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  1. Criss Aminou Michel says:

    2K screen + OIS great camera BNM LG G3 complete estimation and so good battery life as well.

  2. Nourdine says:

    This phone capable to detects the movement of not just downward, but also clockwise. Self recognition is totally6 works so fine almost with no issue

  3. Deyar Ahmad says:

    guy please uggest me i m new using smartphones.. i want to buy high end phone also big in screen size and i m going to make my order online for g3 is t his is good phone??

  4. Syed Khaled says:

    especially for short videos such as those found on YouTube or my FaceTime sessions / Skype this is enhance

  5. Ayman Sadek says:

    is there is as well galaxy s6 edge plus coming and what about the note 5??

  6. Attyah Ahmed says:

    LG plans to stay in the similar spirit still offering a curved screen incorporating a definition this time in full HD and a self-regenerating hull.

  7. Eman Shukri says:

    The phone is wonderful and perform best. The Phone has an amazing screen which is protected by the Super AMOLED which gives a wonderful output to the user.

  8. Corrina Phillips says:

    The new lollipop is treating so well with that phone as the Samsung S5 is still not capable to got so nicely this one… well 5.1 is I am waiting for more because it comes with lot more

  9. Khaled Alnoor says:

    on February 21st their plan to launch the new lg g5 and may be new v series come alongside with the traditional phones by them this year

  10. Riyad Saleh says:

    looks complete unit also packs with the top noth hardware with a good combination of display.

  11. Ismail says:

    My name is ismail.i will by the grand2.but how buy it?

  12. Sheikh Muhammad says:

    I need help with my HTC ONE X. I had a Viper Venom rom installed everything correctly, my son used the Venon Flasher and HTC does not leave the white screen with HTC. Summarizing not boot!! Help me!

  13. Hossam Salm says:

    i talk about Power And Efficiency of the iphone6. burden off the A8 chipset and CPU and GPU both are working fast enough that no one other phone can compare with its performance. advanced A8 chip is the most fastest yet chip

  14. Mahmad Gonash says:

    device's does not have SD card slots on it; an ultracrisp the smaller screens they always amazingly sharp. High-contrast display using in the note series

  15. Mohammed Faris says:

    they actually over rated the iphone 6 plus but there is nothing so extra ordinary on the mobile phone

  16. Mahmoud Alshammari says:

    larger plus-sized ios too bulky and hard to grip; this device really win the race with its spectacular new look and graphics that are really awesome

  17. Jawed Sumit says:

    turbo processor not just that also the camera is more improved.. as compare to all previous phone motorola not work on the camera

  18. Abdulhameed Murshed says:

    android 6.0 is in this phone? When we got this phone in uae no store available

  19. Hnd Ali says:

    need more advanced audio options promise to provide a multi-directional video playback.

  20. Mohmad Kiata says:

    i rate this 10 out of 10 because this is so beautiful and Better 13MP camera is now in the laptop ??? wow amazing for me and as like me many are amazed too after seeing this kind of amazing features