Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ajeesh says:

    I need nokia lumia1020 prize in uae

  2. Mahmod Bahre says:

    iOS 8 and iCloud that enhanced and three models are available silver and space grey is good but the most beautiful one is Gold and i buy 128gb

  3. Dooriya says:

    the difference either in this phone and other asus zenfones are like its display, cpu and gpu

  4. Amru Ahmad says:

    in how many vivid colors this coming. i love the band like watches it give good feeling.

  5. Mohammad Ali says:

    S6 is a high defination smartphone and providing some good kind of a stuff to the customers and customer enjoy to have this smartphone.

  6. Ioma Alhilali says:

    The worst part of this smartphone is the late charging and i think this the main reason that thats why this phone is not getting famous in the market.

  7. May Skalvik Radakir says:

    Ultra HD display yes this phone is but many of the external included features need little improvements and the notifications will come if with the sound notifier it helps more

  8. Yazeed Bin Abdullah says:

    Normal mode multitasking button, to your basic unlimited overview.

  9. Ali Hakim says:

    No major improvement in design and that is right becuse they actually not need to do any enhancment in this manner .. well the display i think become more brighter and more new colors coming

  10. Liza Karahan says:

    in the line up this one become a leader because there is pocketable size and the useful features with the stylus

  11. Qosy Omar says:

    a big enough battery to power that high end iphone 6 and you can easily use your phone a day without worry about the life

  12. Agila Agzim says:

    Might be roughly surely contain a newer, earlier chip, spot the iPhone 6C out as a low end final cheap phone.

  13. Sushant432 says:

    No one called or send any msg regarding my order

  14. Hazem Salem says:

    Cheaper than rivals that is all i want and also the vivo has the slimmest Smartphone but prices are bit high

  15. Muhammed says:

    Please come back to moto x play 32 gb

  16. Mgad Mgad says:

    For the previous big size phones there is need of a bag actually; Thank God they now use reduce the size and dimensions

  17. Saukat says:

    l want to buy xiaomi hongmi note mobile phone from store. please let me know the store name and address

  18. Ahmad Ghanem says:

    mostly peoples are addressing their devices performances and yes they are absolutely right about their performance which is awesome. it feels like really best personal device on your wrist

  19. Rani Mote says:

    As a user, you can certainly trust on the remarkable specs of this outstanding phon

  20. Krishnaprasad Sivaraman says:

    Sir i am looking Nokia 1200: 1no And Nokia 1101 :1no Other one Nokia 1100 1:no Pls inform me 3 models price without delivery charge This is my contact 0505814729