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  1. Om Ziad says:

    Of our lot of the jobs here at the Google that there is many of the easier applications keep coming.

  2. Ali Araein says:

    PS4 gaming technology on the Smartphone., and best yen in this capabilities is the xperia z3 smartphone it is good one.

  3. Meme Issa says:

    the new round watches are also available but not same OS as Samsung mobiles has

  4. Dler Duhoki says:

    In actual use the phone, you can get two days of work with confidence at the hour of calls, a couple of dozen messages a couple of hours listening to music.

  5. Mohamdo Alabse says:

    it may be the most slimmest phone more thant 4mm in dimension hurt the position of iPhone in thin Smartphones because very more in competition

  6. Ahmed Ronaldo says:

    the P6 come into view to be next Apple's direct more than several of the abovementioned Android giants like Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC

  7. Alsharef says:

    desire 816 is a great phone with mid range prices... and also 720 p is still a good selection for many peoples... i like this phone

  8. Sajjad Suleman says:

    OS is new and also new menu, new camera options, new usage of battery information and many things are more enhance with iOS 8.1, I hope iOS 9 is come with lot more.

  9. Abdou Louazzani says:

    with the support of Android operating system from multiple points of view, though this Smartphone still naturally position amid the top cell phones of 2014.

  10. Zubair Uddin says:

    Given that no other settings of the camera do not you just get it and take pictures, relying on automation

  11. Zaid Alairaqe says:

    Apple need new plans and now they have it.. options and colors currently in stock are good and also 12GB model is good but yes costly also

  12. Sherwan Ibrahim says:

    so nice to get a new update of the Lollipop 5.0 Lollipop release but also right now after some issues facing by Google now they launch the next 5.1

  13. Muhammad Usman says:

    I see the specs and compare all hardware and software new technology; this phone is great innovation of the year 2014

  14. Hazem Khozam says:

    which can be useful for the visually yes you are definitely right

  15. Hamody Mody says:

    so they are also releasing the iphone 7 and new apple vr headset on march 21 2016?

  16. Yousif Alkurdi says:

    Turn off the cell data and you will be happy in a long battery life. While at the other side Android phones are capable to consume a charge even faster.

  17. Doug Woll says:

    Phablet, upper limit, smarted finally - the last with the Arab point of view, the most adequate.

  18. Tariq Abukama says:

    all colors that lg offering for g3 are very unique looking and perfect

  19. Arun David Billa says:

    The same concept for the S6 Edge. Smasung need to change the way of the work they do because they are producing the same smartphone design again and again

  20. Safeeullah says:

    Nokia 5220 XpressMusic