Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Azez Alseh says:

    Here, the most suitable for a given diagonal resolution (I think the transition to Quad HD plus)

  2. Faris El-Shamy says:

    Battery not good enough of the phone that is the same reason that is why the capacity of the new galaxy s7 improves on the leading phones

  3. Izzat Subhajit says:

    what about the battery timing of the next grand 3. is there is more mAh and features

  4. Qader says:

    is the natural result still looks like a better new phone. the players and the media have a good reputation.

  5. Mohamad Zarour says:

    Features with the watch is yet to be unveiled with the new iOS.. and also I see a review where they mention three more models are coming this year

  6. Asif Raza says:

    hide some of the thickness as compare to ultra t2 phone previous release by sony.. easily be found on premium handsets. made by sony in xperia series

  7. Dilshad Ahmad says:

    now the new Lollipop Android OS is available for this phone

  8. Suresh says:

    I won't to be by Nokia N 76 Red one please give me details

  9. Al Hadi says:

    Qualcomm and NVIDIA products have an benefits ahead to the SoC Apple as two cores also you might see in the benchmarks this all cause add to and power consumption.

  10. Ebrahem says:

    , but thanks to ultra-narrow border design, very large proportion of the screen, even if the screen is this screen size

  11. Dua says:

    The battery timmings are not so much good I want the battery of 6 plus so that it can provide me some long hours.

  12. Benghazi says:

    Superb display on this reasonable device think it will be a cheap phone coming around

  13. Meeroo Mero says:

    the major con of their phone is that they are expensive and non removable cardslot and even batteries

  14. Neen Naaz says:

    Many of my friends are using this smartphone and they are saying that it has a heating problem at the time of playing games.

  15. Abo Ssalh says:

    dual version is also good

  16. Mahmoud Tolbaa says:

    the display glass inward very slightly on the plus model and the galaxy s7 edge model. the phone is hard to pick because of bulky size and to take inside the pocket always hard

  17. Essam Saleh Bin Gabry says:

    wan a best deal on this one so if I set an notifier and when the prices get low down to this then can you please notify me because I want this watch…

  18. Marmar says:

    the phone is available only in 64GB that is bad please available all internal storage options so i make purchase of cheapest one

  19. KaZa Mezaa says:

    when it come in markets tell me and how many mobile phone launch in 2016

  20. Mohammed Karo says:

    3099 prices of this phone is so nice of the new 32GB black model but I think the prices of the device in green will be much more expensive. Still a good option for those who looking for a phone more high end then note edge and note 4 in small size