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  1. Tuw Abu says:

    7250 mAh.arround is the battery capacity so you can now with high recommend display and brightness can run your ipad air 2 Up to 10 h with multimedia. so that is no other can offering with this kind of amazing display

  2. Shankar says:

    nice cell phone

  3. Mujaddid says:

    in many ways phone is much better… just checkout its battery capacity that is a good one if u normal use htc one phone

  4. Ahmed Aljnaabe says:

    Is additionally significant here than always earlier. By debut a 4-inch devices that is prettier, expensive as compare to its rivals models than

  5. Rizwana Shahid says:

    the plus model will be huge

  6. Jai Nawabzada Rajpal says:

    After a great and a huge success of the OnePlus One in the market the company is fully motivated and now it has launched a new Smartphone by the name of OnePlus Two which would be working as a an another family member and would let user experience the best Smartphone experience of their life

  7. Eslam Mohamed says:

    12 Inch screen size in support of multitouch screen renders 2160 x 1440p high enough resolution attracts many.. also WiFi hotspots and Palm Block Technology is the best first use

  8. Aden says:

    It's reall price the LG G4 749 Dhs

  9. Abdurrahman Alowa says:

    then Edge all quite casually and usual: with a very active mode use can deplete the battery in less than 8 hours.

  10. Abdul Latif says:

    The phone is quite good and i think the best cause it has no heating and the hanging problem.

  11. Abdallah Abo says:

    After the Chinese new year apple is planning to launch its new watch So Called Apple iWatch.also iPad pro is somewhere to be come in 2015

  12. Mahmoud Fathy says:

    S7 Has powering some of the brilliant secret feature well export data and import all transfer files is more easy and 25GB is still a decent amount for your mobile phone that is required

  13. Samar Nofal says:

    Creating attractive hardware was always one of the strengths of asus... never mind but samsung and other brand like sony make phones good looking but prices are too much expensive that is bad

  14. Noor Noorulamin Pti Ulamin says:

    The Apple is the thickest but its camera is blush by means of the rear and has an important benefit in battery capacity (to which will approach up later).

  15. Adeel Bukhari says:

    i phone 6 and 6 plus are such a great series form apple and i thing 6 plus will lead the market because of its long processor and big screen. i am saying just becasue i like big screen smartphone :)

  16. Salim Sibani says:

    White color is pearl shade, it does not matte, plays well in the light. Deliberately attempt to scratch it shows that there are scratches, but they are not visible if you do not look closely.

  17. Alkateeb says:

    Although, in good turn of OnePlus One like phone that play two factors, all together – at very cheap prices but with excellent performance. Hence the name "killer phone of 2014". All this is true really

  18. Abo Yousef says:

    first of all the prices set by them are low but there is not good handling and nice premium features as they are offering on galaxy s series. Just now the galaxy j7 is in the top list of samsung most budgeted phones but not an awesome

  19. Bigbaag Baag says:

    n1 is good

  20. Arki Narki says:

    A pro photographer who final year arrived out alongside with the support of the high end lens and 4k video feature which is supposed to be unusual feature this phone get The snapper looked at resolution growths for both cameras even in front facing camera you can find the same, (OIS) is same working as s6