Find Nokia Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Yahya Saad says:

    style and design all are perfect but need to more increase scree ppi

  2. Abdul Basit says:

    i think Nokia Asha 210 will be available market mid of Jun 2013.

  3. Murtaza Alfihd Aldrige says:

    By the way, for faster charging your phone, you can use a 12-watt AC adapter from the iPad.

  4. Wageh Wegoo says:

    tell me am I able to update my operating system of A7 to latest Lollipop how much is the required memory

  5. Obeid Obeid says:

    now rumored to be in production is there front panel home key on the note series.. But may be we will see the housing of new features such as no more home button and volume keys in any other phone with new series name

  6. Nader Mobaraki says:

    have taken note of phablets entire range and tablets except the note 4 and note 5 this without microsd battery or I do not want nor given.

  7. Nazek Mostafa says:

    it is too much easy for us now to take this phone in our pockets and easily handle all of the operations with single hands. Also nice pair of accessories with this mobile phone I got

  8. Husni Samaa says:

    galaxy note 3 has functionality like Selective Focus Heart Rate Sensor i really need these

  9. Ammar Alkhateeb says:

    As above shown the features and specification of the latest coming Galaxy S6 may be more high end because they working on this phone since year.

  10. Argin Qamishlo says:

    some of the other features is remain just similar and the Touch capabilities, however are the thing the is not updated as people thinking about the force technology to be packed in the samsung galaxy s7 phone

  11. Hade Abood says:

    besides there is lot of nice things so clarity with the image and got nice 326ppi it is just amazing in small size with the other phablets it might be not well as they are.

  12. Mohsin Ali says:

    Microphone and sound that is clear works so good and Smartphone has more internal storage that mean more space. Such a typical phone you can enjoy each and every moment with this Note4.

  13. Zafar Jaber says:

    too big but too awesome phone, in white it is looking most best and slim phone is this.

  14. Ammar Alibrahim says:

    this is right now another big deal for us that the galaxy s7 and the edge phone has usb type c connectivity option where as no other phone has the same capabilities.

  15. Trilok says:

    I am really happy as I chooses the HTC One Lte Silver,its wok great and good features specially i like this colour.

  16. Yosef Ahmad says:

    In a regular part of the strip contains icons of music and video players, photo galleries but there is something more interesting and unique with the display with the curves sides

  17. Nausheen Khan says:

    huge prices online for the iPod 2013 :(

  18. Nema Ahmed says:

    metallic body and seems to be a big phone but low end budgeted phone g8 has 13MP camera and front 5MP that has HDR on both

  19. Roshin Rajan says:

    i need nokia 7280, am stay in oman. if u can please arrenge this deal.

  20. Fatema Omar says:

    this phone is the Motorla Super Smartphone a giant killer phone with the ultra fast cpu processor and RAM all is possible now