Find Pantech Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Yosef Kezkaz says:

    it is not so much bigger in size 5.5in HD screen with the thinner dimensions compare to the other PHABLETS. Finally a king-sized iPhone but not a leading stuctural characteristics of the iphone 6 plus

  2. Sammad says:

    is it is available in doha??

  3. Hamset Shoog says:

    Can easily put this information on your face, you want to see the planet Earth with her your location? Easily! And so on.

  4. Mushtaq says:

    desire lin up is ok.. But why not htc is not making windows phone… htc wp phones are very best as compare to lunmia

  5. Mozahem Al-Saloum says:

    but there is also improvement beneath the material looks solid and weight exceed

  6. Sim Craker says:

    when prices for gear vr are updated for all stores.. i am interested to checkout its prices... because proevious oculus rift and it is a good one.. and now samsung make an interesting innovative flagship,.

  7. Sumbal Ali Jubair says:

    a USB Type-C port that new 3.1 speed may be the most newest feature on this phone... but not i see many phones packs 3.0 USB

  8. Hazem Hwaish says:

    A light touch will be enough to get access of your iphone 6 now it is a nice modify feature and more accurate compare to others

  9. Ad-daar says:

    so before the mainland licensed out for dubai and uae regions is the most practical and affordable purchase channels, and this article is to teach you how to buy the fastest way to your favorite iPhone 6.

  10. Banaz Khorshed says:

    i hope the battery life will be durable screen size

  11. Asad Zaman says:

    it is yes more convenient to use, but due to Micro SIM slot and Micro SD card slot sharing, so users required both Dual-SIM and expand capacity to select among

  12. Dody Elsayed says:

    is it a droid turbo 2015 edition? The same price of this model in uae as for other markets?

  13. Nohad says:

    good camera phone smart looking

  14. Nari Mohmd says:

    Well some has a pretty solid record of forecast their next moves, so a new-fangled and better Touch ID sensor is a very real option.

  15. Rashif Kp says:

    This is so good phone by samsung all my congrats to samsug

  16. Mostafa Mahmo says:

    eventually it replace their own s6 model because of similar size and more reduce in dimension but more battery, ram and stlylus feature

  17. Daood Noor says:

    i not thing peoples are crazy to buy note edge like phones... flat screen and not be a mssive one in my eye

  18. Al Taqe says:

    899 aed is good prices set for this 5 inches smartphone packed with good features.. noot feeling good with its battery capacity but phone is good looking

  19. Hamood Alqasim says:

    so the prices are from all orignal stores that is really a good thing i like it.

  20. Omar Kaissi says:

    rather the new fingerprint sensor suppossed to be equipped and they gonnay use more motion wallpapers and battery mAh