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  1. Abd Dawood says:

    So there are number of alternative and options applicable relay on your own budget and lifestyle that the kind match best.

  2. Daariq Fuad says:

    there is always the good speakers on their devices and also the design is very well luxurious looking with less bezel screen

  3. Hania Baweja says:

    This phone is really very good and i like it a lot. Waiting for it to launch in my nearest store so that i can go and buy one for me.

  4. Sabrina Stella says:

    This is a wonderful phone not just by its design but by it shape and different options and the best part i really want to add is the Heating problem has been waved out from this mobile.

  5. Naseer Al Ktefan says:

    And in a slim metal body consisting of several glued like plates of different colors, hides a very interesting toppings.

  6. Ibrahim Hassan says:

    there is some iOS update available for the connectivity that let users to easily parit apple watches miltiple to their iphones, ipad and macbook devices

  7. Sameh says:

    xperia z2 price???

  8. Ahmad Khalil Awad says:

    hope phone is one of the best speedy phones of Samsung that make my brain to buy this samsung f galaxy

  9. Mohmed Sadek says:

    iphones are good but not like non removable battery and other less call logs... i want apple to include all these features in iphones to make it more reliable

  10. Shahidislam says:

    I'm madiena zaid 0508408985

  11. Abdullah Walood says:

    awesome things in that phone, fastest processing speed of the s6 and the perfect gaming phone it is

  12. 258X says:

    boy connect your mobile to a pc using HTC pc suit (install htc pc suit in computer).. this pc suit will give you the option of checking for update.. it's that easy.. and it should be free, free, free... enjoy.. there should be option for upd

  13. Kareem Nady says:

    to make the external design of the phone more premium is the best try because the last edition is so perfect just bit near to become most beautiful phone of year…..!!

  14. Ang Pasang says:

    There is no reason to say this is different phone as compare design to Apple handset,, there is some similarities with the micro USB port, speaker and the headphone jack

  15. Callie says:

    because the screen of nokia xl was big I am wanting to get rid of this fabulous phone...the phone graphics are also good as compare to other x android phones

  16. Abdallah Anwar says:

    I am using iphone 6 and has no issue with the design even the result of the iphone camera and performance is more brilliant than before and no other phone specially with android platform offering such great things on it

  17. Amal Mohamed says:

    marketing campaigns are not so big for this one actually

  18. Mozahem Al-Saloum says:

    Out there all the ergonomics of the world another popular, there is continuously that is responsible for this question come in mind…. “Why do I use an Apple Smartphones?

  19. Anam Lalani says:

    You can run Multiple apps on it and it is the best choice for the businessman who can save their money not buying the expensive desktop pcs and laptops.

  20. Hossein says:

    consumers are more willing to buy its account, how to make it do better! i thing big phone attract consumers very much..