Find Oppo Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Azzam Habeb says:

    over size phone iphone 6 plus is better than this mini ipad

  2. Boda Mobarky says:

    Color reproduction is much better, but the saturation balance is bit dissimilar from the screens and colors of Note Edge little more saturated (at least, so the image recorded by the camera).

  3. Jaleel says:

    using a plastic material as the body, but because desire 610on the body design and paint process is more seasoned than the lg phones

  4. Tamur Alabyad says:

    offering many things in just big versions and now even in the smallest models. I like small iphone se because it is lighter in weight and not hard to carry in pockets

  5. Yousif Ibraheem says:

    ergonomic employ of the slab extra extra largeNote with its well-known Stylus Pen somewhat revise for the time.

  6. Nazeer Ahmed Tunio says:

    This is good phone and my fav color is the blue color also green is pretty one

  7. Gizem Akdemir says:

    for gaming and other multimedia there is all well but they are also growing their sizes now and required more high end graphics on iphones. Offering that closeby 4GB of RAM performance with the 2gb of storage

  8. Shahbaz says:

    it is one of the owesome mobile phone, but HTC did not do great marketing to HTC one.

  9. Ayhan Serkan Oyan says:

    put the cherry on top well it also got the same camera, optical image stabilization and OTG is supported on all the new models

  10. Mhmd Daiob says:

    And the information if found that S5 by now has outstanding battery life and the expectation with the modest model that may dig up among a small battery so that is bad now.

  11. Samad Khaleel says:

    many colors, and weight is plenty light on the wrist. but one thing i found in which moto 360 watch is good is that it also capable to swap with Swappable band while apple watch is not

  12. Alimam Abdullah says:

    i get really best prices here for this phone i love this blackberry

  13. Haleem Amiri says:

    It can be seen that the colors have not altered radically in both screens and the brightness of the Samsung point of view is notably higher.

  14. Saleh says:

    Galaxy Gear Fit smartwatch should be the best one with galaxy s5... also it looks good in hands i just saw a video of gear fit much useful wearable devices

  15. Wasem says:

    Nokia camera does not able to take a picture with flash... also Low-light picture is good on Nokia

  16. Mohmad Alzouabey says:

    the cost of the Smartphone has been recognized and are still very high

  17. Nasir Sheehar says:

    te design is bit like oppo phones but not the features and prices are totally difference ratio of performance with the camera, cpu and the ram

  18. Tabrez says:

    what is the big difference between LG new L series phones.... i think lg l40 prices should be very low

  19. Gharep Al Dulamy says:

    Apple cameras are a good example of what can be achieved by controlling hardware and software. IPhone 6s is equal or better than all 6 in unusual circumstances

  20. Haider Ali says:

    Front camera of 3.7 megapixels is so impressive and the best part in this smartphone only the selfies which are so imressive. You would love to capture your selfie a lot.