Find Oppo Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Nazmul says:

    How I buy it?

  2. Ahmed Hasabalkarim says:

    fantastic collection of the watches; i think stainless steel is the most brilliant looking. Milanese bands make it look more elegant like a perfect bracelete

  3. Farouk says:

    i wish Huawei may be unveil after some time its international version also

  4. Ktesh Tareff says:

    Usually as not like before, in landscape you can do lot more also play games in HD and there is a whole new experience of that, watch hd videos and lot more you can do with that

  5. Farid Oukrid says:

    2015 is come when the now launch the Apple watch and other gadgets any news

  6. Shehzad says:

    display looks pretty and unquie hd.. brightness make this phone a joy, not a bit boring design of the phone. easily handle a few knocks and fantastic choice for me this is

  7. Ghalia Alkadi says:

    Overall the picture is still positive: strength, good sliding screen , clicks francs buttons, almost perfect assembling the various parts ... There is a very slight depression in the rear seat when pressing on the center,

  8. Wasel Abbas says:

    Retina HD displays give bright colors, they are equally very best as never before you can see with Apple contrast and even wider viewing angles than the 5S.

  9. Said Louloud says:

    So tell me what best abilities of this wearable gadget is tell me the other that is not too common

  10. Shrikant Warekar says:

    The Smartphone itself is in the red box, as well as basic, full accessories.

  11. Baber says:

    i think the oppo f1s has beaten the Samsung galaxy s6 in the selfie camera, i though that Samsung galaxy s6 front camera is the best today, but there is no doubt that Samsung galaxy S6 has taken the lead.

  12. Anwr Ahmed says:

    2gb ram will contain made an step up to performance of this iPhone so I am waiting for it

  13. Faris El-Shamy says:

    so they gonna release also some of the mini versions of their phones lg g5 mini soon> and what abouot the prices ?

  14. Bekir Kaya says:

    super immersive one I am expecting from the next one; this phone may be got more immersive wireless freedom, stunning design.

  15. Oguz Gul says:

    galaxy j series is remarkable and also the prices are very much lower. Featuring microSD card slot and also battery is really impressive for the samsung j1

  16. Ibrahim Salah says:

    1GBRAM is not a big problem for me Apple A8 chipset has it all and you get even more quality search and speed with the iPhone always compare each and every thing with other phones and you will see the difference

  17. Osman Haqqar says:

    But first thing's first is about the battery performance which we know is removable but how much hours it will easily give to its users than with the Power saving mode

  18. Amna Doll says:

    Do you what is the best combination in the screen resolution. The best resolution for the 5.5 inches is 1920x1080 pixels, which could be found in one plus one Smartphone.

  19. Aleem Afridi says:

    i have new Qmobil Z4 new i want to sale because of short of money

  20. Irfan Saifi says:

    It sounds all good, but due to a bug HealthKit (the system that is responsible for third-party applications compatible with Health) application immediately after the release of iOS 8 was of little use in the ipad mini 4.