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  1. Quagliariello Olimpia says:

    This particular Smartphone is capable to measure pulse, but as well able to calculate the level of oxygen, stress and ultraviolet radiation this means that sooner we won't need doctors..hahahahah

  2. Seaed Samaa says:

    for those who use iphone 5s for long while .. they will see that this phone is just big in size and not too many changes

  3. Ridha Hamana says:

    very nice phone, i hope This will be known as best qwerty keyboard phone.

  4. Nahla Um Jasem Khazaleh says:

    it is amazing

  5. Shilan Azem says:

    i believe in that the american company have an ability to offer more things like this and also have to unveil gear live samsung gear vr.. this kind of gadgets peopel also want and when apple make this everybody love apple

  6. Mahnoor Allawala says:

    Haevy battery and a wonderful view these two things makes a smartphone so good. Oneplus is a smartphone which is best in handling and good in performance.

  7. Abdulrazak Almalek says:

    faster and more accurate fingerprint and other authentication methods may be other than finger print sensor we seen on the galaxy s8 that differentiate it from others

  8. Moussa says:

    they have to give something familiar with that phone as like the iphone 6s phones. Indeed there is the housing of good feature but built is not similar as the iphone 6 phones

  9. Rana Umer Ihsan says:

    the plenty of room not necessary on iphone.. If you need large machines go for iPad and 6 Plus now… but the one is remains same in size.. Actual iPhone…

  10. Ashraf Oman says:

    no significant change in the design in any other variant because there is no need to customize more lg g3.. i tis best yet looking phone in black and grey colors

  11. Saurav Das says:

    to be honest this is best chinese phone made ever because there is all premium things inside with durable battery, nice OS, RAM and camera as well is good

  12. Kyle Hu says:

    Although, in support of the amazing things happening RAM: 2.7 GB all applicable total, of which 4-5minutes later after turning as well get 2.1, and it also happens that remains only 300 megabytes of user required on the phone like this.

  13. Zaheer says:

    what about the display ??? still same as before according to that Galaxy S5 zoom price should be low

  14. Nanda Ammo says:

    But the iPad Air 2 updated more substantial. In addition to the Touch ID and golden brown body can boast

  15. Soliman Musbah says:

    front facing stero speakers will make its sound work even more better but on the bottom speaker located

  16. Emad Karzoun says:

    a great product by them well there is interesting and pretty features on this phone

  17. Shakila Tagari says:

    The 32GB internal storage but there is no expandable storage, may be in future there is expandable storage and removable battery

  18. Salman Mir says:

    Wait for few months and then you'll be able to buy this phone in a low price becasue samsung would have launched another one so it has to reduce the price of this model hahahhhahahhahhaaha

  19. Abdaal says:

    looking much expensive as per its specification but having great windows features

  20. Eslam Hegazy says:

    because of the smoothness of the interface, even when a large number of running applications. Results in benchmarks: