Find Oppo Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abu Ahmed says:

    Flash of Samsung Note 10 has not been officially supported on android for bit some-time, but you have to know that you may apply an archive version of flash with the help of dolphin browser on Samsung note 10.

  2. Ali Shah says:

    The big is really very good and it does not have any charging problem.. i think this is one of the best Apple product as a 4th gen smartphone.

  3. Sujith says:

    Comment(Required)I have bought this phone one year ago it works perfectly but I dropped my phone it's display broken......There is no service centers or spare parts available......How can I repair it?

  4. Nana Hakmi says:

    so this is the first ever huge iOS phone in size and dimension totally changed because there is a whole fresh look of the phone.

  5. Souma says:

    Hello, if i want you to buy this mobile, what should i did?? How to contact you and how to pay ??

  6. Mohsin Sameem says:

    Well I teach you all almost certainly nothing new to say that the Note 4 has been a huge success. Better, it is neither more nor less than Android most awesome device the best features of all time.

  7. Nawaz Rafey says:

    4.95 inches or 5 inches i say this phone is... not too much big and easily you can keep this phone within your pockets.. not it is compulsory to use this with both hands

  8. Aslam Ruman says:

    overall Smartphone of 2014 is packed with nice features all that have expensive rates

  9. Fathima Nuzra says:

    waterproofing on the iphone s series will be plus point as their rivals are using such capabilities to make as powerful as they can.

  10. Mohammed Albayati says:

    i am for long time awaiting for Note 4 to be come

  11. Nishantha says:

    It is available in Qatar? If I need to by outside how much it will be

  12. Laila Marof Elkholy says:

    a great more success with the G5 they got because of these things and alot of new accessories they are offering. Is slightly larger and great one with that camera

  13. Sameer says:

    Please send me your best offers and promotions

  14. Musawir Hussein says:

    so soon it is going to smashed all the tablets market... because it is all packed with best enough things like graphics, and good for gaming .. i am really waiting for this one to be come soon as possible

  15. Nightwalker Tariq Majeed says:

    this is the only mobile which I like after a long time ago and this is really amazing it has a large battrey a fast speed processor and a cool ram that is good.

  16. Zahir Xoshnaw says:

    another important thing is that their materials and grades were something almost unreachable for rivals brands. whereas huawei come near now with the new mate s housing of metallic and glossy body like apple but still has many issues with the premium capabilities.

  17. Farajalwrflle Farajalwrflle says:

    5.5in full HD screen among all the support of the latest curve bent, the body looks so good

  18. Lila Ringuette says:

    the size is still big than the new arrival after this one; well the display, camera and more CPU options is nice in such prices

  19. Abd Aboaljood says:

    the iPad Air 2 has it all, especially to the general public. Its biggest competitor is actually not an Android tablet

  20. Alimam Abdullah says:

    i get really best prices here for this phone i love this blackberry