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  1. Muhammed Nawazkhan says:

    my favorite gaming list of android games for his giant phone is asphalt 8, Dead Trigger 2 is so amazing game and no other phone has capability to give you joy as note 4

  2. Sohaib Mekky says:

    having similar chipset that is in XOLO new model which has low cost as well

  3. Somia Elfakeer says:

    top listed games with the best HD iOS experience i found is Zen garden this is more interesting and run fast

  4. Abod Ahmad says:

    i think this media pad is full copy of HTC one .. spec are same

  5. Shan says:

    Contact me as soon as possible 0527476870

  6. Yasir Jamal Usafxai says:

    Wiko highway signs is the best.

  7. Awais Haider says:

    microsoft manufacture a best tablet pc ever than probably replaced your laptop well i appreciate because all features on this is appreciatable

  8. Sara Alsqoor says:

    there is no matter they are copying anyone or not because they are offering as possible best user interface .. as i am using before htc phone.. there is only one thing bad on these phone battery.. but Samsung has solution for all

  9. Mohammed Ibrahim says:

    yes this phone available in low prices now

  10. Araf Hossin Alamin says:

    im araf hossin alamin im a fens htc im bangladeshe

  11. Azad Saleh says:

    1st me using xperia z2 ... but i like more htc m8i because in peformance and graphics and also in gaming its performance is smooth

  12. Mansour says:

    piece of 2K color screen is relatively close to the real reduction, no excessive rendering.

  13. Ahmed Salim says:

    Journalists argue that smartphones are packed with identical PV modules, which gives reason to believe a lower resolution camera than previously thought.

  14. Asom X says:

    The telephony part seemed quite satisfactory: the conversations are clearly audible from one side to the other, and no interference has disturbed them.

  15. Ahmed Ezz says:

    The iPhone has a better display? better processor? better camera?

  16. Ali Samy says:

    what if we can do some magical things with the note 6; 3d art and more via their pen will be an amazing effort. Why not they work on hologram technology to improve their user interface infact with the note series

  17. Waqar says:

    made by where?

  18. Aziz Solangi says:

    ?ts not perfectly in your hands because of large size of this ipad.

  19. Belal says:

    audio quality and loud speaker is not too much good like nokia and samsung phones

  20. Irfan says:

    dear brother I wana nokia2300 pls confirm if u have it