Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Santhosh says:

    I like it this mobile watch

  2. Ahmed Saif says:

    The screen of the iPhone 6 Plus, from a decently technical point, everything in a much odd way that has produced all types of explanations and pains, particularly among designers

  3. Waseem Alani says:

    Large screen size on smartphones only the good thing not other i like for LG

  4. Ferdaws Mustapha says:

    The phone is just 6.7mm in dimention and looks perfrctly good when holding in the hands. The new phones are more good than this particular phone but it has a fine image and no one can steal it.

  5. Suleyman Mohammed says:

    The latest phone is thinner than its last edition and the battery capacity and frames meet the most 5.5-inch PHABLET size instead of "uncompromising league" of those models which are big in size and not such bezel free

  6. Islam Eipu says:

    Mid-range price and now they turn ascend phones in the premium phones. Make it really Solid with the battery life also great scresn in the ascend p8 huawei phone

  7. Eco Khansaa Hazaimeh says:

    but in the case of both iPad-s brightness at this point is still a bit higher. Black box rejecting diagonally lightens slightly and becomes purple or red-purple hue

  8. Diana Abdurahman says:

    Well the 4-inch Smartphone size is good and in favour of mine, the display is still not amazing but managable

  9. Fahad Jabero says:

    The world's best photo and video camera in a waterproof smartphone is this and previous model is as well very very good.Timeshift video and improved mode of AR effect Shooting video with a resolution of 4K technology

  10. Sajjad Hussain says:

    The new Phone specs are high enough and remarkable view angle with the display.. the large screen and offering 16MP sensor at the other side Nexus has still need improvement with the Rapid LTE and speed of the Camera modes.

  11. Fatnassi Nejah says:

    It offers up to 1024 levels of pressure and magnetic type so we can easily attach to the frame of the equipment.

  12. Abduol Ahmad says:

    which measures just 6.3mm in the a series and all the a series is thinner in the shape also it has nice handling than.

  13. Suleiman Daibis says:

    The phone is really very good and perfromance wise it is also very good and you'd going to fine it a wonderful phone.

  14. Mona El Ganainy says:

    it has a wonderful and long life providing battery. A Non-removable Li-Ion 2600mAh battery is installed in it to provide life to this amazing Smartphone.

  15. Andleeb says:

    Which smartphone to choose? Big or small? iPhone or galaxy alpha, and can Windows Phone? Would it be possible to use most recommend videos on this phone and listen to music in great sound ..

  16. Rageshckandi says:

    Dear sir:I would like to buy a nokia xl mobile phone.actually this phone available in qatar market???,which shop available...much more.please post your valuable details

  17. Rewan Ahmed says:

    apple also launch no of useful applications of its 2014 iphone.. that is best with new iOS 8 that is very special.. really impressive updates

  18. Nawaz Rafey says:

    4.95 inches or 5 inches i say this phone is... not too much big and easily you can keep this phone within your pockets.. not it is compulsory to use this with both hands

  19. Abdellah Azeroul says:

    design may be the main part they are looking to enhanced because there is a plastic last time use

  20. Yassore Aljilawy says:

    the price plan of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus looks too costly but may be after sometime come to good level as Apples financial influence of the Apple devices Upgrade Program, the definitive iOS 9 new operating system for the users, the secrets behind 3D Touch