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  1. Amr Abd Elwahed says:

    to achieve the maximum quality in this procedure is not possible, as a result, each unit can be approved in one direction or another

  2. Zeeshan Ahmed says:

    it’s a powerful battery that can fully capable to give a day easily with normal setting and usage. Iphone 6s for sure is a great charm for us

  3. Samer Hama says:

    sleek design as like the lg g4 this come and give good competition with this kind of all high end phones because last ascend p7 has very good quality

  4. Dustin Paceley says:

    higher density pixels are the best part always from the note edge. They are expanding its resolution and make it more identical for 4k display and usage of gear vr on the new note phones

  5. Hosny says:

    i do not like desire 816 screen.. looks rubish

  6. Noman Ansari says:

    not only the prices… as compare thesse smartphones prices with micromax phones price I think micromax is much good in quality, good looking phones and latest technology…

  7. Muhammad Ashraf says:

    yess i have two mobiles of nokia e5 one white and another one black with a good condition 0522735207 0567578928 now you can contact with me if you want to purchase the mobile

  8. Nazir Agy says:

    be a huge hit in the international market but this time their focus on the economical market. compared to its predecessors I think there is a lot more improvements required in the design of the devices people like the design of iphone new generation but this one looks bit thicker to me

  9. Ahmed Wahid says:

    Samsung have a very versatile processor, on the one hand, he can squeeze out of a maximum of performance

  10. Hassan Luay says:

    edge is a good mobile phone but not alike s6 it is much more than our expectations. And at the other side this phone is too much huge to handle?

  11. Mourad Shahm says:

    improved in many of the configurations as result of that many of us prefer the big iphone 6s plus model are already prepared to get juice to 4K

  12. Diyar Jmo says:

    Trying to fix the situation by adding a second camera in the HTC One (M8) was not successful. Roughly speaking, the second camera was needed only to play with the focus after the shooting.

  13. Amna Chadija says:

    as of a space, this mobile phone seems to be much similar to the Note 4 but device is even more slim and nice dimensions,

  14. Osama Khsu says:

    appears to be repeating itself, for more information about the pixels that need to be processed by the Company in excess of Ready SoC.

  15. Akar Hawlery says:

    In theory, this gives a higher data rate, and another 80% faster charging from your computer becomes

  16. Shaikh Zaid says:

    Asus battery is awesome and work very fast..

  17. Lina Alhaj says:

    i am the owner of the galaxy s7 and want to know that can i change the grid size of the applications through my phone software? is it is easy because i saw this

  18. Ghorab Altaala says:

    Memories Made Bright now with htc phone... when htc offer same camera pixels as others than htc is a best in offering the best quality in their mobiles

  19. Ahmed Fauzi says:

    Reach ability does not solve the problem,. When compared to the flagship smartphone on Android platform there is some issues

  20. Raes says:

    more better looking phone as compare to the htc desires