Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Syed Shaukat Ali says:

    not against the pal but the screen is not good where as gap among the edges and the screen is not that great.

  2. Mariam says:

    I am inquiring about Nokia Lumia 1020 Black color. is it available and is the price as website? kindly advise.

  3. Suffiyan Anjum says:

    wow v4.4.2 (KitKat) version on this new android phone is just a good step... but why too small screen ... i know lg because of its amazing larg screen size devices

  4. Ismail Hayel says:

    it is a thing of mystery to me right now because anything depends on guess right now with the design, size and other things.

  5. Sana Mohamad says:

    very good say bro because also the sony with xperia device is also good with the ultra series

  6. Reda Fawzy says:

    the phone is looking so nice and pretty in hands as well.. Red is my fab

  7. Ayub Awed says:

    The main feature of iPhone 6 - larger than in previous versions, screen and all other design changes stem from this fact.

  8. Jamal Altiti says:

    Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is designed with a focus on the rivalry with the iPhone 6, in real life, they are completely different.

  9. Jahmad says:

    This means that you can set the flashing LED when you receive new messages, mail, notifications Twitter, Instagram, and other calendar events

  10. Hind Khalil says:

    curved Edge phones and second screen is bit look apart of the device so no worry about the new experiment over screen

  11. Mujeeb Alsadi says:

    For illumination, you can specify the duration of the work, from 1 second to 30 or mode

  12. Abdul Muhaimin says:

    I just keep loving Blackberry every day and night, maybe time to move to new OS

  13. Maykel Khalfalah says:

    always ready s voicer which perform accurately not like the apple siri and just I use their NFC feature it is perfect

  14. Ayman Salah says:

    WOW!! Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is a good different and unique phone with small easily handheld design

  15. Ahmed says:

    wow the next big thing by Samsung just coming soon...

  16. Abdullah Alrefaei says:

    yes it is differ from the all previous launch edge series. make the Edge your second-best but i thinking that the their is need to launch some of the cheap edge devices for the middle class users of their phones

  17. Madiha Salman says:

    The following tests will be clear that there does not increase memory gave a breakthrough performance.

  18. Fatma Samir says:

    display is crisp and the body design is perfect. ClearType Full HD display on the 12 inches size screen

  19. Najm Ashel says:

    beautiful than lg g watch and some of the other round watches with the more less price point which is obviously something more attractive for consumers

  20. Abdallah Abo says:

    After the Chinese new year apple is planning to launch its new watch So Called Apple iWatch.also iPad pro is somewhere to be come in 2015