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  1. Hassadn Adil says:

    good-speed network on htc phones... now smartphones re better in performance for browsing super design, technical and hardware is ok

  2. Abdullah Bin Aqeel says:

    this smart watch is available with Samsung Galaxy S5?? so when galaxy s5 is come???

  3. Abdalla Busati says:

    The phone is equipped with actually more than 3,000mah battery capacity well that is great thing but not something surprised many because the phone dimensions are too much thick and note modify design actually

  4. Karim Fattah says:

    seamless user experience with the lg g3 phone but now i am selling this phone because now i am in searching for good phone that also include good 4k video recording

  5. Shan Abbasi says:

    I want q mibile z5 if someone want to sale this fone please contact me my number is 0527476870

  6. Gulal Ahmad says:

    essentially I am expecting xperai z6 or series of their ultra mobile phones to be come this year.. Well the quitely launch xperia x series withing the same hardware and design is once again the same as before so what is big thing around here?

  7. SouqMobi Admin says:

    Hi Basheer, Following are the prices for "Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini G800F"

  8. Abdo Hakim says:

    well there is many things when you switch from samsung to apple you will never buy again Apple.

  9. Uppala Hariprasad says:

    A new Era smartphone having a larger battery and a good stability so that you can do many thing. I want them to put a stunning camera as well in it .

  10. Jamal Afridi says:

    all that i know and as well i think people want to knw about this high end surface pro is its prices... because last one is very costly..

  11. Said Noby says:

    One of the chips OnePlus One - CyanogenMod. This is one of the "assemblies» Android with advanced capabilities for short. In OPPO phones used CyanogenMod 11S coated Trebuchet 1.0

  12. Naser Jnidi says:

    For my taste, it's good enough, a compromise solution - at the same Nokia, as a rule, did not give such an opportunity.

  13. Yazan Amel says:

    1.76 pounds just that is really good you can everywhere easily take this one with you the surface is good line up

  14. Violet Husein says:

    but to hold the final HDR mode finally on Apple device that make it more sharp and awesome with hyper-clear sharpness.

  15. Wali Faisel says:

    a reason I choose apple watch instead of lg watch and other is the premium design and also a good screen sensistivity. It is also so fast but battery is not promising

  16. Bigbaag Baag says:

    this phone arrived in international markets as well as in UAE and Dubai with having several of upgrades over to its mighty predecessor the Galaxy Note 2,

  17. Gokhan Sam says:

    It looks very premium to me as well as the previous plastic nexus phone is not very very good and attractive but nexus 6p is really against there own traditional

  18. Yaqoob Khan says:

    I have s4;mini in full original condition. I will sell on 550 dirhams any one want plz contact on 0508649634

  19. Sayf Alhak says:

    colleaguesIt appears that the problem of heating body was sealed in software, so that the temperature decreases with increasing processing speed

  20. Ahmed Ataieb says:

    The phone has the same display as we can see in the last version of it. The phone has enhance the speed but the display is not enhanced i just want want them to do something for the display.