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  1. Nadia Essa says:

    this phone got all command now.. May be coming with more than 4GB of RAM

  2. Siddique says:

    Ya I need to sell ma BlackBerry q5

  3. Ibn Alfurat says:

    desire 610 is the phone i m looking for hope it include durable battery i knw it is quick in performance because made by htc

  4. Ahmed Mohamed says:

    mass production required but this is not the first time they do with iphones. The same we seen on the iphone 5s and the 6s series not got such great revenues as well all knew that there is already in markets to many options over it are available with monster features

  5. Ahmed Halhal says:

    In accordance with the Android Police, additional all the things consumers, who dig up a mark down discount for using unsubsidized Smartphone.

  6. Benghazi Libya says:

    Each and every element of the cautious thought to feature and decorated as well.

  7. Sihem Dhibi says:

    not the phone looks eye catching to me but the specs looks good and will be affordable one

  8. Abrar Mousa says:

    Let us just obtain this absent of the method, the Smart Watch, as I appraisal it for the precedent week and a semi, is type of measured.

  9. Shuja Khan says:

    A large display and showing some good kind of features which is hillarious. I believe in quality product and this time LG has satify me a lot.

  10. Mohamed Mansour says:

    Android most advance level of operating system is now gets new updates with the 5.1.

  11. Nada Alfitory says:

    Well ok the S pen is more light in weigh compare to the Note 4 stylus but still need work.. very nice realistic but

  12. Anas Melhem says:

    landscape mode of the apple smartphone is not something alik the galaxy devices wheras they iphone 6 is good for multi tasking finally

  13. Saloma Laaz says:

    i need some of the new and free applications for the iphone find Around Watch app that is nice more like this?

  14. Snehajlal says:

    i want one at abu dhabi where can i buy one

  15. Gurkirat Shehryar says:

    to your phone can be connected via an adapter flash drives and other storage devices,

  16. Osama Alfrjani says:

    available for pre orders in dubai UAE?? or not..and Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat) is upgradable ?

  17. Manish says:

    To much slow and sftwire hanging and camera no good

  18. Jalal Alhilali says:

    overall Microsoft surface mini and mini 2 looks similar as before....

  19. Kashan Noor says:

    even though just a more big size of the phone or might be the same but more capacity and speed will be enhanced because there is need to improve ram and cpu performance

  20. Mansoor Ahmed says:

    The last model, G Flex, was expensive and had a giant 6-inch display. G Flex 2 is not so huge so nice to handle this phone and comfortable.