Find Nexus Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hafid Dardar says:

    Fantastic display and also for those who like big smartphones are the best yet option. S Pen still questionable is say that because s stylus is not yet fully tested in each task by me

  2. Zuleikh Suleiman says:

    with good techs this phone is become one of my fav htc phones. i suggest u all to definitely try this phone

  3. Mohmd Hesham says:

    no there is some issues remain same with the stylus and it is not easier to use it just all the time pickup the spen and what you need it not perform accurate and actual drawing is still not possible

  4. Ibrahim Ch says:

    Tinny speaker and the sound of their device is not much good

  5. Mohmed Motawa says:

    Apple too Good because Android smartphones have already mastered and 2, and 3 GB of RAM

  6. Taimoor says:


  7. Abdo Hamed says:

    laptop can stay up to two weeks without recharging... i not sure how long is surface pros... ". If the battery level falls below 5%, you will automatically save all open files to prevent data loss.. thats another issue is found in previous model

  8. Faizal says:

    Pls call 055 8001561

  9. Fawaz Alawaa says:

    favors to those who like the phablet devices. Currently this phone become the leader in the series; such a nice GIANT differences after year comes

  10. Raja says:

    handling this kind of phone is much more comfortable as compare to its own Note series that is not pretty to handle with single hand

  11. Renjith says:

    Pls release d phn

  12. Adam Almnaseer says:

    it is a very heavy in weight, not slim and thick as ipad air and ipad 2 ...

  13. Sarwat Adeel says:

    The front camera is not realistic it is just a normal camera. The rest of the device is perfect and perform quite well and show me that it belongs to apple.

  14. Amedi Wan says:

    kindly give me the red version details i am in searching of this model of the Oneplus Two

  15. Mohamed Hassan says:

    What this worth is that for clients who bought an Apple Smartphone final quarter and substituted a device, 30 percent of those changed from an Android Smartphone

  16. Chouaib Chouaib says:

    the phone is best in deliver expand range of fastest performance. and prices should be cheap because there is more good phones with low price tag are coming like moto maxx and other oppo phones

  17. Kwla Omar says:

    for long time.. nokia not release any other big phone like lumi 1020... but ok with these kind of little stuffs

  18. Al Sairafi says:

    5S seems to be one of the greatest phones offering nice handling and somewhat inspiring even though, coming with the low, lighter weight of 112g and dimensions is bit thicker.

  19. Aysar Salim Karash says:

    few of the colors are limited from countries and I not found in Dubai black gold color of note5

  20. Vipinan says:

    Where we can get oppo find 7 mobile phone in qatar , please provide us the contact details and contact numbers urgently. awaiting your return response. Regards/vipinan Nair