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  1. Maher Chelky says:

    Bluetooth 4.0 good screen size, WiFi lte, and battery is long lasting offering also wirless charging

  2. Zahid Khan says:

    yes to be honest what you are saying is true but with the Windows platform user found it self bound

  3. Noreen Arshad says:

    I think that samsung might have using a 4 GB of RAM but it is using 3 GB of RAM which is very good not so bad but I think requiremnet is of 4 GB not the 3 GB.

  4. Abdul Al says:

    OnePlus One can not precisely be know a freak or ugly, rather, it just will not cause any emotion, and still someone similar to because of its brevity in design.

  5. Abdulkareem Alsalih says:

    Solid battery life not just they give more mAh actually the software is faster and more accurate work with optimize the life. image stabilization compare to the galaxy note 5 needs more improvments

  6. Abuazuzi Al says:

    Now what as I am and everyone ready for the future unveil this Apple.

  7. Rouguih Elwerfalii says:

    They has to speed up the performance of CPU and increase the GPU performance; will be the next best selling phone

  8. Munawar Shah Afridi says:

    Don't speak lie about graphic card. it has installed Mali 450 Not Mali T760.

  9. Rajeesh says:

    is it available in dubai?

  10. Ammar Msallam Abo says:

    Note 5, which offering your keyboard to type messages or share content easily between the mobile and the PC or laptop

  11. Esmail says:

    many things in this phone that has not much easy like while snapping with camera... i really not know that how can i focus snap ....

  12. Royal Islam says:

    less saturated Adaptive Display than the iphones but the great one phone with the special feature given to phone. Screen you're viewing is really amazing work with the s pen tool

  13. Ahmed Salah says:

    Attention to every detail ... desing might be premium but nokia lumia phones are not much slim.. as xperia and other samsung new coming phones.. also lenovo is making good cheaps phone.. so nokia has to learn something from them

  14. Magde Aldod says:

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 Processor is in the previous version of the g family which was launched in 2014... nice to see the next snapdragon chipset on the new G5... and well the new case and many accessories also come

  15. Neelu Khan says:

    no issue on this phone with the display and also the phone got best and more improved dialer interface suitable for easy use.

  16. Abdull Lateef says:

    looking pretty great one, but why samsung still not offering dock keyboard facilities like dell

  17. Ahmed says:

    Xperia Z5 Compact may be got a 4.5-inch diagonal size among High Definition full resolution (4.6-inch, most likely) and the memory of RAM is 2 GB, other than that identical trends goes on.

  18. Bashir Tall Tamer says:

    July 28th is date when phone is expected to be official some of the specifications. Need details so as I wait little more to buy the best high end phone

  19. Ahmad Aboalward says:

    With the support of the Phablet size display 5.7 inches is just 78.6 mm in dimension and yes the phone is so large than before nexus devices.

  20. Qurban says:

    motorola is about to die.. and now they are making its effort to market with cheap phones