Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mahmoud Salem says:

    True Tone, which is now circular format while maintaining the double white / yellow (remember that this feature allows you to have shots with flash tones more natural).

  2. Thamer Alsalem says:

    Koreans now been launch no of this like phones with same kind of material and dimension. Also there is a same look with more modify features like the new Operating System on their phones.. the A7 is bit while at the other side new S6 looks great and got nice size

  3. Sarfraaz says:

    such similar specs with a much high prices... premium design and include latest version of OS Android that is upgradable to next one as well.. it is a game changer phone

  4. Hmod Hmod says:

    Remote Control Function and also the phone has the nice quick focusing features with the camera

  5. Adil Esmail says:

    . Appeared fingerprint scanner, added protection against moisture and has a new power saving mode .. you can get many benefits from this phone.. and check best prices here

  6. Anus Abdullah says:

    is it is available in middle east markets?? i want to buy this

  7. Rasel says:

    wat's the price?

  8. Ravi says:

    I think no body knows about status of Galaxy Ace 3

  9. Manal Al-khalidi says:

    it has fair prices if the phone has 20MP camera and the slimmest and powerful yet

  10. Kurdstan Kocher says:

    has the perfect 30hrs battery life and i am here to indicate that there is also fast charging capability on the blackberry phone this time. 128GB MICROSD is allow you to do lot more

  11. Fiasal Nasser says:

    respectively, slightly condensed and maximum clarity of the video on the monitor. the screen image of the true video output one-to-one, just on the border of the screen in true resolution Full HD Graphics

  12. Belal says:

    i like ipad 4 it is a good tab

  13. Abo Malak says:

    and the new s watch has the bit high prices than this watch but more improved display and speed

  14. Mohamad Lahig says:

    As for the iPhone 6, no 32GB version, it goes directly from 16GB to 64GB.

  15. Naznin says:

    price in uae of c3 ... please provide me i want itnan

  16. Almansory says:

    not lenovo is a good brand for high quality phone… but making good looking smart phones… and I hope in future lenovo invent something new and innovative

  17. Anees Eisa says:

    the phone is quick and response quickly.. and accurate auto focus system inside with high resolution and take images also in high quality and not blury without tripod

  18. Sameer says:

    description of mobile

  19. Salem Almnssore says:

    and the truth is that this phone got increased in size just.. No the pixels density is too much high and resol still not so good… but yest the colors and brightness level is good set by Apple.

  20. Basher says:

    Touch ID home button, and all suchc capabilities in even more slim body with more powerful performance on the apple iphone Se model. It will be a perfect one well balance phone after the last huge in size phones