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  1. Amir Qurrat says:

    so the phone has nice flexibility and also it bendable?? like Apple

  2. Zohair says:

    is this watch is water proof as well?? not sure that is why asking for that.. weather interface and walking distance tracker are the old features on smart watches.. also apple previously make this kind of devices... waiting for iwatch in 18k gold

  3. Abdul Moyed says:

    due to screen size… and hd display I like this phne… because phone is good for entertainment.. But for application I like windows phone…

  4. Abdo Alarby says:

    no way to use the big phablet in such low resolution they even has to make it full hd

  5. Same Libya says:

    this is a phablet by Microsoft so size comparison with the Lumia 535 is not comparable because this looking a high end phone and lumia 535 has mid end features

  6. Adel Mohamed says:

    The screen of the nexus is protected by same Glass 3 yes It is the best one that is why each and every brand is using same one.

  7. Sukkar Sukkar says:

    video quality is just awesome while the gold version looking so pretty all best features remain unchanged in the big one

  8. Omar says:

    Accordance with the position model bb Z10 - a assure of Blackberry (RIM alongside by means of the statement was the Blackberry)

  9. Kareem Ebn Elbasha says:

    most possible and get high quality pictures even in the dim light where as apple is not such good sharp image result in the same low light. like its predecessors in the same Note 4 is more good with the camera but low light feature is not so much good

  10. Yasinya Karim says:

    Besides the buttons are made from a non plastic but from metal and as side ends.

  11. Ahmad Fakih says:

    please tell me launch date of desire 816

  12. Ali Khairi says:

    beter.16 or 64 gb. which model is perfect and tell me there is built in free storage of 16GB or it include OS memory

  13. Ganral Hwati says:

    In any case of battery timing there is no need to fear: the battery will not leave you stranded by the end of your work day, and as the S5,

  14. Tarek Fathi says:

    A small battery is also present here not a big one. I dont know that why people are sayng that the battery is big enough. It is samll bigger than the S6 but in itself it is not huge enough.

  15. Jack Paul says:

    pricing for this phone is right now is not something that is possible either less or higher than the standard models; it is something different from its own tradition

  16. Qennawy says:

    the note 5 has all balanced specifications over the camera well it is nice to see the OIS features and flash.. where as the front camera compare to iphone 6 plus is far more better in quality and perfect sharp

  17. Sadek Ali says:

    best android mobile i like this

  18. Abo Mazen says:

    i think the features and the hardware got the capabilities same we seen in the galaxy note 5 phone. same ram, processor and even the marshmallow update is available in the samsung galaxy s7 because it is one of the main phones this year

  19. Zain Alabeden says:

    rather black dress of the phone looks more eye catching if there is little bit glossy body of the phone.. galaxy s6 is nice one and bit shinny looking in hands offers nice handling

  20. Adnan says:

    which one is better s5 or this upcoming phone.. high-end Android handset meant to compete with iphone 6 ..many options included on this phone was similar as galaxy s5 has but much improved