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  1. Osman Pasha says:

    really the look of this smartwatch is Customizable so you can give this watch ur own look

  2. Ammol Alhgar says:

    hope that is beautiful and seamlessly to use. I'm very happy with my previous Apple iPad.

  3. Nur Hasan says:

    I like the curve on the edges because they are smooth and they are providing a support so that I can hold my smartphone easily.

  4. Arif Khan says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5220 device is sports a 1.3 MP front camera to support video call is outstanding, it doesn't matter to big screen.

  5. Ismeth says:

    UX features are a mixedture of just the different android phones but not good built

  6. ValoBasha Mujahid says:

    double sales in 2015 because they are top players in this field and also expand their availability

  7. Abo Moddar says:

    well the prices seems to be the more expensive than before and the new colors added just the more big size

  8. Muhamed Ali says:

    alpha is great

  9. Kreem Alzobedy says:

    a definite enhancment required some compromises in term of dimension in the smartphones; but the advanced curve screen do alot more than ordinary phones

  10. Mona Rezk says:

    The result makes me love this Smartphone and thats why i am using this phone. The result is really amaing and i thing it is a wonderful step by the nokia for promoting its self not by android but by Microsoft OS.

  11. Useme says:

    somethings going wrong after updating my mobile phone as my phone freeze sometime or it looks like it not hang but freeze suddenly start working sometime

  12. Moin Khan says:

    samsung actually succeeds over their iphones but in fact the performance of the iphone 6 phones is much more faster and accurate

  13. Welyd Eskery says:

    waiting for prime version any detail about its launch date for uae... please notify me

  14. Satish Kumar says:

    Treat them and the information that in landscape mode (and 6 Plus the majority of the time have to continuous that technique) index finger might block the speaker stereo on the bottom.

  15. Mohammad Sabir says:

    It has a heating problem as well, I have found out when I was playing a game on it and it started heating and when I truned off the game it slowly went to the normal position.

  16. Naeem Fakhar says:

    i wanted to buy nokia n81 8gb tell me how can i get this ???

  17. Syead Nazzar says:

    as a much better in the lg g series; even some of the great stuff instead of its replacable battery is that now user can easily give a great look to the device.


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  19. Ahmed Abd Almuezz says:

    To be honest not my expectations for this kind of phone which has same protective sapphire crystal, camera lens same as in small device and the major thing is battery

  20. Zeenat Muhammad says:

    not a good otion I say if you want a good looking low end device go for the galaxy a series or try galaxy j phones they are all prettier