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  1. Oday Khatatneh says:

    on the 21st March 2016 and may be we will see the curved edges & Live Photos on their phones..

  2. Nijil says:

    keep on waiting..

  3. Congratulation Al-Shukaili says:

    The general background of the nexus phone as like previous with LG they get lost. Location incredible they have a great but the keys are gets smaller and operates them roughly now.

  4. UM Amer says:

    With the 8 gen of iPhone, Americanís Smartphone for the very 1st time, development has hesitated screen. It looks alike that there was no more high-quality but to keep growing there business

  5. Adong Sangtam says:

    The watch is amaizng and you can receive calls.. Amazing. The desig is liveily and you would be feeling so good as it is smartwatch design for stylish people.

  6. Berzan Bashir says:

    Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel which is same thing to be used in Nexus6p and same like design of HTC A9,iPhone 6s - TouchWiz UI is so nice

  7. Mamon Al Refaei says:

    A7, A6 and A5 respectively opted for a more conservative way in choice of sizes SoC but low specifications as compare to note 4 which is the leading in class of its time

  8. Waleed Almuntasir says:

    Safety glass Halo Back when pressed in the lower left corner simulates the pressing of the upper left corner of the screen, just where the majority of applications and standard iOS interface is a reset button.

  9. Ashraf Ali says:

    as compare to g2 and note 3 this phone is not good... but battery capacity is much better and good for gaming phone as well... i like htc phones

  10. Tamer H. Mohammed says:

    can get a glimpse and in future for the bigger devcies will be more ram required because of gaming i think and multitasking

  11. Elias Haddad says:

    shooting modes of the camera need to improve there is low camera fetures

  12. Abdulsalam B. Amerol says:

    Battery capacity is even more excessive, just succeeded to run out by more long time, watching youtube (over wifi) is fast and nice streaming and playing a some really intensive games are awesome.

  13. Linda N Ahmad says:

    But as I found this one it is yet capable to offering some best because superior powerful battery and you can charge it even more quickly with the wireless charging but at rest when you perceive

  14. Abdul Saood says:

    This will be the most amazing Apple phone ever! might be more costly ..... i check some reviews for this phone.. and some people saying that this phone called iphone air so is it true or not???

  15. Khalith Athy says:

    Hearing from the Rumors that the ram of this particular Smartphone is not workng well enough to provide the fastest speed.

  16. Ali Fathe says:

    so there are no of options with the note 4 . Nice Vivid Colors and internal storage 16GB is best for me will not cut it for heavy app users.

  17. Mouhamed Tolba says:

    Camera application works quickly, and looks more cute. From the main screen it is possible to quickly enable or disable HDR

  18. Farouq Abdan says:

    Xiaomi's MIUI is quite well optimized, and I didnot meet any sluggishness with the handset like I did with the Honor 3X.

  19. Michael says:

    I need nokia 2300 am in abu dhabi

  20. Mohamed Hikal says:

    this phone really promising me many of things that I am not actually thinking of. SE is about as future proof and yes it means a lot for those who are in need of small mini versions iphone but why not they are using force 3d technology than?