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  1. Islam Fares says:

    great ascned

  2. Abduol Ahmad says:

    which measures just 6.3mm in the a series and all the a series is thinner in the shape also it has nice handling than.

  3. Malek Mryan says:

    well that is a thing which has some of the great things as look at the device battery Non-removable Li-Ion 5700 mAh battery available in Black and White.

  4. Kyle Hu says:

    Although, in support of the amazing things happening RAM: 2.7 GB all applicable total, of which 4-5minutes later after turning as well get 2.1, and it also happens that remains only 300 megabytes of user required on the phone like this.

  5. Kameel says:

    simply.. tell me when this phone hit markets.. and how is this phone look like any leaked image or key feature instead of this phone body design

  6. Irshad says:

    Amazing phone this is the, fastest performance smartphone for me in dubai, i have bought and and gonna buy one again Samsung galaxy note 6

  7. Elwarda Elbada says:

    Koreans let us thing now gone beyond in this era as the design Samsung S6, taking all through the normal plastic cover that decorated prev models and lastly stepping into the global of metallic for its Smartphone

  8. Fahmey Hafez says:

    Leather skin added like the new lg phones that looks really nice then the other protected jelly back cover and book case

  9. Ayman Al Zebdeh says:

    actually they also knew that there is no matter with the size actually in the eye of their quality customers. Because of some reasons we see the phone is just got thinner but not change in the sizes of iphone 6 next s series

  10. Abdalrahman says:

    Finally, we know the release date of iOS 9. September 16 a new version of the operating system will be available to all owners of compatible devices.

  11. Mohammad Usama Nazir says:

    The battery should need much more power because with the heavy games and tasks it low down as like the previous 5.

  12. SouqMobi Admin says:

    Currently Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 to be announced.

  13. Jess says:

    Nice to see this sort of sell phone..

  14. Rezan Ahmad Ahmad says:

    all media support give to this phone; best right now you must have this phone Fantastic build quality, feels great in hands and even in pockets :)

  15. Sonu Avrin says:

    as compare to the last phone called samsung note 4 it is so hard to make xperia device comparable

  16. Hala Aljanabie says:

    I just want to know if i order this phone online so there would be any delivery charges, or you have included the charges all in the price which i have seen above...???

  17. Youssef says:

    hope it comes with needed features as compare to apple iPhone 6

  18. Asad Ahmed says:

    multi-tasking is a breeze with the tabs. However galaxy tab s2 is friendly for personalize use as Apple iPads. 5.6 mm dimension of the tablet

  19. Hassan Sy says:

    iOS device is always good and 3rd party applications are avaialble many that run more faster and perform well

  20. Jawad Badawi says:

    there is no cimparison if you want windows phone... like this