Find Samsung Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Zulfiqaar Ali says:

    please tell me about its prices and also tell me when it is available in markets???

  2. Muhammed Drash says:

    audio quality of the phone iss really nice because no such noice while talking as well making video calls are better

  3. Soliman Musbah says:

    1st thing the phone can do that iphone 6s and others can not is the best mobile payment option available for android and now s7 is clearer enoguh for the low-light photos

  4. Jabar Sheikh Bzeny says:

    iSight camera compare to the sony lens is might be something better and good results on it. however, more than 2GB RAM and more things like this one it it is required

  5. Ghani Sadiq says:

    it is all about the performance not every time people want a slim phone.

  6. Sanjah says:

    water proof???

  7. Ammar Jabri says:

    To spread the gadgets far from one another and not to make inner rivalry, Samsung has customarily have any kind of effect in begin in six-months.

  8. Salemi Ola says:

    air 2 prices are high for me but however it has high pixel density adn colors are oversaturated as well that is the good quality

  9. Seraj Almajdoby says:

    the price should be like the last edition because as 2015 come every one is busy with the next Samsung phone and HTC M9 so as LG G4 is coming... they should set a best price tag and marketing strategy

  10. Haroouna Maiga says:

    And its bit cheap and high end phone in some ways specially for those who are in searching for phone carry finger print scanner and noting some of the features Moto X play and new style is prepared for.

  11. Mohammad AyubJan says:

    i need nokia lumia 1020 in black color on month of 01 june 2016

  12. Esayas Adisu says:

    its incomfortable while holding it because of too much big screen size. However the phone not feel buly in hands

  13. Ibrahim Eman says:

    in many ways htc phones are good... hardware of this htc one series phones are pretty much cool and useful.... htc make phones w thith all useful things include on these

  14. Ashfaq Prince Ahmad says:

    But the camera of the phone not I say is good

  15. Omer Kekil says:

    But alike before the phone rates are higher and so on the same as in 2 month before. Their demand is still the same and is just that: a latest modest Smartphone.

  16. Suhaib Alomari says:

    Hi waseem but Samsung is not the best I mean Microsoft own Nokia so that means that it's the best windows phone makers

  17. Ahmed Hazori says:

    Home screen button still where is after the 3D news i am thinking they going to skip such things because of that which for sure i something reliable to go instantly by touch the iphone 6s plus

  18. Khaled Khaled says:

    I believe the most high end phone is Edge s6 is more appropriate for playing games, Android is great working in many kinds as compare to iOS

  19. Fazi says:

    On voice quality no complaints, the wind or indoors all works well.

  20. Hams Nisaan says:

    so some problems that peoples are facing using these kind of phones. The first thing is that there is no menu button and not the quick charging system works as they claim