Find Nokia Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Umar Butt says:

    Good to see that LG is doing some really good work in the market and providing some reallt very good stuff.

  2. Mohamed Khalf says:

    is the phone is water proof?

  3. Tayyab Gujjar says:

    The battery of this Smartphone is really not good enough to bear a load of a single HD movie or might my smartphone is making problem.

  4. Bryan says:

    This phone power by intel atom quadcore & 4gb ram, i cant wait

  5. Seyhmus says:

    is really a big one in size.. really like this kind of LG devices but why not any compact size personal phones

  6. Medo says:

    Yes, few times, still people who are not nearly tracking the market era of Smartphone especially phablet. Previews and reviews on entire big platforms include iOS and Android by Apple and Google, as well as heated discussions

  7. Mohamed Mando says:

    2300mAh battery on this phone or the other one has this.. I am puzzle

  8. Mah Sb says:

    double nano SIM card on this phone?

  9. Nayad says:

    available now in markets?? release date or launch day if any

  10. Meshal Abdullah says:

    how can i boost download speed well the option work fine or it drain too much battery?

  11. Adel Hassunen says:

    Who needs this information is not clear. But if it is added to virtually "free", then why not?

  12. Mostafa Abobakr says:

    wi-Fi here is also worth the most advanced to date - the device operates at both frequencies (and the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) without any complaints.

  13. Yoosuc says:

    I am witing for iphone7 When lomging Dubai [email protected]

  14. Zaher Hasballa says:

    We have for you have two news, and start with the good.

  15. Noman says:

    my so many friends are admiring Samsung galaxy note 6, which brought me here to see its details and specifications, i am gonna order one to look up its performance.

  16. Mohammaed Ibrahem says:

    I am in waiting for this flexible one to be come in jan and I get my hands on flex2

  17. Osama Amar says:

    326 ppi well the 488ppi is enough if they going to maximize the size little bit more

  18. Amine Benziane says:

    google has settled on an high screen resolution and the display features for there every new device. while the QHD has its own display quality and best match up of the pixels and the sharpness for google huawei nexus 6p

  19. Jack Hani says:

    for the time when this phone is come i say that sony is best as compare to iphone 5s like phones.. xperia z2 now is not my favorite because now iphone 6 is come in market and it is very very best phone

  20. Yaser Kobane says:

    it is an extra ordinary phone with some of the great things on it specially impressive camera and available to pre orders