmed Khalifa says:

    as compare to the new note5 both has nano sim and 5.7 inches screen size but note 5 has more amount of ram whereas nexus 6p packs 8Mp front facing camera

  20. Salah Lkhlidi says:

    And at the touch of a stylus reacts not only basic, but the curved area of the screen.