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  1. NasirJameel says:

    definitely grand series is a best one in such prices... i know htc desire 816 is a good phone but still very costly

  2. Khan Afzal says:

    two mintures silence for those who think that this device suddenly flopped :) because now the next S6 Edge and i say the best one is coming

  3. Umair says:

    Kya nokia xl dosry android k muqably me a6a ni ha? Reply must

  4. Fafeed says:

    Apple iPad Air 32GB WiFi is available in MYGSM Store

  5. Raisul says:

    is these kind of phones include 2k display ?? probably many features of this lenovo phones will be more efficient than one with its network capability and processor performance

  6. Husam Al Khaled says:

    both devices iphone 6s and nexus 6p has actually a similar alumunium construction for somewhat a reason to ake them rival of each other. But as we take a look on the sale which is generated by apple iphone 6s is far more greater than google phones

  7. Kamran says:

    I was already thinking about purchasing this phone thanks.

  8. Aisha Hussain says:

    Sony provides the best camera results and users are very consious about it. I am also very consious about it as well and I think that it is the best smartphone I have got for my self.

  9. Akhtar Ali says:

    so the phone has also sleek and slender body with quite different design.. dynamic design with huge screen in full high definition that is more extend now.. enjoy this amazing phone

  10. Hossam says:

    love apple

  11. Ibrahim Hassan says:

    But I think a screen behaves very differently. The display provides sharper, and we have the advantage / disadvantage of having a fixed background

  12. Mert Ozortak says:

    I feel like LG and Google has now give more brilliant watches to us as g watch urband and moto 360 with the sport edition is bit strong rival to those watches within the same build and different shapes..

  13. Abdallah Hussein says:

    almost impossible now for the rivals to compete with the new launch galaxy s7 and now there plan is to made available mini version of the s7 another revolutionary step from their side

  14. Atahar Hossain says:

    when it comes to the performance oneplus is step ahead of many of todays high end android phones even with the iOS phones.

  15. Hamdy Sara says:

    IPhone 6 highlights on competition and older brothers when the light is gone, with less noise, good detail and fast operation.

  16. H Abdul says:

    Yes the display is fantastic and no other brand is offering such kind of display and powerful performance but why not Samsung also make bit small in size phone.

  17. Shinoj says:

    i want nokia n 70 phone

  18. Kader Tlemcen Four says:

    Manufacture problems allegedly disallowed the iPhone 6 debut by means of a sapphire screen display, but rumor declare that Apple has tipped Foxconn to obtain the hard displays set on occasion.

  19. Imran Chandio says:

    the camera looks good but there is low level video recording

  20. Angel Gee says:

    But we must have to recognize that this is not a divide screen, and the division of the major display - they are integrated.