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  1. Hamada Samir Mido says:

    it really significantly improves the sound quality. You can also customize the equalizer on the xperia phones

  2. Faed Soad says:

    the best thing i found is the fastest charging ability on this cell phone

  3. Ali Nahas says:

    Nokia XL is only available with Dual SIM or a Single SIM variant is also come???

  4. Saon Sanaonao says:

    It is true and not Apple hide it: their plan is to go for larger screens in the plus model like iphone 6 plus which they started from in future

  5. Loai Kattan says:

    With automatic brightness control can be seen that it is not always the maximum, often it can seem dull.

  6. Khodor Khodor says:

    is the new Stylus pen works totally fine with the note 3

  7. Rami Alahmad says:

    How to make a medical Identification and yest the phone is good for fitness like apps Emergency function located on the lock screen of the Smartphone

  8. Elsayed Osama El Hamidy says:

    they increase the size of the phone as seen in the metal frame leaked photos of the 6s

  9. Khurara says:

    k zoom .. is the best phone of 2014.... when available?

  10. Chops Que says:

    I like the OS which is working smoothly in it and using the best hardware it has done some amazing kind of a stuff.

  11. Al Omar says:

    Their is no evading it: The Plus is even greater than its expressions. It is offering good ease to adjust to the Plus if you now used phablet Smartphones, this is an immense part of the package they are offering in iphone 6 plus apple

  12. Yousef Saleh says:

    this is my favorite tablet

  13. Shanz Shanizar says:

    the race now begin with the metallic material infact to take an advantage with the mateial and give more smoother designs.

  14. Cagatay Ergezer says:

    Style Moto X and Nexus, waiting to be said about them, I keep a flame of hope.

  15. Shivraj says:

    i need yu yutopia.. how match prise.???

  16. Khaled Mahmoud Shabarek says:

    though, in the case of the Nexus 5, things are not so simple, here we have the grand ploy.

  17. Aamir Hasan says:

    has moved to the next part right now; infact they want to put in the category of the most premium phones. But on the tablets there are different options now

  18. Ayman Abdo Showref says:

    We do not be familiar with how much the 2015 devices will priced although we make out it will almost certainly be more luxurious than in years past.

  19. Mohammad Alkordi says:

    this is not to increase machine the thickness of the case body and the lower plot.. other features like 3.0 usb, and latest lte connectivity and also a good display make this phone best

  20. Abrar Raoof says:

    what are motorola planning in future now . moto 360 watch is best and now moto x2 like best phone that is packed with all high end hardware inside.. i love all the hardware and phone look best with bright colors and cases that motorola more continuously releasing after its availability