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  1. Ali Himme says:

    i am actually missing some of the features as well the front speakers and the sound of the htc m9 new model is bit lower

  2. Hanin Ali says:

    with thinner sides, this phone t3 is good but not like prices of the phone . it is costly.

  3. Rakan Boughanmi says:

    Gmail what create it even more easy to deal with Nexus 6 features and things to talk relate among evil habit of selling Google.

  4. Khalil Chauhdry says:

    must have high resolution with the Quad HD dispplay as every body is now unveiling their phones with this technology and it looks good

  5. Mustafa Masry says:

    xperia z5 premium has card slot and a physical button for the camera. Another thing important is the battery removable which is also included in xperia new model.. that is why i bought xperia instead of galaxy s6

  6. Mulazim Ali says:

    A main feature of the case is a record thin frame around the screen and the thickness of the smartphone and may be this phone looks alike same as the new iPhone's

  7. Yhelruben says:

    Is Nokia xl really has good specs???anybody answer me please,,,it's my it really a nice android smartphone???

  8. Mohammad Shouehne says:

    Home sales of the amazing new phones this phone still not applicable in Middle East region and also not found any pre order news however planned to have at the end of this month well the other different kind of phones also keep coming now in 2015.

  9. Layan Allan says:

    It is obvious that prev the statement of Samsung Galaxy S6 left very little time and now the rumorshas been exposed the largest leak of information about the future Smartphone.

  10. Mohamed Fouad says:

    The compression of YouTube makes losing a lot of movie quality. Not that this is a masterpiece,

  11. Marwan Boodlal says:

    this is the prices for the Dual SIM model.. tell me also that the battery of the Grand prime 2014 model is removable or not?

  12. Fahed Khalid says:

    the rest of the specs list of the iphones are great but I like the s model which has all new technology of touchscreen with the 3d force touch and also more ram, chipset enhanced

  13. Mbark Bourgan says:

    3D Touch display also known as force technology and Quick Actions are certainly somewhat you might have to get used to and that is upon you to disable or enable the features

  14. Abo Fars says:

    powerful specifications of the device well the resolution, ram, cpu and great performance of note 5. but it think iphone 6s plus is also comparable to this one because display is good in both phones where as note 5 is bit small in size

  15. Emmad Waheed says:

    probably prices are available in 2014 but it may be not much costly because of 720pixels...

  16. Musadiq Hamood says:

    the phone speed is really impressive you can play games with good speed. and graphics as well.. color of this smartphone is quite differ as compare to previous models graphics... it is now in more detail

  17. Muhsin Peace says:

    still 1810mAh why? This is 2015 not 2010 and 2011 when people amaze scene smartphone with such dimension packs 1810mAh capacity

  18. Haroon Agral says:

    that is great that they are using HDR now; big thing to be more enhanced and give a new technology to the world that is also best thing to consume more less energy of the phone where as 2k display and 4k required alot big battery to work like the same as the samsung new launch note 7 is capable of

  19. Yahya Sdfer says:

    Fast battery charging on the phone but also they give same as samsung is offering in note 7 Dual-core 2.15 GHz Kryo & dual-core 1.6 GHz Kryo processor. may be this cpu performance will be more powerful than quad core

  20. Alhadithi Fatih says:

    phablet-sized is really amazing but how big is this phone is... it become a tablet it say .. all the time there is need of both hands while using this nexus phone