Find Pantech Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abdulsalam Ali says:

    The screen give out a wonderful output and this is i think the best the samsung can provide us. The phone also has a big battrey and you can use it all day long.

  2. Amamra Sami says:

    9.7 inches but the pixel density is very very low just 264 ppi so what is that.. is this is not good

  3. Zimnako Sami says:

    please tell me about the confirmed prices of this phone.. i am going to buy note 4 or the nexus 6 phone or iphone 6 plus but in puzzle now because i see this phone and i think it is the best one in phablet category. But nowhere i found price in AED for note edge phhablet phone

  4. Dentist Damascus says:

    The thing that really attracts me here is teh 2.7GHz quad-core Processor. I really want a phone of this sort of processor and functionlity.

  5. Abdul Aleem says:

    Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery is not a good selection by nokia to include in this phone... i except that battery will be 3000 mah .. because is not much slim

  6. Hamid says:

    hi is this mobile working in any UK's network(unlocked), do you deliver to London. Thanks Hamid

  7. Faraj Elwerfali says:

    instead of having this phone i recently by the note 4 but not like much the phone as i saw new galaxy s6 samsung phone looks really amazing. wrap your fingers around easily with their smooth body and metallic housing

  8. Momina Yousuf says:

    I like the sports collection they are quite impressive and if you want to show some sports look so Apple would help you out in this a lot.

  9. Alrjbane says:

    it is the almost same technology that is use in ipad mini 2 a predecessor model. i am expecting something most slimmest yet in the market

  10. Rani Mote says:

    As a user, you can certainly trust on the remarkable specs of this outstanding phon

  11. Yousef Hady says:

    I knew that there is a bigger screen and now only few made by HTC big size Phablet in markets available but still the prices are too expensive and features now so high.. as I highlight pixel density that is just 267ppi and as compare to its own desire 626 which has same but available in low prices

  12. Abdul Mubdi says:

    please someone tell me the price in Qatar ?

  13. Hossein says:

    the speed of internet in this phone is good and phone include advance camera and is slim and good design

  14. Qareman Abdulla says:

    What does that mean actually?. when note 4 comes this phone become cheap... is this is right so i m waiting for note 4 so can i make my budget to buy note 3 ...

  15. Ahmed Shoeir says:

    defective camera unit which is responsible for bad results in dim light. Not good colors of the images taken with the help of such OIS

  16. Sumbal Ali Jubair says:

    a USB Type-C port that new 3.1 speed may be the most newest feature on this phone... but not i see many phones packs 3.0 USB

  17. Salem Elmaati says:

    give iphone 5s breath and make it more prominent and compete against the affordable devices by Samsung specially I think galaxy a series but still the design is from the old schools

  18. Mukesh Pareek says:

    A high defination of camera is amazing and I think it is the best to shoot any video and any event that you think it has to be recorded.

  19. Ehsan Malkawi says:

    Not they actually know how to manage their prices actually; the competitive prices with the s6 edge and plus model is more likely for iphone 6 plus

  20. Shery Kamal says:

    it is the best update for android phones this year; wait a minute the s6 edge plus model is another thing but not i like the ugly features on 5.7 inches device