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  1. Hammad says:

    lumia 930 is rumour or original

  2. Nany Mohamed says:

    you are right in this manner the iphone 6 is offering a nice display and not so big difference but will be a big difference while watching videos hd and games

  3. Bahman Mohamad says:

    Tell me, if the new iOS will probably not be called 10 iOS and iOS X?

  4. Julie Tritt says:

    Just wanted to say, my LG G3 is the best phone I have ever owned. Thank you for making a great product! Life is good.

  5. Yamam Shalabi says:

    The more include RAM might be as well enable more applications to keep active at a time means more multi tasking in memory without relaunching.

  6. Abu Omar Abud says:

    this tablet is the 1st high end featuring tablet by Nokia.

  7. Abo Nqaz says:

    The VIVO usually try to make their shells that differ markedly from the standard android phones and now make it more awesome to the next level

  8. Bakr Tag says:

    these features are very great and phone rapidly able to charge within an half hr 50 percent

  9. Nayaab Khan says:

    There are also compound, multi-display apps for calendar, fitness, email as well as much more.

  10. Adham Elkholy says:

    the top notification on the marshmallow and in the galaxy s6 edge screen you will see all notifications and commonly used applications and favorite which you personalized

  11. Shahzaman says:

    amazing display.

  12. Esma Alrawi says:

    waiting for this phone to be arrive in markets

  13. Hazim Nasser says:

    yes it is nice one and still you can handle it with one hand but not so much crisp and shar display of the 6s plus and 6 plus alike the new note 5, galaxy s6 and huawei mate s has also a clear display. Performance of the apple devices are all the time so perfect and offering nice battery life

  14. Arslan Iqbal says:

    Taking pic with the front camera is not a good experience and If you are a new smartphone user then You will think that what a good smartphone I have but if you are an old smartphone user you will find it very bad.

  15. Kazim Alatabe says:

    Except for few plastic detail with support of aluminum on the back side that include to the design and which address the antennas it is every part of glass and metal.

  16. Gewan Hebso says:

    Based model storage should be 64GB but now I think they are expanding the storage to upto 128gb storage as the cardslot is included in next models after xperia sony z5 premium

  17. Saeed Shaikh says:

    so fresh look by Microsoft; truly a best killer laptop of the 2015 with the enormous new features and stylish sleek design

  18. Fhards Abdullah says:

    is their is cardslot on the apple watch to extend the storage of the watch? and how much is the builtin storage capacity

  19. Abdul Razzaq says:

    there is huge difference among the display features of both aloha and the a series. 5.5inches smartphone size for the galaxy a7 phone whereas galaxy alpha aims to become more personal with smaller size

  20. Kazim Alatabe says:

    the predecessor model is looking so big in size so as i say this one is look to be ... the huge phones no the mini version is come