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  1. Nilu says:

    i love to buy this phone.plzzz tell me when this mobile relese date plz tell me

  2. Vicky says:

    The speakers of the Huawei P9 should have been at the front for clear voice.

  3. Umer says:

    i found amazing wallpapers in this samsung galaxy a7 smartphone, love to see that which are so unique.

  4. Moin says:

    Smartphone these days do not have torch light which is usually found in the small handsets. i need that type of phone.

  5. Umaima says:

    The price is little high for oneplus3 smartphone than other countries. please make it cheaper

  6. Faraz says:

    Phone is looking good and features are also good hope this will create good place among customers.

  7. Abdelmajid Hilmi says:

    Security is so much better now and it is save to make mobile payments in an innovative way now. IRIS is actually 2nd level security to your samsung phone

  8. Simon Laew says:

    it is the slim design and battery really recharge quite quickly than the last edition of galaxy. Galaxy s7 has also similar capabilities but big improvements to the note 7.

  9. Moatez Jbali says:

    this is the main phone by the company in 2016 have amazing potential in all areas major update with the display after years by any manufacture.

  10. Shkar Taha says:

    small in size but the camera and performance is reallyn good. If there is option of extandable cardslot will be more grateful

  11. Mohamed Mousa says:

    is a great option for the users but pricey model actually. display is the same where they start 2 years before in the iphone 5s model.

  12. Milad Alghadban says:

    excellent device but battery issue on the phone as they are using high resolution and pixels density ratio is higher but with the combination of the display battery drain very faster

  13. Saleh Altorkmany says:

    not the xiaomi has Long-life battery as compare to apple no combination actually among the performing capabilities. have agreed that panel glass need work on xiaomi

  14. Redwan Jihad says:

    pocket-able size and sort of great physical appearance. waterproofing capability will be plus point if they given to it

  15. Bassel Kasho says:

    covers many things but still same weird design. bought this phone and now i think premium variant will be nice option

  16. Odai Hlak says:

    seamlessly alot better from your previous xperia phone. A good replacement to the samsung s4 phone actually with alot better improvements with the camera

  17. Tawfik Ahmed says:

    Classic Black R732 looks really good infact the best watch with good look; enough space

  18. Abu Sufian says:

    as compare to the lenovo yoga tablets it is not that good because lenovo tabs are completely replaceable to the laptops

  19. Yousre Diab says:

    screen makes it almost more attractive and they going to use same HDR screen display type in the galaxy s8 which also introduced in the galaxy note 7 phone

  20. Hesham Altharhni says:

    against to its own tradition now using the whole apple like built also the same dimensions. Round edges look totally similar compare to the iphone 6 series