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  1. Charaf Moustaghfir says:

    apple runs Microsoft applications really more faster and more nice UI with such applications. I am using iphone 6 plus and now going to upgrade my phone

  2. Arshad Afzal says:

    Square in shape wrist watch has come back again and at this time they are not just good but they are best as they are now no more just a watch but they are a small smartphone.

  3. Jameel Ali says:

    bundle of offers now… active galaxy s6 dual sim is also available?

  4. Sahil says:

    very soon going to buy this ..

  5.  Marwa Chauhdry says:

    Apple has concentrated this time and it has comeup with an amazing smartphone which is really very good for it.

  6. Faheem says:

    I am fine with it... Love to see this as mobile site.

  7. Suha says:

    is this phone is easy to fit into pockets because it looks very big in width???

  8. Dua says:

    The battery timmings are not so much good I want the battery of 6 plus so that it can provide me some long hours.

  9. Jamshed Dasti says:

    battery is really nice as compare to iphone 5 but the design is not more slim that i want, i want a thing like xperia wiht this kind of features

  10. Maz-har Ara-in says:

    in the list of my top Smartphones this phone is on top

  11. Naseen says:

    ??? ?????

  12. Tayseer Jarad says:

    and the 6GB of RAM? I am not sure they gonna put such thing as it is not required much in a mobile phone. There is a need of more advanced chipsets and software on the smartphones no need to all the increase the amount of the storage.

  13. Shoaib says:

    I want to purchase Samsung Gravity Q T289 , please share your reviews and comments of Samsung Gravity Q T289.

  14. Nazih Elsaid says:

    In A5 lot of hard work to bend the device.

  15. Abo Salh says:

    You can go from a subject in the background to the foreground and one in the iPhone 6 will quickly focus smoothly and accurately.

  16. Ahmed Asmail says:

    is they are now going to copy xperia z3 phone ?? So the design changes

  17. Omar Sh says:

    well there is a plan to make available mini version of their phones also or compact edition for economical buyers

  18. Khalid Tosif says:

    China on January 7 this phone is coming but what about the united arab applicability of this tablet

  19. Murtada Hassan says:

    youtube video download can I run the same application of apk on this mobile phone?? Is it is ok to download youtube videos or we need to install ios own package? Suggest me names of their applications for iOS youtube video downloading

  20. Osama Rafi Hammo says:

    feels still bit like a different as there is still plastic material on galaxy s7 at all; normal just to reach everything there is some compromises they have to made