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  1. Hodaa Syr says:

    the major con in the apple watches is with the prices because even the most economical model they say not a best value for money.

  2. Kadham Sabir says:

    stripes, are charged with the role of antennas in the eyes do not rush and carefully fit into the overall style.

  3. Shamaila Asghar says:

    A watch that is not just a watch but it is a time stopper and it will let you in a place where you have never been. When you wear people will satre on you for long.

  4. Adel Safari says:

    some of the brilliant things their phone has is the iOS with the spectacular fast performance on the iphone 6s, iphone 6 and all phones. the same i am expecting

  5. Raed Albeddawi says:

    i want iphone 32gb model which is best looking in color i am thinking to buye gold color

  6. Ahmed Hussain says:

    I not like the bigy phones; as last time I saw Note 4 that is too huge. But the 5.1 inches design of the phone this time is so better. This phone is crisper and packed QHD Super AMOLED display with most high quality yet ever used in Smartphone any “RGB Colors” Truly a best new level of Smartphone.

  7. Eldeen Adam says:

    result of the each action is really impressive and quick compare to previous phone because a more amount of ram and processor is improved than

  8. Hamza Ali says:

    I think in silver color this phone looks more pretty and quite similar look as lg g3 and g2 phones are looking

  9. Arun Kumar Kushwaha says:

    I want one pieceo mob.

  10. Raqeeb says:

    and what is the resolution? i want full hd and best as compare to macbooks in this 12 inches imressive hybrid

  11. Elizabeth Phongsavath says:

    Korean phone offering more battery usage and the looping video test with the best and keep this in mind the body design and the performance is so fast.E18900

  12. Cherry Ahmed says:

    I like the models but they have to make the edges of this model little more round in shape it make it more feel good in hands

  13. Yassin Alsaleh says:

    super-model thin will be the expectation however the three versions 6s and 6s plus now the se is available

  14. Rfat Al Obaido says:

    might beat all of the Smartphones in performance; future-protection issues may be as compare to some future phones like Xperia Z5 and LG G5 but not with the iPhone their is any competition of Android phones in manner of performance

  15. Bahrim Khizer says:

    64GB version is in black color not available where can I find this I want the best rates of the black version as well as looking for edge+ new model

  16. Hassan Naseer says:

    4.5 really reasonable phone 1.3 GHz CPU processor that is not dual core.. a quad core built in quality

  17. Abeer Abeer says:

    there are many reasons to pick this one ahead of iphone, huawei and new nexus devices. The main thing is the camera unit and capabilities of phone performance for multitasking

  18. Rayan Awadat says:

    To loyal to all of you, I really like the dimensions of my past iPhones and now either there is so thin body than before and smooth edges but after increase in the size it is bit hard to handle

  19. Sameer Alnahdi says:

    when it is available ???

  20. Habib Deif says:

    510 dpi the new 2016 edge model is offering and 5.5-inch Phablet size but still i think my galaxy s6 is ok device for me