Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Vidal Charide says:

    yes also the front face secondary camera is to dark with low light

  2. Arliyana Ittaqullah says:

    I like this phone just because i have a number of case of my favorite color and i can make it change when ever i want to. This mobile is good for a normal user but for a power user this is not recomamded. you might go for the next model.

  3. Ali Hassan says:

    Just a little problem else the phone is totally fine and that is the SD card slot. I need to have a large number of data in my smartphone but now I cannt have it in my smartphone as it does not support SD card.

  4. Daniel says:

    nice device between the tablet and smartphone.. really appreciable tech ...waiting for cover and micro USB port and a waterproof flap

  5. Hema Saleh says:

    every one by means of the similar refined plan, which we all will travel around in additional feature a small later on.

  6. Abdek Hadi says:

    nice ipad love apple ... :)

  7. Khan says:

    Qatar Doha

  8. Ali Aldola says:

    Always best for gaming and watching videos and entertainments; but some of the important aspects this phone has to extend is the battery level and the speakers

  9. Marium Navida Jowarder says:

    no actually 64gb model is also available with 4G LTE feature and unlocked model check it out

  10. Yusuf Lotun says:

    a big deal for the multi tasking work and does work great compare to previous phone galaxy s5.

  11. Kreem Alzobedy Alhaedry says:

    and create more high-quality images in low light conditions where as apple is using new technologies on the screen on the other hands.

  12. Mansore Hosin says:

    a huge camera specifications with the lg g5 and it is even the greatest thing than. New camera accessories plus the new killer features with dual lens make it extra ordinary phone

  13. Bashir Jamadar says:

    I love this mobile and I want to buy this mobile please tell have to buy

  14. Yousuf Husaan says:

    but people need the phone with the open source android because Smartphone relay on the Applications and there is no cool apps with WP that i know

  15. Maho Mohammed says:

    that is the monster phone.. value to your viewing experience with amazing most advance display resolution

  16. Alsadig Almahdi Abdallah says:

    my choice is this big buddy because it is slim and fast incredibly

  17. Moin Khan says:

    samsung actually succeeds over their iphones but in fact the performance of the iphone 6 phones is much more faster and accurate

  18. Malek Bennabi says:

    in love nokia and bb phones... both able to make much instant browsing with fastest and smoothness.. i hope the same with this good looking phone z3

  19. Esma Alrawi says:

    waiting for this phone to be arrive in markets

  20. Omar Fariz says:

    note 4 is 5.7 inches in screen while the iphoen 6 is 5.5 inches with also low ppi... note 4 has really a high end specs. 16MP camera is another more better feature with 4k display