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  1. Abu Umar Al-Kedahi says:

    The Style has both stereo speaker at the front the same moto x like styles this mostly rise its sound quality and not just that many more things increase

  2. Qubilah says:

    love xperia... t3 phone is best phone for me...screen size is not too much small or big... so easily hand held...

  3. Amir Hassan says:

    when apple official all details of most awaited phone of the year .. i m long waiting for this one

  4. Mohmad Sakkar says:

    my plan is to buy this phone this month and now find the new s6 as well more best :)

  5. Ibrahim Gomaa says:

    Those customers that pre-orders the notes as well obtain a more fastest wireless charger, and a one-time screen substitute well after the new chipset even more perform faster

  6. Rmzi Almalaheem says:

    phone hit the markets with the affordable price point well that is amazing

  7. Daoud says:

    like lumia new series waiting for its prices to be come

  8. Pappu Khan says:

    This smartphone battery backup is amazing and I like it as well and I have bought it just because of its design.

  9. Sahil says:

    you are right, I think they design the OS according to the Harware thats wahy all the smartphone execpt apple is launching the same hardware with few changes but almost same things they have in

  10. Massouad Boughezala Mohammed says:

    actually this is own of its kind phone when it release because no other phone has similar value of characteristics.. High display, much ram and wonderful body

  11. Aram Ahmad says:

    when it comes to processing right now it is the most powerful phone take quickly photos, browse the internet as well with the multitasking all abilities are good on samsung galaxy s7

  12. Larah says:

    do you still have this unit? how much? i want to buy 1 piece only pink color i hope yoou still have.. thank you

  13. Maher Omar says:

    A latest constituent selection mode (photos, messaging, files ??) by picture a selection by means of the S-Pen here and the option to fasten notes on the home screen there, an still additional elastic organization displaying 2 simultaneous apps

  14. Wafaa Ahmed says:

    may be we will see some lighter in weight and more less in dimension phone like iphone 6 but screen size just decreases

  15. MAHESH says:


  16. Walaa BA says:

    they include new shortcuts to their home screen and now we can also make changes and creat new shortcuts; I can now post my photos more fast

  17. Ahmad Muss Abudaieh says:

    this is my favorite phone i use this one long time ago

  18. Korabi Taimoor says:

    the price in KSA available ?

  19. Alya Al-abadi says:

    front is just same as previously phones has on it. 20-megapixels to 23-megapixels or may be 12MP camera like iphones and galaxy s7

  20. Taher says:

    Things are made possible thanks to the larger screen, the iPhone is much more .. but as well small size variant is best in its own kind