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  1. Moftah Alariby says:

    the best 5.5inches smartphone i know by the other brand after Samsung and HTC.

  2. Alish Ghaffar says:

    next year flagship or they going to launch this phone this year

  3. Muhamed Madene says:

    User fo the Note can easily Push the button on the front side panel by the use of smartpeda with single hand is not much reliable this I say, as well as unlock the phone by the use of the fingerprint reader.

  4. Sardar Idreeis Sudozai says:

    the good thing about this phone is that it got good design and hardware performance is too nice but the other side the battery not performing too nice

  5. Arslan Manzoor says:

    720p resolution is a v.low need to improve the res

  6. Hisham Abd ElRahman says:

    as comapre to many phones this has a lot of unique things but still not make any nice impression in market in manner of quality material

  7. Ch Waqas Murtaza says:

    in 2016 I think they going to make it again look alike iphone 5s in some kinds; especially the front of the device

  8. Ismail Hayel says:

    it is a thing of mystery to me right now because anything depends on guess right now with the design, size and other things.

  9. Mohamed Mamdouh says:

    Fabulous and not just this is in the durability also with the maximum performance they phone give you a day and no worry about phone heat up while playing games anymore.

  10. Ashique P Babu says:

    I love nokia 535 smart phone .because...that is very usefulllllc

  11. Taher Farag Elkhfify says:

    THE New when it comes: the iPhone 5S integrates a biometric sensor in the home button that is something really special for me and many Touch ID! It thus put back (if desired) for the unlock code.

  12. Romany Shawky says:

    Stuck with Android 5.1 Lollipop but they are not updating its operating systems as other Android phones which is why late update for Marshmallow

  13. Mohamed Saeed says:

    how can i delete my full browser safari cache and clear data also but not i want to delete the login i want to keep all my logins so what can i do now in iphone 6s how is it possible to save my data and claear unwanted cache and if their is any application tell me

  14. Q Mobile Z4 says:

    Wher I can find q mobile z4 in Dubai

  15. Karem Shalash says:

    but two rear cameras make a real impressive snaps with the wide angle lens use. The first and second both lenses are the same in this manner to give the same thing

  16. Mahadeen Bajelan says:

    improvements in all possible areas of the photographic field and that is a great thing obviously after low pixels and low unit of camera lens in iphone 6 and 6 plus

  17. Haider Abdi says:

    16 megapixels od amazing camera is ready to show you some amazing kind of stuff and yo would be loving it so much as you are having a smartphone that is stylish and having a wonderful camera.

  18. Mitha Khan Mugheri says:

    The main question - why would a man need a Z Ultra? The question is very difficult even for me, the owner of Z Ultra.. :)

  19. Tahir Habib says:

    just two options with the internal storage.. this phone must have 32GB option

  20. Fareed Banna says:

    As they give their own natural feel with the hardware but as a outer look there is apple kind of feeling, little signigicant changes but I say is the modifications that is required