Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Magdi Sam says:

    3d touch is not and has nothing to do with the screen. It is added to give quick access to some fo the favorite applications and popular may help user to view images more easily, but other than that what else apple has done with the new iphone 6s

  2. Ahmed Moosa says:

    Nice phone but not a complete device

  3. Azzam Suleiman says:

    i am here to talk about the s5 samsung camera performance.. all the features are aweseme camera having capabilities to give you a perfect crispy snap

  4. Yousif Alkurdi says:

    In accordance with the camera the few user apps does not work fine with low light prev but not this issue now all ok

  5. Miro Morad says:

    S6 form samsng is of the low battery smartphone but the vareint of this has a good battery backup and can play the mucis up to 30 hours same as the story of Apple check it and feel the similarity.

  6. Thilan Isuru says:

    A larger battery means a longer time with the smartphone and you can spend your time with out thinking that you would loose your battery.

  7. Shima Sarhan says:

    Sets Ambitious Price point well that is bit high for just after 3 days but still some how people manage to buy this great one

  8. Fayaz Ahmad says:

    Enormously efficient and good ram also the camera is good on iphone 6.

  9. Mohamad Saeed says:

    I am allegedly all time prepared for something special because its being long time ago they made something different, after the collapse in sales caused by the low impact of the Galaxy S5

  10. Bassem Haddad says:

    perhaps some of the most glorious part of this PHABLET is how good its feels as compare to the predecessor note 4 phone and also the fresh model is familiar with the camera but more nice metallic and glass housing on the back of the phone to be more shine and reflect. that absolutely grab the attention of their buyers

  11. Olaya Dakhel says:

    it is even slim than before and available in different color choices; removable battery if it is best well the s5 has not good design

  12. Shah says:

    hello sir

  13. Bano Nasr says:

    in the middle of a lot of things many users of the big phablets for nowadays, one action that fits mainly fine by the way is gaming that is continuously increasing.

  14. Ayman Sadek says:

    is there is as well galaxy s6 edge plus coming and what about the note 5??

  15. KIBSON says:

    I want to buy this mobile please tell me the way to reach

  16. Gamal Helmy says:

    I like Android Wear and circular screen clocks go unnoticed as a normal watch.

  17. Fathi Adam says:

    a watch and everything a watch should look incredible plus best match to personalities among these collections. The possibilities for personalization will be the best intimate us

  18. Amang Qadir says:

    completely different version to the nexus family with completely different body design...

  19. Safi Milan says:

    is even more interesting

  20. Mohamad Tatari says:

    all the a series phones include galaxy a3 has an ability to play music in "high definition.