Find Microsoft Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Thapan Anas says:

    wow now Apple become a copywriter and start making big phones with similar specs as samsung, lg

  2. Jasim Memood says:

    When will available BlackBerry Porsche Design P 9982 in UAE market?

  3. Nawaz says:

    Hi how can I purchase

  4. Hardik says:

    Blackberry Q10 White colour is great, it is first BlackBerry phones with have a physical keyboard.

  5. Sheikh Asad says:

    when will be available in Doha Qatar?

  6. Mohamed Fars says:

    tell me is there is free shipping for qatar as well if not suggest me seller any with free shipping

  7. Noor Shad says:

    I need one x1 mobil

  8. Abdollah says:

    Hello where is location in uae

  9. Dennis D says:

    the edge is so nice and beautiful device, there is packed now the single speaker working so fine and a astonishingly amount of clear sound without any kind of noice, generally nice camera also

  10. Ahmed Raza says:

    many things that was bad in the previous lg g model is now replace.. now i give you guarantee of that g3 is a best and completely perfect phone yet in the uae markets

  11. Sherin Murad says:

    what is the major difference on this phone and m8 eye

  12. Shobuj says:

    How much in AED

  13. Farazdaq Alnajar says:

    a9 pro is yet to be come with more specs options meaning prices of galaxy s6 will be cheap in future?

  14. Muhammad Ali Jawaid says:

    I would like to buy Samsung note 3 or 4 but price should be max 1200 Dhm and colour should be black

  15. Ayoub Al Miladi says:

    Sometimes there is a delay when opening an application or switching between them.

  16. Emad Salama says:

    Overall, the S6 can be considered the second best smartphone that Samsung has ever produced only beaten its curved screen sharpness trial and ultimately responsible HTC and Apple

  17. Ahmed Moosa says:

    Nice phone but not a complete device

  18. Naji says:

    HOW MUCH IS IPHONE 32gb black

  19. Mohammed Irfan says:

    capture clear images now with the front camera this phone is best for it also the new desire eye is something attractive

  20. Abdullah says:

    There is not doubt that Samsung has close to make itself a top brand .. this phone is all perfect in both designs and hardware aspects.