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  1. Arif says:

    i want to by LG G3 @ AED 149/-

  2. Hassam Shoqey says:

    as compare to new xperia t2 ultra is it is a good one or not ...?? please guide me i want to buy

  3. Hanee Keoan says:

    is equipped with a 13 megapixel main camera with optical image stabilization, laser autofocus and dual flash that allows you to make better pictures in low light conditions.

  4. Husham Abdulkareem says:

    just two nexus are good the new come and this one but both prices are too costly and still have on hikes

  5. Ziko Arabi says:

    yet seemingly everyone has this phone :) so I am also go with the trend

  6. Hasan Sorany says:

    to be the best they have to use some of the things on their phone regarding the built. Plain and simply? but not the good smooth and comfortable handling of such phone withing the phablet size. feels like hard device to pick up

  7. Zahid Hussain Bhatti says:

    the maximize battery may be the best part of this phone.

  8. Agead Abdalhafez says:

    the specs not looks to be a highest but will be a mid range phone

  9. Ahmed Jaguar says:

    if you decide to take this Smartphone the best is the 16GB model

  10. Rok Asoufi says:

    provide nice grip after all and the lg phones is got right not what people are expecting from it. Indeed got more than what we are expecting on the lg g5

  11. Shyar Suliman says:

    first impression of the J Serires is not nice because they unveil this new series with the high end devices and all looking same kind of model; people not even know what are the modifications in their devices

  12. Mhmad Sakkar says:

    I want you to read this that the S-Pen Toolbox that is special made app for the Samsung Note 4 stylus, such as user can put it up as a result that at any time he/she can drag out S Pen and control your favorite application. this is just to enhace the user experienec.

  13. Saqib Ali Bhatti says:

    what is the dual SIM status?

  14. Toms Sko says:

    billions of people use Google to search the World Wide Web it has become the most powerful search

  15. Sulaeman Omar says:

    great mobile by bb..

  16. David Sanchez Barraza says:

    Latest tech is often bit more costly and few gadgets only are not sensible to offer it as gift to you.. well have to wait for it to be less

  17. Lau Chooi Cheng says:

    Trusted KGI Securities forecaster Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that the Apple iphone 6 that have launched this September

  18. Akram Al Radfani says:

    black stainless steel is nice and not too worthy also in hands this watch looks very pretty.. All the available editions in black is pretty looking

  19. Siwar Ehmed says:

    is a bit crazzy phone

  20. Gabry Gabry says:

    The phone is good and every thing is fine but i need to add one thing that is the design. Apple should have to change the design and apperasnce of this phone.