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  1. Rafiq Ullah says:

    give 2-Megapixel Camera to the new grand is really a good selection

  2. Syeda Anum says:

    HTC is really thinking over the best smartphone. HTC has done some quality work in it and this is something really very good.

  3. ABDUL HAKEEM says:


  4. Mahmoud Elsayed says:

    they using all high quality materials Guaranteed perfect design

  5. Guyonos says:

    I want blackberry q30 now, i think i love the phone

  6. Mahmood Malik says:

    Is there a better LG G3 bent G Flex 2 something from the phone-dream?

  7. Fawaz Alharnawi says:

    the new looks really nice just thicker but really vs the all iphone 5s phones previously with the small size is high end and many differences on this phone

  8. Rimesse Raymousa says:

    it looks like they are working on the design to give more impressive and comfortable to hold in hands devices. but it is not possible if the size of the nexus phone remain so big

  9. Jaleel Balooch says:

    However, this automatically means that left-handers this device is not intended (which does not refute and Samsung).

  10. Vijay says:

    How to pre order

  11. Da Ny says:

    has nice features and the display is lookin pretty ; now user can watch full high definition videos also on this kind of cheap phone

  12. Norhan Ali says:

    Apple as well recruits high end devices and biometrics business who have wound up on its latest wearable device team so I think the price should be high as like other

  13. Yasmina PerTy says:

    When the smartphone is held with the weight on the back you can use his fingers on the back to make it rotate forward and cover this distance, even if it is still natural as with 5s.

  14. Alsaood says:

    not a bad idea to buy this smartphone if the prices are low and come to 400 aed... i am saying that all because of bad performance of the phone.. battery is not powerful while display is boring

  15. Raza says:

    it is actually an amazing wide screen device.. with all features that people want in smartphone... how many colors are available for g3 smart phone??

  16. Mohammad Syr says:

    when Lg g pad 8.3 prices are official

  17. Ragha says:

    lumia 930 as compare to experia phone which is the best one???

  18. Sabrina Merchant says:

    The front camera of 5 megapixels is really very good and if you love to have some epic images so this is the best smartphone for you.

  19. Yahya AL Rashde says:

    the camera is always best work if there is 50MP sensor but what about the expensive prices

  20. Fahad Sdu says:

    under the hood there is really a better things on the samsung s7. succeeds the iPhone 7 well it is right now a mysterious thing for us to know about because they actually do not unveil any single thing for this one