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  1. Nidal Kodimati says:

    The Smart watch is a design achievement, no substance how you give the impression of being at it. The building of the case, and the awareness to feature compensated to basics like the digital crown and band connector are exceptional.

  2. Muhannad Aziz Al Rassam says:

    more bigger than this phone, you need a fashion revolution. Redesign our pocket wallet.

  3. Atef Elsissy says:

    not that bad it is because camera bump has been reduced quite significantly and the same thing with the 12MP model

  4. Israr says:

    I want this mobile in dubai jabel Ali 0554964825

  5. Rayyan Faisal says:

    exemplary viewing experience with the latest edition of the iPhone but should be required more cores on the processor to make the phone perform even more smooth

  6. Abu-Alrokab says:

    this looks good phone but the prices are bit expensive. s7 has better camera and performance is increased as like always we seen in their new phones time after time

  7. Khairi Alwerfalli says:

    The Smartphone is really telling the stories of the new journey started by the saony in a direction on which they would become more and more successful.

  8. Tayseer Jarad says:

    and the 6GB of RAM? I am not sure they gonna put such thing as it is not required much in a mobile phone. There is a need of more advanced chipsets and software on the smartphones no need to all the increase the amount of the storage.

  9. Meme Muftah says:

    I not say that this phone is one of the most advance yet phablet phones in the market because still the prices of not 4 is not launch… waiting for its prices to be come and than make any comment on this

  10. Moustafa Khairy Sallam says:

    at the same time as getting rid of the stylus pen features and the only difference between the other one with the same size and this one is the stylus.

  11. Waheed Zafar says:

    the whole hardware configuration and Galaxy S5 ok,. Home key and two touch keys, but because it is a flat design, so the body is not very significant large,

  12. Mouhamad Kamel Sari says:

    select the most stunning display in such low price tag, in short, a game-changer. yes it is

  13. Taha Doaa says:

    1.4 GHz Cyclone is a good feature that apple use this time and with new iOS 8.1 update it works totally fine

  14. Fouf Fatoosh says:

    Work with the s Pen with the hands, as well la small delay when writing notes to search out used to, also to the lack of resistance on the paper.

  15. Bobaker Alamamy says:

    the camera has nice features and phone is water proof

  16. Rewan Maho says:

    In terms of storage, there is alway lack as they not make its cardslot removable and we need to transfer our all of data all the times. default capacity works fine no issuew with that

  17. Izhar Ali says:

    the style of the phone is so goot from the backside it is totally different

  18. Baasit says:

    You can capture a smile in any light, stay stable video on the go and get great pictures underwater... :) wonderful innovation..™. Say goodbye to the children's tablets

  19. Melissa Neymar says:

    Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colors… in think following are the color not people wanna see. Now there is more colors blue, black, white, red are included

  20. Amina Moussa says:

    if Lumia 1820 includes snapdragon 805... than it is something new ... otherwise it looks like similar one as previous Lumia's