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  1. Abdullah Aden says:

    for music play and playing games.. i find lumia phone best... because battery capacirty and screen size and graphics all are very cool

  2. Kenan Lors says:

    a bit designs which Z to Z5 got may be useful for their next device if they use the same metallic look on the back side of the device and make galaxy devices less bezel

  3. Ahmed Amin says:

    what apple is going to do next; a risky line Samsung is actually dealing with because after 3d touch given to their phones there is a lot of new ways to add functionalities we can see never ever in any phone

  4. Khairi Alwerfalli says:

    The design is really very amazing and it the best part in this smartphone. You would be loving the design of this particular smartphone.

  5. Muhyedin Hourani says:

    alongside with the support of the latest Cyanogen Operating System 12 for the OnePlus One there is something more included and i not found the most best part of it

  6. King Hussain says:

    The most latest mobile Android OS that is simple and more pleasant to use, optimized to work among a different device that never ceases to amaze.

  7. Mustafa Hadi says:

    and best most of its Android rival to their own phones time after time come with the new updates. its curvy screen remain same but may be more options included to the additional screen.

  8. Syed Abdul Hafeez says:

    when it will launch in India, is it different specs for India same like Zenfone 6 ???

  9. Mona Mohamed says:

    by means of the device initiate gifted of pounding top rivals, as well as DSLR cameras, in presentation tests.

  10. Nasma Alaby says:

    No other can comparable with such high life battery and fantastic stunning camera sensor.. thanks to Samsung using OIS instead of Digital image stabilization

  11. Ragha says:

    lumia 930 as compare to experia phone which is the best one???

  12. Abdulrahman Kilani says:

    they come wiht the minimum 32gb storage and big changes for this year can be seen in iphone 7

  13. Faisal Khaled says:

    wow find some news about the lg g5 extra screen like the lg v10 .. secondary display, Magic Slot and lot more we can see in the next coming model or may be another variant we seen in future lg g series

  14. Amarjot Kaur says:

    nice features and also the sound is very clear and in next gen ipods there is more unique sound and more instant performance

  15. Shaban Nasra says:

    may be limited to the 5.5-inch model and not extended at the larger screens more because there is not even a need of that. They must include more sharper display and effective colors on their iphones

  16. Wawan Abdillah says:

    if there is no issue with the battery it might be the most greatest Samsung ever made device

  17. Abdul Qadir says:

    i check a review of HTC 400 Dubal SIM and i seen that processor is Quad Core... and here it is Dual Core... so tell me

  18. Yaakoub Sellami says:

    In general, the technical characteristics smartphone admirable and is one of the most powerful phones of today.

  19. Amine Jaoui says:

    more drain on battery, and there are very nice handling of the htc smartphone vary on the nice palm material they use and good smooth edges. high resolution and now there is need to extend the capacity of the htc m10 and all new gen phones which got large size as well means more room to adjust high capacity batteries

  20. Enas Alamaireh says:

    this time the Phone looks alike LG G3