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  1. Indra says:

    i need ACER liquid x 1 mobile,as soon as possible me indra +971509246473

  2. A Rahman says:

    i need how can i buy

  3. Rouni Gorgees says:

    the OIS feature make it easy for your phone to take more best shots even in the dim light and the htc one m10 is nice phone but now their focus previously on the phones camera

  4. Sabah S Awadia says:

    Waiting to have this smartphone to gift it to my girl friend. She likes HTC smartphones a lot and that the amin reason I by htc smartphnes.

  5. Malik Mahmood says:

    But it seem like each moments of memory deficits. Programs run fast enough, but not immediately.

  6. Alaroda says:

    OLED setup on their graphics are great (QHD) it is more looking sharp but they manage all with the graphics and the dpi pixels however

  7. Hazma Yaseen says:

    As I compare any phone with Apple iphone 6 so i think Samsung note 3 will be the best because of same featurs in Apple iphone 6. like secondary camera is 1.3 px only and note 3 have 2MP, also you can't insert extra memory and storage in Apple iphone 6 which is quite low for Apple. no doubt Samsung is the best brand. Note 4, note 3 or s5 is the way much better than Apple iPhone 6.

  8. Muhaymin says:

    does it able to do wireless charging like apple iphone… … and sorry for this kind of question but is any phone is capable to charge through sun light :)

  9. Amlah says:

    luxurious AMOLED all the time in galaxy phones and note phones specially known for its great display

  10. Maricel De Leon Sanque says:

    All the abilities get together by them and as they claim it is faster than before in all kinds. On the other hand, the feeling is precious by iOS 8, which is not totally smooth working yet but will be in future as I knew, and the WLAN failure and shorter battery run time has issue.

  11. Gazaly says:


  12. Arun Kumar says:

    what is the real price in Qatar?

  13. Ahmed Alsafah says:

    excellent color reproduction previously on the a series actually but then we see some new phones with more cheaper prices "j Series"

  14. Mahir Osman says:

    everything we think they going to use in the advanced version of the iphone 5s is unchanged meaning for the users of iphone 5s this time not a big deal come. Just a little upgraded hardware in the se iphone

  15. EmAd Abu Rahmeh says:

    These inserts of polycarbonate are required one to operate the antennas, which might be otherwise be shielded by metallic body, but they are goes so beautiful this time.

  16. Amel Hameed says:

    I like the predecessor phablet by Apple. It is great ..!!

  17. Ra'ed Hamdan says:

    so the next one come with a big screen?

  18. Ahmed Koko Fayed says:

    Also in case you possess smaller hands or there are conditions to challenge unlike the iPhone, there is a function Reach ability

  19. Fouad Oubla says:

    apple let you do more with this phone.. it is good phone ever and always that apple makes. And what a fabulos camera of this phone is . let you snap in detail of amazing color give natural colors to each snap

  20. Abo Salh says:

    You can go from a subject in the background to the foreground and one in the iPhone 6 will quickly focus smoothly and accurately.