Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohamad Eshref says:

    all Smartphones are long life to the world in different ways, and among as compare to Moto Maxx you can go dual days* with no need of charge.

  2. Ismail says:

    I am waiting to see a new-gen iPhone with the extra edge screen or else want removable batteries, I am sure not too much huge updates possible regarding how this phone look alike or else? (Traditionally, Apple give new looks to their phone after two years so same design as expected on the iphone 7

  3. Jamha Nahsoo says:

    when will these phones came out in the market and is this one is really a jack-free iPhone?

  4. Youssef says:

    When will iphone 6 come give it to me with a cheap price

  5. Mostafa Ibrahim says:

    USB Type-C is currently a nice thing and after all as i knew that apple iphone 6 and new phones should pack such things on their devices

  6. Feng Xu says:

    current policy of the company remain same to give it an attractive price but has make again some compromises with the designs of the phones then

  7. Anas Melhem says:

    Easier to hold than previous Notes in hands the same handling they are offering witht the galaxy s6 phone but there is not good speakers on the note 5 and the glass finishing not is so remarkable

  8. Murugeshkanaga says:

    I Like to xiaomi Redmond 1S Black 8 GB

  9. Muhammad Nadeem Akhter says:

    I often like this kind of phone but when Apple make it I got crazy to use it

  10. Youcef Madrid Hey says:

    This as well enthused Google to put up for sale normal users the bulk authentic Android Smartphone plans.

  11. Said Akhrif says:

    the best color is the dark green which is shiny and look more eye catching with th glass back.

  12. Masum Bilah says:

    I want to samsung projector mobile

  13. Mahfouz Taha says:

    this is a unique shift and update to the new nexus model.quad-HD display, design bit same as moto x from backside.

  14. Osama Almaghout says:

    a smallest; now pre order is available for this phone and I am expecting more low prices in future

  15. Alturk Alhady says:

    it is really beautiful smartwatch Elegant, fluid user interface and round screen make it looks best. But some of the disadvantages using gear is Laggy notification menu

  16. Ahmed Doma says:

    The Screen size is just 4.7 which is quite lower than he LG G4 and the Samsung as well. The Screen should be of 5.2 to 5.3 what i think. Becasue the phone is of 5.5 inches.

  17. Bedro Madrid says:

    Virtually viral videos will be playable but need to know about the new Google feature of 360 degree video;how can i play these videos with my Apple devices.

  18. Mustafa Khalid says:

    The design is amazing and if you are searching a gift for someone so this is the best gift you should give to your love one and If you give it on a nice place the moment will become yours.

  19. Sibghatullah says:

    this is my first htc smartphone.. and i love it.. previously have galaxy s3 and now i am a fan of htc phone... how good this one is having all good features.. multi tasking through htc m8 is best and quick