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  1. Dion says:

    I bought this bee9400 last 10 april 2014, and Im so happy about this features with a complete range to select from no hassle and all in one pack. thanks for the new innovative keep it up...more power

  2. Ashan Mohamed says:

    i need 2 pcs huawei g7 .this one my mobile number 0556883539 please call me another one number 0503650318

  3. Naseem Tahhan says:

    3d touch screens are great and we will see the same technology now on many of the other android base phones in 2016 or may be after year.

  4. Mohamed Emad says:

    In the Battery we are also at the bottom of the list, and those 2,300 mAh placed him in last place with HTC One and away from those 3,000 mAh LG G2 model.

  5. Nari Mohmd says:

    Well some has a pretty solid record of forecast their next moves, so a new-fangled and better Touch ID sensor is a very real option.

  6. Abdalsamia Alfalah says:

    Nice phone,, now user able to use DropBox and its average is 18hrs 3G- 25 hrs

  7. Rasha Rn says:

    The Camera iphone 6 is also better and 1GB of RAM is not much more than enough which will be a lot more in future

  8. Abbud says:

    Hello, I m a huge fan of HTC phone. I heard a lot about HTC One M8, it is one of the best flagship device from HTC. Please let me know if you are offering special deals for it these days or have plan to do so in near future?

  9. Mohamed MOUSSA says:

    Xiaomi has shaped a superb smartphone, adorned with bright specs. It displays an IPS LCD display of 5.5 inches with a 1080x1820 pixels resolution.

  10. Abrar Abed says:

    I believe they goint to stop making bulky flex models after the 3rd gen model

  11. Ayser Alganabi says:

    The power of Qualcomm SoC and 3GB of RAM are fully expressed. Micro slowdowns we could sometimes see the Note 2

  12. Abdul Baqi says:

    no technical problem yet I found on this mobile phone.. The best reason I buy grand 2 galaxy phone Powerful Performance , and front high definition good camera

  13. Ahmed Abdulkarim says:

    Need to talk about the touch identification as the sensor as they claim will snap and perform more faster well authentication need to be more fast

  14. Zaid Hilalat says:

    it is big, it is beautiful Android 5.1 is new updated no-compromise with any other rival as I knew that

  15. Abdoulaye says:

    Usually in "odd" years, when LG releases nexus model with the 5 prefix, around the devices is less than the media noise

  16. Salar Hussein says:

    so the new brown color is available; however the dimension and display of the phone is something noticable, on the other side also the phone is more durable and good camera

  17. Ibrahim Malik says:

    the physical parameters of the screen of the smartphone in all manners is so nice

  18. Myra Ali says:

    If you like the big screen so would know this that Apple iPhone 6 plus has multi 1080 x 1920 pixels with the besh Retina HD display with 401 ppi pixel. which i thing the best a smartphone can provide.

  19. Fathima Nuzra says:

    waterproofing on the iphone s series will be plus point as their rivals are using such capabilities to make as powerful as they can.

  20. Ali Mobayed says:

    ultra premium is always a plus point with apple most of us talked about innovations and what about the innovation withing the same parameters and hardware with more fast and ground breaking performing abilities which we see in iphone 6 apple phone