Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abdoulhadi says:

    Dear sir, I would like to buy the HTC ONE MAX 32GO BLACK, can you deliver me to Casablanca / Morocco. Can not find this smartphone here in Morocco. Regards Abdoulhadi

  2. Sohib Amin says:

    this is the ever made beautiful phone by Samsung that has all is now on its peak

  3. Souhail Khiari says:

    this is very quick and calculate all beats per minute and you can as well see a graph of your whole month that how your beats going

  4. Emad Rashed says:

    will be greatfull to them if apple give iphone7 21mp camera and more than 3 gb of ram with more battery capacity which make it a leader in the personal phone categories

  5. Usmanzulfiqar says:

    I have nokia 2300 in grey color.i will give you this mobile finally in 200 dirhams.

  6. Munaf Alamliy says:

    The both new Mobiles phones iPhone 6S and 6S Plus goint to official somewhere in 2015 so I also waiting for that phone

  7. Sohail says:

    camera, screen size (not like big shovel), Operating System (quickly it works)... i like this phone very much if battery not heat up... quality of the phone looks very pretty and decent to me

  8. Chawki Allouche says:

    s6 is actually brilliant with the display and is one of the most brilliant ergonomics included to the QHD panel screen but Apple is one step ahead of them with 3d touch

  9. Abdul Muiz says:

    Connect to the PS4 through your home WiFi-network and play your favorite games with the controller DUALSHOCK®4 from any room. This is my best camera for a Tablet device.. thanks to which your memories will remain vivid forever.

  10. Zono says:

    How much price?

  11. Samr Koura says:

    Without any doubt last year model has not such capabilties uster, a strong camera, and jumbo screen not just increase this time it is more excellent in Clarity

  12. Benghazi Haji says:

    The latest iPad Air 2 capable to runs all 64 bit gen with its newese A8x processor chipset that is more enhanced the performance of the ipad air 2. battery life is also another thing that is more improved but there is too much more inside to be found

  13. Hania Ghazal says:

    so the phone got a new updates to 5.0 Lollipop how is the procedure to update my operating system

  14. Yhiaa Zakriaa says:

    butterfly 2 will be a good phone because previous model is very better

  15. Sohail Ali says:

    look is quite similar to iphones may be a copy but hope xiaomi not copy apple prices because iphones are too expensive ...

  16. Musabeh Mushashae says:

    Especially for the new tablet, Microsoft released a new line of accessories: Cover Keyboard Type Cover, stylus and a docking station

  17. Asmaa K Khudhair says:

    I did not bring an iPad because I not have this and want iPad charger to charpe my phone even more quickly now

  18. Mona Mohamed says:

    by means of the device initiate gifted of pounding top rivals, as well as DSLR cameras, in presentation tests.

  19. Pawan says:


  20. Saad says:

    Autonomy is it 10 hours on 3G and 250 hours on standby.