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  1. Gnana Mohammd says:

    Good news is that, nevertheless, retained the brightness setting that can be set manually

  2. Naz Ambreen says:

    I like the kitkat but it is slowing down this smartphone which is not so good. A5 is a normal specs which need a normal OS

  3. Hisamadden says:

    The proof is in OS X apparently is optimized for the iMac and MacBook, but works better than Windows on the same machines.

  4. Amr Ahmed says:

    but the Note 4 is still the best smartphone we finished that Samsung has delivered so far.

  5. Annisa Chacha says:

    A perfect phone for the businesman. Big screen HD quality result and best performance.

  6. Wahed Mushtaq says:

    features to create your valuable moment of life be clear and standout. with amazing camera of z2

  7. Zaref Adel says:

    one thing and the best thing to say for a smartphone is its display and its design which is wonderful and amazing. The camera is also showing some good stuff.

  8. Wael Maharek says:

    the phone should have the wide viewing angles, it is necessary to look exactly perpendicular

  9. TAUQEER SATTI says:


  10. Ossama AL-noaimee says:

    Last Smartphone is able to track the mode of being in the cradle and thus can run automatically, eg, photo frame or clock display.

  11. Firas Masri says:

    screen and front cameras are really seems to be similar become increasingly important because of its economical rates

  12. Imran Shaikh says:

    and now they say the battery capacity of this phone is 3000mAh that is bit low capacity in such kind of technologies.. 2k display and more

  13. Anwar Ali says:

    Yes there are few of some awesome features but the main is the keyboard shortcuts that create this time a much useful and effectiveness to find and search and quickly open all the other application by manually crating the shortcuts with shortcut keys options.

  14. Abdul Hannan says:

    In addition to reliability, Create vivid memories.... all that is much needy in smartphone.. also not too big size of this phone too be hardly to take in you are the best..

  15. Bhola Adhikari says:

    The internal storage is also very good and I wouyld say rather that it is beating every other smartphone company and this is making its market.

  16. Samar Aljuboori says:

    Given the price of an iPhone 5 and similar with other device, we can say that Blackberry decided to very much save on materials.

  17. Abdul Aziz says:

    one of the finest phablet device.. but one think i want in this note e is a 4k video display that not samsung yet include in any device

  18. Noor Aliman says:

    Never the less, I love iphone 5s phone..It is Just awesome.never slow like others and get hanged.. all skype, viber and new siri app are supported with this phone.. still the best one

  19. Rezz Salcedo Macabenta says:

    As well we all knew that the latest Apple Smartphone is coming with the new Operating System of iOS9; doest the previous models got the update cleanly

  20. Ghulam Mohammed says:

    simply incredible product it is offering a new hologram world. A whole new way for personal computing and playing games