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  1. Indho Uroon Ina Abdullahi says:

    The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are predictable to pack2GB of RAM and the faster A9 processors.

  2. Ayman Elnagar says:

    Build quality, do not play anything, no squeaks, the phone is very pleasant to hold in our hands. Amazing user interface plus the external look

  3. Jewel Zahir says:

    once another issue with the keyboard yes but it is too comfortable for the both hands usage just because of too huge tiny display and distance is in between the keys

  4. Radwan Chafi says:

    and the last one is too much bulky and unfreindly phone… I do not like the phone in term of design but it is unique one

  5. Rimesse Raymousa says:

    it looks like they are working on the design to give more impressive and comfortable to hold in hands devices. but it is not possible if the size of the nexus phone remain so big

  6. Syed Zahid says:

    feature that offering more incredible things for the photography as the camera focus and more features update with the new Operating Sytem. Many things more to be come with the Marshmallow

  7. Mahbob Ahmad Jamil says:

    There is not great way to take benefit of the LG G flex 2015 new small edition with the high end software; 13MP rear camera is good

  8. Nouri Chnawa says:

    This is a trial version from the samsung and i think the step of checking the market that where market is standing at the moment is really very good and amazing.

  9. Saleh Kadrou says:

    i prefer the 6s model instead of the default apple iphone 6 and for those looking for more battery life it is also good news with the OS and software optimize application consumption on the iphone 6s

  10. Saleh Zakariya says:

    for android fans it is a good news because this time with the newest iOS 8.1 you can run more better than Kitkat Android Apps

  11. Essam Zabad says:

    they in reality not make too much noise when they unveil apple iphone 5s about the design. they know they not deliver us the thinnest and the lightest model but yes this is nice personal phone after iphone 5 but has many great rivals which they beat up badly

  12. Husam says:

    the note 4 is coming with the latest 4.4.4 Kitkat ;)

  13. Asenath Prema says:

    now the specs are official for this giant device and the next amoled display with the experience of using phone. I am feeling not comfortable with my s6 edge because it not look like a good luxurious phone like Apple.

  14. Abdul Hayy says:

    5s won't be forget in the history of the Apple because this is a phone which has given new skies to the apple.

  15. Manal says:

    is there is notification light in front of the phone??

  16. Feras At says:

    In the dock, you can change the plastic part in the center to charge Z1, but also to get her not so simple

  17. Sahar Albalkhi says:

    the most high end prices i found here relate to xperia z5 premium is for the 128GB Gold color obviously after some weeks when more rivals of the device like galaxy s7, lg g5 launch will be low rates

  18. Hamza Tonni says:

    I like the blue color watch and it suit me a lot and one thing i would lie to say about this that this watch could be connected to your smartphone.

  19. Mohd.salim says:

    Innjoo mobail modal i1s black 149

  20. Ahsen Syed says:

    The processor has to be good becuase the model was not good enough..