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Find Nokia Mobile Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Nokia is a popular brand as a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment for Mobile Phones, broadband and IP-based networks, the developer of the map service, former manufacturer of Windows Phones and mobile phones as well. Find out best match and cheap Nokia Dubai UAE Price of all products, Get most recent updated Nokia Mobile Price in UAE. Nokia Smartphone, Tablets and other products are sold in over 150 countries include Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. As well you can find at Souq Mobi latest Nokia Mobile Price in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar including wide range of touch screen Nokia Mobile Phones and accessories prices.

Nokia mobiles are one of the best selling mobile phone brands in the world especially in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and also Nokia is one of the most selling mobile phone brands all around the world because of the portability and quality. The New Nokia mobile phones like Nokia Lumia, Nokia Asha series are widely used in the Middle East countries like Dubai and Qatar and also these are widely used all over the world. There is a huge collection of Nokia cell phones which differs in variety and in pricing. Check out the prices and specifications of new Nokia cell phones which suites your comfort. Find all the best prices and rates of Nokia in UAE and other cities. All the Nokia cell phones are available along with the price rates and availabilities in the UAE. You can also compare different rates of different Nokia cell phones which are available in UAE and also check the prices and compare between the specs and prices of Nokia cell phones. All the Original Nokia cell phones prices and availabilities in the UAE are listed so that you can check the ones that suites you.

Price  AED 529

Price  AED 1499

Price  AED 999

Price  AED 1718

Price  AED 439

Price  AED 625

Price  AED 519

Price  AED 1098

AED 599

AED 1149

AED 587


  AED 579

AED 498

AED 456

AED 370


  AED 349

AED 859

AED 390

AED 219


  AED 223

AED 223

AED 223

AED 192


  AED 190

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