Find Oppo Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Taha Naim says:

    The other problem is the plastic imitation leather on the back of the device.

  2. Sadiq Ibrahim says:

    there is no secondary camera.

  3. Yosef Da Silva says:

    i like it because this phone is good for gaming and user can do multi tasking as well easily

  4. Rizwan Ahmad says:

    Doing things for the welfare of the name is wonderful, I want google to do some really extra ordinary work in the Smartphone fields so that a variety could be seen in the Smartphones. Google is a company who can do all these things I dont know why they are not doing.

  5. Aihem Alhabl says:

    waiting fot this new lg computerized wristwatch... want to compare all smart watches to get best price fo g watch

  6. Faizan Ahmed says:

    ok if phone have super light weight ... good in performance... and have dual sim... not only that i found 4G ultra fast speed technology... so will buy this good phone..

  7. Saif Mona says:

    720 x 1280 that is what company is offering last time and it is low specs i want big Smartphone in my hands with the round shape

  8. Judy Nasser says:

    But Apple went to the trick: the front lens of the camera above the surface.

  9. Haroon Arshad says:

    what kind of technology sony is using for its display ... same as samsung super amoled or something else... i think something like braviia... m i right???

  10. Ahmar Raheem says:

    So the phone also include fingerprint scanner functionality like iphones and other new samsung smartphone or something different.. that is best to covered security of phone and access fast

  11. Ahmed Ragab says:

    i agreed that they are offering respectively great display features - (2k) AMOLED panel may be in note 6 changes to 4k but some how it is hard to manage the battery performance with same durability

  12. Muslim Hamo says:

    samsung s6 also has 2 front speakers?

  13. Majed Miled says:

    Apple take self-importance in boasting the great compact Smart phones for years other than still Cupertino had to confess that 4 inches now not sufficient.

  14. Katia Tohme Ibrahim says:

    The body is fully metallic and the top side of the phone is alike iphone 5s but got more prettier for now the changes looks great on the phone.

  15. Ajaz Ajmal says:

    the first major feature of this phone is having only a thin casing around the display whereas the other unique and striking feature is its fundamental keys instead of capacitive buttons.

  16. Wageh Wegoo says:

    clearance sales for this great ever phone by them.. This phone is really a great one and has finger print sensor which is something new for budgeted buyers actually with the same kind of speed as other rivals are offering with there premium looks.. A great deal !!

  17. Altaher says:

    without a doubt prices are good as like we expected but too huge size of the nexus 6p and the bulky kind of thing over the other phones

  18. Almuntasr Bellah says:

    why not is the new watch is coming? When it comes

  19. Yasamen says:

    Alongside with the characteristic features, this is of course personal views of mine, and, on the other hand, many are uncomfortable having to locate a specific point their finger to gain access to data of your device.

  20. Hammad says:

    What is the actual price of Black berry z10?