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  1. Ali Azwar says:

    Same camear of 1.2 megapixels like the iphone 6 has. No new changes and no new things so that a difference could be make.

  2. Saad Abdusallam says:

    not they make any device as like the galaxy k Zoom but packed new featues OIS specially and the design is alike the Aplha or the new s6

  3. Nisar Ahmad says:

    As a user, you can certainly trust on the remarkable specs of this outstanding phone.

  4. Abo Mazen says:

    i think the features and the hardware got the capabilities same we seen in the galaxy note 5 phone. same ram, processor and even the marshmallow update is available in the samsung galaxy s7 because it is one of the main phones this year

  5. Monique Cockerham says:

    with tv can i connect my moto e how is this is possible and it is fastly connect with smart tv

  6. Abarahem Elsadey says:

    after seeing the latest hands on images of the upcoming high end device I say wow because it has amazing design

  7. Muddassir says:

    Dual sim is the best option of this phone.

  8. Khaled Teilahi says:

    killer gadgets in the Stuff office in 2014 you can do all with it now with the style. killer gadgets in the Stuff office in 2014 and most powerful performance i ever seen

  9. Alnazeer says:

    often provides greater comfort of use with good optimization software platform.. but it can be say that htc m8 is no longer the leader.. in thickness others are much better and comfortable to use

  10. Hassan says:

    price in uae??

  11. Al Alawi says:

    Maybe in one more state of affairs such steps, in difference, would alienate citizens from a Smartphone, not just Chinese, other than still cannot buy by many people.

  12. Mohan says:

    Best price oukitel 6000

  13. Samir Muna says:

    They are still situated on the underside edge of the lightning connector, however now include a lone row of wide hole pretty two other rows of minor gaps

  14. Mahmoud Ahmed says:

    Either the project zero the six appeal and all this is now disclose

  15. Belal Alkaial says:

    there is a battery issue i found as compare to other phones like lg g4, htc m9 and iphone even that is capable to give you more hours than this phone

  16. Amna Amna says:

    the sides are smooth and if they gonna make a budgeted phone with the similar design there is good option

  17. Nosa Bakar says:

    has the same network capabilities, the same body design but not the same size and dimensions of the device, back panel with the cornilla glass protection make it cool

  18. Shahzeb says:

    the phone is afforcable and packed with many useful things.. but not high recommend games and applications are run on this phone.. also whtsapp in this phone is not working...

  19. Hadraoui Aek says:

    immersive stunning screen and the P-OLED screen first use by LG in the flexible model

  20. Ammar Mohamed says:

    well the bendgate issues hurt the volume keys because of bending so be safe and look for the solution for that