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  1. Zafar Vehvaria says:

    with gorgeous contrast and a lot new things Removable battery and MicroSD card slot and did not go for the plastic material this time; stunning camera performance.

  2. Salah Siraji says:

    the popular apps have some more options with the iPhone 6S force touch panel. Even the iPhone 6 plus got just bigger size not more new things on it

  3. Eshak says:

    waiting for this phone, great phone but its features is very critical looks good but ram is not good

  4. Kurdstan Kocher says:

    has the perfect 30hrs battery life and i am here to indicate that there is also fast charging capability on the blackberry phone this time. 128GB MICROSD is allow you to do lot more

  5. Jaafar Mohammad says:

    they not even try something different in the iphone se so why called the special edition? The design is much alike the 2 year old with new frames that is not even a big deal. Hardware is not so much compromising.

  6. Mohammed Arsal says:

    finally all my wait is over. i check all specification of the smart device both.. when prices are available for uae markets.. and are pre orders are available .. can i make it through you??

  7. Naser Kassim says:

    Some issues with the phone while making video calls in the phone heats up after an hour

  8. Rawaz Hasan says:

    I hoped that the chipset is much more faster and reliable and has a great combination in this era. Absolutely apple iphone is step ahead on this way

  9. Essa Hamood says:

    Exceptional battery performance and powerful tech inside that more enhance this phone uniqueness

  10. Joseph Alzaidy says:

    please Apple do not increase the size of the phone because 4.7 is so reasonable for pockets

  11. Ahmad Zaki says:

    the phone look premium and the colors really is elegant that bump up the quality of galaxy s6 as compare to all previous phones. I really like the galaxy s6 phones.

  12. Shan Shan says:

    I have felt many times that the vibrator is of very lower quality or a slower one because it vibrate very slowly and that’s not good.

  13. Zain says:

    Whn its releasing in ksa

  14. Emad Barca says:

    Iin my vision reviewer be supposed to not judge Smartphones on look it's individual opinion.

  15. Anis Bvb Ziane says:

    the values of ISO, you can even experiment with shutter speeds and manual focus.

  16. Mohammad M Alatshan says:

    so in future also they gonna make display 3D like force touch because Apple just going to make impact with the iphone 6s with that features

  17. Safwan Abrantes says:

    And yet Google’s Project Ara that was introduced in 2014 and now lg unveil the first phone; typical builder to be potential linked devices, LG is the first to really bring it.

  18. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    It is a high end mode, more high priced than any Smartphone ever made by Koreans because it has bit same price tag as the iPhone and offering more nice experience with the Android

  19. Mark says:

    From where I bought this mobile.!

  20. Alnimri says:

    i say the phone is big genius... powerful in performance,, smart technology inside that enables all smooth functionalism of the lg g3