Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Shaman Das Ratnani says:

    I dont know that how it would going to work but I just want to say that this is a Smartphone which belong to a lower quality company

  2. Abdullah Beh Lotfy says:

    mid range screen size of the device is just 8 inches that is such friendly

  3. Waled Amer says:

    coming on this march 18 but many same things if they repeated is not such goodas the predecessor model and its predecessor has many modifications with the design and actually the performance

  4. Ahlam Abou Assaf says:

    Once more relate issue with the keyboard, which is made also little tricky. The letters on, and the distance among the keys is not less than half of the key.,

  5. Shahmeer says:

    after htc one ... one m8 is the best big thing this year

  6. Moustafa Kasem says:

    wow the phone is so nice i need the gold edition if available tell me

  7. Amna Alyan says:

    From the side this phone is not look to slim as they others but I say that g flex 2 has more good things.. as the size of the phone is very good if you make this phone flat it more extend to .2 inches I think but because of curve design it is bit small looking phone but in hands perfect grip.

  8. Hafiz Tahir Ahsan says:

    Nexus 6 is able to be comapare with the iphone and the samsungs latest smartphone as it has all those features that a new Smartphone does like the Wireless charging system.

  9. Shahzad says:

    Galaxy note 3 red colour available in market plz tell?

  10. Jiprel Barjs says:

    many says as compare to galaxy s6 rival of this iphone 6; it is less powerful whereas i find out apple phone far more better in performance with more durable battery performance.

  11. Rami Baker says:

    the phone got the most advanced connecivity and the prices is in mid range.. the camera result on low light is good and the premium look of the phone

  12. Muhammad Saeed says:

    hottest phone this year with great combinations of hardware and software; even I am the one of switch from HTC to Galaxy Device just because of design

  13. Aborose Aborose says:

    The best size of this phones are predictable to have 5.1-inch diagonal 3GB RAM and may be 4GB if possible

  14. Zaher Shraideh says:

    seriously man there is a need to improve the thickness because now new rivals are coming with more thick body and high ppi.. just they not always make big size phone and become best sell brand

  15. Miroslove Hassan says:

    hard to believe that their is no big difference except the diagonal sizes on the both iphone 6s plus and 6s fairly similar to that of the samsung and htc series with the plus and default model

  16. Prashant Kumar says:

    previously I noticed that the galaxy s5 sound quality is not that good but then galaxy s6 arrive with a lot better and different sound speakers.. The same position of the both speakers at the bottom on the samsung s7 new than with more noice cancellation

  17. Nikunj says:

    Hardware volume buttons and power are not the most comfortable, due to thin and small.

  18. Alsaban says:

    just like its brother mobile phone their is also the same two models than? one with Snapdragon and the other one with Exynos? what are the prices than?

  19. Altaf Muhayyam says:

    Samsung Gear S come with note edge or when coming... i want both gadget prices

  20. Aldahab Hasnaa says:

    Aluminum is a high-end material not only mechanical, but aesthetic features.