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  1. SouqMobi Admin says:

    Its apprs 609 USD

  2. Abdlatif Worayeth says:

    for all those who previously using the 5s iPhone this is the best thing to buy next

  3. MUKHTAR says:

    Assalamwaliukum.sir i want purchase this mobile NOKIA E73 Mode that please give me full detail and feature of mobile and with price thanks...mukhtar ahmed 0504848366

  4. Mahmood Munir says:

    it is awesome big one; iMore application is really nice working best for news and check reviews which is trusty

  5. Dost Sbl says:

    The camera is upgraded to 13-megapixels. Some analysts claim that the iPhone 6 will have better image stabilization. The iPhone 6 will be having iOS 8 pre installed, consisting of 11ac Wi-Fi for Mac computers.

  6. Sayed Sika says:

    but not like its camera and still blackberry not make water proof phone

  7. Serene Wind says:

    At the equal time you can see, Galaxy S6 design is far from finalize, the space is surely still early release, WMC 2015 might not of necessity be able to cover up, before it does have that argument.

  8. Zaid Abu Saleem says:

    In many ways it can be say that this phone is too good Good amount of RAM and also insert memory cards microSD is possible with this Smartphone

  9. Ashraf Mohamed says:

    Some issues with the phone while making video calls in the phone heats up after an hour

  10. Mohd Faisal says:

    Iphone 6 plus silver white very very nice

  11. Raghda says:

    I got my new se iphone but unfortunately i cant update z software (an error occured downloading ios 9.3.1!!! Anyone can help pls

  12. Mohammed Omar says:

    Does lumia 525 fully supports Glance screen????

  13. Serif Shanin Smajic says:

    give me the list of best fighting and shooting games for iPhone 6 plus

  14. MoStafa says:

    i think audio is ok but the noise cancellation is really not much better in my galaxy a3 phone. uses lower specifications but not difficult for the phone to do multitask

  15. Abd Alsaigh says:

    they are offering nearly enough as user required storage and now the 64gb storage capacity is a mid way for their users.

  16. Majid Sara says:

    Power efficient and really a durable battery with Easy web access features and the best phone yet for watch movies and playing HD games. I also like xperia z3 phone but it is not much big as iphone 6 plus is

  17. Fahad says:

    gets Android 4.4 KitKat for this phone and works fine.l.. not sure what happen next when i run more applications on this os ...

  18. Mohamed Salem says:

    Silver, Titan, Gold and Pink these are the colors available for their phones and is elegant and charming one update after years

  19. Mohammad Umair Shahzad says:

    what i think it is a business phone for the profesionals.

  20. Thapan Anas says:

    wow now Apple become a copywriter and start making big phones with similar specs as samsung, lg