Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ibrar Mian says:

    The Galaxy S6 Edge will be operating a fully Lollipop 5.0 android version of TouchWiz out of the box.

  2. Malik says:

    2 nos

  3. Hassan Lahlali says:

    on the edge side extra screen you need to se gestures to view many things as it is a personal feature

  4. Ismaeel Salhab says:

    the phone is really awesome but still moto turbo has more nice features and powerful battery

  5. Imran Hossain says:


  6. Arkhwan Biram says:

    As the Note 4 has an imposing Quad High Definition Super AMOLED display, the such high resolution in this kind of phone needs more capacity

  7. Seyhmus says:

    is really a big one in size.. really like this kind of LG devices but why not any compact size personal phones

  8. Mohd Mustafiz says:

    Day after day all the good condition mobile is going to big screen. that is not suitable to all time use. If there is some model keep in 4.2 or 4.3 inch for ordinary using that's best support for us those who like to normal use.

  9. Kawther Mohamed says:

    although we must admit that we are not photographed under ideal lighting conditions Camera features Nexus 6

  10. Jano Janyar says:

    It's interface still be remain good to some new launch smartwatches then and real world companion turn out to be awesome.

  11. Bengazi Cite says:

    If you are speculate why LG and HTC are not in the dispute, the reply is that they do not contain devices in different

  12. Chamilo Djamel says:

    How many buyers Note edge regularly use these features of S Pen many times? Hard to say, but not essential, some are significant, such as different views on hover the stylus on messages, calendars and picture galleries.

  13. Abdul Hadi Faryadi says:

    i have several issues with the nexus 5 smartphone as it is not capable to turn on while charging .. is there is any setting that is going to be enable on it?

  14. Mohamed Samir says:

    20 megspixel from the samsung is going to be a great fun with friend in the party and now i can take the best shoot while being in a party.

  15. Weeda Abadi says:

    in high end side for this phone this is so great now had a best prices

  16. Rai Bhawan says:

    just ok phone with bit different stylish design

  17. Akasbi says:

    only the 32GB version available whereas different prices for the external storage of 128gb and more than it.

  18. Homa Serea says:

    Some of the rumors discovered that new upcoming phones which will go by the perfect statistics

  19. Ahmed Abd El Azize says:

    micro SD card slot is also here, as the double-layer design, the battery capacity is 2940 mAh.

  20. Abdul Saboor says:

    in my mind i see quite same design for that phone and expecting from apple this time big screeny device.. waiting for this smartphone availibility than i will compare all things than make deicision to buy 1 samsung galaxy alpha, sony xperia z3 or Apple iPhone 6