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  1. Armaan Mann says:

    A good smartphone with an affordable price and normal specs. Good for a normal user.

  2. Asma Saboo says:

    smoothest payment system is included now on the iphone as also i see the same in nexus and moto x 2014 phone

  3. Mohammed Abu Hamza says:

    There are some news about the iphone to have IRIS scanner on it as samsung in giving the new security gateway for their users in note 7 phone.

  4. Assala A Hussien says:

    well the HTC is ahead of it with HTC M10

  5. Malik Jenlr says:

    not this tablet will More megapixels is finally set by Nokia and is this is the first tablet by Nokia excluding Lumia series i believe

  6. Agha Zazai says:

    i agree that the phone is slim, bezel free and very easy use but 4.7 inch screen is still so small screen

  7. Syed Aziz says:

    bit different design, planned upgrade to v5.0 (Lollipop) and has same as note edge has 3GB of RAM

  8. Siroos Heidari says:

    hope all fans would now admit that the latest Smartphone is not just best for gaming also more convenient for browsing and other multi tasks

  9. Khaled Elzahar says:

    It will be create it but thicker for the predecessor but that is also mean a more battery capacity and no camera overhang

  10. Imran Makrani says:

    it is actually a high price phone and you can not fond alternative of this phone

  11. Mostafa Tarha says:

    gives me nearly 2 days of battery life? well if yest than it is really brilliant step by LG nowadays as usually phone has slim body but not they are careful with the battery

  12. Ahmed Elsayad says:

    The rival has not made any phone like this. Maybe they are planning to launch something like this because i dont think that what would be the next.

  13. Sahil says:

    that good prices of note 3 ... i still say that note 3 is the best yet phone with improvements in new variants

  14. Osama ALtayab says:

    20MP camera and the beautiful slim deisgn sign of classy it is brushed aluminium is really looking better

  15. Sampath Anchan says:

    In principle, for Apple it has become the norm, and forgive us such things as the perception of its products is a fundamentally different level than other companies.

  16. Qari Nawab Zada says:

    2015's Mobile Congress is put to get position amid March 2 and March 5, so as common Samsung going to be official its some more flagships.

  17. Ahmed Saeed Rap says:

    a3 is the cheapest one in this series

  18. Amir Ibrahem says:

    To see all the seasons do not necessarily have a USB flash drive to 128gb, you can see a couple of seasons and remove, then fold or even download

  19. Abid says:

    There is no match of oneplus 3 mobile with other smartphone, offering the brilliant features and innovative functions, which is making it among my favorite smartphones.

  20. Naya Shlhoup says:

    this phone is look alike same as the xperia z4 from the backside