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  1. Masood Falcon says:

    the smartphone has another dual sim version or just available in one version... what is it single sim or more

  2. Fahmo Ibrahim says:

    speaker has been reduced in the galaxy j1 phones whereas we will see in future many new j models to be come with nice experience

  3. Hamza says:

    Appearance - all genius is simple and does not look cheap in the hand is fine skin of this phone really looks oh-oh-oh, very expensive From a comparison with the previous phone

  4. Maher Aburumman says:

    as we knew that the enhanced model got a great 3d touch panel; it will be a nice deal than.

  5. May Skalvik Radakir says:

    Ultra HD display yes this phone is but many of the external included features need little improvements and the notifications will come if with the sound notifier it helps more

  6. Umaima says:

    samsung galaxy note 7 is about to arrive but i am still using, its features are enough for for now, it is such an stunning phone.

  7. Cioar Hammou says:

    Make a good impact and a lot of great things I find out; updates and trimming many things. Annoyingly user of the phone cannot arrange or customise which stats are revealed so you might have to swipe your way concluded the screens either you need more than one stat.

  8. Noor Ali says:

    Oooohhhhh, shiny! And other than that it is larg and offering really high screen resolution so the best option+E22427

  9. La Amamra says:

    As making comparison the chipset use in the new come iPhones and iPAd the A8x is a unique and in many ways is the best.. run 1.4GHz to a certain extent than 1.4GHZ now with more power

  10. Rohan H Bheke says:

    i like i7

  11. Ahmed says:

    retina display on it?

  12. Alsaddig Esea Elninee says:

    i want this to buy in contract so where can i buy note 5 in gold 128GB LTE contract in dubai

  13. Hasham says:

    hardwares of this phone is powerful.. very good looking in black edition... but if bb increase ram i thin it will be more good in performance

  14. Alaa Orabi says:

    it is the so amazing phone with the lot of things inside it

  15. Mohamed Milad Albriki says:

    Apple understands this and therefore the team Air iPad 2 a sensor 8 Megapixels

  16. Amr Gomaiy says:

    there is nice grip in hands giving the back panel a cleaner overall look and also there is enough room may be after the use of lightening technology to the connectivity to give iphone next gen more battery capacity

  17. Anjali says:

    With the iPad Air 2, Apple has.. So In fact, the reflections are less visible, With a resolution of 2048 1536,

  18. Bakri Omar says:

    Enjoy the 6 or 6 plus but hang on! for those who are saying bad to those smartphone. Be ready becasuse the iphone 7 will going to show you soo much whch you have only think of.

  19. Umut Saglam says:

    3D Touch and better speed of the iphones with the new chipsets. Apple Pay isn't live in the UK at first and also in some of the region such features are not live as they need it to be.

  20. Hesham Alhdad says:

    if the cost less than the galaxy phones it may reaches they high ranks than