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  1. Samir Ghouila says:

    the protection glass on the phone is not gorilla 4 however oleophobic coating and sapphire crystal glass with Ion-strengthened on all the new iphones

  2. Karim Chawki says:

    , but two new items: iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Although both of these products are not revolutionary

  3. Ibrahim Bakhtiyar says:

    4 megapixel of front camera is quite good but i was expecting some thing more than this from HTC. The new Smartphone has to be well enough to bear the requirements.

  4. Karam A. Kamil says:

    is there is available power banks to charge iphones so that is another a good way while making any trip to charge your phone other than with the help of car charger

  5. Khasnaini Hanaffiah says:

    Metal and glass construction is just alike the previous galaxy s series and is the combination in some ways with the Samsung Alpha seriees

  6. Ali Jiwani says:

    The battery of lI-Ion are good and if this smartphone is used very intelegentlly so it will be providing a long period of time working correctly and providing some good kind of stuff to you.

  7. Fareed says:

    yes where i can fine qmobile z4 in dubai

  8. Yazan Mosafr says:

    yes the phone got Thinnest and lightest body and is a good looking phone with the Aluminum unibody

  9. Abo Khaled says:

    Their job has been done now, but South Koreanís would not be charming just audio quality honors from the external perfect speaker and has no such noise as we seen before in lg phones the same kind of lg g4 speakers or the headphone jack on this phone.

  10. Mohmed Mousa says:

    return of the smarter and smaller devices once again now and google set a true example to give best value for your money and is a fantastic upgrade after the last one

  11. Haq Nawaz says:

    What price of Hisense x1 mobile

  12. Mahmoud Abu Dayya says:

    well this phone got the alumunium and I knew it is the best selling phone in the future

  13. Abdul Hakim says:

    specs looks very good ... also waiting for xperia z3 phone so i can comapre prices..specs.. and hardwares all and then make my choice

  14. Emad says:

    the 4.7 inches is best for them and also little increase with 5 inches will be another good step but now they really make these phones more big in size like samsung phones and lg phones

  15. Omar Tarek says:

    is there is also model come in dual sim please tell me I am not found it anywhere

  16. Bayram Yuksel says:

    biggest, better but not the best among those high end phablets in markets right now; compare the hardware to the phones like galaxy plus size model it is still so much low configuration

  17. Kiko Alprince says:

    not the whole thing compare to big one is going to small as the camera, battery performance and display looks similar i test both of the new devices

  18. Wael Alyahia says:

    yes you are talking about Samsung?

  19. Aloshe Mohamad says:

    i like the black color because it is shiny and looks so prettier in hands... also phone has nice grip in hands

  20. Omar Alnuaimi says:

    bring a great accuracy plus the extreme level of features expecting from the samsung galaxy s8 kind of phones.