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  1. Mehedi Hasan says:

    iOS 8 is really good and it works amaing good on snapdragon. iphone 6 is really an amazing smartphone and apple is really a good company. this is my frist expereice with apple but i love this experience.

  2. Nadeem Abbas says:


  3. Faizal says:

    Pls call 055 8001561

  4. Waddah Hasson says:

    So Apple has responded to complaints that have previously been received from some iPhone buyers 6 Plus, slanting body accidentally.

  5. Husni Alsood says:

    so also the mini version of this phone is going to come soon or just this phone is unique and own of its kind,..when prices are available for oman

  6. Mohammad Abu says:

    not lack the classic white and golden it looks really pretty and slightly bulky to done tasks with single hand usage

  7. Ayhm Lahig says:

    it is a nice one new updation and camera looks really good packed with good camera features.

  8. Sadiq Waheed says:

    a nice camera, battery and display make this phone the best phone of year 2013. not like iphone 5s it is small and not display is much better as compare to this note 3.. just compare both phones battery u love note 3

  9. Ramy Tamir says:

    definately this phone is much better than galaxy core and many xperia new phones... also 16M colors display on this htc phon is ok

  10. Md Danish says:

    about the screen yest it is totally fantastic and has stunning display and has still extra space

  11. Rashid Nazir says:

    quite simple phone all the features are not much unique but very simple so might be cost is also simple :)

  12. Hassan Badis says:

    so what is the specifications of the ipad air 2 what is new in touch id sensor and the processor is same a8 processor or there is a9 processor on this

  13. Ali Khairi says:

    beter.16 or 64 gb. which model is perfect and tell me there is built in free storage of 16GB or it include OS memory

  14. Anokha Ji says:

    Show an excellent brightness level uniqueness and decent color accuracy,. This phone get

  15. Alebrahimi says:

    take a review of some of the lowest price models which release so far so they need to rapid make modifications on battery and some of the video capturing should be improve

  16. Khaled Frzat says:

    with this new Air 2 apple just play with its design and body. is pretty amazing and outside is still most perfect

  17. Shahid Saeedwattoo says:

    Camera of 8 meagpixels is owesome and and I love 3264 x 2448 pixels is also very good and I think this the first time I have seen any apple canera having this much resolution with so many other stuff.

  18. Ahmed Hassan Emam says:

    It will be a bounce for current 6 Plus family because the phablet before they unveil has low specs list in comparison with the other and upgrading camera, ram, cu of the new iPhone 6S Plus is make it bit fancy as well

  19. Zubair Ahamed says:

    Hi Good Morning, I am interested in buying the Mobile BLU VIVO XL. Can you please furnish me the complete details of this mobile phone. Thanks and Regards, Zubair Ahamed

  20. Gharep Al Dulamy says:

    Apple cameras are a good example of what can be achieved by controlling hardware and software. IPhone 6s is equal or better than all 6 in unusual circumstances