Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Nadeem Arif says:

    G Flex 2 opens the door to a latest gen of the excellent Android-smartphone the phone has many benefits

  2. Ammar Ahmed says:

    waiting for its prices hope prices are low

  3. Saud Almulaihi says:

    Samsung did not really change the dimensions of the smartphone, but optimized the space occupied by the screen: 5.3-inch, we went to 5.5, then 5.7.

  4. Amanus Zagros says:

    each and every single thing on the note 4 phone has been improved far more better than the nexus, apple and sony phones.. best and there is some possibilities of the prices of this phone to be more high

  5. Muhammad Umar says:

    On sale in around 2 or 3 months

  6. Souqmobi says:

    WOW love it!

  7. Zakariya says:

    this one is the best phone of the year 2014... i like htc phone and so much i like to excellent performance of HTC one series... love one m8

  8. Sarita El Aidos says:

    this is nice looking elegant phone hope it is coming this year

  9. Salem Akbat says:

    KNOX management software same they used for their galaxy s new series which is really perfect way for security. When I will use samsung pay now please tell me how can I do this

  10. Melissa says:

    Can I order one

  11. Mohammad Saeed says:

    Apple iPhone 6 is created to perform iPhone is here in a delicate metal configuration with flawlessness at all edges.

  12. Jabar Sheikh Bzeny says:

    iSight camera compare to the sony lens is might be something better and good results on it. however, more than 2GB RAM and more things like this one it it is required

  13. Alurk Sozan says:

    it is my next phone definately

  14. Shafaqat says:

    Good Day i want to know here in uae have any vega service center i want to change my touch of my mobile model no IM-A850s shafaqat Ali +971555997853

  15. Rmadan Amen says:

    Underwhelming battery life once again the same issues with their devices

  16. Sh Amer says:

    a3 is not good because there is low pixels of camera and not the sensor working so fine with the low light

  17. Fatima Chaudhry says:

    the concept images looks really pretty to me well have to wait so long to see the offical updates about this samsung s7

  18. Bwty Pie says:

    high definition display that is sweet and clear

  19. Zakwan Faour says:

    HTC as well has all the high end features so my expectation is that the rear side camera is so nice and provide quality photos

  20. Sohier Mohamed says:

    is a fine device in manner of performance, taking photgraphs, but not a bit good battery