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  1. Yasser Badr says:

    a unique performance and may be the previous big iphone 6 is not delivering such images as the new iphone se is capable to give us. i take a look on the both camera results and iphone se is more better

  2. Muhammad Adnan says:

    Nokia c7

  3. Andleeb says:

    Which smartphone to choose? Big or small? iPhone or galaxy alpha, and can Windows Phone? Would it be possible to use most recommend videos on this phone and listen to music in great sound ..

  4. Khaled Saeed says:

    128 GB iPhone 6 Plus more expensive than this mobile phone .. i preffer always Samsng if you want a device packed with innovative features and love Android.. but Apple has its own class with the iOS

  5. Ayman ELazazy says:

    That it can be more reliable use among single hand, Apple bring in a most modest gesture, whose middle name converse for itself - Reach ability ("reach").

  6. Qutebha Thanoon says:

    Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) all are nice as compare to other precedessors also like all the capabilities of media

  7. Aries Flora says:

    4.7 inches display is just nice and pretty for hands not extend the size please just make it look more slim and increase the battery

  8. Nabila Purno says:

    finally they official some more specification relate to hardware of the phone,, as it is available with the Full HD screen alike OPPO phone.. And well finally they use metallic

  9. Zia H. Shawl says:

    built on the chip proved an entry-level, is not equipped with a flagship display with a resolution of full HD, stripped of most of the functions and capabilities of its high-end counterparts, but are sold at the same price of a full-fledged flagship.

  10. Esam Sarsak says:

    Koreans has opted for a slightly domed glass facade on the sides, reminiscent of the Galaxy S3, or more recently the iPhone 6.

  11. Saad Alahlalm says:

    i have spent some of my time with the google nexus 5x to checkout some of the features same regarding the 6p huawei phone revealed at the same time but i really not find such smooth handling and features performance on the 5x everyone due to its size is changes i think

  12. Irfan Khalil says:

    the price is AED 1870

  13. Omar Elbadry says:

    Google Maps now works on the Apple Watch so what more is needed after that :) i am puzzle with the Apple map because of many things and it is hard to use

  14. Ahmad Amer Elhaj says:

    A wondeful phone with a wonderful technology by the HTC and i am stare for a while after reading the specs and the article on it.

  15. Mohamed Nasr Alden says:

    Yet there are three variations of this mobile phone include two colors are available silver and red color.. what about the white and black?

  16. Ahsan says:

    waiting for i phone 6 i think coming very very soon so let see

  17. Mohamed Salah Azab says:

    Still made of plastic and battery life of these phones are less than average which i expected. they must give it more life and some quality features like galaxy s4 which is more better

  18. Mike Tyson says:


  19. Pat says:

    how mush is the galaxy s 4 in USD.

  20. Muhammad Ashraf says:

    yess i have two mobiles of nokia e5 one white and another one black with a good condition 0522735207 0567578928 now you can contact with me if you want to purchase the mobile