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  1. Taman Huma says:

    I am consumed with the new s6 and the note 5 advice me the best phone which one is nice for me?

  2. Ahmed Emad says:

    this phone also get now new OS v5.0 lollipop. performance and improved features and also the phone become more fast specially for surfing on web

  3. Basel Syrian says:

    s watch work with this?

  4. Majd Mahayni says:

    Wireless charging (Qi/PMA) - market dependent and the new phone got 3000 mAh battery capacity packs nice features

  5. Farhan says:

    J 7 is the best phone i have ever experienced in my life, i have just converted to the Samsung phone apple iphone, and it is a great experience.

  6. Ahmad Ali says:

    not this phone has something like Scrapbook and other tool

  7. Ahmad Ibrahim says:

    the main unit of the camera lens of the phone is 16 megapixel camera, a notable from the case, to the right - the flash and saturation and heart rate sensor and at the bottom of the phone find the company logo.

  8. Vishal Sharma says:

    A unique design is only maintine by the apple and just because it is a smartphone that is best in quality thing operate well in it.

  9. Ha Lla says:

    after this there is a need to make more models of the same lineup r5 because they got people attention very far

  10. Shaulsaa says:

    still awaiting for this LG phone to get my hands on it

  11. Syed Raheem Uddin says:

    Allowing the Smartphone to perform their all of responsibilities in a fast mode and you can surf web more fast than ever with the LTe-A

  12. Agnar says:

    the crisp visuals for the iPhone 6s and 1080p screens resolution; some polished software makes it little impressive but still it is close to iphone 6 apple phone

  13. Yaqoob Hunar says:

    the stunning display with the big size screen diagonal and the phone has good pretty colors something like 1020 after this all lumias are not give attractivness but now lumia 535 has great

  14. Dody Elsayed says:

    is it a droid turbo 2015 edition? The same price of this model in uae as for other markets?

  15. Mannan Vohra says:

    it has different kind of involvements than the previous versions and the whole new generation built qualities borrow from iphones actually

  16. Walaa Elgabry says:

    available in the markets whereas razor-sharp, with graphics extend the graphics of the lg phone really but lg v10 incredibly crisp

  17. Bander Yasser says:

    design looks good

  18. Osman Droughi says:

    so the most successful watch .. applications are now more included.. and actually view of the latest apple tech watch is giving a best hardware

  19. Saba Zaki says:

    screen glass that is providing a curve and I think an amazing team LG had built thatís why the first curved smartphone was come up by the LG and non other compnies has this kind of potential to built this kind of smartphone.

  20. Mohamed Mazzika says:

    The HD result is good for the Samsung and thats why they are getting the best user responce.