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  1. Jehad Nabi says:

    this is really a beauty with support of the max level of features efficient powerful processing as well. plenty of storage options but i need the same prices with 128gb

  2. Ammara Khan says:

    given price Dubai ki hy??

  3. Karmn says:

    waiting for this phone for a long time... huawei is the best brand in manufacturing budgeted phones and all phones are packed with many new features like best camera

  4. Saadia Atif says:

    Apple certainly starts to molten plastic which solidifies in place - as well as done in the HTC One.

  5. Tureifa says:

    design of oppo phones i very unique and good looking in white color... but why not more colors are avaialble for oppo phones like apple???

  6. Shyar Suliman says:

    first impression of the J Serires is not nice because they unveil this new series with the high end devices and all looking same kind of model; people not even know what are the modifications in their devices

  7. Anis Hanen says:

    is there is any active version of iphone 6? As samsung galaxy s6 active because I want my apple phone to be sportier by giving it protection with dust, water and scratch proof

  8. Ahmed Shaheen says:

    The first things is that the phone is available with cheap prices for the 3G connectivity and the most low capacity

  9. Fahed Salem says:

    looks like a bit brother phones and more cheaper than galaxy A family and E7

  10. Monir Talal says:

    All among that entire that in intelligence, here is a summary of each recognized Android OS 5.1 OTA for each Google Nexus Smartphone that might be in receipt of it.

  11. Mahmodhasan Elslkawy says:

    Improved lens performance and now the flagship currently capable to take photos more faster than before and in low light the result is remarkable

  12. Hamid Shah says:

    The Nexus 5 before edition, for many, was completely regular by means of its 4.7in display which completes it huge for video and media other than too well suitable to single-handed use.

  13. Hammad Lahig says:

    iphone is a good phone line up and now with the two of new iPhone there is latest silicon and more quick wirless

  14. Qamar Vohra says:

    I want to buy Moto X kindly share reviews about Moto X.

  15. Armaan Goraya says:

    2GB of ram in this kind of phone the previous all edition not has this kind of features.. Also display is better

  16. Nishad Hassan says:

    some of the known issues I found so far in this device is with the thouch whilte charging either the same issue with my previous lg g3

  17. Samiya says:

    so tell me that the major differences between the standard model Note 5 and Verizon Note 5 is the camera and other performances changes with this or Networking capabilities?

  18. Anvita.bhalla says:

    is it used

  19. Kala Koko says:

    As if the digital pen for drawing working fine on this big screen it is good

  20. Abdullah Al Mamun says:

    IPhone 6s still hot in the stores, Apple is now fully focused performance to the next iPhone, the iPhone 7. Intel has 1,000 people working on what will be the LTE chip that includes the device.