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  1. Saravan says:


  2. Omar Salah says:

    It is a fine argument that lot of the users might quite have somewhat more thicker Smartphone in swap for improved battery life although this is a good thing for gaming

  3. Izhar Ali says:

    please tell me is note edge support level IP67 dust and water features, six represent the highest level of dust can completely prevent dust from entering???

  4. Amira Mohamed says:

    nice quad core smartphone.. what i like more is its stainless steel frame.. and elegant technology use to design this phone.. to make it slim and easy to hold on

  5. Hamdany says:

    what is the galaxy s5 zoom battery life????

  6. AccRami Alsamamah says:

    Xperia Z is constructed using high quality materials and for the first time presents a new design concept

  7. A Rahman Shuvo says:

    this phone or one plus two android phablets are very nice as compare to windows and apple

  8. Pramod Mohan says:

    I need to buy this gionee p2s mobile How can i get this kindly please advise me

  9. Bilal Abdul Wadood Ahmed says:

    The camera of this Smartphone is of 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels along with an LED flash which is quite good.

  10. Alsaleem says:

    i look much alike iphone...

  11. Seif Masry says:

    image stabilization technology and also the camera offering now 4K video recording.. samsung give surety that phone also not heat up while making video with 4K

  12. Sanaullah Khan says:

    The smartphone has good specs but it get heated so much as you play and do any thing.

  13. Naveed says:

    inch screen integrated original unique advantage to upgrade directly to the 2K level,

  14. Rayan Alsayed says:

    The battery maintains the whole day, if not enough to use for more than one day in the phablet like the xiaomi redmi note 2

  15. Malek Smodrichn says:

    Edge panel is a welcome piece at the begining but after the launch still not makes its way to give something beyond the imaginations of the users of the galaxy devices. the new launch of samsung s6 brings alot of high end features for us

  16. Ramzi Kasasbeh says:

    Apple make stronger smartphones which is good not just in providing the best functionality but in providing the best material which is used in making these devices.

  17. Karam H. Sadeq says:

    2,540mAh battery just like

  18. Moammar Malaco Acmad says:

    follows some of the features, such as ultra-narrow frame and rear keys which is not like the samsung and any other phone

  19. Surendr Kumar says:

    I like the edges and the screen crystal clear view. I really like and appricate the work which samsung has done in this smartphone especially at the screen side which covers the 90 percent of the area.

  20. Mostafa Bebo says:

    change your standard of living with Apple; enhanced battery, Camera with more new features either the smaller lense, but i love typing with my iPhone