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  1. Ankita Someshwar says:

    but today a smartphone with a screen diagonal of 5.5 '' a normally, like some of it or not.

  2. Annabi Holigenz says:

    exceptional clarity and sharpness but the screen is too small that is why it is little harder to manage controls by touching the screen of the apple watch

  3. Elnagm Elsaata says:

    it just keeps singly of the better gadget "wider", even if the device is no longer unaccompanied in this section.

  4. Hassan Hama says:

    The rest are using dropbox and things like other..But apple is apple it has design something safer and trust worthy.

  5. Ruby Musa says:

    ut for the average users of Smartphones its all of the features enough for there eyes.

  6. Emad says:

    if they make it look like moto 360 watches in round full it will be more room

  7. Rafi Hades says:

    Amazing smartphone with the amazing dispaly and aamazing looks. The phone is water resistance and dust proof.

  8. Fars Aldeeb says:

    By the way, representatives of the Samsung note that due to the metal frame smartphone is strong enough

  9. Adeel Mateen says:

    excellent capabilities of note with stylus I not feel much comfort because it is hard to draw

  10. Fahad Sdu says:

    but they are not such best with the selfie camera not they are producing nice awesome devices with more pixels and advacnment to give wide angles but some how 5MP front camera of s7 looks better

  11. Aloosh Abdul Tanbouk says:

    Alongside with support of these best enterprise technology on this tablet, they has just more modify and make several changes to enhance the performance of software that many before WP such as some of the 3rd party disc encryption tools, and It has as well set an occasional problem with how drivers load.

  12. Jaafar H. Shahrouri says:

    1GB of RAM, M8 motion processor well the motion processor is ok but why not they increase the RAM of the phone to 2GB which is say is ok

  13. Ibrahiem Jaradat says:

    a master piece is coming soon towards us and also s7 active phones are coming with high end protection package

  14. Montser Nujedat says:

    also tipped the most advance lollpop version on the upcoming model

  15. Raneem Mashih says:

    there focue on how it Look, Feel, and User interface. that is why we will see all things changes on the new iphones in 2015 and 2016 but the many hardware is just like before.

  16. Rafi Hades says:

    the same feature of the camera that it is rotatable but why the same design.

  17. Matias Rozalez says:

    there is a nice landscape mode and is split window perfectly because of huge size and is more good because of RAM

  18. Abdallah Assad says:

    best screen resolution with maximum enough pixels, more comfortable handling but not need of any more sharpness

  19. Almas Amil says:

    i am making my effort to try Air play on my iphone 5s... but the icon is not applicable and appears on my phone... while in apple tv it available... abything that is differ in the way of using it or i can update my os to ios beta?????

  20. Al Najjar says:

    So the phone running yet a8 processor and is 64bit... and as well 64bit co procesor m8 . so the thing that make this phone different than its predecessors phone is the new NFC chip inside... so far just make payments using this system called so "Apple Pay"