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  1. Mohd Jearail says:

    so the other thing you will be notice on the major application that have not been optimized for the 6 Plus model as it has to be, the applications before I am using on my iPhone 5s is now become little blury on the big phone

  2. Redwan Osman says:

    Unmatched original style as before but the colors available is white, gold, blue, green and even the black and gold contrast will be soon

  3. Bozan says:

    what is a difference between mediapad 10 and media pad 10 + variant????

  4. Shekh Luqman says:

    Feels like a premium phone not like before but the big one and great camera with the support of the most fastest performance not i find it such comfortable as s6

  5. Ahmed Zuhair says:

    actually apple phones has full support of the advacned camera lenses and enhanced their AF and noise resolution display. they give also iphone 5s and 6s phones slo-mo video recording feature which is good and more cinematic videos can be made through them than

  6. Rohan Chaudhary says:

    Difficult but bit renew design, all the thing are good in present version has a elegant exterior repair and the display is now 0.7 inches more wider as compare to last year model.

  7. Samaar Masri says:

    is this device has same features as the samsung note have also the size is same

  8. Qutebha Thanoon says:

    a huge display wiht the good tablet design Enough space on the screen, you can make characters larger this is the first tablet by Nokia with the highest resolution

  9. Waleed Alfakhrany says:

    glass and metal body. but still not they capable to manage their premium look because the button on the bottom side of the samsung phones is so much ugly looking thing.

  10. Coco Chanil says:

    they give it more life well that is amazing UI experience with this phone in manner of design and display

  11. Mohammed Abd Almajeed says:

    So in spite of all that where can I buy it, in all countries where it is officially marketed.

  12. Manal Elbanna says:

    hope it is available with low cost... i love this if nokia include 4g lte option on this kind of phones as well

  13. Anish says:

    I need same this answer

  14. Alaa Akoul says:

    for video streaming and gaming that is bit ok and lg flex 2 got so nice body design

  15. Mubarak Musa says:

    they now jump to the new iOS but the camera remain similar why not they are improving the pixels.

  16. Zahir Xoshnaw says:

    a USB-C port on this phone and is there is flash led on the front of the iphone Se like new phones or something else thy gonna do

  17. Azhar Hussein says:

    in white color phone looks very beautifull... also phone is slim and graphics are more improved now

  18. Ahmed Jaguar says:

    This year saying just one such Smartphone an economical model Blackberry Z3, an better version of which - Z3 LTE - still in the summer worked Canadians.

  19. Issam Yossef says:

    it is a true beauty in your hands but also too much high rates they are offering. Incomplete microSD card support on the new phones not like it is that before

  20. Mahmoud says:

    sync issues with Gmail, Inbox, other apps on the google nexus6p same threads i found about the same issue in some other phones with the marshmallow update