Find Pantech Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Albashiq Albalkhi says:

    dual screen features for this one are also nice and not even you have to unlock phone to see some of the needy notifications.. Nice one a lot of ideas at play with this phone and even more respnsive display

  2. Abd Al Bari says:

    I would like to purchase Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom due to its fast processing and high picture quality and zoom. I simply love the camera features, ease of usage and amazing specs. Please let me know if you offer any deals for this phone.

  3. Afzal says:

    Nokia Lumia 1320 is awesome cell phone, i am waiting Lumia 1320 in Qatar.

  4. Dwara Rafat says:

    There are some minor and major improvements on all overall OS features such as Camera, video and audio will provide you a better experience along with enhanced multitasking performance and battery life.

  5. Bubakra says:

    lumia 1520 includes infrared port in this ????

  6. Muddsar Iqbal says:

    The design is again as common as the apple 6 has. I want Apple to do some really very unique stuff but I do not want it to just put some changes in the older one.

  7. Medo Shawky says:

    your mobile phone is not actually fully made to give you best results for your photography but galaxy s7 make it possible to even capture with the dim light more accurate and best

  8. Ibrahim Mohd says:

    I do not see actually a good improve camera in the samsung s7 model it has 12MP meaning they left now in mega pixels wares themselfe.. Comapre to lg new phone it is not soo nice specs list

  9. Elmasry Adel says:

    I remember that previously also nexus 7 comes in the markets well it is not have this kind of spec and hardware that this phone has

  10. Raes says:

    more better looking phone as compare to the htc desires

  11. Abo Yousef says:

    first of all the prices set by them are low but there is not good handling and nice premium features as they are offering on galaxy s series. Just now the galaxy j7 is in the top list of samsung most budgeted phones but not an awesome

  12. Ez Omar says:

    the battery life need to be more improve of the nexus 5 so how can i do it tell me is the battery is removable??

  13. Jeshwin Johnson says:

    So like that the Koreans next big thing is this the edge and the note 4 is not going to be available with the alumunium; well I am expecting it to be have the metallic skin next time.

  14. Ahmed Fayez says:

    I want gold version how can I buy in qatar iphone 6 gold 16gb version?

  15. Mahmoud Elsayed says:

    they using all high quality materials Guaranteed perfect design

  16. Halil Mermer says:

    I am already own their previous phone and now it seems like that this phone price cut down because arrival of galaxy s7 in markets in march

  17. Muna Mazil says:

    nokia create a handset that is good in prices

  18. Asif Osman says:

    Smart Clock Watch are based on a square shape metal casing, whereas the metal watch strap has a magnetic fixing traditional fastener instead. The display is covered with sapphire crystal. On the back side of the strap are sensors that remove basic health indicators.

  19. Mahamat Ali Fadoul says:

    will be coming in dual sim and the more sizes in future like z5 ultra model is expected to come with more slim dimensions

  20. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    Plz send me price list or offer price