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  1. Bilal Surmawala says:

    Wonderful phone it is so wonderful phone. I like its camera its design and so many other things.

  2. Dani says:

    Any update for HTC One dual sim as most cellphone lover is waiting for.

  3. Khalil Alkhado says:

    It offers the owner a plurality of sets of trained settings and the ability to set different levels of reverb.

  4. Shameem Zai says:

    of course Note 3 is better.

  5. Nomi Khan says:

    You are right my dear....I think you need to think with the other side of these changes.. Samsung is not a new company. They'd have done a huge research before taking this step and when things would have come in their favour they done it and now they are standing with an amazing product.

  6. Matin says:

    Software complaint- incomings calls are not working properly while using apps or when connected to wifi. please update the software.

  7. Ameen Maghrabi says:

    The secondary camera might now carry out its function at the most excellent level, even both Instagram just flood the Selfie, it is time to move away from there.

  8. Mohammed Yousuf says:

    This extremely still be like Xperia Z3, but might be more possible only now that during a call a second card will be active.

  9. Tayyab says:

    Every body me tag mobile Samsung Galaxy s6 Korean 32 gb mobile 0503998327

  10. Intoxicated Soniya says:

    need this phone

  11. DR-Waleed Raslan says:

    note 2 as compare to Grand their own phone is good but not the phone has best camera like iPhone and battery timing is low

  12. Lewa Afanah says:

    3d touch impression is so cool and well pack inside the screen. Overall a good technology and step ahead to give iphone 6s an impressive upgrade

  13. Irfan Khan says:

    Samsung k zoom Saudi arabian riyal price

  14. Mair Abbas says:

    As, both of the versions of the iPad device among 4G LTE and Wifi Cellular rather awkwardly and alien seems best in white plastic insert required for normal cellular signal reception

  15. Sofiane Barca says:

    the new feature let us jump into different parts of the applications or view things without going to step by step

  16. Talha Alsood says:

    excellent features inside this phone.. so i love the better power saving mode of samsung.. also you can easily change now usb charger and Quad HD Display with more pixels make this phone a best yet monster

  17. Minza Khan says:

    I dont like the front camera it is not so much good. The quality I was expecting from it was not satisfied and I think Nexus has to think over it.

  18. Amr Moro says:

    well it is possible after the release of the mid range phone in between iphone 5s and iphone 6 the new iphone 5se we will see the prices of iphone 6 based models low down

  19. Mohammad Hussein says:

    it feels even more better and the removable battery is dropped but not is the biggest issue if there is 64gb or 12gb options

  20. Mohamed Hussain says:

    When will come in dubai or india? Pls tell me.