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  1. Naveed says:

    It's very nice handset we have burning desire for 1020

  2. Firas Lord says:

    card slot is something that all of us needs in their devices? Many people find 128gb is enough storage for the phones whereas their is need to just save your data via cardslot will be more grateful

  3. Alaninmos Omani says:

    why not htc make the phone that have full metallic material and slim … not I think that after htc one series any series is good enough

  4. Younes says:

    well that is one of the most heavy in weight and also big size like the nexus. But is the slimmer, and has fingerprint sensor, 518ppi high resolution also

  5. Ahmad Hasan says:

    Incidentally, I note 3 will retire LG (hello G4 pro) or Nexus. Big screen, though.

  6. Rajveer Singh says:

    Edge has good design and it is a fast mobile my brother have one and I use it a couple of time and once I bring it in the party and I have found that its camera is amazing

  7. Mohamed Gharbi says:

    The Sony in recent years make an interesting image in manufacturing Smartphone’s, which all the time suffer from minor technical flaws

  8. Mohamed Ali says:

    im am sure that the big version is slightly better if they reduce the prices of iphone 6 plus alike the iphone 6s is just enhanced version available with the similar cost basic model 16gb prices are same.

  9. Muhammad says:

    hi there its muhammad i want to buy lg g flex d958 is it have warranty o r not ?

  10. Mushtaq Jaffer says:

    it appears that the effect is not obvious, with retinah display hd screen for the overall performance impact is still very large. Apple to power and balance performance, the performance of the processor will be a certain amount of reduction

  11. Hala Rashad Gomaa says:

    like all devices of Note, Galaxy Note Edge is equipped with a stylus pen input and support.

  12. Mostafa M Moussa says:

    but many features you will miss on that phone while the usb 3.0 is another required thing that is much faster

  13. Abderrahim Baraka says:

    3,000mAh non-removable battery and the wirless charging is same like apple devices. But i am not find out wireless charging useful for me even you need a same way just not plug in

  14. Abdou Maghribi says:

    glass and using aluminium did the same with the last year model but has low quality alloy material. volume level of the speaker is really nice but as well become fan of their web browsing

  15. Hosam Mohamed says:

    but its camera is v. low should be up to 5 mp

  16. Ahmed El Ashry says:

    yes but low ram storage on the xperia devices and also samsung has more nice battery and performance and not the xperia device has samsung pay like feature

  17. Safia Waqar says:

    this is best phone and offering a lot of different and unique features. I am using this phone and also it is water proof and slim

  18. Abdul Ghani says:

    This amazing watch has a wnderful prcessor and if you have not seen the chip on which the complet watch is depending then you must have to see it.

  19. Nashwa Ragaie says:

    may be apple released iPad Pro on 3rd quarter of 2014..

  20. DbstnLibya Libya says:

    jit is a nice phone but there is need to be more cheap price