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  1. Alnahoody says:

    ipad pro price???

  2. Amer says:

    Usually, the default setting is much more saturated now, there is chances too much for few users, but "AMOLED Photo" is a battery negotiation with no problem and issue.

  3. Ali Matar says:

    The Note series, which is for now using as a base, might be or else carry on to offer the device familiarity, without the new experiments on features just they include Note 4 like specs to this phone.

  4. Maha Elbakly says:

    tell me about the warranty of your mobiles for the N9005 Note 3 model in gold edition is the prices include warranty?

  5. Tarek says:

    take pin and clean the holes and sound is back on ur HTC One X

  6. Mohamed Hasan says:

    i am in searching for the best iphone 6 deals and here i found many stores prices but i want to know how many things are inside the box is there is any store offering additional accessories for iphone 6

  7. Rahmatullah says:

    Other than the same housing of metallic frames, the rear panel is much minimalistic and seems to be more sleek to me than before and infact more good resolutio in iphone 6

  8. Hoda Ameen says:

    They just give Korean the go in front to begin work on the A9 processor, in accordance to some report from Koreas News and blogs I found

  9. Salem Atwre says:

    a latest camera on this phone capable to do lot more than many expectations. offering more sharp detail, 240fps at video recording. need to learn more about lapse mode on iphone6

  10. Ajmal Hashmi says:

    It has a powerful processor inside and working like a king so that you can play and can enjoy.

  11. Homs Illusion says:

    But Apple has compact the bezels on entire sides top, bottom, right and left all are nice.

  12. Ahmed Abo Khalifa says:

    this time apple not deliver the best eye catching design as they capable to give before also many of the new phones are now available with slimmest and stunning features

  13. Waqar Ali says:

    apple design and features set for this watch are best. difference in size is going to be a big jump with smart watchers.. also apple include attractive colors and body for apple watch

  14. Ausama Alshbli says:

    6 inches screen panel they not going to use in the next gen phones because too huge size they are now use with the Note series whereas nice feature if their is removable battery

  15. Seaed Samaa says:

    for those who use iphone 5s for long while .. they will see that this phone is just big in size and not too many changes

  16. Ndeye Astou Diawara says:

    Some of the major features enhanced and added to extend the device skill to live stream video.

  17. Saurav says:

    when z3 is coming to market i'am waiting for

  18. Mazlum Adil Hussain says:

    nexus offering always 300-400dpi is the most you should aspire, as the graphic guild stayed in 300dpi. Qualcomm chipset of nexus 5x is low actually well watching high resolution videos may be not like note5

  19. Ahmed Awad says:

    epic phone

  20. Amir Mohammed says:

    what is wrong with htc now all specs are same so what is new in remix version