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  1. Dv says:

    Highly awaiting for galaxy note 4....

  2. Mosess Mohammad says:

    There is just a minimum difference between the batteries of both the S6 and the Edge. I dont undersatnd that why Samsung has done it. They are quite sensible comapnay and has made a phone with a low battery.

  3. Ange Lina says:

    the gold color is also unique bot as compare to Apple phones Gold edition there is not premium look as they have

  4. Interiesta Ayoub says:

    well the other phones are very well with the battery capacity which is high enough as the ram is increased in the many rivals of the iphone 6s models but at the other side their software is very well organized and not need so muhc consumption as others

  5. Zainab Ashraf says:

    The A7 is a smartphone which get heated when you make long calls. I have tried it many times and the results are same.

  6. Sid Ahmed Alji says:

    join the desing like hte apple iphone 5s in some ways buit bit larger and bezel free and other than that more powerful features which apple may be give iPhone in 2020

  7. Fayaz Babar says:

    this one is the great of all time mobile phone look best in gold color… one handed use… HD screen as usual though Amazingly powerful processor, Camera built in quality and offering good gaming experience

  8. Tarek says:

    getting released in dubai uae??

  9. Nohad says:

    appearance is perfect.. a good built smart device.. like before fingerprint, touch id like features but one thing now more update is the new iOS 8 for iphone 6.. that is best to run and make quick response in each 3rd party apps

  10. Muhammad Hassan says:

    surpised by seen the design of the phone that is just same as iphone look at the bottom side it feel like Apple totally

  11. Mahamat Ali Fadoul says:

    It is too essential to make a note of that one Live Photo is concerning two times the full size as a usual photo.

  12. Mohamed Abuhussian says:

    doesn't improve on that battery just another time no good better way to extend the life of their devices. however the better ways updated to charge the battery of the galaxy s6 more rapidly.

  13. Mickel says:

    please Come fast Nokia lumia1020 i am going to buy it?

  14. AL Zubaidi Bassam says:

    the unique, different and something appreciable that looks really amazing. I hope also the graphics are awesome with long lasting battery life people not just need design and camera also unique in performance are required.

  15. Mestefa Beko says:

    I amazed seen this phone is 2 GB RAM version is also expected to 3GB. Battery is good and has a slot for a sim-card, Wi-Fi module with support for 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC

  16. Lele Ahmed says:

    The both phones now received the full updates with all bugs fixed on US cellular for now recently

  17. Muhammadayaz Samim says:

    there is need of another variant model with the good pixels for front facing camera shooter because this phone is best in all ways except this

  18. Char Ming says:

    With a display of 4.7 inches screen size things have inevitably modified and yes probably changed and you have moved the power button side it is a clear indicator of how latest dimensions is been involve a rethinking of ergonomics.

  19. Abd Aboaljood says:

    the iPad Air 2 has it all, especially to the general public. Its biggest competitor is actually not an Android tablet

  20. Mohmmad Shih says:

    it is assumed that the user might interact among rounded edges unique display now with your right thumb you can do lot more fast.