Find Posh Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Myn T Wadja says:

    Phablets are absolutely terrific phones if they more include battery life. Powerful and well designed 2 year contract in UAE is available for this phone

  2. Kamil says:

    it same like S3 ? or different

  3. Andrea Farley says:

    the large one is coming with the mp3 player and lot of new accessories well camera will be awesome

  4. Rami Khalil says:

    The formal features (number of cores CPU, RAM) this phone looks great

  5. Ivy says:

    Is that true huawei P9 is only 55 dirhams and oppo also 54 dirhams? Is that brand new?

  6. Junior Maranan says:

    this is awesome

  7. Ziad Mohamed Hassan says:

    front camera of iphone is actually awesome compare to other 5MP cameras will be more good pictures

  8. Hazem Salem says:

    Cheaper than rivals that is all i want and also the vivo has the slimmest Smartphone but prices are bit high

  9. Haleem Amiri says:

    It can be seen that the colors have not altered radically in both screens and the brightness of the Samsung point of view is notably higher.

  10. Ebu Ciwan says:

    This gadget as well has full support with multitouch screen is covered with protection Shatter proof glass, oleophobic coating that will put off the screen from the iPhone's as scratches or scratch crash.

  11. Ahmer says:

    still not avaliable price in uae of Nokia Lumia 1020

  12. Shukri Mzory says:

    next version more quickly after the release of lg g4 and now they are using the top screen with addtional features as giving to the lg v10 and now update available for android marshmallow for lg v10 phone

  13. Hassan Sabra says:

    for the media purpose this is not supposed to be such brilliant also they not give a durable battery. users will be quite sound like a smart phone with headphones, and without them. FM-radio is absent.

  14. Waqas Tanveer says:

    display is ok because they are making a great display all the time. Substance the built of the phone with the material and now more ground breaking specifications given to the note phone.

  15. Vishnu says:

    I want panasonic eluga switch

  16. Mohammad Chbib says:

    its compelte potential until developers to do lot of things with the new devices even to make applications and games. As 3D Touch is something new but will be fully explained after time by time

  17. Aalam says:

    Equipped with a powerful battery for communication can offer: WAP browser, EDGE, HSDPA, HSPA, WiFi, stereo Bluetooth, and, of course, USB-port.

  18. Aloshe Mohamad says:

    i like the black color because it is shiny and looks so prettier in hands... also phone has nice grip in hands

  19. Salh Yaseen says:

    In those countries where sales have already started (in the UK, for example) HTC smartphone offers in two colors: dark gray (Gunmetal Gray) and silver-gold (Gold on Silver).

  20. Montasser says:

    When is it expected to be on market in Dubai, UAE???