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  1. Alturk Alhady says:

    it is really beautiful smartwatch Elegant, fluid user interface and round screen make it looks best. But some of the disadvantages using gear is Laggy notification menu

  2. Shakor Khan says:

    as compare to the s5 this is awesome phone with such price point like the other

  3. Eshine Ali says:

    so the phone come next year or at december? why still Snapdragon 410

  4. Adam Malik says:

    Apple fully re-thought that how can all the users of new iPhones pay to create a shopping even more quickly and in easy way.

  5. Bave Dyar says:

    iPhone 5s to Receive 50% Price Cut meaning this phone has the same prices of iphone 5s in uae right now

  6. Khaled Alnoor says:

    on February 21st their plan to launch the new lg g5 and may be new v series come alongside with the traditional phones by them this year

  7. Lamis Elmansy says:

    so now they going to make 12MP camera lense in the next modify version

  8. Shanaz says:

    Is HTC1 M9 - Full Gold 32 GB available with you, if so please call on on 04-3726600. Thanks

  9. Nerwan Alkami says:

    thin and thumb lock feature and still it feels good in hands not the size is very big

  10. Mahmoud Sarhan says:

    Much more convenient it would be to get each record with scroll down... i knew style is not only a thing that makes phones good..

  11. Maa Alshouhdi says:

    great phone .but still lumia 1020 is tha beast :D !! really well done to Nokia for this one! !!

  12. Mazin Alhusein says:

    So the all the x android series phone now hit the shelves. but not nokia make something best as they expecting .. also nokia set very cheap prices for these phones but not that make the phone good

  13. Jijojipson says:

    Coolpad note3 how much cost in UAE.

  14. Amjed Mejo says:

    It is a depressing actuality for those who favor compressed size Smartphone. Every year maker come up among modest features other than like a film sequel they experience constrained to go superior than last time

  15. Jamila Zoubi says:

    the resource Digitimes spread information that Microsoft plans to completely close the unit responsible for the development and production of tablets lineup and Surface Surface Pro.

  16. Robin says:

    hi is this item refurished or new???

  17. Pravir says:

    is Nokia Lumia 625 in market or not........

  18. Kaoutar Addi says:

    but seriously cool for normal use

  19. Emed Abdo says:

    it is a good big phone with nice balancing of the screen adn the smooth edges. is slim but heavy, it fits in your hand perfectly. All of the elements required on the smartphone is in the right place actually.

  20. Wassim says:

    i need to buy note 3 whatsapp me 0096171100280