Find Q Mobile Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Safaa Mahdy says:

    top notch specifications as I knew that battery life is really nice and the fantastic visuals of this handset

  2. Zafar Ali Thari says:

    As compare this phone to other big one it is best. This phone is capable to deliver you all that you desire from phone.

  3. Eman Shahin says:

    It is impressive the new chipset has once again turned out a new Snapdragon Qualcomm Chipset. Apple can simply advance their presentation by successful their planning, structure better chipset, and lastly, overloop to modifications and become available with the iPhone 6s series.

  4. Tawar Bakh says:

    Tell me all the best things to know about this watch that is new and different to moto 360. Also I see a report that HTC is making a much alike Smartphone in future.

  5. Boknoy says:

    droid turbo is amazing phone where can I buy it ,n/a in Saudi arabia

  6. Taimoor says:

    beautifully solid and look is now extra beautiful looking with the metallic body of the big smartphone. flatter boyd and weight of this phone is light approx 128gms

  7. Reham Alkhabuli says:

    iO7 is really very good and amazing and if you really want to keep a wonderful phone then this is the best phone for you.

  8. Reda Azez says:

    all the meaningfull internal hardware and nice features packed inside this amazing mobile phone

  9. Mayssam Dod says:

    Though, this does not indicate that such apple device can safely swim with you and surely not any issue comes; first of all check speakers

  10. Abdullah Alasadi says:

    Ok, I have not said anything new, and that is what we have found. Are these new components and think the new screen interaction is a good example will be set in next iphone model iphone 7.

  11. Abdullah Sari says:

    the display is perfect but now i wow to see such display now in 2014 on Blackberry phone

  12. Metwaly Aly says:

    hardware this time and basically the reason and buy this iphone se is the hardware within the samll body but it is not that reliable

  13. Ridha says:

    any idea for prices of f samsung F smartphone...and wehen will be available in Dubai??

  14. Ahmed Bahanan says:

    No IR blaster well such things are really required in the smartphones in today to actually give their phones simple more things like remote to access as fast as we can to smart tvs

  15. Loserville Losers says:

    unique gold color is available but still there is 3,000mAh battery capacity which seems to be not much durable

  16. Furaiji says:

    it's still pretty cool to have the older galaxy a7 and the newest launch a7 2016 version is come with little modification also the shape is bit different than the last

  17. Julie Tritt says:

    Just wanted to say, my LG G3 is the best phone I have ever owned. Thank you for making a great product! Life is good.

  18. Mehmood says:

    shoot videos with 4k display??i see some revies this phone is good offering some of the extra features like Crystal Talk Feature and more

  19. Wajiha Tanvir says:

    I have seen that only few smartphone work corectly and the rest are just to be in the market like this smartphone you can see. Lower quality smartphone having numerious problems.

  20. Muhammad Kashif says:

    The display unit allows you to write a simple pen or pencil directly on the display.