Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ahmed Al Saadi says:

    I impressed with this mobile and it is now available with the 1 year warranty and in four colors… my fav is blue one

  2. Hammad says:

    still i say that this phone is decent... good camera, not much big and chunky phone.. and also screen resolution is good

  3. Iven says:

    Hello. I need samsung note 4 32gb, LTE/4G phone, color bronze gold and can ship in Qatar. Please let me know the price and if it is free shipping. If you have samsung S6 32gb, color gold, please let me know also. Please message me ASAP. Thanks!

  4. MOhhamed AL-azawi says:

    iPhone6 user capable now to record all the videos at full HD and yes HD recording with the 60fps and also there is more good and clear display.

  5. Moad Alkbir says:

    Inside this phone is set exactly the same sensor as in Note 3

  6. Mshal Hasn says:

    Just moving the phone to the car and then hitting the hammer housing authors have permanently disable BlackBerry Passport.

  7. PREAM says:


  8. Abed ALwahab Kh says:

    Creators just today the story of the specsof the smartphone, but thanks to insider details, we know the data before the official release.

  9. Rtnaghaalmas Alikhan says:

    Work with side screen - opportunity and experience as operational in a range of apps on the S6 Edge phone incoming call is displayed on the screen side (in all cases, apart from when you are on the major screen of the device or it is blocked may be.

  10. Azeem Malik says:

    however according to Jessica Dolcourts hands-on experiment, this phone textures pretty weighty for its dimension. The 4G permitted phone dimensions 150x77.4x8.5mm with a weight of 156grams.

  11. Abu Muhannad says:

    I like the slim design and the front camera because it is providing the best selfie which is of my choise.

  12. Abdul Hadi says:

    Lg g3 dual sim black 32 gb

  13. Amira Amer says:

    Android powered nice phone but no split screen for multi task features because it is huge it is hard to do many things

  14. Faraz Sarwar says:

    Apple keep itself in a limit and thats why a large nmber of people love them a lot. The phone is not so big and not so small but the thing is you'd going to love it while you keep it in your hand.

  15. Hosny says:

    i do not like desire 816 screen.. looks rubish

  16. Agila Agzim says:

    well everyone got crazy after seeing this phone and there is plenty of storage and options other than one.. remoavable battery

  17. KIBSON says:

    I want to buy this mobile please tell me the way to reach

  18. Motasim Noserat says:

    They actually makes use of the way more enjoyable than ever stylus pen, and handwriting recognition keeps to meet overall in all manners

  19. Shifa Rasool says:

    The comfort with the strape is just amazing it is light enough and you would not be feeling any sort of weight on your hand as it design in such a way that it has a light weight but incredilble performance.

  20. Naser Hmide says:

    In sale smartphone in two colors - gray and red. And what about the other colors as now other brand is using .. Leather case also in g4