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  1. Esraa Aljroshe says:

    Intex is going superb in the markets of India. a good brand

  2. Faattah Saleh says:

    optimize the battery on iphone 6 is something you not need to worry about because its software is already capable to do so.

  3. Oguz Gul says:

    so what is the killer feature they are offering to amazed us in samsung note 6 line up: where as I know more phones like note 6 edge, note 6 plus and may be active line up is on the way alongside with this phablet in 2016

  4. Jorge Luis Morales Rivera says:

    the p series and after that new mate

  5. Mubeen Jehangir Kodvavi says:

    Apple watch Gold is very expensive and I like to have one just because I like to have expensive things. Apple is expensive thatís why it has a quality not like samsung lower quality and limited optins.

  6. Hamed Tijani says:

    is this phone includes multi window features ??? if include it will be more impressive window phone

  7. Burcu Fakyugillerden says:

    5.5-inch is the size for the iPhone 7 Plus which is same sie as compare to the last edition may be not got the forcing technology as we seen in past phones. like the samsung edge series may be we seen another variant called iphone 7 edge on markets in 2016

  8. Mohamed AL-Zabti says:

    in silver color it looks little bit more prettier and shinny phone

  9. Brayan Assili says:

    many people going to buy this phone because it is the thinnest phone and looks impressive in hands with attractive display but because of too much thin body their is some cons

  10. Asma Lynda says:

    look on the latest rumors iSight cameras that is improved and not like same as iphone 6 plus; for all carriers phone performance with the camera should be same as before

  11. Khaled Eddhabi says:

    equipped with a landscaping feature no shutter button control and new instant in camera feature that allows users to capture photographs and selfies at best result

  12. Alperen Saglam says:

    iPhone running the new iOS 9.3 software may be can got such options which we seen in iphone 6s

  13. Abdullah Alawame says:

    I note that there iPhone 6s Plus and the function of recording in 4K resolution. It is good that there is no 4k on the galaxy s7 because it is something unwanted and drain battery really faster

  14. Alaa Ali says:

    All buttons and mute switch continues to issue clear "click" when pressed

  15. Copra Mohamed says:

    The quality of the screen display beyond praise. Display resolution iPhone 6 is 1334h750 (density of 326 pixels per inch).

  16. Apop Ali says:

    Just note down that if you purchase these kind of a Chinese models of the smartphone, you might see a complete two different boxes with the accessories and more.

  17. Rbah Tafa says:

    5.5 inches smartphones offering more life and hours than this phone even the resolution is improved in the new phablets like mate 7 come year before and offering same kind of body

  18. Nadeem says:

    But the reverse side of the small-capacity battery - quick charge. but yes OLED-displays are simply unbeatable.

  19. Riaz Shamim says:

    Sony has a new product : It's a gap, and I want , between smartphone and tablet , while opening up to other s display. At long last, you can stand in direct competition with the flagship of the Sony smartphone like new xperia z3

  20. Mhran H Mhran says:

    The Smartphone is really very good but the thing which is letting it down is its samll battery and stuff. I think Apple should think over it that they have to provide the best stuff with in the best price.