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  1. Jaser Mohammad says:

    would capture images more quickly as compare to the galaxy s6 and note 5 latest phones therefore a lot better ergonomics even with the low dim lights

  2. Azhar Waysi says:

    rear side cmera was soo bad... but not want camera phone.. just want good in performance phone for my son... and i think it is good choice for me t0o buy this beautiful samrtphone

  3. Raqeeb says:

    and what is the resolution? i want full hd and best as compare to macbooks in this 12 inches imressive hybrid

  4. Amine Zgy says:

    but there is all the things change and not alike same in the galaxy s familyn and note family which is why there is more ways to find the greatness of the samsung galaxy note 5 to compare phone with the note 4 or lg g4 which is just another great alternatives

  5. Adam Fattal says:

    It has a 20 megapixel of camera which is best to take the Photos even in the dark and or in the lights. The Smartphone has a powerful flash which can light up your image.

  6. Inaara Rahim says:

    Everyone is happy to have iphone 5s as it has so many amazing features and functions to have some great amount of quality of work to the customers and thats why it is famous in the market.

  7. Sufiya Thakur says:

    Note 3 is has 13mp camera and super HD amoled screen whiches brighter and responsive and galaxy mega it has 8mp camera with capacitive screen eventhought it haviing huge screen.

  8. Nazir Ahmad says:

    seeing that sleek one in the market recently and compare my samsung note 5 with the phone; not a doubt apple iphone 6 is so beautiful phone and I like it

  9. Zunaira says:

    not good as i want it too be,., sony cheat samsung .. like galaxy s5 active and zoom now...

  10. Kiera Jackson says:

    perhaps, as the Phablet size is up to 5 inches and yes they finally made it but in some era they just improve the size of the mobile phone

  11. Adees Mona says:

    Me using yet Samsung s5 phone and now I switching to iphone because it is good looking in hands and have it all that I need with more good features

  12. Abo Ammar Msallam says:

    I do not need a beauty just looking for such kind of device with more impressive budgeted prices

  13. Maged Arafa says:

    nonetheless they are as well taking more on the perpendicular axis when snapping in scenery this all providing us an impression of how "large" an image will be with the landscape mode when you take pictures

  14. Hossam Shawky says:

    low light photography is not well and user looking for the good battery life has really a nice phone but still hard for pockets because of big size

  15. Abdurahiman says:

    please inform me when release iphone6s Dubai I wanted to by thanku

  16. Abdul Saood says:

    screen size is the only thing that nokia include in this phone… but why only 480 pixels in this big screen phone should be 720p to make it quality phone

  17. Sarko Hakmit says:

    Android phones can possibly get now the best OS Lollipop, and at the present the connection mong the nexus6, no doubt this is the best guess.

  18. Mohamed Salah says:

    No home button? But I can see such in leaked photos but at all there is a screen and inside the screen there is home key on it..

  19. Noreen Khan says:

    it means the too so far make its way to OS 6.0; new xperia z5 series and note5, galaxy s6. what about the more models unveiled so soon like galaxy s6 plus and edge plus model what about those phones

  20. Wesam Albeyati says:

    The phone is light in weight and have a wonderful style in the which is enhancing its view and thats why it is famous in the mrket.