Find Motorola Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohamad Korg says:

    Touch to focus, Manual focus, and other camera features are excluded by Microsoft

  2. Rayan says:

    The biggest difference is in the unlocked mode, Knock Code is LG is a major killer feature, which is translatable with"tapping decoding

  3. Malek Mryan says:

    well that is a thing which has some of the great things as look at the device battery Non-removable Li-Ion 5700 mAh battery available in Black and White.

  4. Ramiz Raz says:

    8 MP secondary camera?? am i correct wow

  5. Nishad says:

    bad specs comparing to the galaxy smartphones ...

  6. Neven Ashraf says:

    they gonna make some high fi changes and modifications to the design of there best phone while aluminium frame is just another nice thing

  7. Mohamed Medo says:

    Projest Zero is now over i think they have start working on the project minus Zero hahahaaha

  8. Aqsa Saeed says:

    Nice design and better performance. It has a fastest processor and it will let you have the best time so that you can enjoy more with your smartphone.

  9. Vasken Kevourk Boggoss says:

    it turns out the original futuristic gadget well after the last Edge and the first one they not has confidence with the new one

  10. Mahmoud Tito says:

    Google brings in their latest operating system over various Android applications and lot of elements you will be familiar with straight away, as well as the Google Search bar

  11. Rania says:

    huge Number of applications for all occasions. Provided free of charge! IWork and good packages when the device is activated.

  12. Naadey Nassr says:

    There still leftovers the alternative of standing in line at an Apple Store to buy it online according to specific regins so why other stores specific iPhone model on launch day but will be delivel at different time

  13. SaLah M Shawishy says:

    daylight result of the phone is actually alike samsung s5 but because of different display technology iphone looks petty

  14. Tarek says:

    apple give this watch not just stainless steel also include more inside with aluminum 18k gold

  15. Delgan Haider says:

    4k Video capture now on the samsung phones and 3,000mAh battery capacity seems to be a good option given to the new devices so far

  16. Nasym Alwrd says:

    I am in waiting for the next 6s to get my hands on it and the OIS and HDR plus mode is more modified so no say that Apple not work on the camera of the device actually it is good and even better than many phones like s5 galaxy

  17. Babar says:

    thumbs up for asus now.. what a good phone and prices set for this phone is really interesting Battery life not great ... but Decent camera for the price and best value for money

  18. Elie Nanaa says:

    the tablet will be launch this month may be after 16 june 2015

  19. Doaa Atiah says:

    Nokia is presentation off the Android tablet N1 at its stand at the MWC 2015, at present beneath way in Barcelona.

  20. Rasol Jamal says:

    moto x may replace your iphone 5s but it is not a much premium and give you good feeling in hands as Apple is capable of