Find Posh Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Sac says:

    How much does Galaxy Core I 8260 costs in UAE?? is it 929 AED or 406 AED ??? can anyone tell the exact price ??

  2. John Fikry Zaki says:

    not the phone is look stylish but the red color may be the thing that catch by eye so far

  3. Vashi Haran Blackorbullz says:

    When ever I play games this smartphone start getting heated and I reallu don’t like this.

  4. Kabir Shawon says:

    front camera is made for selfies and offering flash as well as the sharpness and the color saturation is very different than other phones as compare results with low light

  5. Ali Khalil Almansor says:

    obviously there focus is display as we take a look on the all previous family they continously increasing the ppi and screen resolution

  6. Mohamed Mosbah says:

    Dual SIM Smartphone is this which is looking bulky not like the previous HTC Smartphones

  7. Susau Mua Fonorito says:

    well it is been very hard to set this phone prices cheap... because there is good camera and front camera also the speed of the phone is looking all ok

  8. Noor says:

    Please can u tell me where can I find gold or pink color of note 4 in uae ??

  9. Osama Ahmed Senah says:

    the steady charge ability is on many phones available but s6 owner has just need to buy micro usb cable sport that is available in many colors i like the white color not it looks ugly

  10. Zulfa Gafoor says:

    might be another phone coming alongside with s7 is the galaxy a9 offering dual sim support and Adreno 510 the most advanced ever use graphic unit

  11. Jessie George says:

    It is now realy with this phone only to make 4k dimensional full HD videos inside water…

  12. Amir Fesal Dawoud says:

    i love to take selfies and for me this is so great phone only made yet by HTC greatest phone

  13. Myounas Malik says:

    there is some of the possibilities to push back a while when you talk hands-free, listen to \music or play games.

  14. Abdul Muntaqim says:

    The explanation for this is very simple Later appears premium version, but for now we have what we haveIn my opinion, appearance - this is the main drawback with xperia z3 like smartphones.

  15. Hassan Baseer says:

    if you are a looking of mid in size best phone all packed with most advance technology here is the best thing. 5.2 inches screen size and great camera work best a low with low-light

  16. Yousuf Sheikh says:

    is it is possible watch live programs through this tablet?? such as football

  17. Aymen Lotea says:

    thickness data point of view may not be outstanding, but the feeling in his hand or thin enough.

  18. Shmsuddin Haider says:

    what people not like samsung to do is to make again and again same models… also prices are smilar to each other tell me what I will buy all have same specs just different screen size

  19. Shoib says:

    now in big smart phone era, along with Apple to enhance the whole industry chain component manufacturers the ability to control, became energy and Samsung, Sony and other international giants competitive electronics companies.

  20. Saran Darvan says:

    now the Apple smartwatches unveils last year is on sale and is all new editions with double strap is available in online markets means there is no way right now to see the new watch coming at the time of its good sale revenue