Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ghada Tabidi says:

    they are making some of the brilliant devices so far but the price is so high it seems like the phone prices touch iphone rates

  2. Om-kinan Almassalmaama says:

    so the diagonal size keep growing after than but now they actually stop producing and include not like nexus sizes to their device which mean more than 5.7 inches

  3. Abdo Sasa says:

    absolutely it is not a good idea seriously to reduce the battery capacity of the samsung s7 either they look forward to give expandable memory card slot and removable batteries now but why replace batteris with low capacity? it is not make sense to me

  4. Ibrahim Bakhtiyar says:

    4 megapixel of front camera is quite good but i was expecting some thing more than this from HTC. The new Smartphone has to be well enough to bear the requirements.

  5. Magdi Sam says:

    Pleasing aesthetics offering more nice performance and the more nice material use to make it even more powerful and solid

  6. Waqas Majeed says:

    Snapdragon is fast with 805 Chipset and apps runs smoothly with the RAM good phone for all kind of Multi-Tasking and it never heat up and hand

  7. Chaudhary Majid says:

    A larger screen does not end at the corner but you can have it in the caoner as well. Small thing like menu time and many other could be placed there.

  8. S B Farnandes Munna says:

    QHD display revolution is something far better than super amoled

  9. Rida Hakim Mehdi says:

    to come back to the market and make good entrance and to play an active role in the line up of modern Smartphones so there is need to make it more slim

  10. Suhad Nofal says:

    Sony is trying to get its position back as it had in back 4 to 5 years. The Phone is wonderful and i think it would regain that particular image for sony.

  11. Suleiman Raheem says:

    2 GB RAM in the galxy a5 where as little upgrade on the a7 phones. Moto g4 plus overall is more good and attractive price point

  12. JS says:

    Dear Sir, Please advise if/when you are actually going to get this phone in stock for purchase? either in UAE or Qatar? I hear that it is only available in the US and on AT&T network? Joe

  13. Mouhannad El Rifaii says:

    as well underneath is a "pocket" for the S Pen - stylus, which is feature for the whole line of Note

  14. Vasken Kevourk Boggoss says:

    it turns out the original futuristic gadget well after the last Edge and the first one they not has confidence with the new one

  15. Mohammed Shaker says:

    comparing with the xperia which has bit different dimensions .2mm more than iphone is still not manage to give you a promising battery life as they do with the 1715 mAh battery

  16. Abu Harban says:

    look like a carbon copy of the iphone 5s and largely a good thing compare to it

  17. Shmsh says:

    again samsung makes a better new variant with lot more improvmnets

  18. Aya Ehab says:

    Another thing I want to mention here is that the new iOS featuring much strong things as the new Siri apps and other map features

  19. Sahil Mohameed says:

    the best size is now come with the motorola again and yest it is cheap

  20. Muhammad Aslam says:

    I want this mobile call me my mobile 0557786039