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Nokia is a popular brand as a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment for Mobile Phones, broadband and IP-based networks, the developer of the map service, former manufacturer of Windows Phones and mobile phones as well. Find out best match and cheap Nokia Dubai UAE Price of all products, Get most recent updated Nokia Mobile Price in UAE. Nokia Smartphone, Tablets and other products are sold in over 150 countries include Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. As well you can find at Souq Mobi latest Nokia Mobile Price in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar including wide range of touch screen Nokia Mobile Phones and accessories prices.

Nokia mobiles are one of the best selling mobile phone brands in the world especially in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and also Nokia is one of the most selling mobile phone brands all around the world because of the portability and quality. The New Nokia mobile phones like Nokia Lumia, Nokia Asha series are widely used in the Middle East countries like Dubai and Qatar and also these are widely used all over the world. There is a huge collection of Nokia cell phones which differs in variety and in pricing. Check out the prices and specifications of new Nokia cell phones which suits your comfort. Find all the best prices and rates of Nokia in UAE and other cities. All the Nokia cell phones are available along with the price rates and availability in the UAE. You can also compare different rates of different Nokia cell phones which are available in the UAE and also check the prices and compare between the specs and prices of Nokia cell phones. All the Original Nokia cell phones prices and availabilities in the UAE are listed so that you can check the ones that suits you.

If we talk about the most strongest mobile or the most older mobile phone brand in the market all of us say in one go that it is Nokia, because we all know that Nokia produce the toughest mobile phones and it is producing mobiles phones in the market for so long and it used to be the market king of Mobile phone in the world once. Nokia started making mobile phones and sell it in the world by its platform. Nokia also had also produce the first windows phone with the co-operation with Microsoft today’s the most famous OS producer in the world.
For couple of years Nokia judge the market and started making the Smartphone which provide the multiple solutions to the user and user love to use Smartphone because they are fast good to do work on it and you can also play your favorite game on it. Nokia again joins hands with the Microsoft to produce the windows phone that are unique in the market while the others are making the Smartphone while using the Google Android. Nokia can use the Google Android , but it decided to produce the unique technology Smartphone and it can only be done with the Android and Microsoft also want to be in the Smartphone market and when they both join hands together they started making the windows phone which covers a big share in the market. Nokia Price in Egypt you can check along with the Mobile price comparison on our website.

Price  AED 305

Price  AED 429

Price  AED 429

Price  AED 429

Price  AED 219

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  1. Sajid Ali Prasla says:

    Nokia is a quality product provider and they always maintain the product list they have and that’s why they are famous in the market.

  2. Stephen says:

    where can i buy this phone here in qatar

  3. Anuj Yadav says:

    nokia xl good look and sccess phone

  4. Faheem John says:

    Can you please specify the right like of these products

  5. Nader Shmsh says:

    IPhone 6 which can support 50 hours of audio playback, 11 hours of wireless browsing, 10 hours and 14 hours web browsing 4G 3G calls.

  6. Zain Ramadeen says:

    I using this phone and whenever you take snaps it is even more easier and performance of flashlight is great very close to natural colors and finger not got any difficulties while taking snaps.

  7. Rami Alkarrat says:

    I have to say that I personally among the mid size and compactness all the time chose the latter, but to the iPhone 6 adapted quickly to his own surprise

  8. Mhmd Daiob says:

    And the information if found that S5 by now has outstanding battery life and the expectation with the modest model that may dig up among a small battery so that is bad now.

  9. Abdelrhman Amara says:

    Specifically spent time and checked on a fully working sample sensitivity compared to commercial S5, it is at the same level or even slightly better.

  10. Shivam Jaat says:

    Samsung's smartphones and tablets with AMOLED-display offers the opportunity to choose from different profiles.

  11. Simo Pigeon says:

    Exynos processor that is even more faster in performance as compare to their own mobile phone using different chispet

  12. Falah Hassan says:

    All the new experiments starts when they first introduced the round Galaxy phone little pretty look of the phone but not as curved as the g flex.

  13. Faiz Ali Shah says:

    the dual shot camera would be taking images like a digital camera you are using.

  14. Afzal Ahmad says:

    smartphone built in nfc chipset, iphoen 6 id good users can now make also paymnets with smartphone... consume in the uae subway

  15. Osman Maftoom says:

    which mobile phone is batters, Apple Iphone 5 32gb Black or 64gb, price is almost same, i want to buy 64 gb.

  16. Reemon Sy says:

    Is the Xperia Z4 got NFC payment system

  17. Jabir says:

    Blackberry Q10 is batter then against Blackberry Q5 and Z10, its works very smooth.

  18. Jwala Syed says:

    sony is rumored but yes this is very good looking phone. high end Smartphone unveil with pattern and i really like the sony flagships

  19. Marwan Al Dajah says:

    brightness of the white areas in the perpendicular direction in both tablet about the same

  20. Esraa Maher says:

    It is not the most economical one it is an expensive one, and the UI is not as clean as the Note 4 interface is


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Huawei P8 Gold 16GB LTE
Price in Dubai AED 1699
LG G3S White 8 GB LTE
Price in Dubai AED 998
LG G3S Gold 8 GB LTE
Price in Dubai AED 848
LG G3S Black 8 GB LTE
Price in Dubai AED 848
LG G3S Silver 8 GB 3G
Price in Dubai AED 599
LG G3S White 8 GB 3G
Price in Dubai AED 599