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  1. Shehraaz says:

    HD screen as usual though but the camera quality of this grand phone is not good as xperia z2 camera is and other cameras .. I knw camera is not too much but features are low

  2. Mohamed Adel says:

    I like its varient that is the LG G3. This model is also very good and provide the quality output but i thing its new model is better.

  3. Nidhal Abualshaeer says:

    This Pad is really porviding the best Result and according to me this pad is good for a small family.

  4. Samer Yazidi says:

    On both sides of the camera lens symmetrically spread the similar square shape LED flash and chrome speaker grille.

  5. Mohamed Rhoma says:

    Tabet The slab is bright, though a little less bright than its predecessor and the viewing angles are good.

  6. Ziauddin says:

    1 pic for me call me 0551416493 oppo f1

  7. Samiran says:

    I have been using Apple iPhone 4 White 8GB, for last 1.5 years, its awesome mobile, no mobile phone can not compare it.

  8. Danesh says:

    has become the norm in all material Z1 ( or dramatically cheaper Nexus 05, for that matter) and presents a month ago

  9. Daviskingjr says:

    Apple iPod touch black QR707. 32GB

  10. Suzan Ahmad says:

    not they are upgrading more xperia z devices because the next confirm model is the s60 and s70

  11. Abo Yousef says:

    first of all the prices set by them are low but there is not good handling and nice premium features as they are offering on galaxy s series. Just now the galaxy j7 is in the top list of samsung most budgeted phones but not an awesome

  12. Al Taha says:

    iphone has some features similar to this one but not able to give such kind of comfort ability and best performance with good display

  13. Mohamed Faras says:

    Does it come with Warranty??

  14. AbdulQader says:

    i consider that this is something unique and very effective by HP

  15. Ahmed Mohamed says:

    new droid maxx 2 is also coming may be with more high end features and great camera unit

  16. Mostafa Eid says:

    with retina display yes??? if this include this feature it is best in earth phone

  17. Naveed Akhter says:

    It Is a smartphone that is best for a guy who just need to make calls and read messages every time but he she does not se the camera as its camera is not so much cool.

  18. Hany Yehia Zalat says:

    Sony make their phone scratch less and wonderful. This is the only reason why iam stick with this phone so long.

  19. Sihad Hassan says:

    ram is 3gb of samsung note 4 that is just ok not I say wow because other brand offerint the same in quite different and cheap prices.

  20. Bhatti Omar says:

    the old phone but still not this is a bad value, and also g2 camera is very best something that is comparable to iphone 5