Find Motorola Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ehab Mohmmad Al Hallaq says:

    In this regard, Lenovo fellows, and took the case to the imagination - a box, which came Vibe X2, exactly matches the design of the gadget.

  2. Ali Fathe says:

    so there are no of options with the note 4 . Nice Vivid Colors and internal storage 16GB is best for me will not cut it for heavy app users.

  3. Maz-har Ara-in says:

    in the list of my top Smartphones this phone is on top

  4. Zouaghi Najd says:

    What u think about china version or any replica phone for this iPhone 6?

  5. Ahmed Oveid says:

    this phone become my fav. as it go on sale i am there to buy it. i check out many reviews of this phone and i found nexus 6 a powerful, big, premium phone

  6. Bhatti says:

    what about the OIS camera of the blackberry; what feature make it different from the 8MP iphone 6 camer tell me please

  7. Precious Diamond says:

    which kind of games best play on note 4??

  8. Sobhe Hafar says:

    it is just a bulky phone I really not like the design of the phone as the edges are not well design and not this phone looks smooth

  9. Sawsan Al Madani says:

    This amazing Smartphone really lead and set ahead to nexus and iPhone. And with the use of the S Pen this phone become more suitable, and yes the battery has ability to be charge even more rapidly.

  10. Zaman Khan says:

    it is expected that screen keep at 4.7 inches and Phablet size will be same 5.5 inches, with more screen high resolution the similar as existing models 7s will be come

  11. Eman Noaman says:

    16gb version iphone se has pleasant prices but commonly does not the required phone storage for professional users.

  12. Lobna Ahmed says:

    like everything in life, to taste the such colors but still lack of such speakers as other has. quality of all connectivity sections on the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus both discussed many times phablet size

  13. Etaan Hamdan says:

    Color reproduction of the display, we basically satisfied, the temperature 6550K

  14. Waseem Alani says:

    much better one is Sony Xperia M

  15. Alkhazrje says:

    On the back side of the box, you can see whether you sold that phone that you ordered.

  16. Ismail Faisel says:

    historically they are expanding their screen sizes and infact in the S series we saw every new phone comes up with a big screen. Now battery replaced, they are reducing their sizes and make phones as compact as possible

  17. Hemn Jaf says:

    is this phone is coming this month because I heard lot more about the iphone 7 as well that they launching it so soon

  18. Mahamat Ali Fadoul says:

    It is too essential to make a note of that one Live Photo is concerning two times the full size as a usual photo.

  19. Eshak says:

    waiting for this phone, great phone but its features is very critical looks good but ram is not good

  20. Ahmed Elkholy says:

    modular design with a lot of new capabilities on it. Could be face some problems as market is not fully capable to accept all accessories all over the world they are offering in this mobile phone