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  1. Saadi Hadad says:

    Everyone is so much busy in typing comments on the iphone 6 i think it is now the past. You should think about the present and iphone 7 is best for you to think.

  2. Samith Tharaka says:

    you are right my dear the camera is also best to make video and if you have one so I think you have found out that its quality is so much fine and accoding to the specs written on the descrption its camera is so much of high quality

  3. Zeeshan says:

    I haven't looked anywhere in UAE.

  4. Rami Souleman says:

    dual phone prices are still high please suggest any alternative model

  5. Suliman Lawend says:

    battery durability of the device is not increase much as my expectations are just the same as the basic model and even the iPhone 6s plus has same as 6 plus

  6. Salahuddin Mohammed Khaja says:

    The S6 determination goes after last years handset and exists on show at MWC 2015 that is about sure.

  7. Ahmad Akil says:

    but why still the 32/64 GB internal storage why note 12GB option included. also the phablet got 5MP front camera and the other side HTC on top with the selfie camera phones 8MP and then 13MP

  8. Yousef Joukhdar says:

    Within two weeks of using a Apple Big Smartphone, I do not really able to "collect" to cover any scratches.

  9. Mohmed Mousa says:

    return of the smarter and smaller devices once again now and google set a true example to give best value for your money and is a fantastic upgrade after the last one

  10. Yassin M Farag says:

    prices of x style phone tell me

  11. Hanafi Fauzi says:

    There are hard looks, but not directly obvious. When you advert them they're terrible to unsee, though you do essential and required to aspect carefully to get the change from metal to plastic.

  12. Hlal Aftab says:

    So it is very thin and also 1.4 mm as compare to the original air to create the air 2 the just 6.1mm in thickness. It can be say that after Sony this tablet is the thinnest one that I know.

  13. Saame Alhjaya says:

    all features that peoples required in smart phone are include on this phone... like always note series

  14. Kamildija Bahrim says:

    no more bend also there is identical front facing camera now; display assembly may be same as before little bit enhancment

  15. Avinash Gupta says:

    Nokia is just trying to be in the market and lauching stupid things like N1, they were going perfectly good with microsoft.

  16. Aaj Jamo says:

    The so nice applications as my favorite one is the gear navigator that is working so fine, easily connected and setting is just similar as the Smartphone setting

  17. Dularchan Thakur says:

    where can I find this lumia 830 mobile in qatar

  18. Ivan Ahmed says:

    well possiblly I wondering else with the phone to be include same abilities as huawei mate s packs the new force technology which I think is the best if included with the marshmallow update on huawei nexus 6p phone

  19. Abomahmoud Qarahasan says:

    next super-thin but will cost so expensive because of such high satisfied things inside

  20. Fazli Al-Hashimi says:

    Apple Watch - lovely time peace and not just neat clock that exceeded all our expectations! None of the fan concept which is full of the Internet not hit the mark.