Find Oppo Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Haji Zaher says:

    this phone design seems to be not such attractive to eyes and has thicker body. 7.4mm thickness is actually normal but with such configuration they must have enough room to give it more sleekr look

  2. Ahmed Bouafia says:

    The edge s6 features a dual curved-edge screen and the same on this one, but otherwise near identical specs in good size

  3. Zohair Askari says:

    so there is right now no big advancement fear and the Apple new gen phones might silent slip simply into a reduced, but the show's markedly bigger and has a greater resolution as never before.

  4. Shoshaa Zaki says:

    best news yet I found is that the fans of the company has now for sure launch a 128 GB maximum storage option. No need of the extra micro sd card slot just use a built in Apple own

  5. Ahmed Afifi says:

    sports watch when the display power off is bit same look alike as the samsung gears. well apple watches are more premium and slim. but if not an expensive one i should buy it

  6. Aakif says:

    uae prices of lg g3 include shipment charges?? or free shipment for this phone.. i want to buy bundle of lg g3 phones in different colors and internal storage

  7. Sudheesh says:

    I wish to purchase lenovo lemon k3 phone in uae. Please tell where is can get..

  8. Abn Al Shashaa says:

    I wan to compare the performance of the camera with the 4K; I found people saying that apple with video recording performing more faster and also Smartphone not heats up as sony phones are tell me what is the result of 4K test on iPhone 6s plus at full high resolution

  9. Jasraj says:

    It may be available start of next month.

  10. Alaa Anjadat says:

    just a huge... no this phone is not just got a bigger size also more like an 8mp shooter it is best to take selfie

  11. Rafi Najdawi says:

    Controversial Upgrade with the both new and prev device

  12. Roxler AB says:

    size and better battery life which need little bit more ram because while gaming the graphics and ram use there is no need to increase gpu work fine

  13. Saima Zaidi says:

    The screen is really very and i think this phone is only for those who loves to enjoy the game and videos over the big Screen.

  14. Abdul Mubdi says:

    Why would the dock for the 5c be different than the dock for 5 and 5s?

  15. Samir says:

    u can find it at: Beeline Telecom, Deira

  16. Preet Mangat says:

    Another big achivement from the Oneplus, they have a planned series and they have studies the market and now providing stuff which is highly demanded by the people.

  17. Abdul Lateef says:

    user can do many things shortly buy pressing the screen and similar tips make you do it more easily. the power, portability and productivity all these things are remarkable than

  18. Bassem Sabbagh says:

    as greater in size and their plan is impressive to give it extra screen where as not look alike there is extra screen on smartphone anywhere.

  19. Osward. says:

    Hi is it possible for me to buy these phones online and be delivered to Zambia?

  20. Hamid says:

    There are lots of smartphones i have tested in the market and different exhibitions but did not find a performance matched to Huawei P9, such a spectacular android smartphone.