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  1. Peter Kameel says:

    i previously switched to lg phones just because of the removable options of their mobile phones we seen. and the characteristics are all same and high end specs list on the samsung s7 now can be seen.

  2. Raff says:


  3. Md. Tauseef says:

    device is very good i need also this device. i want to know what is the correct announcement date. and what is the price in uae. pls update me on my email id. [email protected]

  4. Kamran Mirza says:

    The next step which is taken by the company is the improvement of the processors and it performance.

  5. Rizana Bahar says:

    yes the speed is great as I knew that the 4.7 inches screen size not look much elegant

  6. Rafik Gaby says:

    he model 6s and 6s plus alongside a suitable video comparison, for the moment we can only give a very positive vote to the iPhone 6.

  7. Alaninmos Omani says:

    why not htc make the phone that have full metallic material and slim not I think that after htc one series any series is good enough

  8. Amir Butt says:

    Your smartphone in trouser pockets or jeans can be, but it's not always convenient because of its tangible width.

  9. Salah Aldin says:

    And Apple has additional 3D Touch, a trait it talk a group concerning when proclaim the 6s previous this month

  10. Lubna Javed says:

    I love the bill payment method because it is unique and totally new and I think firsly introduced by the apple that you can pay the bills by using the wrist watch.

  11. Mushtaq says:

    nice phone

  12. Mohamed Shamash says:

    they continously upgrading there operating system and the features by platform as like in the new devices

  13. Smail Bavaria says:

    welcome new sony phone I will b waiting for it

  14. Amazigh says:

    its camera is still not good as compare to previous version of tab 3, do not know what is the big difference between tab 4 and tab 3

  15. Abu Anoor says:

    it have much good specifications as compare to Youth tab indeed 4.3 Jellybean Quad Core processor with IPS Display...

  16. Ch Fur says:

    Speakerphone, there is the usual denoising, the interlocutor can hear the sound perfectly. In one radio smartphone (as in the vast majority of Dual-SIM Smartphone),

  17. Seyed says:

    how to purchase this same price

  18. Meme Muftah says:

    all these smart new featues including in 6 plus to give you the best experience of using big apple phone

  19. Murtaza says:

    is there is a gps navigator on this???

  20. Sitwat Ikram says:

    I dont like the screen size but the internet is running so much fast in it and it is the best part for any smartphone user that the internet is workig very good.