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  1. Dose Hor says:

    as per its spec and features looking and affordable tablet by samsung, if prices are high than this tab will absolutely fail

  2. Farhan says:

    J 7 is the best phone i have ever experienced in my life, i have just converted to the Samsung phone apple iphone, and it is a great experience.

  3. Amer Hmood says:

    meaning you can install massive apps and now also we can transfer files without need of much time.. Just place our card on it. But is it is possible to install whole game and other things like that on my galaxy s7 just after put card

  4. Ghulam Hamdi says:

    the best selfie camera smartphone and not just hat also a good design and perfect performance of this phone with CPU and GPU both

  5. Rehman Fariz says:

    need a phone that is capable to give best performance with batter which is durable with high power consumption as well. approx 1.2 day

  6. Shumaila Danish Pirwani says:

    The 4.7 inches of large screen is best for viewing the games and to do multiple things. I like Apple cause the retina display it has is so unique and no one else has this kind of display.

  7. Ram G says:

    don't know why camera is only 5mega pixels?

  8. Asra Shehzad says:

    It has a 16 megapixels of camera at back having some really very amazing functions so that you can make a hillarious image and some good kind of stuff with the image.

  9. Shoker Koofan says:

    note 5 audio comapre to the galaxy s6 is far more better and has housing of the mono speakers as place on the bottom right which also not interrupt while handling of the phone but has decent sound than many other phones

  10. Paddy says:

    can any body buy me on of lumia 1020 :(

  11. Raja Ishfaq Hussain says:

    Many of the phones now received the latest Android lollipop as I knew that Xperia z3 was not the first

  12. Zenab Ali says:

    Housing metal, but it is noticeable only at the sides and ends, as both front and rear panels are covered with glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

  13. Saeed Asse says:

    always there devices is been elegant looking and average price points but the mate series is expensive one and p9 is refresh roundup again

  14. Haider Ali says:

    well looks pretty small size phone with useful features and all specs are just what people needed in smartphone

  15. Rainalyn Natha Abanto says:

    Also, there is a mode "Conference" when the sound is recorded from different sources. One of the new chips, but unlike many, it is not useless and easy to work and life.

  16. Nari Mohmd says:

    Well some has a pretty solid record of forecast their next moves, so a new-fangled and better Touch ID sensor is a very real option.

  17. Noman says:

    Nice camera result and a large view to capture a big back ground and best for the selfies lovers.

  18. Majid says:

    manufacturers flagship product, so similar configuration and price, consumers in the choice of these two products, they must be wondering, here we come under a detailed comparison of these two flagship.

  19. Alraheem Jarema says:

    the crown at the side of the watch is bit bigger than the normal crowns we seen in many other wartches and also button is big

  20. Nidal Abousalloua says:

    And it provided that the screen resolution is doubled, but the CPU and all the most powerful!