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  1. Mohamad Irfan says:

    aluminium body??? well galaxy note 10.1 is good one but this is looking much better

  2. Sami Drissi says:

    I worry a little graphic chosen for such resolutionl is responsible to drainm the battery life of the lg v10..

  3. Ashar Faheem says:

    please share the price of Motorola DROID Maxx?

  4. Asif says:

    I had a argument with one retail shop in Dubai couple of months back...He challenged me that I9502 does not exist.... And today I say that I9502 does not exit... It will never come to Dubai.... Samsung is fooling us

  5. Shahjahan says:

    Please call me

  6. Mohammed Hamed says:

    the same sizes of the new phones not make it a phone from old housing. just i think it is a compact version of iphone 6 or may be iphone 6s features adopted on the apple iphone Se

  7. Hasan Kadi says:

    Both versions of the Galaxy A9 has two tray for SIM cards and memory cards. They are located on the left side along with the volume keys and power button / lock

  8. Hanin Ali says:

    with thinner sides, this phone t3 is good but not like prices of the phone . it is costly.

  9. Meeroo Mero says:

    the major con of their phone is that they are expensive and non removable cardslot and even batteries

  10. Syed Irfanul Alam says:

    with all the same enorgonomics you can find economicaln devices also

  11. Farajalwrflle Farajalwrflle says:

    the e ink has many plus point but only with the consumption of the battery not it is eye catching

  12. Karuppaiya says:

    Sir Thish mobail 3g or 4G and 4G 32gb how much cost

  13. Esslam Osman says:

    not the poor graphic of the phone there is some work requide with the applications resolution I think

  14. Gadora Zomam Exico says:

    Barring something unforeseen, September 9 all get exactly the assembly firmware.

  15. Nayf Andallah says:

    give details the weight grow, though small, can modify the components - still "Iron" Smartphone now is quite different with the edges and the metal lines got not free this time that is absolute a best thing.

  16. Tagalden Alhasan says:

    now the new bands are going to available in wide range might be more options to make its appearance look amazing

  17. Hamdy Sara says:

    IPhone 6 highlights on competition and older brothers when the light is gone, with less noise, good detail and fast operation.

  18. Kareem says:

    south koreans have gone through zenfones now, eventually beyond not only more than the other popular brands but not much good in smartphones... example lenovo,

  19. Issam Abodan says:

    people trust now samsung to produce something brilliant and everything has some points that are improved. Might be something different from OLED screen or else stages for their display

  20. Wesam Layas says:

    This phone is fantastic featuring more wide angle and lens and got good selfie camera