Find N666 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Berivan Mahadeen says:

    The front facing camera of their phone is great as we seen before and now is said to be of the 5MP UltraPixel quality lens and will be recall technology with samsung

  2. Su Raj Nishad says:

    There is lot more comfort I got while wearing this expensive writs watch. It is expensive but I like it a lot because it provide me the comfort I was looking for.

  3. Hind Khalil says:

    curved Edge phones and second screen is bit look apart of the device so no worry about the new experiment over screen

  4. Erika Al-Bunyan says:

    how much is its battery ability and how much it is durable in power saving mode...???

  5. Aussama Youssef says:

    it is for those who not afford expensive phones and as we look on cheap phones than it is might be a good one in such prices

  6. Mhamd Alngm says:

    Resolution at 1st view extremely strange, does not match any of the formats HD

  7. Sohail says:

    5.5 inches screen size is good but not a slim phone heavy.. i test its performance just ok phone .. there are some camera new applications that best work on this phone

  8. Ahmad Naser says:

    As all excellent camera 5+ also at s5 their is nice improvement but not with the dim light capabilities.

  9. Ibrahim Reda says:

    so in spite of display and screen size of the phone a good choice as prices of xperia z3 come to low

  10. Jaffer Dasthagir says:

    is os of the moto e phone is upgradable to next latest os? and if it is good to upgrade my operating system because phone not have muhc rich specification..

  11. Korkut Yildirim says:

    knows it could sell an iPhone with 3 days of battery life if you maintain a thickness of Iphone 5 or 5S and size 4.7inches

  12. Mohamed Allafi says:

    how can I check with imei that what region my phone is manufacture please tell me codes of different countries

  13. Taha Kadom says:

    Moreover, they have also confirmed that the phone will run on latest version of android that is Android Lillipop

  14. Anwer Abo says:

    Cold artificial stainless steel that invent for strength and give more beauty to this amazing apple watch

  15. Fatimah Hj Ab Rashid says:

    yes you are right the camera and battery and also the display is same in the new note launch in august 2015.

  16. Ayesha Mehmood says:

    pre orders for this phone is available. This huge phone is so awesome looking and offering bundle of new features with thye marshmallow

  17. Warvin Mehar says:

    There are also some possibilities to get the Samsung note 5 Stylus Pen trapped just inside the frame of the smartphone as I face this issue and possible you might broke something inside.

  18. Kenda Albakour says:

    this phone also got smarter charging that is capable to be charged in 10mins for 4 hours usage

  19. Yahya Ali says:

    you are saying right because the first impression any fresh phone give to consumer is how it looks. And it is most important thing to give it more size and screen bezel less to give good experience to their users and grab attention

  20. Sonu Aulakh says:

    Oppo r9 plus price and Mara keo chaia mobile