Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Sayeedpalanivel says:

    hi this reeyali???lenovo k3 note, 203.00 only.this reyal call me 0556327767

  2. Imran says:

    Price in aed of nokia z10

  3. Yousef Seif says:

    the Edge S6 offering us approximately 13 hours with the normal usage and of battery runtime 2hours over the ahead the s6.

  4. Chemso Gradi says:

    As you can see, a great work of integration is reflected not only because we have a more powerful hardware, more screen and more battery capacity, but also has managed to virtually maintain the measures and reduced weight.

  5. Uzair Kamil says:

    That is only the diagonal of the mobile phone might not enable full accommodate the both major chambers and as completely capture the full depth Stereo pictures.

  6. Varun Outlawzz says:

    The battery is putting an issue else it is a wonderful smartphone…

  7. Abdul Razzak says:

    absolutely a brilliant upcoming cheap phone

  8. Khairul Bashar says:

    Hoh mach price for x6

  9. Nurjaya SpdMpd says:

    In those countries where the device appeared, users complain about some of these issues with the last year model Xperia Z3

  10. Aswad says:

    and the premium big iphone 7 phablet iphone 7 plus use dual camera lense on the rear side of their phones. just to give the wide view

  11. Jojo Queen says:

    so the big one by HTC approx 5.2 inches but not a most biggest phone in history kalm down

  12. Mohamad Eisa Musa says:

    what new is coming with the Huawei Mate tell me I am waiting for the next

  13. Ameen Khan says:

    Hey m waiting for note 4..plzz let me know

  14. Salem says:

    moto 360 is a best watch in round shape but in rectangular only apple watch is that pleasant also more premium look and looks something different you wear on your wrist

  15. Shonali Ahirwar says:

    There are no original solutions, except, perhaps, a small recess between the protective glass screen and a metal frame around it

  16. Hassan Shams Ali says:

    The Smartphone is the best Kiktat version of Android 4.4.4, with the shell TouchWiz, it is as well the modest version, as the flagship of the company.

  17. Hassan Alali Alhossin says:

    On the back at the top - the main lens 16 megapixel camera, a distinguished from the case, to the right - the flash near

  18. Ali Kerhani says:

    when they will launch this mobile phone in the market., i recently see the list of new xperia x family, xperia x performance and more series of phone they launch

  19. Yaser Kobane says:

    it is an extra ordinary phone with some of the great things on it specially impressive camera and available to pre orders

  20. Mohamed Amine says:

    One of the issues might be browbeaten to send messages to other users, while just more might be possibly give a hacker control.. Because I recently read a review that phone is at risk