Find Prestigio Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hassyn Hassyn says:

    But all becomes clear when you look at the density of pixels - it still is 326 pixels per square inch and has not changed since the time of iPhone 4.

  2. Souqmobi says:

    Hi Asif, Yes Lenovo A06 has 4G -LTE800 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600 and available in UAE. You can see the prices shown above on price table. Regards

  3. Bassel Jourj Khalaf says:

    Other brands such as Motorola or LG with its own R Watch have more emphasis on your product recognized without difficulty.

  4. Harith Alsaad says:

    not phone like apple iphones and samsung it is bit a different kind of phone that include good front camera only

  5. Rebal Syr says:

    I realized that all the units are not the same wehereas there is carrier issue and something we do not even know it. wherea s iphone 5 compare to iphone 5s is too old school thought

  6. Zeeshan says:

    I need touch panel too!

  7. Versatile Principle says:

    Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colors; and may be available in more colors adopt by samsung as they new green color and chocolate color

  8. Salim Akbar Bhiwani says:

    20.7 megapixels of primary camera is very hillarious. You can take multiple images with the help of it. I think that Sony has some really very good kind of stuff.

  9. Ahmed Safrawy says:

    With its antecedent awarded as the Best cell phone of the World at the Mobile World Congress 2013, we make a guarantee to you that "The Best" has recently got well.

  10. Shajudeen says:

    Were i can get it s6 edge plus duos

  11. Abdallah Lahrach says:

    layer makes use of the way more enjoyable than ever stylus, and handwriting recognition continues to meet overall

  12. Sunil Ranjan Katta says:

    It has a large battery as LG has. Only those smartphones companies are showing good quality of products which are not famouse in the market.

  13. Vitalija Keblaite says:

    dual-tone LED flash and some new added features to the extra screen that is responsible to detain battery life

  14. Samer Altaha says:

    and the people who do not know much about it think that the iphone 6S is the same just a little better and the jump is in the other (ie, upside down),

  15. Ahmad Ahmad says:

    the best phablet of the year and I think remain best in 2016 as well. Price history of this mobile phone is so far changes and decrease now so well rates also for the gold edition

  16. Noor Islam says:

    While in general main thing in the every design is the dimension and it 158.1 mm x 77.8 mm and lightest weigh up to 172 grams the phone is also equipped with Fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) as fingerprint reader so as to it can be easily use for the safety of these phone that is best and quickest way of the security. By the touch of the thumb you can easily get access of your phone.

  17. Jyoti Prasad says:

    nice one i like it

  18. Salman Khan says:

    It is lower quality smartphone and I have read many comments regarding its quality. People are cliaming that they have done naothing and the smartphone get broke in their pocket which surprise then a lot.

  19. Safaa Polus says:

    there are good power of the mAh and power consumption with the software Android 6.0 will be more durable and boomsound suppossed to be more enhanced in future phones

  20. Rukia Jarrar says:

    6 Plus - 1920 x 1080 (401 ppi) so this is a high end phone really