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  1. Farhan Khan says:

    Design is not too much in reality it is totally change in all kinds, best built, most attractive Galaxy phone yet is the S6 but once again a monster one is the Note because of highe performance and the quality hardwares

  2. Khaled Abu Hamad says:

    one of the best new smart phones with Plenty of power and built in high quality

  3. Imran says:


  4. 0558336915 says:


  5. Ghazali says:

    Two of the new added features on this phone is the WiFi calling support and wifi is really more enhance with fast 802.11ac this is nice cellular improvement on this phone

  6. Hamada Samir Mido says:

    it really significantly improves the sound quality. You can also customize the equalizer on the xperia phones

  7. Azad Brefky says:

    Pin-sharp display as no one else but 4k is going to got more updates for this phone. need them to not make it more big than 5.5 inches screen size and than after that with the same specs list is the groundbreaking

  8. Saleha Anuar says:

    hit next year the markets and may be they totally change the design because now amazingly the galaxy devices got a new look.. Look at the galaxy s8

  9. Sherief Emarah says:

    so where is their last phone mini versions?? We do not see any galaxy s6 mini version coming?

  10. Husni Abdullah says:

    Enormous no split-screen just made to perform even more faster while doing multitasking. Is the right candidate to carry their compact phones

  11. Hamid Shah says:

    The Nexus 5 before edition, for many, was completely regular by means of its 4.7in display which completes it huge for video and media other than too well suitable to single-handed use.

  12. Osama Mohamed says:

    the additional features for this phone contains S-Voice natural features, Smart stay also in future new Android Pay feature going to work for many regions

  13. Youssef says:

    When will iphone 6 come give it to me with a cheap price

  14. Dahod Dahod says:

    I like the Camera result and the LED Flash for the night. Camera is really very amazing and it shows the quality result to in the picture or the video you make.

  15. Xet hmd says:

    This phone is good for my Husband. He would love it as a birthday surprise. The shape and the curves are really very good and it will help him out in doing the office work on it.

  16. Mina Morgan says:

    many few other rivals are comparable to this phone with such prices no one has this kind of smooth body and display with lot of RAM,....of course Lumia has not

  17. Adil Mughal says:

    this is most prettiest phone of desire family the phablet size and the 13 MP camera not the front facing camera is bad. Still 4MP to give you best

  18. Yazan Ayyad says:

    Both the models got same aluminum uni body get even more sophisticated and the quality got more enhancement and they add-on more good hardware to the phone.

  19. Sufyan Ibn says:

    if apple gonna put 16MP camera lens on their mobiel phone it is good having a phone than DSLR camera than

  20. Ghulam says:

    I need please call me 0553844873 I'm living in Abu Dhabi