Find Motorola Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Roni Khan says:

    there are no of the many key features that not mention in advertisement of the phone. see how much good is the screen resolution of the blackberry passport at 1440 x 1440 pixels. i think this is the unique ever with this kind of QWERTY Smartphone. also the Quad cor chipset inside and 330 gpu is not some thing more attractive but it enhance the performance of the phone with 3GB of RAM. See iphone 6 how much ram this phone has. i love Blackberry

  2. Zuairi says:

    g pad 8 upgrade on LTE feauture, can not wait to test its

  3. Laith Almalake says:

    have quality photos with the OIS and many of the speacial features amazing working fast. hopefully in the near future they again give us something special

  4. Ferdz Binuya says:

    The battery is not quite big enough but I like it a lot..Sony is one of the pioneer smartphone making company who come up with a dust proof and water resistance technology

  5. Ahmed Awad says:

    epic phone

  6. Souad Joueidi says:

    edges are all time best make it to look more elegant... however BSI Front Camera that is 8mega pixel is the best feature include in p7

  7. Mhdii Maroc says:

    Korean just start to pump out so better and elegant looking Smartphone but of course other than that design has some work still required

  8. Mahmoud Mehdawi says:

    Aluminum frame agreeably cool the hand, except refined edge is not much great to hit keen on the skin.

  9. Hassankirki says:

    waiting for iphone 7

  10. Raad Altamimy says:

    It is chance the corporation come into view to be momentary on still as it prepared for the free of its new Smartphones.

  11. Paul Michael Joules Salise says:

    Guys, It's right here for $296.00

  12. Sarwar Khadhar says:

    As alike the iPhone 6s and the Plus size phone, The similar kind of unique buil with noticeable antenna bands, software is same and is now updated to new iOS, rounded edges same as iphone 6, and a curved glass protection

  13. Jehan Al Sulayman says:

    Metal casing so as the predecessor model has the same but not there is such specs list they are offering according to some rumors expected to got a9 chipset and live photo support as well on the apple iphone 5e or may be comes up with m9 coprocessor

  14. Angeal Namerah Akbar Khan says:

    Love the design but the prices are way too high for waths offered.....

  15. Faisal says:

    does not allow users to access full the SD Cards? or this feature is also enable for this phone... i really need to get access card..i stop buying iphones because of this.

  16. Ali Kirkuk says:

    it is a rival for other high end big size phablets and the best one agains Apple devices

  17. Burk Cheema says:

    Both the devices squared off in a latest dropped test 6 and 6 plus and also as compete to latest other with the same material made phone galaxy s6 it is pretty similar results.

  18. Kamal Bayrkdar says:

    I found some of the coolest backgrounds well they are looking really awesome and seems to be brighter enough to drain battery life

  19. Ahmed Ahdab says:

    looks to be the most high end device by them with the 4,000mAh and removable options also the sleekest design of the phone got. galaxy a9 will retail for economical cost than will be my next phone definately

  20. Najwa Alaani says:

    but i like its battery life... hope come with a cheap prices