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  1. Mehtab Ali says:

    I need this oppo R9 with 54 AED.

  2. Rewan Shikhou says:

    what about the duos tv version of the same model what is the difference???

  3. Malak Issa says:

    Google Now is remains even more grateful and accurate as compare to apple phones offering features to another level because also users can search via voice

  4. Matin says:

    Software complaint- incomings calls are not working properly while using apps or when connected to wifi. please update the software.

  5. Anvar Moradi says:

    It is sure that by having a larger-screen diagonal of the phone that can more increase your prestige as wide as Apple's Smartphone is regard as leading-class devices and turn out to be a style trend in the world. Even though the rates of iPhone 6 Plus the newest looks is luxurious, but little appearance at the buyer of this device might certainly boast up as occur to his brother Iphone 6 exceedingly in demand in the market.

  6. Mohamed Yusuf says:

    wen its available in uae

  7. Ali Alafar says:

    the Galaxy S6 and LG G4 are the two best camera phones come in 2015 (many passed from one to another) and we are waiting for the next galaxy s7 right now

  8. Naseer Adeen Sy says:

    thinkpad design is the most stylish that I believe is the most reasonable and most durable tablets as compare to samsung and other brands

  9. AL Areeqi says:

    some of the functionality limited to Apple Pay with the near field communication; not know the major reasons behind that

  10. Basheer Ahmad says:

    It is sure to near all the applications and delete all the cookies and cache on every app before test of the screen ?? I see this on the guide line review

  11. Tamur Alabyad says:

    offering many things in just big versions and now even in the smallest models. I like small iphone se because it is lighter in weight and not hard to carry in pockets

  12. Sobia Zia says:

    Technology does not mean we dont need doctors. It means we need a doctor and we are able to handle the situation before the doctor come. Or you can say we are litrate about our body and the functions of our body.

  13. Malak Issa says:

    feel disappointed with the new "evolution" of the Note 4 because not such features and feel with pen is not alike the note 5 for a bit; i recommend the successor note 5 to you because of some terrific services with software.

  14. Ehab Al Waal says:

    impress with their battery life and performance because of low mah not this phone light off so early; lights on still after 12hrs of use

  15. Aboshahd Zizo says:

    available for verizon wireless per month 24$ plan is available so any dowpayment required if I want to pay through UAE

  16. Abed Neme says:

    Keyboard smartphone isolated and much more reliable: you can adjust the height and more things.

  17. Ahmed Badr says:

    build and receive calls because this phone is able to give best multi task experience while surfing the intenet, continuing downloads and watching videos even

  18. Qais Fatih says:

    the model oneplus one is really pleasant and not too bulky as sony phones are. i check many of the user opinions for following phone and just there is a lack of 4G support in UK

  19. Matovu Kasimu says:

    I need also one

  20. Talha Awan says:

    We are waiting to see this amazing smartphone in our hand.