Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ejaz Manzoor says:

    you can easily trace anyone who has this watch so my dear fellow readers do not buy two apple watches one for you and one for your girlfriend because she would be tracing you all the time.

  2. Khaled Kamal says:

    those first crazy that must density and high resolution as never seen before in any note model. Other than that note 5 has huge screen but less diagonal size which can be used with one hand

  3. Wawan Abdillah says:

    nice looking

  4. Mubarak Alqusaili says:

    it is a next generation Smartphone which is presenting Samsung in the market in totally a different way that Samsung can make these kinds of Smartphones as well.

  5. Khalid Alhadi says:

    but somewhat costly 5.5-inch Smartphone with an stimulating and amazing pressure detecting display.

  6. Imed Laribi says:

    utterly fantastic body of the mobile phone has nice natural feeling in hands. the phone is super slim, super fast super durable from the predecessor so all of us has only one option to buy the high end iOS phone right now whihc is apple iphone 6 generation phones

  7. Md Baktheir says:

    after the usage of this phone Everyday i think the much more fast phone is apple compare to the galaxy s6 and others because of nice power consumption

  8. Bakri Ba-eshen says:

    The curved edges of the screen of iphone 6 as well has a purpose in relation to the iOS GUI is perfect and it is much more pleasant to the touch swipe from any of the sides towards the center as a gesture navigation.

  9. Mohmad Wrdat says:

    grade aluminum material ofcourse the phone indicating their is a best ever nexus phone right now in the market with all enough charateristics

  10. Ahmad Bin Taleb says:

    i wish that new padfone mini hve good and better battery performance

  11. Rita Kandalaft says:

    I was really afraid to make the transition, but it has been nothing but effortless. I absolutely love my Note 4 and it is way better than ...

  12. Waqar Khan says:

    Though it is not Samsung leading Smartphone, it still has suitable specifications, and in various means is not far off from today's flagship devices.

  13. Abhishek Suman says:

    Not a good quality of camera it is a worst quality and I dont know that why Samsung is doing this.

  14. Ahmed Ali says:

    5.9-inch QHD display I really like note 4 but this is not that big if the prices of this smartphone are not like much high as iphone 6 plus prices are than definitely it be a good value

  15. Naveed says:

    i have looked up some reviews for the camera features of LG G5, it looks great, actually exactly what i needed, the colors are so bright and sharp.

  16. Mohamed ArafAt says:

    i am now using this one it is great

  17. Nabil Hassan says:

    just the well made muilt but indeed hardware of the ipad is not well equipped also not major amount of ram

  18. Nawab Jady says:

    A larger battery does not means everty thing SD card support is very essential and if any smartphone is not providing that it is not just bad for the user but you can say that is worst for them.

  19. Saeed El-ziat says:

    The iPhone 5s creates beams of light on the lights and the definition will drop remarkably in the surrounding areas.

  20. Majid says:

    How much !!